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=.i>it.ML-0 3Y 


3 1833 01776 9404 







•: .-^-s^ 

M AHA 7r\!P 






APKiL 190S — MARCH 1906, 







Americans in Engllsii jIecords, .' 313 

Beverly, Mass., Births, Marriages, and DEATrrp, 

. 107, 155, 187, 203, 257, 299. 319, S43 
Book Notes, 

Al!en Memorial, . . . ......./ . . . ,' . 266 

Barclays of New York, 72 

Bicidley of Essex Co. Mass=, .^ ., . . » . . . , „ . . . 71 

Cinrke, Richard and -A#i^.c^w^r '^^-y^'^C'M . 202 

Coux'erse Family -And Allied Families, ' 204. 330 

Genealogies, Concerning^ 35 

Halifp-s'/Mas?., Vitril Ilo<-ord3 of, 337 

Jenkins l*'araily Book, 335 

Jemiy, . . ' 282 

- — Marthas Vineyard, 335 

Minutes of tlie Committee of Safet}', 265 

Our AncestrV) l>y James E. Shaw, . . . . ... ". . . . 7? 

Kegister Soarnes, . . . , '■.'.". :' , . . 32 

Rliode Island Vital Records, . 202 

I'^i.AY^'.lchma.n Family ^nd .the Banbury Cake, ■^-;. . 233 

Bvh^L-EY Famu^,^'^-^^':'-.' .■-.,;.. 123 

Buckinghamshire, England, Ancient ma:- of, . . . ... . 2S3 

Catvvbridge, Pv.ecori>s gf the First Church. 

22, 53, 72, 115, 103, 179, 211, 242, 273, 287, 823, 347 

Dyar, The Widow Lydia, of Boston, 129, 2S2 

Essex, England, Map of, 23o 

Eliot of Roxbury & Bosto?^, . 37 

Gknealogical Gleanings kv England, 45 


Georgia Colony, Marriages and Deatij'^ in 1703-1809, . . . 145 

Glastonbury, Exgl.\nd, Lay Surstdy for. 30 

Harpswell, Me,, Genealogical Recorls, - SO 

*Htlls Family, , , 123 

^oult, John, 303 

House, Old at Saylesijlle, R. L, 171 

Massage: usET're Bay Co., Adventlrebs in, 126 

Massachuseits, \TTiL Records OF, . . ... ,1,105,229,30.^,337-' 

''^^ Mello\yes Family, 123 


81, 152, 195, 219, 250, 209, 2-'^3 ... 

Middlesex, Mass., CAOvio.Nrs,^ 203 

Muster R^)li., of Lt. Col. Edaiund Gofff/s Co., , 30G 

New Hampshire Gazette, Vital Records FRo:vr, 

15^, 6i, 93, 191, 223, 237, 207, 295, 327, 302 

North (Carolina in 1828, . . ' 315 

NoTKs 1% Queries 

]*'j*>hidge, of tsalejn Mass., 300 

Bailey, OS 

Bame." 09 

h^'\H!,ood, OS 

3Vjil(,'D, E1;enezer, 102 



Boston, Plans of, . . . . . ^ '/'*'. *. .". , . . . 136 

Bristol Deeds, 105 

Cambridge, Church Records, C6, ^^GS 

Chehnsford, . . . ...;.,, 227 

Coale, Elizabeth, . . . . " . '. .* . . 69 

Cogswell, . 07 

Concord, Mass., History of, 103 

.r Darhng, Childs, Burrows, 67 

;'^: - Diliingbam, 2:i'G 

J:;.' ])un»\ood3', 200 

Dyer, ,[oseph. Marriage of, '/>^2 

^.vr: Flood, 135 

Ford, John and William of Marshfield, 190 

: y Godell, (>u 

■'■j : Glynn, Hunter, Hendry, , . . , 09 

- .: Hale Heii's 1777, 31 

Houses, Historic, 2.'^! 

■ '■'■' Knapj^, OS 

-. Lane, 136 

Long, » . . 70 

]^\'nrt, Iron works at, ^ 1,".6 

Mallot, 227 

,. ;.las8achusctts Bay. Governor & Company of, 137,280 

McHa-h; . . ' 1 227 

Mcllosves, £mit]\, 70 

'Middlesex Co., Mass., Probate Records. 281 

Xeale, 135 

Xewent, Conn., Members of Cliurcli, 232 

. Pascattaqua, 13G 

Pennsyh'ania, Irrigation in Sout])erri, 201 

Piscataqua, 103 

Putnam, Micali, , 199 

Richardson, Petition of Resolved, 282 

Riclibell, 281 

Ross, .McKniglit, White, . 66 

Sabbath, Fishing on, 227 

Savage, "7 101 

Scrive, Curious will of, 135 

. Shelley, Sa rail, wall of, j'S7 

Bmj.ll-Smaliev, ." 101 

Smith, . .' €9 

Sinitli -Mellowes, 229 

SoutiK^rn Records, 32 

Stooihofie, Libert, Elberta, 102 

A'ermorit, Ilistorical Society, 281 

Wat kins, Dmis. . 61^ 

"W'ekh in Pennsyhania, . -00 

V.'igjtlesworth, Samuel, ^^7 

Writrht, 227 

Petition, from Westerx Massachussetts, 65 

Plymouth, England, Inhabitaxts of 1025, 235 

Poor, care of in Xew Exglaxd, 2 

Sheffield, Ma-'s., Petitiox, 65 

Smith Family, 123 

Rattlesden, The Bells of, ^f^ 

Talbot, EMiOiiAXTs to Xew England before 1700, 139 

Tvwi, Xotf on, 134 

Webster Famjia', Xotes in Relation to, ....>•••. -^V 

~y- ■ 

Volume I 


Number I 

AT:r •■: 

7 S 

APRIL, 1905 



^ / 

■ ) 

— ^* 


Edited by Stephen p. sharples and eben Putnam. p 

CONTENTS— April, 1905^ 






•, :.: 5;il.,>.-}ll!i!lti'vl.; . . . . ... . . _. . . . : . . 15 




,%'O'TES AND QCERIES.-lIalc, Southern recorcL^. . . ... .• . 31 

, JR>0K: **OTE3.-Ket',istor Soame. . . , . . ' . . ' ;. ' \ . (-52 

•!l<\(H>^A\ ->;»: ^. • fi,' - i^f^'.-.T^-t.-^-.f. 

f':?S5^M:r<r>.gv.«a.*,*&:fi:.if,.:^- M "=•'%/< :xk was established in i^^go as the Salem rres3 Historical Cencaloyical 
;. . %^:ii-s.!f'$,:-»:h:ii-hh.u^- *vas cout.olidatcd with Putnam's ilistorical Magazine and tiic Ma<:;a:'.i r:e of 

,fc*ssasAv:..}^,.V:r-r*?>o«, «* ^-h'^-^M nwrrAnv?, of cuiieiit vohinic 25 eeiits; back iianibcTS. 75 cents, 
^^:^:i^M:^.i'^, i.<'s4;i:s%- J\?T^ .• m:y ra i^-,^: r,>vt omue at Ho^ton. ]Nta;,s., as -,<'cotid class matter. 

"*>^rt(*^*H-?W«*«ff-V.'--yi-!,*:»->wf.»|H .#«.■,«., 

■ IV ^45lf -Ke'i^' i:n-!;t?ul ]Ii->tr>ri<:-al Genoalo^ical Rogisicr, Dctlhnin ]list')r;c:)l 
ll^fp^rr, iw-m^\ hhtiluie ]Ii>loncal Collections, For i^rices. etc., adili'^ss 

I'BLX PU'i'NAM, 20 Broad St , lio-mx. 


The Genealogical Magazine 

• "*.■■"'■■■-■ ■",■•■'■.■;-.'■-." . ■■ ' ■ 


Vol. I. . April, 1905. No. 1 


;;.;. ■ '■■:-^'_' .'' "■:'./ By Eben Putjmam. , 

Sufiicient time has elapsed and enough been accomph'shed under 
the Act of 1902 to judge of the practicable working of the Act and 
whether reasonable success has so far attended its operation. 

The Com]nonwealth of Massachusetts has not been backward in 
preserving the recordsof the past,whether embraced inlbe archives 
of the state under tlie care of the secretary, or in the charge of 
tow^n clerks, court oflicials or whoever niay be the official custo- 
dian of public records. , .. 

In the spring of 1902 certain gentlemen, chiefly connected with 
the New England Historic Genealogical Society, conceived the 
idea of procuring aid from the Commonwealth in carrying out 
their plan of publishing the early births, marriages and deaths of 
the towms in Massachusetts. The result of tlieir efforts was the 
act printed below. - r.-. :■■_■■, :.^-:-:'- - -^-^ ■■:■■ ■.^'.■■■ 

[Chap. 470.] 

An Act to provide for the preservation of town records of births, 
marriages and deaths pre%aous to the year eighteen hundred and 

■. ■ ; FIFTY. .." ■-■ ■•, ■ ■■ ,- 

Be it enacted, etc., as follows: " . , 

Section 1. Whenever the record of the births, marriages and deaths, pre- 
vious to the year eigthteen hundred and fifty, of any town in this Common- 
wealth, shall be printed and verified in the manner required by the commis- 
sioner of public records and the board of free public library commissiciiers, 

Printed Vital Records of MassacJtu setts. 


acting jointly, and the work shall appear to them to have been prepared with 
accuracy, the secretary of tlie Commonwealth shall purchase five hundred 
copies of such record at a price not exceeding one cent per page: provided 
that the MTitten copy of the tovvn records shall become the property of the 
Commonwealth, and shall be deposited in the office of the secretary of the 
Commonwealth ; and provided, jnr'Ji^r, that not more than fifteen thousand 
dollars shall be expended by authority of this act in any one j'ear. 

Section 2. The volumes purchased as aforesaid shall be distributed by 
the secretary as follows: — One copy to the office of the secretary of the Com- 
monwealth; one copy to the commissioner of public records; one copy to the 
free public library of each city and town in tlie Commonwealth; one copy to 
each state and territorial library in the United States : one copy to the library of 
congress; one copy to each incorporated historical society in the Common- 
wealth; one copy to tlie library of each college in the Commonwealth; one 
copy to each registry of deeds, and one copy to the court of registration. The 
remainder shall be ]:)laced in the state library for purposes of excl\ange. [-1/'- 
proved June 11, 1902. 

Under this act to date there have been accepted by the Common- 
wealth forty one vohnnes of ''Altai Records/' representing forty 
towns. The table presented herewith presents in detail the work- 
ing of the Act. 

Karnes of towna in italic are of those ivhicli furnished copies of their records. The three 
starred are attested copies. 











Pagina- Actual 
tioD Recorjs 


$ 110- - 22 32-20 ...N. E. 

440 - S8-. 98-S6 -.- N. E. 

270.-- 54 66-51 N. E. 

500 100... 112-98 -: N. E. 

835 .--167 177-164 .N. E. 

930 -186 ..- 195-182- Rice 

1030 206- 216-204 N. E. 

4115 823 

S1330 -. 266 -.. 276-262 .Rice 

450 90.- 98-82- N. E. 

675 135 - 142-1 0. N. E. 

1150 230 239-225.. N. E. 

1395...... 279- 284-271 Rice 

1000. 200 ix, 484-484 Town (1898) 

1580 .316 xvi, 393-393. City 


1905] ' Printed Vital Records oj Massachusetts. 

Medfk'ldt s 1175 ...235.. .„ 243- 

Millbury "^^ '':•■ 720 144 15S 

Southborough 890 178— 187- 

Sudbury .;: 1620 324... 332- 

Topsfield ; 1275 .....255 258- 

Tyringham 505 ....101 107- 

Westborough 1235 247 258- 

$15000 3000 

1904 : "^ 

Arlingtonf 775 .....155 ... 162- 

Bellingham 1075...... 215. 222- 

Chilmark 440 88 96- 

Gill 445 89_ 97- 

Great Barrington 410 82 89- 

Jlolden* 1140 228.. 236- 

Marblehead 2815...... 563... 564- 

Middletoirj- 700... .140 143- 

Manchester 1470.. ..294. 296- 

Petersham 920 184...... 193- 

New Braintree 780 156 163- 

Shreicsbury'^ 1370 ...274... 282- 

Uptoii 905..... 181 190- 

WaUha7n 1455.. .....291 .'. 298- 

Washington 245.. 49 57- 

$14945 "2989 ■ 

Marbleliead Vol. II 3535 .....707 708- 

Oxjord'' 1535..... 307— 315- 

Palmer 1170 234 242- 

Rutland 1235 247 255- 

Weiiham ^ 227- 

$7475 1495 

-229 N. E. 

-146...........-Rice . 

-174 Rice 

-319 N. E. 

-251 .Topsfield Hist. Soc. 

95 N. E. 

245.. Rice 

150..-. .......N, E. y '■ ■ 

211 n'e. 

-S3 N. E. ■; 

■84 N. E. 

77 ...N. E. 

224 Rice 

■558.... Essex Inst. 

135 Topsfield Hist. Soc. 

-290 Essex Inst. 

-18) Rice 

150... ...N. E. 

270..... ..Rice 

177 Rice 

■286 N. E. ' 

-44 N. E. ' ' ; ' ;. ' 

704.. ..Essex Inst. 

302.. Rice 

229 N. E. 

242 Rice 

220- Essex Inst. 

As the entire yearly appropriation, with tlic exception of that 
of the first year, has been claimed and as sufficient other publica- 
tions are already under way to call for the appropriation for the 
present and following yeaj", it may be said, in one sense at least, 

* N. E. = N.E. Historic Genealogk-al Society. Rice = Systematic History fund. The 
other two pnbliehets are tiie fessex Institute and Toppficld Historic?!l Society, Geo. F. 
Bow being secretary of botli societies. Tlie Topsfield bai)tisrnB and all the early records 
of births and deaths had already been lar;j:ely printed, chielljin tiie Essex Institute His- 
torical Collections. We believe this is the only instance of reprint so far presented. 

t These town records were copied by individuals : whether cornpeasation was re" 
ceived is )iot known. 

X Copied at charge of Medfield Hist. Soc. 


4 Printed Vital Records of Massachusetts. [Apri 1 

that the Act is a success. But what we should mostly concern 
ourselves about is, not whether the approj^riation can be used, 
but whether the manner in which the records are being printed 
is free from objections. , 

By reference to the Act it will be seen that the secretary is under 
obligation to buy five hundred copies of these ''Vital Records" 
at a fixed price,* provided the Commissioner of Public Records 
and the Board of Free Library Commissioners notify him of their 
approval of the books presented under this Act. The Commis- 
sion is not instructed as to what arrangement shall be followed 
in publishing the records. It would be assumed,, therefore, that 
the Act contemplated a publication of the records as found, and 
indeed it is open to serious question whether the Commission has 
any right to accept what purports to be a printed resume of the 
town records ol births, marriages, and deaths which does not con- 
tain every item of information which constitutes the record proper. 
It may be that the arrangement of the town record may be changed 
to suit the approval of the Commission, yet it would appear not 
good judgment to encourage any alteration of the original. 

Looking over the forty one volumes of Vital Records so far 
published, one finds that a particular form in arrangement has 
been followed, and this at the suggestion and with the approval of 

♦ Exception having been taken to the statement in the January issue of the Maga- 
zine, that the state was taking the Vital Statistics at prices profitable to the publishers 
this opportunity is taken to justify tl\at statement. 

The 40 books so far accepted comprise a')out 8^500 pa<res [8307 actually paid for by the 
State] of which the cost of composiliou, xiicsswork and paper probably did not exceed 
$1.50 a page, 

. , :. Or say .' $13,000. 

The binding, at an average price of 15c, would be 3,<'00 

Therefore cost of manufacture IH.OOO 

The state paid to the publishers $41, .535. The sum of $25,.5,35 was therefore available to 
meet the cost of copying the records, and arranging and editing tlie same. As a matter 
of fact the cost of manufacture probably did not amount to .*15,000 nor the copying and 
other clerical work relating to the actual records exceed 810,000 or .$15,000 more, leaving 
more than $10,00(1 to $15,000 profits aside from the fact that at least ten of the records 
probably cost the publiehern nothing to obtain, and that there is a further sale of from 
100 to 200 copies of ea(;h volume at about Ic per page, and this demand will increas.e with 
the years. 

Tlie exact figures are not obtainable; the committee of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Soc. does 
not make any detailed report of tlieir doings to the Society at large, nor are any similar 
details found in the annual report of the secretary of tiie Essex Institute. It is evident, 
however, that it is a satisfactory investment to those concerned, yielding a prol)able 
l>rofit of about $1.50 per printed page. 

1905] Printed Vital Records, of Massachusetts. 5 

the Commission. This form does not provide for all the informa- 
lion which the records contain. Indeed very important informa- 
tion is omitted. It may be said in excuse of this that at the hear- 
ing before the legislative committee, and at conferences preceding 
the passage of the law, it was agreed upon by those immediately 
interested that an alphabetical arrangement, an arrangement 
like that adopted by the publishers of the Vital Records, was 
virtually agreed upon. And it may be, as gossip avers, that the 
chief opposition to printed literal transcripts of the records ema- 
nated from no less a person than the Commissioner of Records — a 
fact hardly credible, but understandable when we take into con- 
sideration the conditions under which that office is filled. 
|, The Commissioner of Records has shown considerable ability 
and much energy in bringing about sundry much needed reforms. 
It is irvo^ he, nt tl>^ time of his appointment, and at present, as 
far as we are aware, was neither an antiquarian nor in any way 
especially identified v/ith historical or record work. He thus 
deserves the more praise for what he has accomplished. This 
deficiency has, perhaps, caused him to overlook some of the most 
needed reforms in our record system, and was perhaps the cause 
of his not appreciating, or at least bringing about, a proper pub- 
lication of the vital records of the state. It is, perhajDS, as yet too 
soon for us to expect to find the skillful and specially trained men 
found in Ene;land and on the Continent who are so well fitted to 
act as keepers of records, or w^hose association on commissions 
has brought about such magnificent results abroad. The Com- 
missioner of Records has from time to time obtained enlargement 
of his authority, which remains, however, unfortunately limited in 
certain directions. * 

; In order that the present approved st3^ie of printing these records 
and the records themselves maybe compared, there are presented 
a few extracts, one each from the births, marriages and deaths of 
the Town of Ikllingham, actually picked at random — the first 
entry, in each case, the eye fell upon. It so happened that one 
of these entries showed an error in the printed copy, and that 
none are especiall}^ suited to show either the shortcomings nor 
the advantages claimed for printing in this m.anner. 


'Printed Vital Records of Massachusetts. 


:;t' Bellingiiam Records. . 

■ -May 9th 1827 Lieut. Seth Holbrook of this town and the WicL 
Lois Fisher of Milford. ^ .;,; 

Vital Records of Bcllingham. 

: (Page 108). . 

Lois, wid., of Milford, and Lt. Seth Holbrook, May 9, 1827. 

. (Page 119.) 

Seth, Lt., and Lois Fisher, wid.. Mar.* 9 [int. Apr. 5, sic], 1827. 

Belling HAM Records. 



May 6,> 


Silas F. Thayer 
Elizabeth Rockwood 









May 4, 184C 

8T.'l1K)N or FEKSON «Y 

Rev. N. G, Lovell 








Ellery & AlMgaii Thayer 
Martin & Abigail Rockwood 





N.G. Lovell 

Vital Records of Bellingham. 
• : . (Page 139). ; 


Elizabeth, 24, d. Martin and Abigail, and Silas F. Thayer, May 

4, 1846. ■ ■ ■.■.-. .• ^y\ . 

(Page 151). ; -■ • ; 


Silas F., 24, of Dedham, s. Ellery and Abigail, and Elizabeth 
Rockwood, May 4, 1846. , 

Bellingham Records. 

Priscilla Corbett the dafter of John Corbctt and hopstill Cor- 
bett liis .wife was born October y^ 7**^ 1728 priscilla Corbctt the 
Dafter of John Corbett Deseast Delember ye 1st 1728. 

*So printed. This is a good example of the folly of abbreviations of this nature. 


Printed Vital Records of Massachusetts. 

Vital Records of Bcllingham. 

(Page 27— Births). 

CoRiiKTT (see Corbel; Corbitt). 

Priscilla, d. John and Hopstill, Oct. 7, 1728. 

^.._ (Page 179— Deaths). 

CoRBETT (see Coorbet, Corbet, Corbit), ',. 
Priscilla d. John, Dec. 1, 1728. 

-^";" 3: ■"'"'' Bellingham Records. 

WHI-N KEcas- 

'l KREB 





Feb. 27, 1845 

Nancy Alclen 



l>i:,Al il 








Jan. 28 1845 



Isaac Aldeu 

• Vital Records of BcUingham. 

(Page 165 — Deaths). • : ;" 

Alden (see Aldon, Alldan). 

Nancy, b. Ireland, w. Isaac, Jan. 28, 1845, a. 38 y. 6 rn. 27 d. 

The style of printing these records especially approved by the 
Commission is to place all the births in one section, by groups of 
same names (but different spellings of one family name are not 
brought together), and the given names follow alphabetically 
according to date. Thus families are divided and in such a way 
as to lose whatever value there is in the location of the original 
entry. The eldest children of a man may appear under the Z's 
and his youngest children under the A's; they may be even under 
different spellings of the surname. Any record additional to the 
record of birth, as in the case of Priscilla Corbet above, is taken 
away and placed in another sectioii of the book. In this par- 
ticular case the original showed which John, Priscilla was the 
daughter of: tlie printed list does not show this. The deaths 
are arranged in the same arbitrary manner.* In the case of the 

• If V)oth birth and rteatli records arc given in the original record, if the latter falls 
Kfter J8a0 It is omitted by at least one editor in the ])riuted lists I 

8 V ; ,: Printed Vital Records of Massachuselts. [April 

marriages the entry appears in fuller extent under the liusband 
but is practically repeated under the woman's name, where a 
simple cross reference would do. It is needless to state that an 
ordinary index tofamil}' names appended to a literal printed tran- 
script of the records is cpiite as serviceable and less costly. 

It was pleaded in favor of adopting this arrangement that not 
only was it much more convenient for reference but that it would 
enable the publication of the records by reason of a saving in 
expense over the publication of literal transcripts. As for con- 
venience in reference each one must be a judge for himself; as 
far as the writer is concerned he finds the Vital Record arrangement 
poorly adapted for convenience in finding out what the record 
may tell. He much prefers the Maiden and Lexington books, 
which aid the searcher most materially and in nearly every case 
are quite sufficient. These were both planned before the passage 
of the Act of 1902; the division into births, marriages and deaths, 
and by families is followed, but by adhering to a strictly chron- 
ological arrangement for the entries the worst features of the 
Commission's plan are avoided. 

As for saving in expense, the state intended to pay a sum, equiv- 
alent to $5 a page, which would be sufficient to meet the cost of 
preparing and publishing what was told in the town records prior 
to 1850, concerning the births, marriages and deaths of the inhabi- 
tants thereof. The matter of a projit on the work was not con- 
templated. As a matter of fact the cost of rearranging and 
copying for the printer, and the time of the editor in determining 
how to present doubtful entries, and of the duplication of the 
marriage records, together with the profit which now accrues on the 
books, would offset whatever additional expense there might be in 
printing literal transcripts of the records. An index, as usual to 
such books, at the end would give immediate access to each en- 
try. We should then have the records, sometimes of whole families 
together, and for more than one generation, in connection w th 
other records which often throw much additional light upon the 
entry in question. If one wishes, for any historical purpose, to 
read the record for a series of yeai-s he has it at hand. Moreover, 
such a record could be attested by the town clerk and if carefully 
verified by the authority of the Secretary of State or the Com- 
missioner of liecords would be of as great value as the original for 
all purposes. 

1905] Printed Vital Records of MassacJmsetts. 9 

It is interesting to note that of the transcripts of the records 
deposited by law with th^ Secretary of State but three have been 
-V;- attested by the Town Clerk. The utter disregard which the per- 
sons concerned show for the attest of the legal custodian of the 
records, which a little additional expenditure, at the time when 
■'the verification of the records is made, of a portion of that prof?.t 
y^:^,; ■■ of a dollar or more a page, would secure, is one of the interesting 
■'^:/-';:Z:'^y-;^ features of this whole mismanaged business. 

It is by no means too late to remedy the evil already accom- 
plished, nor to prevent further emasculation of the records. 
" About fifty A'olumes are in type; these represent but a small 
portion of all tlie towns in the Commonwealth. ]f the exper- 
ience of the societies who have done the work to date should 
be placed at the disposal of the town clerks, who at the same 
. . ; time were informed by the Commission that the}^ would accept 
. a veritable transcript of the records in print, paying therefor as 
authorized by the act, there would be no question but that most 
' of the towns would undertake to put their records into print. At 
present an impression prevails outside the inner circle v/ho are 
publishing these records, that there is so much expense and red 
tape associated with the publication that it is impossible to 
publish without loss. 

Several towns have appropriated money to have their records 
copied, and have placed the copy at the disposal of one of the 
publishers of the Vital Records. Under these circumstances it 
is hard to see why the records might not be published literally by 
the towns, who certainly, if we accept the Act at its face value, 
would have a legitimate claim to have their records presented to 
the Secretary for purchase, and at a price which would enable 
them to reimburse themselves for all expenses. 
' As a matter of fact, the whole business should be placed in the 
hands of the Secretary of State, who should be authorized to 
cause accurate transcripts to be made and printed, not only of 
I births, marriages and deaths but of any records of town proceed- 

ings, lands, etc., prior to certain dates. This is too much to hope 
for. It would seem as though the Commissioner of Records might 
have certain authority in this direction. Perhaps, some day, there 
will be a Public Record Office and a Keeper of the Records who 
can also oversee the copying and publication of our important 
early records. 



10 Printed Vital Records of Massachusetts. 

One of the very great omissions in the printed Vital Records is 
that of references to the page of the original where the entry may 
be found. Many entries are of doubtful reading and these at least 
might be printed in full as a foot note. One can raise many ob- 
jections to the present method of carrying on this business, and 
many suggestions could be made. The writer has no inclination 
to handicap those who honestly approve of the course of the Com- 
mission and are satisfied with the results obtained, Tliere 
is, however, every reason, there being a willingness ini; cer- 
tain quarters'^ to prepare and present literal transcripts to the 
Cotnmisbion, wh}^ attention should be directed to the manner in 
which the Act of 1902 is being utilized to bring about results which 
are not ihe best that can be obtained under its liberal provisions. 

^>- --■-•■ • NOTES/ ^'•/ •'-■'•■ ■•:^y>-'^ 

Geo. F. T. Sherwood, of London, has issued another of his 
useful indexes to the abstracts of records accumulated in his many 
years of genealogical research. This is entitled ''Index to some 
old deeds, wills, records and manuscripts, many in private posses- 
sion, etc., not indexed elsewhere." Such lists of these are a great 
.help. About 3000 items are indexed. The list may be had by 
sending one shilling to Mr. Sherwood, whose address will be found 
in our advertising columns. - ^ ■^^3;>:: 

The Genealogical Chart and Record, prepared by James 

: Shaw (68 E. Manning St., Providence), is along practical lines a?id 

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* See uotice of IJrewster Records in last issue. 



By S. p. Sitakples. 

The first settlers in New Englaud were early called upon for con- 
tribution for the support of the poor, and they naturally adopted the 
method that they bod been accustomed to use in the old country. 

The First Church Congregational in Cambridge has in its possession 
two old books in which were kept the accounts of the deacons with 
the church. The older of these was begun in 1638, and the entries 
were continued until 1645 ; from this time until 1667 no accounts seem 
to have been kept. The accounts were again commenced in 1667 and 
continued in this book until 1716. 

Tne first page or two of this old book are much worn. As nearly a 
it can be read it begics as follows. "• [An account] of the money f by 
Contrib[ution] r.pon the first day of [the week] for the supply of the 
wants of the Church of Chrift and the needy people of Cambridge 
since the fecond day of the tenth month in the year of Chrift 1638.'* 
" Imprimif waf contributed the firft day of the week 
beino the fecond day of the 10*'^ month 1638. 

(Pt of it waf in paperf namely 8 

d .■" 


Item waf contributed the second Sabeth in the 10^^* month 

25^ 4'^ (whereof waf in paperf 3^ 4^') .15 4 

The papers here referred to were promises to pa}^ that the members 
of the congregation placed in the contribution box. These papers were 
not always redeemed promptly and the deacon makes a note at the 
end of the year " paperf accounted for have not all been receiued 
af yet." 

The first person to be helped with this money was Elder Frost, who 
was supported at least partl}^ by the church for man}^ years before 
his deatii. The first item being given to elder Frost the 22 of the 3*^ 
month 20% " for refreshing my brother Sill in time of fayntnef feut 
him 4 pintf of fack 24^" 

; * .-'"■• ■■-"■■'■^'"^'/V: ■■■ (11) 


12 (J are of Poor in Early Times in JVew England. [April 

to elder froft we fent the 15*^ of the 5*^ month in beefe 

cliefe caodle and niony to by corne in all 20* 10 

fent to Elder champney and Elder froft ech of them a 

firkin of butter the 16 of y^ 8^^» mouth coft 3 5 

for 2 bufhelf of corn fent to a pore man in necefity by 
one goodman hide 

fent ni}^ brother park after a ficknef 81b of pork 4 

fent to elder froft 201b pork 10' 2 bufhelf ry a chefe 
coft 3^6^ & 1 bufhell of malt VQ^ 1 pk of meal 6^ 

• eibcorontf 3*6^ 61b rayfenf 2*9^ 61b pranef 18^ and 
monv 20* 3 

The next year the deacons bought a goat which cost 3G^ *'wch was 
lent our brother hall one j^ear and after that was giuen our brother.' 
After 1640 they made JClder Froft a regular allowance, as follows, 
"at or about michelluuif 1640 yelded elder froi'l for a quarlerf allow- 
ance which we thoult meet to yeld him so long as the church cold [ ] 
and y^ liif need required it 6 

fent in portiouf to brethern fiftrs & poor nayberf 751b of 

Ycnfon 2**f if 14 

By 1644 ihe poor had increased and we have the following account, 
in fifh and ottnell to our fifter albone 
payd for a shirt bnugt for beniamen Eaton 18^ 
for a sute for ben Eaton 10* & i pr fh<»ef 2 9^* 
& payed to brother chefholme coft of fhoef he bought for 

by brother ftone for fifter Albone 2 bufhellf Indian 
giuen in mony to by fifter frt-nch thingf in her ficknef f 4* 
for cloth for ben eaton for 2 lliirtf 3*^ 4*^ 
5* to fifter green 

a breft of veal giuen our fifter Albone 10^ 
fifter Albon i pk peafe ii^ & i pk malt 9^ 

Deacon Walter Hasting writes *'23 nouember, 1699, there was a 
Public Day of thanks giving and gathered in the conterebnshon for 
the pouere 12 01 8 

The Selectmen desired the Desposing of the contrebus. Saying 
they were the over seers of the pore, the 11 of Deseniber 1699 cord- 
ing to thayer desire I cared it all down to Capt. Remingt<»n and left 
it with them all sed 12-01-08 and (U-minished non of it." The next 
year the selectmen seem to have concluded that the deacon might 




9 . 












1905] Care of Poor in Early Times in JVe^o England . 13 

be their agent in the distribution of these contributions, as he gives 
an account of how he distributed it, and says it was by the orders of 
the selectmen. After this date the money given at thanksgiving 
was distributed by the deacons as ordered by the selectmen. 

It is interesting to compare tlie above accounts with a similar ac- 
count in Enoland in the vear 1645. The English accounts are from 
the Parish of Rattlesden in the County of Suffolk. This is the parish 
from which Richard Kemball who is the ancestor of most of the 
Kimballs in America and his brother-in-law Thomas Scott, came. 

The English accounts are much more systematically kept than the 
Cambridge accounts. In the first place a rate was established. The 
one for 1645 is headed as follows "A rate made by the Churchwar- 
dens and Overseers of the said towne of tlie Inhabitants and land- 
holders ther towards the reliefe of the poore of the saide town the 28 
of May 1615." This rate was £1.10.10. and 16 rates v/ere collected 
during the year. 

In making this rate the inhabitants were assessed various sums, 
the lowest being | penny and the highest P 6^. 

These sums added together made the rate. When sixteen rotes 
were to be raised each person paid sixteen times what he w^as assessed 
when the rate was made. For instance the one who was rated at 
half a penny would pay eight pence, and the one who was rated at 
P 4^ would pay £1.P.4*^. Following the account of laying the rate 
is an " accompt given by the overseers of the amount that they real" 
ized from the 16 rates. Some of the rates had to be deducted as 
the parties went out of town before it "grew dew." The amount 
realized was xxiiij£ xv' n^. In the account there is a fine mixture 
of Roman and Arabic numerals. In cases where the amounts are 
to be added together the Arabic figures are used ; in other places the 
Roman numerals. 

The first table gives the amounts of monthly " paiemts." 
Imprimis to Mergett Smith xxi'^ 8 ratts month 0. 14. 

Itm to mother ffordham iiij' month 8 month 1 VI 

The amount of relief thus given was £7. 2 4. 
The next account is apparell for the poore. 
Imprimis for a p^ of shoes for Mergette Smithe 
It for a shirt and a p^" of shoes for Abra. Wood 
Itm to M^ Cheuery for phisicke for Polford 






14 Care of Poor in EarJy Times in JSTeio J^nyland. 

The next table is for wood for the poore this was worth ] 0' a load. 
Then come AVoikeinge tooles for the poore. These are chiefly cards 
at P 6*^ per pair -" »' 

'J'he next item rent p*^ for the poore. , 

And finally, given to the poore in time of need. 

This last account was doled out in very small amounts. For in- 
stance, in June, wi. Goodnige received 1'^ In only a very few cases 
was more than P 6"^ given at a time. 

Care was evidently taken that the poor should not receive any more 
than was absolutely necessary. The same thing is shown on the Cam- 
bridge book, and when a collection was taken up for any particular 
person the deacons saw that it was well s])ent. Very rarely did they 
allow the pei'sons for whose benefit the colioction was taken up, to 
spend any portion of the money, but they purchased such articles as 
they thought were necessary and gave them to them. 

After the 3^ear 1688 the}^ established a regular rate for church pur- 
poses and there is an old book giving these rates and noting when they 
were paid. They frequently paid these rates by wrapping u coin in a 
piece of paper and marking their name or mark on tlic paper so that 
the deacons could tell to whom to give credit. A number of these 
fragments of paper are still in existence and bear the print of the 
coin that was folded in them. 


GAZETTE, 1765-1800. : - ^ • 


■■::':' ■''''■■■ '■:-\ {Continued from Vol. V, page 64.^ • ': ; ' - \ \ 

1772, April 2i. ' ' " 

Capt. Paul Miller of the brig Diana, New York to London, died 

at eea, Jan. 2, 1772. . . 

Isaac Corey of PeppercU, Mass., aged about GO, was drowned 

April 11, 1772, 
Luke Brown died in Worcester, Mass., April 14., 1772. 

1772, May 1. •■■ ' ' ■ ^ ■ ; ■ ■ 

A son of Ebenezer Blake, Jr., of VVrenlhaii], ]Mass., aged 9, died 

Jan. 9, 1772. He was born June 9, 1762. 
. The wife of Stetson of Braintree, Mass., gave birth to 

twins, April 20, 1772. This was her fourth pair of twins 

within eiglit years, besides two single births. • 

Lewis Dennis, aged about 50, was recently found dead in New 

8aleQ], Mass. He was born in Marblehead, Mass., and had 

several children in Andover, Mass. 
Widow Appleton was found drowned in 'Boston, Mass, 

April 22, 1772. She left 8 children. : , --i.- - y/ ,... ;/ 

1772, May 8. ■ _. ,■......,-.,..;.. - • 

Widow Warner died in Newport, R. I., April 13, 1772. 

A child of —— Howard of Pomfret, Conu., aged 15 nionths, 

was killed by acci<kMit, March 2, 1772. 
Eunice, daughter of Daniel Goodwin, was killed by lightning in 

Berwick, Me., May 1, 1772. 
Sarah, wife of John Lowell, barrister, died in Newburyporl, Mass., 

May 5, 1772. 
, James Duncan of Worcester, Mass., merchant, and Sally, daughter 
. of Thomas Lynds, Esq., of Charlestov^^n, Mass., vv^ere married 

at Hampton, N. XL, Mayo, 1772. 

■■V. / ^>^ --•.■. • .: ■ ■ ■ -v,- (15) . 

16 From the jSFew Hampshire Gazette^ 1765-1800. [April 

1773, Jan. 1. 

Hopestill Bent of Sudbnry, IVfass., was killed by accident in Wal- 
tliam, IMasa., Dec. 18, 1772. 

A child of AV^iliani Dinsdell, aged 4, was killed by accident in Rox- 
> bui-y, Mass., Dec. 18, 1772. 

Nathan Packard died in Bridgewater, Mass., Dec. 23, 1772. 

1778, Jan. 8. "' -'■"-:-■■'''■'- ["■:■:■''■ :-^.: 

James Pickett of Middletown, Conn., was drowned Dec. 22, 1772. 
Rev. John Murray of Bootbbay, JNte., and Sukey, daughter of 

Hon. William Lithgow, were mariiod in Georgetown, Me., Dec. 

16, 1772. 
Capt. Samuel, eldest son of Rev. Dr. Laugdon of Portsmouth, 

N. H., died on a voyage from the West Indies before Jan. li 

1773. He left a widow and one child. 
Simeon Root and Welch were killed by accident in Piermont, 

N. H., Dec. 24, 1772. Mr. Root left a widow and 8 children. 

Welch came from Canada. 
A son of Ebeuezer Melvin, aged 16, was drowned at Cockermouth, 

N. H., about three weeks ago. .. 

1773, Jan. 15. .;./■../: ,V'--- ■■-■■-: .^.i^ ~^ >--';^^ 

David Hall, in his 58tli year, died in Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 17, 

John Stone was killed by accident in Scarborough, Me., about Dec- 

23, 1772. He left a widow and 7 children. 

1773, Feb. 5, ' : ■ ■^■ J-; ^-^ •-■-■." 

Christian, wife of James Bell, was killed by her husband in 
Boston, Mass., Jan. 28, 1773. : :" 

3773, Feb. 12. - ..-:/;■/,,,--,; ----^^^^^ 

Joseph Atkins, in his 93d year, died in Newburyport, Mass., Jan. 
21, 1773. He was born in Sandwich, Eng. 

1773, Feb. 19. 

Isaac, son of George Hull, aged about 18, was killed by accident 
in Plymouth, N. H., Feb. 12, 1773. . 

1773, Feb. 26. 

A daughter of Michael Law, aged 14, a son aged 10. and another 
son aged 5 were burned to death in Putney, Vt., Dec. 5, 1772. 
His oldest son, aged 16, died a few days afterward. 

1905] From the New Ilamjpshire Gazette, 17 05-1800. 17 

1773, Marcl) 5. ^ ■'■'■: f :'.'-'■ '^'- - ----''-^ ■"-■'^^■'■f< ^^^-v-•:■:■; ■■•^■^ ;■ ■■^^;;^:^-f.- ■^v: ■•■ 

Rev. Joseph Champney, in his 69th year, died in Beverly, Mass., 
Feb. 23, 1773. He was born in Cambridge, Mass., and left a 
widow and children. 

Mrs. Christina Baker died in Dover, N. II., Feb. 23, 1773. She 
wiis born in Dover in March, 1688-9, was taken captive with her 

' mother in June following, and carried to Canada, where she 
afterwards married and had several children. Her husband died, 
and in 1714 she was exchanged. After her return she married 
Capt. Thomas Baker of North Hampton, N. H. Her descendants 
of three generations numbered 72, of whom 57 survived her. 

Elizabeth Usher and James Robinson were married in Amherst, 
N. K., Feb. 27,1773. 

Daniel Burrel and Marshall Lincoln of Hingham, IMass., \sq.xq, 
drovrned the latter part of Feb., 1773. 

1773, March IS. - 

Joseph Harvey of Amesbury, Mass., died in Boston j Mass., March 

4, 1773. 
Isaac Allen of Sudbury, Mass., was found drowned at Boston, 

Mass., March 5, 1773. He left a widow and 2 children. 
Caleb Moses, Jr., was found dead in Simsbury, Conn., Feb. 18, 


1773, March 26. ; ; 

Capt. George Boyd, aged 66, died in Portsmouth, N. II., March 

21, 1773. 
Thomas Hatch, aged 60, died in Portsmouth, N. H., March 21, 

1773. . 

Elnathan Sampson of Bedford in Dartmouth, [IMass. ?] was 

drovyned March 2, 1778. He left a widow and 6 children. 

1773, April 2. r ■. 

The wife of Lieut. Gov. Oliver, in her 59th year, died in Boston, 

Mass., March 17, 1773. 
Mrs. Sarah Dunton, aged ^^, L}dia, wife of John Osborn, aged 

23, Mrs. Osgood, and Mrs. — — Stowe, widow, died in 

Boston, Mass., before March 30, 1773. 
Sarah, wife of Samuel White, aged 54, died in Haverhill, j\Iass., 

March 9, 1773. 
Sarah, wife of William Fessenden, diedMn Topsfield, Mass., 

March 22, 1773. 

18 From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1 765-1800, [April 

Ebenezer Mosely, aged 78, died in Dorcliester, Mass., before 

March 30, 1773. 
William Minzey, aged 61, formerly of BostoD, Mass., died in 
■• - ^ Portsmouth, N. H. 

1773, April 9. ' :-:;--■.■;::.;■;■ ^v^^.-h...-^:^^-^. • ^;.- ■■■:,::.;•::- 

Mary, wife of Rev. Arthur Browne, died in Portsmouth, N. 11., 

April 6, 1773. 
Thomas Roberts, aged about 50, died inSeabrook, N. H., March 
: 25, 1773. He left a widow and 5 children. ' 

1773, April 16. • . ' 

Capt. John Dobel, Mr. Manw^arren, shipwright, Mrs. Butler, 

daughter of Mr. Butler, housewright, the wife of Vincent 

Wymondfold, the wife of Mr. Pierce, chair-maker, and 

Benjamin Andrews died in Boston, Mass. 
Miss Mary and Mrs. Abigail Paine died in Maiden, Mass. 
John Gridley, late of Boston, Mass., died in the West Indies. 
Jabez Whittemore died in Charlestown, Mass. 
Andrew Hunter, aged 72, died in Newport, R. I. 
Thomas Reed, aged 89, and Mrs. Alice Peirce, aged about 87, 

were married in Cambridge, Mass., April 1, 1773. 
Bridget, widow of Samuel Hart, aged 70, died in Portsmouth, 

N. H., April 5, 1773. 

1773, April 23. '■f'^ ■■'■■ ^^ '^' V-'-'^"- 

A sou of Daniel Putnam, nged about 7, was drowned in Cornish, 

N. H., April 12, 1773. 
James Milk, aged 29, died in Falmouth, Me., April 10, 17 73. 

1773, April 30. 

Rozel, son of Capt. Thomas Stevens, was killed by accident in 

Plainfield, Coun., several weeks ago. 
Rev. John Hovey, aged 70, died in Arundel, Me. 
A son of Mr. Nazro, barber, of Boston, Mass., was killed 

by accident in Charlestown, Mass., April 21, 1773. 
Thomas Secomb, aged 62, died in Medford, Mass. 
John Wharf, aged 70, died at Cape Cod. 
Benjamin Coates, aged 67, died in Lynn, Mass. 

Mrs. Prince, died in Danvers, Mass. 

Lieut. Frahcis Ricard and Ensign John Willoughbj^ both of the 

29lh regimeut, died in St. Augustine, Fla. 

1905] From the JSFeio Hampshire h-azette, 1765-1800, 19 

Rev. ' Greaton died on Long Island. - - : t;;^ • 

Hon. Othniel Beal died in South Carolina. ^ V^ 

Nathaniel Shepard died in Georgia. '' ■^'i''?:-'^''''''^' ''::''-_■ 

John Freebody died in Newport, R.I. :; v 

Mrs. Content Collins, aged 45, Joseph Carnes, Michael Troulet, 

Jr., Hannah, wifeof William Jones, in her 20th year, Mrs. Sarah 

Holman, aged 31, the wife of Jonathan Archer, Mrs. Mary 

Snowden, aged 40, and John Allen, aged 22, died in Boston, 

William Ferryman, in his 23d year, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 

April 24, 1773. He was born in London, Eng., and came to 

Portsmouth about 7 years before. 
Alexander Phelps died in Orford, N. H., April 19, 1773. 
Nathan Kendall, aged about 70, died in Litchfield, N. H., April 8, 

A child of the late Joseph Hart and a child of Mr. Dwyer 

died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1773, May 14. 
John Drew Seward, aged 49, of Portsmouth,]N. H., died in Grenada 
March 12, 1773. 

1773, May 28. • 

John Holland, Ednmnd Butler, Stephen Harris, in his 61st year, 

Mr. Ayers, E^lizabeth, widow of Stephen Hunnewell, aged 

74, and Mrs. Brown, widow, died in Boston, Mass. 

Capt. John AVhitmarsh died on a passage from Liverpool to 

Sarah, wife of Simeon Akerman, aged 37, died in Portsmouth, 

N. H., May 20, 1773. 
. Capt. Samuel Noldred, aged 50, died in Portsmouth, N. II., and 

his wife, aged 41, died within 12 hours after. 
A son of Thomas Marden, a child of Reuben Daniels, a child of 

widow Lewis, a child of Mr. Giles, and a child of Abraham 

Senter died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1773, June 4. 
The wife of Rev. — - Tuck died at the Isles of Shoals. 
John Perry was killed by lightning in Kittery, Me., June I, 1773, 
Rev. Thomas Barnard, Jr., and Miss Lois Gardner were married 

in Salem, Mass., April 30, 1773. ' 

Benjamin Bickford, aged G2, and the wife of Elias Trask died in 

Salem, Mass. 

go From the New Hamjpshire Gazette^ 1 765-1800. [Aprl 

Nathaniel Glover, aged 70, and Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, aged 61, 

died in Boston, Mass. 
Mrs. Ann Marsh, aged 96, died in Braintree, Mass. 
Mrs. Ann Wiuslow, aged 94, died in Milton, Mass. 
: Mrs. Persis Newton died in Marlborough, Mass. . 
Rev. Solomon Prentice died in Grafton, Mass. 
Rev. Daniel Kirtland, aged 72, died in Norwich, Conn. 
Mehitabel, wife of Paul Holt, aged 53, died in Windham, Conn. 
Charles Kelsey died in Hartford, Conn, 
'^^v Mrs. Mary Lothrop died in New Haven, Conn. 
, • Abraham Byingtou, aged about 18, was killed by accident in 
- y Waterbury, Conn., May 3, 1773. 

, ;- Capt. John j Riddle was killed by accident in New York, N. Y., 
May 4, 1773. 

; A son of Cnnt. Stcp.rns of Attleborough, Mass., was drowned 

in North Carolina. 
• Robert Ross was drowned at Providence, R. I., May 20, 1773. 

1773, June 11. 

Jacob Royal, aged 91, died in Boston, Mass. 
Joseph Strafford died in Tiverton. 

Sarah, wife of John Penhallow, and oldest daughter of Hunking 
Wentworth, in her 47th year, died in Portsmouth, N. H., June 
^^> 3, 1773. 

: ; John Haman was killed by accident in Portsmouth, N. H., June 7, 
,■>:'■■ ... 1773. 

: A son of Capt. Robert Parker was drowned in Portsmouth, N. H., 
June 9, 1773. ' 

A child of Capt. Burns and a child of George Komans died 

in Portsmouth, N. H. .„ 

1773, June 18. ■ 

AVilliam Beatty, aged 24, John Dupee, a child of John Welsh, and 

Mrs. Rebecca Hodgdon, aged 57, died in Boston, ISIass. 
Charles Bardin, John Scott, and Mrs. Mary Lightfoot died in 
: Newport, R. I. 

Benjamin ]\Iulliken, aged 77, died in Bradford, Mass. 
Joseph Hiller died in Gloucester, Mass. 
Rev. Thomas Hiscox died in Westerley, R. I. 
Rev. Artlmr Browne of Portsmouth, N. H., in his 74th year, died 
■ in Cambridge, Mass., June 10, 1773. He left 2 sons and 4 
daughters. , , 

1905] From the New lIamj)sMre Gazette, 1765-1800. 21 

Anna, wife of Hon. Samuel Hobart, died in Hollis, N. H., the last 
week in May, 1773. 

1773, July 2. ^ > . 

George Mason died in Boston, Mass. 
Mrs. .Sarah Kettel died in Charlestown, Mass. 
Dr. Phineas Bond died in Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mrs. Deborah Wiuslow died in Bridgewater, Mass. 
Col. John Gage, aged 71, died in Dover, N. H., June 25, 1773. 
Jeremy Webster, aged about 65, died in Kingston, N. H., June 

25, 1773.. 
Thomas Hanson, aged 70, died in Towwow. 

1773, July 16. 

Ealph Middleton and the wife of Capt. Jonathan Bruce of Bal- 

• timore, Md., were drowned in Sassafras river in Md. June 
11, 1773. 

Thomas, son of Thomas Jackson of Boston, Mass., was drowned 

in Charles river. 
Elizabeth Canning died in Wethersfield, Conn., June 22, 1773. 
John Goodale of Glastenbury, Conn., was drowned June 26, 1773. 
William, son of Capt. Joseph Thompson of New Haven, Conn., 

aged about 21, was drowned June 26, 1773. 

1773, July 23. 
Hon. Tbomas Hubbard of Boston, Mass., in his 71st year, died in 

Waltham, Mass., July 14, 1773. 
Rebecca, wife of William AVhite, aged 50, died in Boston, Maes., 

July 12, 1773. 
Benjamin Bagnall, aged 84, died in Boston, Mass., July 11, 1773. 
William, son of Capt. — — Maines of Boston, Mass., aged 17, was 

• drowned July 10, 1773. His mother died a few days before. 
Caleb Bradley was, drowned at Boston, Mass., before July 19, 

A son of Samuel Bass, aged about 2, was killed by accident in 

Boston, j\lass., in the week ending July 17, 1773. 
Mrs. Bordman died in Boston, Mass. 
Mrs. Abigail Curtis, aged 44, died in Roxbury, Mass. 
Dr. Beza Lincoln, aged 40, died in Hinghara, Mass. 
Robert White, aged 50, died in Charlestown, ]Mass. 
Mrs. Katharine Spooner, aged 34, died in Dorchester, Mass. 

{To he continued.) 






ai' (Continued fi-om Vol. V, page 182.) 

1761 Nov^"" 22. Mary of Joseph Allen : 

29. Mary of John Kidder ;- . . 

1762 Jan> 3. Peter of James Lanman 

17. Sarah of Thomas Robbins, By M^" Abbot. 
Feb. 14. Lucy of Abraham Watson J im^" 

March 28. Lucy of Owen Warland 
April 11. Seth of Setb Hastings 

18. Jonas of Jonas Wyeth 
May 9. Mary of John Nutting 

-v: 16. Sufanuah of Ebenezer Wyeth 

June 6. Abigail of Amos Marrett. 
Jul}' 4. Ebenezer King of Isaac Bradifh 
11. Jofeph of Thomas Ireland 
AVilliam of John Stratton 
August 8. John of Isaac Watson . • '; 

Sept. 5. Thomas of Isaac Fillebrown 
. Sarah of Daniel Pierce 
V ;r 19 Rebekah of John Hicks ■ i; 

Henry of Caleb Dana Jun'' 
Oct'"" 3, Hannah of Capt. W» Angier 
Samuel of Siunuel Gookin Jun^" 
; /? Thomas of iVIary Durrant 

10. Nchemiah of Edmund Froft. 
Nov'^'' 7. Paham, son of Moses Pichardfon 

21. jMary of Jedidiah Larned i='0^ chiidreu Baptized to ye 
inoc T r. T«r /« o i -kt <. Bottom of tliis page Since 

1/tid Jan> 9. Mary of Samuel Norcrofs my ordination 

23 Samuel of Samuel Chaundler 

30 Margarett of Jofeph Allen Vid P. 91 Children 03. 

(91) Feb. 6. Abigail of Thomas Flaftings 

Anna of Jonathan Cooper Jun'" 

13. Mary of Abraham Watson Jun*" 

■'"'K:^: (22) ■ :.••.■•:: 

1905] Records oj the First Church, Cambridge. , • 23 

1763 March 20. Sarah of Daniel AVatson 

27. Lucy of Eliflia Holmes. • • ' 
Apr. 17. Samuel of Thomas Gardner • ' 
May 1. Jofepli Ray of James Ballard 

July 10. Walter of Hobart RuCsell ^-.v ■ - 

24. Eleanor of Jofeph Morfe 

Aug. 14. Samuel, James, Sufanna, children of Samuel Choate, 
and all att one Birth, a rare Inftance for 3 chil- 
dren att a Birth & all alive & well fo as to be 
brought forth to publick Baptifm, perhaps there 
is not Such an Jnftance to be met with in y® 

Aug. 21. Noah of Noah Wyeth ' V 

28. Benjamin of Stephen Palmer Jun^' 
;: Sept. 25. Mary of W W'^ Winter 

Ocf^^- 2. Timothy of Isaac Bradifh. 
Oct. 9. Amos of Amos Marrett 

16. Ezekiel, a Son & Achsay, a daugliter of Simon Bar- 
jona a Negro freeman. 
Nov'^'- 27. Abigail of Edmund Froft. ,,- I; ^ ° ■ 

Kebekah of Sam^' Rand Jun*" 
Dec. 4. Ebenezer Roby of D*" James Froft. ^ 

18 Elizabeth of Owen Warland ' 

Lydia of John Kidder 

1764 Jan^' 15. James of Jofiah Mafon • i 

Anna of William Rand 
29 Jofhua of Chriftopher Grant Jun^' 
Feb. 19. Mary and Elizabeth, children of Nath'^ Tufts offered 

to Baptifm by y^' mother, Mary Tufts. 
March 11. John of John Nutting 

25. Mary of Robert Treadwell < 
April 1. Ruth of W" Darling ■ ' . ' 

, • S.Joanna of Sam'' Sparhawk .Tun^" 

' 22. Edward of John Hayes "\ 

William of Jofeph Lampson )- all of Charlestown 
Esther of James Honeywell ) 
May 6. Jacob of Ebenezer AVyeth ' '. 

John Hall of Simon Hovvard . 

24 Records oj the First Church, Cambridge. [April 

1764 May 13. George Ruggles Son of Peter Barbour of Bofton 
June S.Joanna of Jofeph Allen 
. , > Lucy of James Monroe 
July 1. William of Capt, W"^ Angier ; • V 

8. John of Mary Barrett . / 

, ;,; ^ • 15. Sarah of Ebenezer Sever. 

' ^ July 20. Elizabeth of Jofeph Rufsell, belonging to Bofton The 
. , child born att Zech''^' Bordmans ; and was baptized 
att 8^ house by reason of Sickness & apprehended to 
be nigh unto death ; and died before vSabbath. - 
August 12. Elizabeth of Jedediah Earned 
Aug. 19. Jonathan Cooper of Jonathan Ilill. 

James of James Kettle 
Sept. 23. John Edwards of John Barret 
■ Oct'*'' 21. Elizabeth of Sam»^ Kent 

28 Jofeph & liebekah, children of widow Rebckah Rok- 
well Nath^^ Prentice, Son of Abraham AYatson, Jun^' 
53 Children. Verte P. (97) 

(92) July 16, 1734. Memoranda. 

.Agreable to y^ vote of y^ Ciih. of y^ 12*'^ of y® Instant as appears 
among y<^ Chh. votes I went to Salem, as allso i\P Dunforth & M^' 
Brattle as delegates of y*^ Chh. & joyning with 18 Chhs more in a 

- - Council. Chofe y<^ llev^ M^ Walter Moderatoi-, and y^' Rev*^ M^" 
Barnard as a Coadjuter to him. Y" first Chh. of Ipswich & M^' 
Weifted's Chh appeared only by y^" delegates, without y^ Elders, 
y*" Elders refufing to Come, & it was Questioned by many, 
whether yJ' were capable of Sitting in y*^ Counsil, becaufe y^ 
Platform Says Synods are to confist of both Elders it other Chh 
Meiiihers and in y*" debates upon it I moved, & others Seconded 
me y* Since y^ four chhs y^ Called us together afkcd fory^ Elders 
as well as other delegates in y^' Letters to us, y* y> should be 

> af lied whether y-^ accepted of thofe Chhs y^ Came without Elders : 
but without taking y* step, y>' proceeded to a vote, vrhether thofe 

Chhs Sat right in y^ Council, it pafsed in y^ anirmative, I did 
not vote for it & several Ministers entered y^ difsent. Then y^ 
arofe another debate, as to y*^ manner of voting, whether by 
Chhs, or by persons, y^ occafion of y'' debate was y^ dispropor- 
tionate numbers of delegates from Some of y*' Chhs, y^ Chh of 

1905] Records of the First Clmrcli, Camhridge. . 25 

Ipswich Laving 7 delegates & M"" Welfted's 5 delegcates, So y^ 
thofe 2 Chhs vrithoiit any Elders were equal to some other 4 
chhs with y*" Elders & delegates. It appeared to me & to others 
yt yr ^ould be great Inconveniency & difficulty in voting by 
Chhs, & fo proposed y^ thefe 2 chhs would reduce y™selves to a 
proportionable number with y'' reft, & y" we might go on in 
voting by persons as ufual, but y> declining to reduce y'" number 
it was voted y* y® votes of y^ Council Should be by Cbhs, & 
■ not by persons. I joyned in this vote thinking it better to come 
hito it pro hac vice, than to Suffer one Chh to have double y*^ 
power in a vote of any other Chh% hoping for y^ time to Come 
(93) Chhs will take Care to Send Equal number of delegates. 

These Preliminaries being Setled, a Committee w^as Sent to In. 
;. form y^ Rev^ M'' Fifk y^ y^ Council was now Sitting & desired y* 
he w^ould Call his Chh tofrether & v^ v^ Council was ready to 
receive what y>' might have to offer. M"" Fifk declined to y^ Com- 
/ mittee to y" purpose y^ he did not approve of y^ method of pro-. 
.; ceeding, yMt was Contrary to his Judgment, & his open declara 
tion in times paft. Then Mefsengers were Sent to y*^ Brethren, 
even to y"" houfes to Invite y'^^ in & offer what y^" had to Siiy, but 
not one of those y* adhered to M'" Fifk would attend, alledgiog 
y* y'^ Pastor had made propofals very reafonable & Chriftian to 
: .■ y^ aggrevied, & tilly^' were Complyed with y>' had nothing further 
' to Say, then y*" Council adjourned to y^ meeting houfe where y^' 
''• was a publick hearing of y^ cafe, y* is of y^ Several Stops y^ had 
been taken first by y^ North Chh in begining y^ admonition, & y^ 
■ t)yy^ otlier three Chhs in Conjunction with that in Seconding of 
".-\\. it, which hearing took up near three hours, then y^ Council ad- 
journed to y*' Tow^n houfe to be by y"'f elves & to Consider of y*^ 
affair, and it was thought proper to begin where y>' began in y® 
: laving y^ Cafe before us, which was with certain Letters, viz 
- one from y^ aggrevied Brethern to y^ old North Chh, reprefent- 
ing 3^^ broken, divided State of y^ Chh & no methods Complyed 
with for y^ healing y^' Same, & a Letter allso from y^ Elders or 
from y^ Elders & Brethren of y^ N. Chh to M^' Fifk or to him & 
his Chh I am not certain which. Signifying If I mistake not, y^ 
thoughts of Coming tovifit y™ in y'" 3'^ way of Communion y*^ is 
by way of Charitable admonition, & y" a Letter from M"^^ Fi!k to 
ye jsjQj-tij Chh, objecting againft y^ coming for two reasons more 

26 Records of tJw First Churchy Cambridge. [April 

Efpecially P^ because y^' had {prejudged y^ affair in an afsembly 
of Cbhs allready. 2^'>' y^ he had made Such proposals to y*' ag- 
greived in order to y^ Settling & determining y"^ diferences as lie 
thought Christian and reasonable and y" another Letter Irom y^ 
Brethren of y^' Chh y* adhere to M^ Fifk objecting against y*^ N. 
Chh's Coming alledging many things which 1 have forgot; but 
particularly J nf if ting upon y^ reafonablenefs of y^ propofnls y'" 
Pastor had made to y*^ aggreived. Now many of y*" Council ob- 
ferving w^ great Strefs y*^ Paftor M"" Fifk & his adherents laid 

(94) upon certain propofals it was propofed, That Some Inquiry 
Should be made Concei'ning thofe Propofals. Accordingly M^" Gee 

,. . was Sent for and Interrogated about y"^, who thought it not 

\ proper for him to say any thing of y"^ without y^ reft' of his 

Brethren, who being fent for, and coming in, y^ were afked 

whether y^' North Chh had any proposals laid before y^ y'^ M^^ 

;. Fifk refers to in his Letter, to which it was anfwered y^ ]\P* Fifk, 

; , who Speaks of proposals did in his Letter Send none to y'^ Chh 

but withall M^ Gee declares y^ as he was y^ Scribe or Clerk 

of y^ former Council he had y^ Papers Committed to him among 

which were thefe propofals & y^ alltho y>' had had no Consid- 

eration of y"^ in y"^ procefs not Imagining y'" to be any thing att 

all to y*^ merits of y^' present Case yet if this Council desired y"' 

he had y"" with him & would write out a Copy of y"\ And y" it 

was obferved y* M*" Fifk objects againft y^ North Chhs Coming 

: -above others because y>' had prejudged y^ cafe in a former Coun- 

; .; oil; upon which Several of y- Council & more Especially of y® 

Elders afked for a Sight of y^" refult of y^' Council which ]\P" Gee 

. Said he had with him & would allow y^ Council a copy if any of y^^ 

Would write it out, upon this y^was a long debate whether those 

papers Should be brought into y^ Council, Some opposing & al- 

, < 1 edging y^ y^' were nothing to y^ merits of y^' case we were come 
upon (^c y' y>' were not propofals of y^ Chh, but only of y^ Pas- 
tor, <fc y* y'' Pastor would not come & bring y'" in & plead to y^\ 

., others y*" were y* earnestly desired those Papers might be brought 
iu, alledging y'y>' might pofsibly be to y^ merits of y''])refent cafe, 
& y' if y' Saw y"' y>' Could Judge whether y> were c^r no, & de- 

. ; clared further y' y>' Could not have light enough to Judge upon 
y*= Cafe before y'" without & y' if others Could See Clearly to act 
without y*^ help of those papers, thofe y* Could not might be So 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge . ^ 27 

far Condefcended to as to have y'" brought in, and y^ alltho M"" 
Fifk would not biing y"" in, yet y* we Should be willing to get 
light where we Can get it, if not in y^ particular way y' we would 
desire it. It was allso alledged y^ very probably those papers 
might be to y^ merits of y^ Caufe, & y^ our Justifying or not 
Justifying might be determined by y"\ for if we found y*^ several 
parts of y® chii moving for peace by propofals of peace, & if 
(95)thofe propofals were reafonable Chriftian ones as M^ Fifk says 
y>' are we might pofsibly think y^ M'^ Gee & his Chh Infted of 
pafsing y'" by in Silence & taking no notice of y'" might have 
acted a better part to have Improved these propofals as far as he 
could towards y^ producing of peace among y'" than in proceeding 
att once to admonifh y™. It was allso Said y*^ bj^ bringing in these 
propoals & making Some tryal of y"^^ we might probably discern 
more clearlj^ where y® fault lay, for alltho according to y^ pref- 
ent procefs of y*^ matter y^ whole Chh was to come under Cen- 
fure, yet all allowed y' Some of y"' were not to blame, & by mak- 
ing Some Experiment with thefe propofals perhaps we might find 
where to enter all y*^ blame, and many other things were offered 
as arguments for y^ bringing in thofe Papers, arguments So 
Strong & clear y* I thought y*" was no gainfaying y"\ but when 
y^ votes were put whether y^' Should be brought in behold y^' 
pafsed in y^ negative, which was very grevious to a great number 
of us, accordingly five Elders, viz M'" Barnard, M^' Holyoke, 
M^ Wiggles worth, M^ Tufts & M^' Cliipman gave in a Paper to 
y^ Moderator Signifying y* as that light was withheld from them 
which y^' apprehended necefsar}^ to Judge upon y^ Cafe before 
y^" yy Should withdraw from y*^ Council & did accordingly & five 
or 6 other Elders, viz : M^ IIale,^M'' Emmerson, M^ Storer, M^ 
Bowman, M'" Jaques, I think & myfelf Stood up & declared to y*-' 
Council y* Seeing those papers were withheld y* we apprehended 
might afTordlight in y'-' affair before us, we utterly declined to 
give our Judgement pro or Con, upon y^' proceedlgs of y^ North 
Clih, or y*^ other 3 Chh'^ afterwards in Conjunction with y'" for 
as y^ cafe now stood we had not, neither might we be allowed 
light either to Justify or Condemn y'" proceedings & y'^ M^' Stone 
<fe Several other delegates Stood up & declared y^' were of y^ 
Same mind. Upon this y^ was a motion made to reconsider ye 

28 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [April 

votes about those papers but it Could not be obtained. So y^ 
five forementioned Elders withdrew & y^ other five or C of us 
with a number of delegates sat as Neuters, & y" y*^ Council 

', went on & Justified all y^' Steps y^ had been taken by y^ North 
Chh & y" y^ 3 other Ch^ in Conjunction with them. After thefe 
votes were pafsed, y^ Council voted to unite thofe four Chh^ 
with y*" & y" proceeded to renew y*^ advice & admonition to y^ 
Chh by a Letter & have adjourned y"'f elves to 15*^^ of October 

(96 ) next, waiting till y* time to see what eft'ect y-' admonition 
will have, which for my own part I have but little Expectation of 
Confidering how y^ matter has been driven on but as thefe pro- 
ceedings are like to occasion a great deal of debate in y*^ Country 
I thought it proper for y^ help of my Memory to Commit to writ- 
ing y^ most remarkable occurrences in y^ Council, whilst y-' are 
frefh in my mind, <Sc I would onl3^ obferve how Unhappy it is, 
y* when those who come together to heal divisions among others 
Should be divided among y"^f elves, a Melancholy token y^ y^ 
Chhs y" Convened had not so much of y^ Prefence of great head 
.of y^ Chh att y^ Convention as is to be defired att ail times efpe- 
■ cially upon Such a Solemn occafion as this. 

And as to y^ votes of y^ Councils in y*" Justification of M*^ 
Gee's proceedings in y'^ Several Steps Suppofiugy^ had been no 
propofals I cannot but think y^'. have gone aside y^' letter of y'^ 
Platform, & y^ Spirit & design of y'^ Synod iri62, & J am at 
prefent fully of opinion y' the N. Chh. in Bofton was not a 
proper Chh to go to begin y^ 3*^ way of Communion upon y^' Chh 
of Salem, V^ because yy had prejudged ye affair tK^ 2ndly because 
of y'" distance y'' being so many other Chh' nearer y' Should have 
; .;, performed y' act of Charity. Indeed if Clih' in y^ Neighbor- 
hood had been applyed to & had refufed y" a Chh So diftant as 
y^ N. Chh might have been Juftified in going. But y" I cannot 
See how y* Chh can be Justified in calling in y*' 3 or 4 Churches 
viz,— y^ Old South Chh in Bofton, & M'* Whites att Glouster 
both of which had been y^ in Council & prejudged ye matter & 
M"" Chevers of Rumney Marsh & ]\I^ Wiggleswoj'ths att Ipswich 
,. ; but he did not go. Y*" Platform Expressly Says such a Chh 
must acquaint other Neighbour Chhs : 

1905] ■: Records of the First ChimrJi, Cambridge. 29 

Children Baptized by Naih^' Appleton 


"' 1764 Nov^Ml. William Soden of Seth Ilaftings 

.... Rebokali of Tbonias Robbiijs - / '^^ .;, ■,; --i • 

.' 1765 Jan>' 20 William of Cap* Ebeiiezer Stedman , - " ;: ■ 

Feb. 3. Benjamin of Stephen Palmer Jun*' 

': • % Mar. 3. Eunice of Richard Honej'well 

■■{''^■W ' 10. Elizabeth of Noah Wyeth ' "^A.-:-^^ 

31 Mary of Elifha Holmes '■'-'''';- ^. :■:--■■■':■' 

■ April 14. Borodel, Daughter of Jon^ Fefsenden Jun*" 

i ■ - 21 Mary of James Ballard ■.;/■• 

May 5. John of W" Gammage 


% , Hepzibah of Jonathan Jones 

12 Mara, Daughter of Widow Mercy Cooper., whofe 
Husband died Suddenly 10 days paft. 

i - ^ ^^ ^ ^ James of John Hicks 

I' - , ' Taplee of Jonas Wyeth 

f Mary of J of hua Converse 

I ■ ; • . 26. Samuel Newall of Sam'' Fefsenden 

I June 9. Rebecca of Daniel Watson ^;: ..; 

1^;; ' July 21. Elizabeth of Thomas Hastings. ^ ^ 7 

I Sept. 1. Isaac & Nathaniel, children of Abiiah Earned 

I ^ . Baptiz'd on y^' South Side. 

I ^?; 15 Jacob of Jacob Watson v : .. 

I ..,..— .- Sufannah of Sam" Rand, Jun^ 

I 22 Samuel of Owen Warland . . ':. :X:-'-'.r-',-.._.: '■ 

I V Rutii of Abraham Watson Jun"" ' '^ 

I ;,: "v Samuel of ChriCtopher Grant Jun'" ■■ 

I ^ October 13 John of William Tufts . r 

I / ■ Sarah of Isaac Bradifh 

I Nov'^MO. Tiiomas & Mary, children of Jacob Bull 

I 17. William of Aaron Hill 

I Dec^^8. Enoch of Henry Holden . ■ 

I 15 John of Ebenezer Shed Jun' 

I ' 29 Sarah of John Kidder 

1<66 Jan> 25 Jofeph of Jofeph Miller 

Feb. 2. Ebenezer of Sam'i Hill ' - \ 

16 Samuel of Sam" Sparhawk, Jun"" . , 

{To be continued.) 



' " ' 1628/29. TOWN OF GLASTONBURY. 

Edward Dyer, esq'"., 

Thomas Brooke, gent., 

Edward Preston, gent., 

Alexander Dyer, gent,, 

Silvanus Davis, 

John Wintehay, gent., 

Henry Gorge, gent., 

Edward Bisse, gent., 

Henry AVrinkmore, 

Clement Cutch, (?Gutch), 

Richard Withie, 

Richard Browne, 

William Hall, 

Nicholas Maxson [or Mapson], 

George Clarcke, 

Wilham Aplyne, 

John Roode, 

William Parker, 

John Withie, 

Thomas Jenkings, ., 

William Cooper, 

Joane Kinge, widow, 

John Gutch, 

Christopher Hopkings, 

John Kinge, " ' 

Simon Vincombe, 

Samiiell Gutch, 

Anne Preston, 

Thomas Perry, 

John Gould, 

John Heath, 

Peter West, 

Clement Gutch, jun' 

John Dixe, 

George Tansame, 

William Rowles, 

John W^iinkmore, 

Thomas Greene, 

William Parker, 

William Aplyne, 

John Dale, 

William Ellies, 

William Kinge, 

William Bennett, 

Christopher Looke, 

Richard Coxe, ^ 

John Ellis, 

Riciiard Vaile,t 
Robert Gutch, 

*P. R. O- ]7-2;3"^4. There is no subsidy for Somersetshire between 4th aud 10th year o 
relgu of Charles I. 

tSeo Lechfonl's note book, ]). 24. 

(30) , ; .y/y ^ ■- ^--^ ■/"■;, 


Some Hale Heirs, 1777. — Kezia Hale, widow of Benjamin 
Hale of Stow, yeoman, deceased, and Administratrix of Estate, 
for divers good causes, quitclaim unto Daniel Gates of Preston, 
Conn., yeoman, as Attorney for his mother Mercy Gates of Pres- 
ton, Conn., Bezallel Hale of Stow, yeoman, Benjamin Whitcomb 
of Marlbro, and wife Dorcas, yeoman, Oliver Hale of Leominster, 
gentleman, Jacob Hale of Stow, gentleman, Joseph Hale of Marl- 
bro, blacksmith, Ebenezer Knight of Athol, cordwainer, and wife 
Mary, Israel Hale of Petersham, cooper, Samuel Hale of Leomin- 
ster, yeoman, Ephraim Gates of Palmer, yeoman, as Attorney 
for his mother Mary Gates of Palmer, Martha Bobbins of Stow, 
widow, Thomas Yvitherbee of Stow, yeoman, and wife Elizabeth, 
Lydia Priest of Leominster, widow, Reuben Gates of lieominster, 
yeoman, and wife Mary, Israel Davis of Holden, yeoman, Joseph 
Davis of Pomfret, Conn., Clerk, Eleazer Davis of Hubbardston, 
yeoman, Oliver Davis of Princeton', gentleman, and to the four 
above named Davises as acting on the behalf of their sister, Mar- 
tha Smith in New Jersey, John Lleald of Acton, gentleman, for 
himself and on behalf of Martha Barret and Mary Bobbins both 
of Chelmsford, widows and his sisters, as their Attorney, Jacob 
Bobbins of Westford, husbandman, and wife Lydia, Nehemiah 
Davis of Concord, husbandman, and wife Dorothy, Oliver Heald 
of Temple, N. H., husbandman, Israel Heald of Acton, gentle- 
man, James Faulkner of Acton, blacksmith, and wife Ruth, all 
my right in estate of said deceased's real estate except that part 
wlueh is this day quitclaimed to me by said heirs and is inven- 
torred by Dea. Samuel Gates, Col. Jonathan Wood, and Daniel 
\Miitney, viz: — The Homestead Farm, 5 acres in the great 
swamp, 2/3 of the place the widow Bobbins lives upon, the 
^^ hippie place, the farm at Hubbardston, the place bought of 
I^}>l)raim Hapgood, the Bice place adjoining to what is quit- 
thiiined to me, a piece of meadow called Brook Meadow, to a 
right in a Township known by the name of Waterford. Signed 
I'eb. 2G, 1777. Wit. Jonathan Wood, James Barrett Jr. 

Midd. Deeds, 77:349 
W .''■:' '■ ■ ^'.' '•■■': ^ ' ■'! , ■ . (31 . 

32 ^'^^^^-^V;^^^^^ \Noies a7id Queries. [April 

S "Southern Records." - , - 

From the daily press we learn that various papers of value takeu 
during the war from the capitol building in Richmond, have been 
returned to tlie State of Virginia. These papers consist of wills 
grants, permits, etc., and had recently come into the possession of 
the Massachusetts Historical Society which restored them to Virginia 
There is among the MSS. of the P^ssex Institute, or was a few years 
ago^ a record book of one of the early county courts of Cnrolina, 
which undoubtedly was taken from a court house during the war. 
It is a valuable record and should of course be returned to its 
proper custodian. AVhile many papers and records were undoubt- 
edly thoughtlessly taken by soldiers from the archives in the South^ 
as souvenirs, yet many also were taken by soldiers, who knew that 
if left they would suffer utter destruction from rm impending con- 
flagration or by other means. 

Whenever such a record or document turns up, especiall}^ in the 
possession of an historical society, there is only one honorable course 
to pursue, namely, to return it to the proper custodian. Private papers 
taken under similar circumstances should be sent to one of the Southern 
State Historical Societies, with the request that if a representative of 
the family wiio would value the papers, is known to the Society, they 
should be returned to him. This magazine had the opportunity not 
long since of printing a family record which was copied from papers 
in possession of the family of a northern soldier, taken from a burn- 
ing dwelling in Louisiana. No claimant has yet appeared for ihe 
originals. ■ ■- ;^'-. '■'■;;:■■-■;''-. 



AT Somerset House, London, England, Register Soame, 1620. 
Edited by J. Henry Lea, Boston, 1904. The appearance of the 
initial volume of abstracts of the will registers in the Prerogative 
Court ol Canterbury is another striking evidence of the l)road-minded 
, . methods followed by the New England Historic Genealogical Society 
in the matter of publications. This volume comprises 607 pages, of 
which 143 are devoted to the index. 

liH)/)] y -::JJook JVofefi. 33 

Register Sofime, named from Stephen Soame, kniglit, whose will 
1*4 tlic first one registered, contnins the record of wills proved in 1620, 
Tiv] in all there are 1366 wills entered in this register. The abstracts 
t^atbered by Mr. Lea, to whose enterprise and laborious work we owe 
{his volume, give every name of person or place found in the orig- 
inal, as well as in a great measure the principal items of the testa- 

It is not possible to say too much in praise of the industry shown 
hY Mr. Lea in carrying this work on, but however much we appre- 
rjjite all the good points of his work, and of the book itself, it is not 
necessary to refrain from calling attention to a few matters which it 
Si'Cfns tons should have been treated differently. .: 

More than twenty years ago, Mr. Henry F. Waters, the best 
t-quii)ped American genealogist, was commissioned to go to P^ngland 
for the purpose of making searches in English records for whatever 
might, throw light upon the parentage and origin of emigrants to 
America in colonial times. What he accomplished is too well known 
lo our readers to need further comment. 

His two volumes of Gleanings published five years ago by the N. E. 
Hist. Gen. Soc. are, next to Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, the 
most valuable collection of genealogical materiiils ever published in 
America. The results of his work were so satisfactory, because of 
liis carr^nng out his determination to read every will in the Preroga- 
tive Court, and as many in other Courts to which he could obtain ac- 
cess,, during the period in which wills likely to be of value to American 
j.^onealogists would be proved. It was only possible to accomplish 
Ibis because of the system which he used. Not only did lie read 
volume after volume of wills, but he searched among the unrecorded 
'^\\U ; and whenever an important clew was found, it was his custom 
to follow that clew, and although his printed collections comprise but 
a suifill part of all he collected, one may easily realize from them how 
tiiorough his method of research was. He had, abstracted and arran2:ed 
in iicard catalogue with cross references^ more than ten thousand wills 
ehielly relating to American families. It is, therefore, with some sur- 
pnsethatwe read in the preface of Mr. Lea's book the following 
**«-'utence : — "the second method instituted by Mr. Waters was to 
f^a'l at random throuo;h various volumes noting such references to 
names of interest to the reader a.s caught his eye." (The italics are 
*'Urs.) Oae would think from reading this sentence that Mr. Waters 
*'?irned on his work in a haphazard fashion. Mr. Waters' residence 

iu England covered n period of t^yenty years. His collections, his 
time and exporience were at the command of genealogists, especiiilly 
Americans, who applied to him for aid in their work. His generosit}^ 
was abused npon more than one occasion, but his method of work 
was known to every one who came into contnct with him to any ex- 
tent, and as Mr. Lea, so he tells us in his preface, has devoted the 
last twenty years of his life exclnsively to English research, he must 
be conversant with all Mr. Waters was doing. Inadvertently, we 
believe, Mr. Lea has, iu the passage we have quoted above, put on 
record a statement which we are sure he cannot mean to let stand. 

There is much interesting information contained in ]\[r. Lea's pre- 
face. The popular term quire is the equivalent of the otlicial folio. In 
registering the wills, one fold of sheets was termed a quire and these 
quires were numbered consecutively, — so that references to folio so 
and so are references to the equivalent quire. 

One of the great drawbacks to the free use of Mr. Lea's work is 
the tremendous number of abbreviations which he has introduced. It 
is almost impossible to read a number of wills consecutively without 
constant reference to Ids list <'>f abbreviations. lie certainly Uiade 
himself an immense amount of useless trouble, and has caused an equal 
amount of trouble to the reader. We trUst that this feature will be 
revised in the succeeding volumes of this series. 

Then, too, many of the abstracts are so brief as to be perplexing 
rather than otherwise ; in such cases the will itself is probably unim- 
portant, but we suggest iu these instances that a fevf words be devoted 
to the nature of the bequests of the testator, or if the original will is so 
very brief, why not print it nearly in full. It might be well also to 
group the names of various small legatees under a geneial statement 
of "small bequests to" and if not legatees to say "mention of", etc. 

It would have been wiser, in our estimation, had the first volume of 
the series begun ten years later. Unquestionably .Mr. Waters' two 
volumes of Gleanings have very largely covered the period between 
1G20 and IGoO, so that ^Ir. Lea's work is more likel}' to benefit Eng- 
lish genealogists than <»urselves. 

The index to Soame appears to be comprehensive and quite 
thorough-, but the cross references, however, leave some things to be de- 
sired. For instance, if one was looking for the name Loring and did 
not realize all the changes of which that name was capable, the ref- 
erences in the index under Lorw'nig might escape his notice. In an 
index which does not attempt to do too much for the searcher one is 

. ^ X'G95il 

1905] ^ J>oo/,- JVote.^. ' 



o i 

obliged, in some degree, to examine the book itself, but when an 
index is so ciirefally subdiviiled and apparently intended to save us 
every bit of unnecessary work, we are led to refer to it mechanically, 
and unless it is most carefully cross referenced it sometimes proves a 
simre rather than a help. AVe do not believe that the editor of a book 
should be compelled to devote so many hours of his time and dollars 
of his money, which in the aggregate in a book like Soame is a large 
sum, in order that a few minutes' time should be saved by hundreds, 
or even thousands of searchers. A more intimate acquaintance with 
a book's contents rather than the index would certainty improve the 
quality of much of the genealogical work now being done. A suf- 
ficient index need only include the names of testators and surnames of 
pei'sons mentioned in the wills, and of lands ; the various spellings of 
the surnames grouped under one head. 

The next volume, Dale, 1G21, is being prepared by Mr. Lea, and 
' it is hoped that the sale of Soame will be sufficiently large to encou- 
rage the Society and Mr. Lea to continue the series. The price of 
Soame is $6, and it may be had of the Society. E. P. ^ 

Concerning Genealogies: Being Suggestions of Value for All 
Interested in Family History. By Frank Aliaben. ' The Gi'aiton 
Press, Xew York. pp. 7L This little work, while primarily an 
advertisement of the Grafton Press and its facilities for doing 
genealogical work, is full of valuable information for those who 
contemplate such work. Of particular value are the suggestions 
in regard to keeping notes. AVe must, however, take exception 
to the author's claim of originality in what he calls the G'rafton 
Genealogy. In the first place, this plan is not a genealogy, in 
the true sense of the word, but rather, a pedigree. A genealogy 
being a history of a family or clan, descended from a common 
ancestor; while a pedigree is the reverse of this, and shows the 
descent of one or more individuals from his ancestors, in tabular 
form. In many cases the two terms are, however, used inter- 
changeably. Schemes for pedigree are numerous, and man}/ of 
them have been published and are in constant use. We have 
two of these before us now filled out with the ancestors of our 
children that were made at least twenty years ago. In these we 
have been able to give nearly every immigrant ancestor and to 
trace some of these in England and Wales. The objection to 
I'odigrees is that while interesting to the individual they do not 

36 ■ . Bool'- iVoies. S. : ; ; . 

show his relation to other individuals in the same clan or in nearly 
related clans. In other words the pedigree plan is very good tor 
private use, but it is very rarel}^ worth publishing, being too 
limited in its general interest. The genealogy gives a much bcHter 
chance for concentrated work and is of much greater general in- 
terest, as in many cases the study of a single family will be a study 
of the settlement of the country, showing, as it does, the lines in 
which emigration took place and leading to a study of the causes 
of these changes of residence. We can -heartily commend what 
the author says in relation to the printing of a genealogy. 

Too often this work is done ^vithout regard to certain well estab- 
lished rules, and the published work is sin^ply a terror to those 
who have to use it. We know of one work of this kind that has 
about ten different indices. Another indexes all the names by 
reference to tlieir father's number in the genealogy, and we have 
spent ten minutes in trying to fmd the individual. The simpler 
the index the better, and it sliould, in all cases, refer to the page. 
No work is large enough to have more than tv/o indices: one of 
names and one of places. In a genealogical work it is well to give 
the date of birth before each name in the index. This, in case 
where there are one or two hundred of the same given name, will 
save hours of research. The work is one that should be in the 
hands of every one contemplating genealogical research. Price, 
75 cents. . ,, , , ^ S. P. S. 

Notes for the Guidance of Authors, in the submission of 
Manuscripts to Pubhshers. New York, The Macmillan Co. This 
is an interesting little compilation b}^ the heads of different depart- 
ments of the Macmillan Co., and gives much information in a 
small s]:)ace in regard to preparing manuscripts for the press, cor- 
recting proof, etc. This is followed by J. S. Cushing d- Co. 's Rules 
for Spelling, Punctuation and Style. Price, 25 cents. 

The Genealogical Magazine 


Vol. I. : . May, 1905. ■ ;: : ^o- ^ 


No less aD authority than Henry F. Waters derives the descent of 
the "Apostle" Eliot from the family of that name mentioned in the Visi- 
tation of Essex.* His reasons for this supposition are good and may 
be read on pages 907 et seq. of his Gleanings. Bennett Eliot, of 
Nasing, possessed land in Ware, Widford, Hunsdon and Estweeke 
places with which the members of the Visitation family were also con- 
nected. The Visitation pedigree begins with Thomas Eliotf of Cot- 
tered, Herts, wlio married Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Wilson. 
This Thomas Eliot had a younger son George Eliot of Bishops 
Stortford, Herts, Esq,, whose will, dated 12 Jan. 1548, was proved 
29 Jan. 1554, and from wliich information additional to that given 
ii) the Visitation is obtained. His brothers were John the elder, 
whose line is continued in the Visitation, John the younger, Robert, 
and Thomas. Mr. Waters believes John Eliot of Roxburv to be a 
descendant of John the younger, or possibly his brother Thomas w^bose 
^vill was proved 15 Oct. 1557 and who disposed of lands in Widford 

* The Visitatiou of Essex in 1558 commences the pedigree witli Thomas Eliot of 
Cotlered and Hunsdon, Herts, and of Stamford. Rivers, but that of 1C12 gives him a 
younger brother John, both sons of Richard Eliot of Devonshire living 1491, he being 
eoii of Thomas Eliot born in Wales, one of the masters in Chancery in 1-191. The arms 
ascribed this family are Argent, a fesse gules between tvjo bars gemelles wavy azure, a 
vtartfet for a (iijference. Crest: An clepJiant's head argent, armed and eared or. Theee 
r-^mc arnis are said to have been in the family of Jared Eliot of Conn., in I80J and 
ftre described, as an old drawing or painting. 

tTlie epelliijg of this name varies much. That adopted by the Roxbury fiwixlly bag 
f>cen adhered to in these pages for sake of uniformity. 

■'-:r '■:-'-.■- : • ■-■ .-: (3?) • 

38 ": V, Eliot of Boxhitry and Boston. [^^ay 

and "Ware. Jobu Eliot the younger also lived in Widford, as the will 
of his son Thomas of London (1557) nauies his father and mother John 
and Johan of Widford, and his brothei's Henry and John. The latter's 
son John was in the line of entail of his uncle Thomas' estate in 
Widfoi'd. Some one of these last named was undoubtedly father 
or grandfather of Bennett Eliot of Nasing. 

Bennett Eliot was married at Widford, Herts, to Lettice Aggar, 
SO Oct. 1598. He was of Nasing, Essex, at the time of his death. 
His will dated 5 Nov. 1621 was proved 28 March lf)22. In it he 
styles himself yeoman. All his rents and profits of copy and cus- 
tomary lands and tenements in AYare, Widford, Hunsdon, and Est- 
weeke he gives to his friends William Curtis "my son in law," 
Nicholas Camp the younger, and John Keyes all of Nasing for eight 
years charging them with an annuity of £8 a year to his son John 
Eliot, toward his maintenance in the University of Cambridge where 
he is now a scholar. His other children are named. A very full ab- 
stract of the will is printed in Watei's' Gleanings, page 904. Bennett 
Eliot was buried in Nasing 21 Nov. 1621. His wife was buried 16 
March 1621. 

Children : 

Sarah, bapt. at Widford 13 Jan. 1599. She married 6 Aug. 1618, 
at Nasing, William Curtis, later of Roxbury, IVlass. 

Philip, bapt. at Widford 25 April 1602, of whom below. 

John, bapt. 5 Aug. 1601. The " Apostle to the Indians." 

Jacob, bapt. 21 Sept. 1606, of whom below. ; ; ' 

J^ydia, bapt. at Nasing, 1 July 1610. 

Francis (Deacon), bapt. 10 April 1615. Settled at Braintree, Mass. 
Freeman, 161:1. In 1650 was a teacher among the Indians. He 
died in 1677, leaving a widow Mary and daughters, Rachel wife 
of John Poulter of Cambridge, and later of John Whitmore 
: . . of Medford, Hannah wife of Stephen Willis. Other children 
were Jlar}^ who married Caleb Hobart ; Mar^^ and John who died 
without issue. 
ry, bapt. 11 March 1620/1. 

Philip Eliot son of Bennett, baptized at Widford, 25 April 1602, 
settled in Roxbury in 16.35, and shared in the management of town 
and church. Freeman 26 May 1636 and member of tfie artillery 
company in 1638. He aided his brother in his attempts to help the 
Indians. , 

1905] Eliot of Ttoxhury and Boston. - 39 

According to the church record " he was a man of peace, and very 
fnithful, he was many years in the office of deacon which he discharged 
■' fnithfuDy. In his latter years he was very lively, useful and active for 
God and his cause. The Lord gave him so much acceptance in the 
hearts of the people that he dyed under many of the offices of trust 
that are usually put upon men of his rank, for besides his ofiice of a 
deacon, he was deputy to the General Court, he was a commissioner 
for the government of the town, he was one of the five men to order 
the Prudential affairs of the town ; and he was chosen to be Feoffee 
of the Public School in Roxbury." 

The years in which he served as Deputy to the General Court were 
1654, 1655,1656, 1657. He died "about the 22 of the 8th month 
(Oct.) 1657." 

His will was proved 11 Feb. 1657/8. Pie left a widow P^lizabeth 
(whose estate was divided 2 Feb. 1660 to her sons in law John Aldis 
and John Smith of Dedham, and Richard AVithington of Dorchester), 
daughter Sarah Aldis, daughter Lydia, and a grandson Henry 

The ages of his children are obtained from the register of passen- 
gers on the ship Hopewell, April 1635. Elizabeth the mother was 
then aged 30 years. She was daughter of Henry and Anne Sybthorpe 
of Little Hallingbury, Essex, and married Philip Eliot by license 
granted by the Bishop of London 20 Oct. 1624, her age given as 23. 

Children : 

Elizabeth, pet. 8 in 1635, bapt. at Nasing 8 April 1627. She mar- 
ried Richard son of Henry Withiugton, of Dorchester. 

S:irah, jet. 6 in 1635, bapt. at Nasing 25 Jan. 1628/9. She married 
27 Sept. 1650, John Aldis of Dedham, son of Nathan Aldis.* He 
died 21 Dec. 1700, his wife, 12 Nov. 1686. 

Lydia, ret. 4 in 1635, bapt. 12 June 1631 at Nasing : [m. John Smith]. 

Hiilip, a?t. 2 in 1635. 

* Nathan Aldis yeoman, was a proprietor in Dedham in 1638. Freeman 13 May 1640. 
He wae a deacon In the chuich and held town oMce. He died 15 April 1676, leaving 
«idow, Mary. A John AlduB of MendLarn, Snttolk, yeoman, left a will dated 29 Dec. 
inj;*. proved the 15 Feb. followinj?. See Genealogical Quarterly Macjazine for July 1903, 
Jbfe lf>0. He mentions hie brother Natlian Aldus and the latter's dau?:hter Mary- Nathan 
•Aldis of Dedham had a daughter Mary; and a son John who married Sarah Eliot as 
*l>ovt'. Mary married, 15 March 1642/3, Joshua Fisher. 

John and Sarah (Eliot) Aldis had, born in Dedham, Sarah, l)oru 9 June, 1};52 ; 
John, \> Feb. 1654/5; Mary, 29 Nov. 1G57; Nathaniel, d. y.; Daniel, 3 Aug.lCCl; Nathaniel' 
f' March 1663/4, d. a>t. 19; Hannah, 4 July 16G6. John Aldis was a deacon In Dedham 
fJ»un:h and served against the Indians in 1676. His daughter INfary married, 21 Feb. 
)C78,U. Nathaniel Kichards. Sarah married, 25 April 1675, Gershomlluljbard. . 

40 ; ; >v Eliot of Roxhury and Boston. [May 

John Eliot (Rev.), '-The Apostle to the Indians," was son of 
Bennett and Lettice Eliot of Nasing. He was baptized at Widford 
5 Aug. 1604, and died at Roxbury, Mass., 20 May 1690. Accord- 
ing to his own account on the church records of Roxbury, "he came 
to N.E. in the 9th month, 1631. He left his intended wife in Eng- 
land, to come the next yeare ; he adjoyned to the church at Boston, 
and there exercised in the absens of Mr. Wilson the Pastor of that 
church, who was gone back to England, for his wife and family. 
The next summer Mr. Wilson returned, and by that time the church 
at Boston was intended to call him to office ; his friends were come 
and settled at Rocksbrough, to whom he was fore ingaiged, that if he 
were not called to office before they came he was to join with them, 
whereupon the church at Rocksbrough called him to be Teacher in 
the end of that summer and soon after he was ordained to that office 
in the church. Also his v/ife came alona; with the rest of his friends 
the same time, and soon after theire coming they were married, viz. 
in the 8th month, 1632." 

Mr. Eliot was matriculated at Jesus College, Cambridge, i}i 1619, 
and took his A.B. 1623. After leaving the College he became a 
teacher in the school kept by Rev. Thomas Hooker at Little Baddow, 
Essex, and he says the days he spent with Mr. Hooker were a rich 
blessing to his soul. He came to New P^ngland in the Lyon which 
arrived 3 Nov. 1631, and was admitted freeman 6 March 1631/2. 
He was ordained Teacher of the church in Roxbury 5 Nov. 1632. 

His preaching to the Indians began in 1646, a work he had long 
been preparing himself for by careful study of their language. He 
established schools and published the New Testament in the Indian 
tongue in 1661 and the Old Testament in 1663, and afterward pub- 
ished other books for their use. His missionarv work amouo; the 
Indians was attended with great hardships and much danger, and ex- 
tended over a wide territory. The outbreak of King Piiilip's war 
proved a blow from which the work never recovered. At that time 
there were about 1150 "praying Indians" and six churches. Natick 
the first Indian town was follow^ed by the planting of similar commu- 
nities, and the establishment of an Indian College at Cambridge 
which however was a complete failure. 

Although attempting too much with the linV.ted facilities at iiis 
command, his success was great, especially when we consider the 
constant opposition which his efforts met with from the less thought- 
ful whites whose terror and contempt of the Indians led them to con- 
sider extermination the safest policy. The savcigery of the tribes too 

1905] ' Eliot of Boxhury and Boston. 41 

was greater than we realize at this day. He was, however, heartily 
supported by many of the leading men and others, notnbly of his own 
church, and received official encouragement. He was far ahead of 
his times in perceiving the proper way of handling the Indian problem. 
Eliot's disposition was the opposite of that of many of the leading 

" clergy, in both Old and New England. His character lacked the con- 
ceit and bigotry so prevalent among Churchmen and Puritans. He 
was modest, and generous to the last degree. In addition to the 
works prepared by him in the Indian language he wrote several Eng- 
lish books, one of which entitled The Christian Commonwealth was 
published in England just previous to the Restoration and was the 
cause of a pusillanimous vote by the General Court requiring an apol- 
ogy from the distinguished divine (but unskilled in statecraft) and the 
destruction of copies in circulation. 

His wife, who was Ann Mumford or Mountford, died 22 ]\Iarch 

;'. 1687. ... 

Children : 

Hannah, born 17 Sept. 1633, married 4 May 1653, Habakuk Glover, 
who died April 1693. ^, - 

John, born 31 Aug. 1636, of whom below. ' / -. \ 

Joseph, born 20 Dec. 1638, of whom below. 

Samuel, born 22 June 1611, a graduate of Harvard in 1660, and 
afterward teacher at Roxbury, He died, unmarried, 1 Nov. 1664. 

Aaron, born 19 Feb. 1643; died 19 Nov. 1655. 

Benjamin, born 20 Jan., 1646/7, a graduate of Harvard in 1665, as- 
sisted his father man^'^ years and di'^d, unmarried, 15 Oct. 1687. 

Joseph Eliot (Rev.), son of Rev. John Eliot, was born in Rox- 
bury 20 Dec. 1638, and died 24 May 1694. He Avas graduated 
from Harvard in 1658 and after preaching two years at Northampton 
was settled at Guilford in 1664. He married, first, Sarah, daughter 
of Gov. AVilliam Brenton of Rhode Island. He married, second, 
Mary, daughter of Samuel Wyllis of Hartford. She died 11 Oct. 
1729, a?t. 73. 


Mehitablc, born 6 Oct. 1676; died s.p. 14 April 1723. She mar- 
ried AYilliam AVilson. 

Ann, born 12 Dec. 1677; married, 20 Dec. 1698, Gov, Jonathan Law 
of Connecticut. 

42 "' ;;i 4 Eliot of RoxMiry and Boston. [May 

Jemima, born 1680; married, 14 Nov. 1699, Rev. John Wood- 
bridge, of West Springfield, Mass. Her sons were Rev. John 
of South Hadley, Judge Joseph of Stockbridge, Judge Timothy, 
Rev. Benjamin of Woodbridge. 

Bashua, born 1682 ; married Augustus Lucas of Fairfield. 

Jared (Rev.), child by second wife, born 7 Nov. 1685, Yale 1706. 
He was one of the first proprietors of the Salisbury tiiines and 
disposed of his interest in the iron mines and steel furnace by 
will, as also his share in the Susquehanna purchase. lie left a 
large estate. He died 22 April 1763. Settled over the cliurch 
at Killingworth. Member of the Corporation of Yale College, 
1730-1762. He married, 26 Oct. 1710, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Samuel Smithson of Guilford, who died, 18 Feb. 1761, a3t. 68. 
They had eleven children : Hannah, married Dr. Benjamin Gale 
of Killingworth ; Samuel, Yale 1735, d. 6\ p.-, Aaron, a deacon, 
colonel and physician at Killingworth and member of the Assem- 
bly, who married, 14 Feb. 1745, Mary daughter of Rev. Wil- 
liam Worthington of Say brook ; Augustus, Yale 1740 ; d. unm. ; 
Joseph, a graduate of Yale, d. s. p.? w. ; Nathan of Kent ; Jared of 
Killingworth ; John of Guilford ; George of Killingworth. Most 
of these sons had large families and descendants are numerous 
among the representatives of the old Connecticut families. 

Mary, born 1687 ; married Hawkins Hart of Wallingford. Their son 
Samuel was a lieutenant in the Continental arm}'' and died 12 
Jan. 1805, leaving descendants. She married, (2) 25 May 
1736, Abraham Pierson, (3) Samuel Hooker. 

Rebecca, born 1690; died s.p. 9 Feb. 1782. She married, 26 Oct. 
1710, John Trowbridge of New Haven^ sheriff. She married, 
(2) 11 Nov. 1740, Ebenezer Fisk of New Milford, and (3) 
Capt. Vv^illiam Dudley, of North Guilford. 

Abiel, born ; died, 28 Oct. 1776, at Guilford. He married, 

1726, Mary, daughter of John Leete, who was born 8 Feb. 1701, 
died 13 Jan. 1778. His descendants continued in Guilford. 

John Eliot (Rev.), son of Rev. John Eliot, was born in Roxbury, 
31 Aug., 1636. He was graduated from Harvard in 1656 and settled 
over the church at Cambridge Village, now Newton, as their first 
pastor 20 July 1664. He died 13 Oct. 1668. Ke married, first, 
Sarah daughter of Thomas Willet, mayor of New York, and sister of 
Mary wife of Rev. Samuel Hooker of Farmington. She died 1 3 June 
1664 and Mr. Eliot married 23 May 1666, Eiizabotli daughter of 

1905J :#^ Eliot of Roxhury and Boston, '■'. ''^. ■■-',::.■: ^ AZ 

^[aj. Gen. Daniel Gookin. His widow married, 8 Dec. 1680, Edmund 
Quincy* and died 30 Nov. 1700. By bis first wife Mr. Eliot had Sarah 
bapt. 21 Sept. 1662, who married, 16 Nov. 1681, John Bowles,! and 
by his second v/ife he had John, a graduate of Harvard in 1685, who 
settled at Windsor, where he was Judge. He died 25 March 1719, 
leaving a son John of Spencer, Mass., aud daughters married to Rev. 
Isaac Burr, Thomas Chandler, Rev. Joshua Eaton, and George Hol- 
loway. '■■"- 

Jacob Eliot son of Bennett Eliot, baptized 21 Sept., 1606, settled 
in Boston. Freeman 6 March, 1631/2. He w\as chosen deacon 1640 
of the church at Boston and later ruling elder. In 1637 during 
the excitement over the trial of Mrs, Anne Hutchinson he was among 
her adherents who were disarmed. Winthrop, in his Journal under 
date of 1644, speaks of him as "a man of a very sincere heart and an 
humble frame of spirit." He made his will 28 April 1651, proved 
20 Nov. 1651, in which he names oulv his son Jacob and unmarried 
daughters. His widoAV Margery left a will dated 31 Oct. 1661, 
proved 7 Nov. 1661, in which she names children, Jacob, Asaph, 
Hannah Frary, Susannah, Mehitable, Sarah, and five grandchildren. 

Children : 

.lacob, born 16 Dec. 1632; died 16 August, 1693. He w^as Cornet 
in the Suffolk troop commanded by Capt. William Davis at the 
outbreak of King Philip's war and saw active service. He was 
commissary of the expedition under Major Thomas Savage in the 
first campaign against the Indians, June 1675. He was com- 
missioned Captain. In 1677 he was one of the selectmen of Bos- 
ton and was a deacon in the church. He married, 9 Jan. 1654/5, 
Mary Wilcock, widow. His children were Mary, born 6 Oct. 
1655, who married, 2 Jan. 1677/8, Elizur Holyoke ; Abigail; 
Hannah; and sons Joseph, born 13 Jan. 1673/4, and Jacob, 
born 16 April 1073, besides those who died in infancy. 

* Jofiiah Quincy LL.D., president of HaiTard CoUege, was a descendant. 

t -John Bowles, Esq., died 28 Maicli 1737, and was buried in the Eliot tomb at Rox- 
"^ry. He was the son of .John and Sarah (Eliot) Bowles, and graduated from Harvard 
l'> 1702. Major-Deputy 1728 until his death. lie married (1) a daughter of Col. Samuel 
Cheekley.and (2) Miss White, sister of the Treasurer of Harvard College. Joseph 
^vvleti, son cf the above, was horn 3 May 1722 and died 31 Aug. 17'.4. He married Mary, 
«'suj.'hlfrof Capt. Balph Hart, for whom his son Ralph Hart Bowles, an oflicer in tho 
i-<>voiution who settled at :Machia8. was named. INIary the only daughter of John Bowles 
^•H; luarried Chief Justice Benjamin Lynde of Salem, and died 81 INIay 17L0. ilary 
^•"^•r daughter, who married Hon. Andrew Oliver of Salem, inherited the Eliot farm at 
i^nuiiit-Id part of a grant of 1000 acres to Rev. John Eliot in 105.5. 


Eliot of Boxhury and Boston. 

John, born 28 Dec. 1634 ; died young. 

Hannah, born 29 Jan. 163G/7. AVinthrop relates a singular cure ef- 
fected, he thought, by prayer after the surgeons had despaired 
of lier recovery. The tail board of a cart had fallen on her at 
the age of eight, driving into her brain a part of the skull. She 
married, 4 June 1653, Theophilus Frary son of Jolni and Pru- 
dence Frary of Dedham. He was a deacon in the Old wSouth 
Church, deputy in 1689, and died 17 Oct. 1700, without male 

Abigail, born 7 April 1639 ; married, 16 Dec. 1657, Thomas Wyborne. 

Susanna, born 22 July 1641 ; married, Dec. 1662, Peter Hobart of 
Hingham, and Thomas Downes. She died 14 March 1G87/8. 

Mehitable, born April 1645 ; married Seth Perry. 

Sarah, bapt. 5 Dec. 1647. 

Asaph, born 25 Oct. 1651 ; died 3 Sept. 1GS5 at Boston, He iiiar- 
ricd Elizabeth daughter of Capt. Richard Davenport who died 
10 March 1679/80. He married (2) Hannah. Child by both 
wives. He seized in King Philip's War. 


; By Henry F. Waters. 

v^.;v: :■'..•,-: ■;,:;■ (New Series.) 

[Edited, arranged, completed,, lud referenced, by Lothrop Withington, 
30 Little Russell Street, W. C, London, England.] 

• ' . ■ (Continued from Vol. V, page 122.) 

JooN Anger, thelder, Boxted, Essex, yeoman. Will 8 November 
1633; proved 14 November 1634. To be buried in the Choncell 
church or Churchyard of Boxted. To sonue John Andger customary 
messuage called ''Digins ferme" in West Barchholtt, [WestBergholt], 
Essex, paying vnto my sister iu lawe Anne Randall a rent annually 
of £14. To wife Alice for life messuage in Alberton Peldor or Lan- 
gerhoe [?'. e. Ablierton, Peldon, or Langenhoe], Essex, also bouse 
ill Dedham called "Oadehouse." To brother John Andger £5 yearly 
to be paid by sonne John out of "Woodhouse" in Boxted. To cliil- 
dren of mj^ brother Rich : Andger (John, Richard, and Elizabeth) 20s. 
apeece. To Hen : Andger sonne of Hen : Andger of Fingrehoe 20s. 
To Henrie Andger the father all dues. To Anne Neathercoate 
daughter of John Neathercoate of Soham in Cambridgeshire £5. To 
parish of Boxted to be distributed at interment £10. To my man 
Mathewe Runeacres 20s. To my servantes Margaret Clarke and 
Sara Sheldrake 10s. apeece. 

To my brother and sister Mr. and Mrs. Thurston of Greencsteade 
with in the Libertie of Colchester two old Angells to buy them a 
paire of gloues. To Mr. Rogers of Dedham, Clarke, Mr. Collins of 
Higham, Clarke, and Mr. Tho : Holmested of Boxted 20s. apeece. 
Rest to wife Alice, executrix. Witnesses: Tho: Holmested, Willm 
AVarren, Martin Laye. Administration to son John, executrix being 
dead. . Seager^ 99. 

Alice Anger, Boxted, Essex, widow, being sicke. Will 15 Sep- 
tember 1634: proved 14 November 1634. To be buried in Boxted 
churchyard. To sister Margaret Neathercoate £10. To sister Marie 
Hills £10. To sister Randall £5. To Neece Lucie Dyllmer 40s. 
To Neece Elizabeth Kinge 20s. To brother John Neathercoates 
children £5 a peece, except to Anne £10. To servantes 68-8d. each. 
To Mr. Rogers of Dedham, Mr. Collen of Higham, and Mr. Holm- 
sled of Boxted 40s. each. Rest to sonn John Anger, executor. 
Witnesses: Tho : Holmsted, Marie Rogers. Seager, 99. 

Edith Angier of Eastham, Essex, widow. Will 19 November 
1C35 ; proved 3 March 1635/6. To my sons Francis Willys and 



Waters^ Gleanings — Withington. 


Robert Angier all debts and lyneii. To sister Wellhead, brother 
John Gos noil's wife and sister Read my wearing Lj^nneu and appar- 
ell. Rest to two sons, executors. Witnesses : He : Ilolcroft, Let- 
tes Holcroft, John Downes. Pile^ S3. 

Margery Anger, 1658 (Wootton, 560). Waters' Gleanings, 
page 788. 

Samuel Angier, 1667 (Carr, 57). Waters' Gleanings, page 1191. 

John Angier, 1677 (Hale, 112). Waters' Gleanings, page 1192. 

Edmund Angier, 1678 (Reeve, '60). Waters' Gleanings, page 1192. 

Bezal: Angier, 1678 (Reeve, 120). Waters' Gleanings, page 1192. 

Samuel AuNGiER, 1693(Coker, 73). Waters' Gleanings, page 1192. 

Samuel Angier, 1713(Lecdfi, 2G7). Waters' Gleanings, page 1192. 

Angeven, 1654. See Heath (John), Upton, parish of V7estham, 
Essex. Margaret Heath wife to John Angeven. Alchin, 487. 

Thomas Anguish of the City of Norwich, mercer. Will 7 July 
1622 ; proved 9 September 1622. My body to be buried in the parishe 
church of Tombland in Norwich neer to the corps of my father. To 
Mr. John Ward, minister and preacher in the said parish of St. 
Michaell at the plea, 40s. to preach at my burial. To wife Ann £600. 
To Francis Anguish my son £500 at 21. If wife marry, then he 
whom she shall marry shall become bound with such suretie as my 
father in law Mr. Francis Smalpeece shall think fit. If son Francis 
die, then his portion shall remain to my brother in law Thomas Smal- 
peece. To the child my wife goeth withall, if a man child £500, if 
a woman child £400 at 21, and in case of its death then to the said 
Francis. To Robert Playford of Norwich, draper, 50s. To Mary 
his wife 50s. To said brother in law Thomas Smalpeece £15. To 
Thomas Edglye of Norwich, gent £3 and to my said brother Smal- 
peece 40s. Overseers : The said Thomas Smalpeece and Thomp.s 
Edgley. To my father in law Mr. Francis Smalpeece, citizen and 
alderman of Norwich, £10 and to so many of my own brethren that are 
married and have wifes £5 apiece and to those that are single 50s. 
apeece. Executors : Anne my wife and my said father in law Mr. 
Francis Smalpeece. Witnesses : Robert Gedge, Robert Playforde, 
William Symon, Henry AYatts. ' - : SavUe^ 80. 

1905] Waters' Gleanings — Withmgton. -47 

Anguish, 1649. See Davy (John). Sister in law Mrs. Katherine 
Anguish. Her sons and her daughter by brother Simon Anguish. 

Fairfax^ 85. 

JoANE Annis of Bomsted at the Tofer. Will 11 October 1569 ; 
proved 4 December 1569. Sons Robert Annis, Hary Annis, and 
Richard Annis. Daughter Elizabeth. My sons John Fytch and 
Richard Fytch, either of them £3 6s 8d in one year, &c. Thomas 
Fytch son of John Fytch 20s. All my sons' children, my son Thomas 
his children only excepted, 12d each. Christopher Smyth m}^ son 203 
in seven years &c. Son Thomas 20s in seven years &c. Son William, 
executor. Thomas French and Thomas Fytch &c. witnesses. 

Com. Essex and Herts ^ filed Will. 

Thomas Annott of Lowestofte, Suffolk, marchaunte. Will 1 
October IftU ; proved 5 February 1577/8. To be buried in church. 
of Margarett in Lowestofte. To repairing of church 20s, To 
poore £5 yearly for twenty years. To godchild 6/8. To wief Agnes 
surplus revenue of lands in Whelecarborowe, Norfolk, etc., over 
twenty marks per annum already assured by deed formaynteynaunce 
of a free grammar Scole in Towne of Lowstofte. Also to wief for life 
"Brewsters" in Kessinglande, then to cosen ]Mr. Walter Norton. To 
kinswoman Elizabeth Annott now wief of Stephen Burrell two tene- 

nients in Parkefeild and Kirkley in occupation of- Robson and 

Love, also "Welinges" in Owlton in occupation of Rendali. To 

wief Agnes, Elizabeth Burrell and son in law William French and 
Margaret Wells wief of William Wells all plate etc. To said William 
French the Priory in Carleton Colevile in halfe hundred of Mulforth, 
liUo "Pynnes" in Lowestoft. To godsonne Thomas Brooke tene. 
nioiit in occupation of Edwarde Davye the thaxter. Tenement called 
*'viages" in Gilsam to maintaue a free grammar schole in Wood- 
t«ridge, Suffolk. To wief Agnes "Shankes" in Kessingland in occu- 

|.ation of Skyed. To Elizabeth Annott wief of Stephen Burrell 

"Childres" in Kessingland in occupation of — — Locke. To John 
Ijti.lgeffeilde the elder £3. To two poore almes houses for two poore 
50.&PS to dwell in Lowestofte &c. Rest to wief Agnes and son in 
^*w William French. Executors: Wife, William French, AVilliam 
Arnolde. Supervisor: IMr. Robertes. To poore mens* boxe in Lowe. 
fetofie £100 to hands of four honest men &c. To ditto of Kessing- 
^'^iKle, Gislam, Carlton Colevyle, Parkefield, Kyrkley and Whitecar- 
i>orowe 5s. each.. Witnesses: William Wells, William Tolleze, 
Swph^n I'hilJipp. Langley, 10. 

48 Wate7^s^ Gleanings — Withington, [Ma}^ 

Ankott, 1593. See Frenche (William) of Lowestoft, Suffolk. 
Agues Anuott mj" mother. Reference to fill of Thomas Annott late 
of Lowestoft deceased. ;. ; r; V Dixy, 12. 

Bridgett Ansell of Booking, Essex, widow. Will 6 April 1653 : 
proved 30 April 1G53. To daughter Bridget Amys, executrix, all 
goods to pay £10 I owe her and what cost at my sickness. If any 
remain, then to my three daughters Bridget, Elizabeth, and Sarah. 
Witnesses : Thomas Kempe, Edward Tabseare. Brent^ 2S. 

Isaac Ansell of Booking, Essex, clothyer. Will 19 March 
1651/2 ; proved 30 April 1653. To wife Bridget house where I livo 
howse where Bichard Wade liveth, and tenement in which Sarah 
Cable lyveth, also, howse in occupation of John Morrell and shopp 
in occupation of William Thorpe, also howse late in occupation of 
William Brewster for life ; then to daughter Bridgette howse in occu- 
pation of John jMorrell and ditto late in occupation of Henry 
Sander; also to son in law George Browne tenement in occupation 
of William Brewster and Sarah Cable and Shopp in occupation 
of William Thorpe with woodhouse at end of yard and woodhouse 
at end of William Brewster's house with that part of my yard 
Sarah Cavell [sic] now layes her wood in : also to daughter Sarah 
wife of John Heard houses wherein I live and house where 
Richard Wade lyveth to her and heirs of her body, for want of 
which to my two daugters Bridgett and Elizabeth. All goods to wife 
Bridgett executrix. Witnesses : Thomas Cavell, Edward Tabor. 

,.;. v;^ ,.■,,„:;-• :-. Bveut^SG. 

Anson, 1637. See King (Sabine), Citizen etc. of London. Sister 
Anne Anson. Xee, 27, 

Thomas Anson, H. M. S. Britinnia, marriner. Will 14 April 
1690; proved 4 June 1692. All to wife Alice Anson of St. Mary 
TMagdelenes, Southwarke, executrix. Witnesses : D. IMitchell, Jiio : 
Chaddocke, Jou^ P^arle, James Fry. Fane^ 97. 

Thomas Anstie, Clarke parson of Whichampton, Dorset. Will 16 
September 1612; proved 15 January 1612/3. To be interred in 
chancell of AYhichampton church. To church 3s. 4d. To poore one 
Bushell of wheate and ditto of Barley. To church of Hampreston 
3s. 4d. and poore ditto. To godsonnes Thomas Hobbie,Thomas Bason, 
and Thomas Durneford one ewe each. To goddaughter Emme 

1905] Waters' Gleanings— Withington. 49 

Skoveil ditto or 8s. To Nick Deane sonne of Francis Deane ditto. 
To Lidea Hayne daughter of brother in law Parson Haj^ne ditto. To 
servaunts Thomas Maimsell and Luce Wylsheare 20s. To daughter 
in law Penelope Fay £20. To sonue Nicholas Anstey silver salte 
and five silver spoons. Wife Avice Anstey to have use of goods she 
brouglit. As I have other daughters which 1 would give £100 each 
to at marriage, Mr. Nicholas Ware, vicar of Shapwich, Joseph 
Collet, and brother in law John Skoveil authorized to raise out of lands 
for education and said portions. Executors: Nicholas Ware, Joseph 
Collet, John Skoveil. No witnesses. Administration to widow Avice 
Aostie, executors renouncing. Capell, 1. 

Thosias Anstie, clerk, parson of Wichanipton, Dorset. Brother 
ill law Parson Hayne, his daughter Lidea Hayne. Capell, 1. 

Answokth, 1661. See Sherman (John) of Norwich, clerk- 
Cosen Elizabeth Answorth. 

Consist. Norioicli^ register 1660/1^ folio 451. 

WiLLsi Antonye, citizen and Rruer of London. Will 24 August 
1535; proved 16 September 1535. To be buried in Collegiate Church 
and Hospitall of saint Kateryn next the Tower before the aulter of 
St.Authonye. To the suster and bedwomen w* in the hospitall of St. 
Kateryn to pray for my soule 3s 4d. To church of St. Botulphe 
without Aigate where I am parishoner 3s. 4d. To sonne Anthonye 
Anthonye best twoo saltes of siluer with a cover parcell gilte, A 
standing cupp with fcover all gilte, with litell pyllars vppon the 
Couer xii silver sponys, best jaket of Damaske, best velvoet Doblet 
^c. Tenement, bier house, gardens, &c. in Est Smythfelde beside 
the Towre held of Abbot and Covent of the monastery of our lady 
of Graces beside the Toure to John Wylcockes gcntilman for 
V>rofite and behoof of Joane my wife as separat tenement where I 
dwell for terme of forty yeres yf Joane so longe lyve, and after to 
^onue Anthonye Anthonye with remauider to AnnedeMoUyn daugh- 
U-r of John de Molly n and of Margaret his wife late my dough ter, and 
^■fife Johan to have a rent charge of £10 a year as by dede of 
February 25 Henry VIII to Robert IMyllysche Citizen and marchaut 
inillor of London, Godfrey Dews woodmonger, Raph Latlian, .Fohn 
PjUterton, goldsmythes, John Wemmys, Fishmonger, and John Mar- 
get-son, Bruer, Citizens of London. To sonne Anthonye Anthonye 
^y Byerhouse called the Shipp with houses etc. on other side, of the 

50 ^ ^^^^:; ; ; T^ Gleanings — Wiihington. [May 

waye with Bruying vesselles etc. prazed at £126 except the tenement 
which Wilhn Walker woodmoiiger late occupyed and which William 
Haddock maryner nowe occupyeth and tenement I myselfe nowe 
dwell in &c., paying to said Robert Mellysche and other cograimtees 
the £10 yearly for use of Johane my wife, and said sonne Anthonye 
shall euery weke wekely after my deceas deliuer or cause to be deliu- 
ered to the said Joane my wife a kylderkenof threhalpennybcie good 
holsome and lawful during hir life, or else said Shippe to remaine to 
said Anne de Molyn, paying to Anne wife of said Anthonye etc. ; 
wrytings to be putt in chest in Vestuary of pish church of St. Botolphe 
w*out Algate one key in custodie of wife Johane and one key in cus- 
tody e of Sonne Anthonye and third key with an indifferent person, 
wife Johan to liave custod}^ of said Anne de Molyn till of age etc. 
To Symon Van Aken my other wife's cousyn 20s. A lode of cooles 
to be provided yearly for poorc of St. South wark Bottolphs and St. 
Katheryns durijig tenancy etc. Residue to wife Johan, executrix. 
Overseers : Godfrey Dewes, Woodmonger, and Robert Mellyshe, 
merchant Taillor. Witnesses: Willm Grene, preest curate, John 
Haselwood Recyvour to our sovereign Lord the King, Cristofer 
Morys one of the Kings Gonners, John Frank, Gyles Harryson, Bier- 
brewers, Anthon}fe Wolfe, preest, and Henry Standish, pcryvenor. 

. ■: . '. Ilogan^ 27' 

Anthony, 1549. See Haddock (William) of St. Botolph's Aldgate, 
mariner. Anne Anthouj^ wife of Anthony Anthony, surveyor of H. 
M. Ordnance. Arch. London^ register' 2^ folio 11. 

Anthony, 1585. See Somer (John). Brother in law Derrick 
Anthony of Chertsey. Margaret wife of Derrick Anthony, sister of 
my v/ife. BrudeneU, 49. 

Anthony, 1607. See Yardley (John). Uncles Francis and 
Charles Anthony. Cozen John Anthony. Iludleston^ 98. 

Anthony, 1611. See Howe (William). Kinsman Francis An- 
thony, son of sister Jane. Wood^ 53. 

Charles Anthonve of St John Zacharv, Chiefe Graver to II. M. 
Mint and of His Scales. Will 24 October 1015, proved 21 November 
1615. To v,'ife Elizabeth lease of dwelling house, £200 etc. To 
children Thomas, Richard, Charles, James, Andrewe, Edward at 24 
and ]\rarveat21 or marria<2:e 100 marks each. To eldest son Thomas 

19051 . Waters' Gleanings— Witltington. 51 

all goldsmitbes tooles, workynesses, patterns, and printes of seales 
and books and papers belonging;, also my scale ringe of Armes and 
one wedding Ryuge. Forgive brother Frauucys all debts. Great 
parte of estate ys out of my bandes and cannot be disposed of viz : 
my fine pondes of waterworke of Broken Wharf e, £110 adventure 
vnto the Sonmer Islandes ; also £137 adventure into first colony into 
Virginia, and £22-16-0 into second colony into Virginia, of which 
1/4 to wife, 1/4 to son Thomas, and other two fourths to children. 
Residue to sonn Thomas Anthony, executor. Overseer : Brother 
in law Samuell Arnold. Witnesses: John Leigh, Johane Brussell. 
-: Ruddy 105. 

Anthony, 1615. See Whitgift (William) of Clavering, Essex. 
George Anthon}', clerk. Iludd, 103. 

Anthony, IGlfi. See Arnold (Samuel). Sister Anthony. 
^- : - . ■' . . Meade, 8. 

Thomas Anthonye, Citizen and Goldsmith of London. Will 14 
May 1618 : proved 21 May 1618. To wife Elizabeth Anthonye 1/3 of 
estate. To daughter Elizabeth, except wife be now with child 1/3 
ditto etc. If mother in law scale convej^ance now drafted of the 
waterhouse which she confessed belonged to me by my brother's will, 
then to her £30 and waterworkes to wife and children etc. To aunt 
Yerwens £5 and her daughter Judith Yerwens 40s. To my eldest 
brother Richard Anthony my father's picture and to my vncle Mr. 
Doctor Anthonye my grandfather's picture. Rest to wife Elizabeth, 
executrix. To poore of St, Jolm Zacharye where I live 40s. To 
apprentice John Leigh one year of his indenture. To John Dicher, 
son of Thomas Dicher, 10s. To my brother Charles Anthonye all 
books of vellum cover. Overseer : John Dicher. To my valentine 
KHzabeth Dicher 20s, and to apprentice John Leigh besides a cloake 
20s. Witnesses : Mathew Cordrowe, clerk, Rand Wilbrahm, Robert 

4 September 1039 administration to John Leigh, husband and ex- 
ecutor of Elizabeth Leigh, daughter of deceased, left undivided by 
^vidow Elizabeth. Meade, 42. 

Anthony, 1621. See Arnold (Richard) citizen and haberdasher 
of Loudon. Will proved 1621. Daughter Elizabeth married to 
Charles Anthony, goldsmith, deceased. Dale, 64. 

Francis Anthony, 1623 (Swanu, 60) . Waters' Gleanings, page 86. 

52 Waters^ Gleanings— Withing ton. 

Francis Anthony, 1623 (Swann, 87). Waters' Gleanings, page 87. 

Bartholomew Anthony of London (Holy Trinity the Less). 
Will 19 December 1624: proved 11 January 1624/5. To be buried 
in new church yard. To brothers and sisters £3 each. To mother 
in law Mrs. Mary Ryecroft £3. To a poore maide Marie Ashe 40s. 
To poore in Exeter to be distributed by John Anthony and Water 
White £5. To wife's brothers and sisters 40s. each. To John Lutton 
35s. To servant Peter llyecroft 10s. To Gillian Bale in Estr 40s. 
To Mr. Hooker, Preacher, 40s, Mr. Smyth, Minister, 403, Mr. 
Richardson, Minister, 40s. To Goody Compton 20s. To poore of 
Trinity parish £3. To the minister of the place Mr. Dr. Hatfield, 
40s. To Nan Yeles 20s. To my Ant Tucker of Kirton, if livinge 
£3. To my cozen Tucker's wife a Ringe. To the Tucker that cured 
me vnder god of the disease vnder my Arme 40s. To private poore 
people 40s. rit brother Laurence and Richurd Perry's disposing. To 
child which shalbe borne of my wife in gods good time £300 to be 
paid by brothers Jno. and Edward Anthony etc. Rest to wife Marie, 
executor. Overseers: brother Lawrence Anthony and Richard Perry. 
Witnesses : Lawrence Anthony, Richard Perry, and Peter Rycroft. 

Clarice^ 10. 

Andrew Anthony, son of Cliarles Anthony, citizen and goldsmith 
of London. [St. Stephen's Waxbroke, Probate Act]. Will 30 June 
1625 ; proved 6 July 1627. To mother Elizabeth Anthony my part 
of the water house at Broken Wharf e. To my brethren Richard? 
Charles, James, and Edward, and my sister Mary, lease of Maister 
Samuel Bonnival's house in Blackfriars &c. and rents to be paid by 
Samuell Bonnival at house of my cosen Thomas Arnold, haberdasher, 
on Ludgate Hill etc. To nephew Alis Anthony, daughter of brother 
Richard Anthony £10. To sister Alis Anthony, wife of brother 
Richard 403. To brother in law Mr. RandoU Wilbraham £30 and 
his wife Martha 403. To Mr. Winston's four children Richard, John, 
Mary, and Robert 20s. each. To mother [brother] Charles Anthony 
Featherbedd etc. in my maister's house marked with my name. To «?' 
mother Elizabeth Anthony, sole executrix, residue. Overseer : 
brother Richard. Witnesses: Robert Evans, Thomas Edmonds. 

Arch. London, register 7 {1627-1033/4)^ folio 8. 

-.■:':■'':'"'■■ '■■■■■{■ ■;','._: ;:,..■ . (7^0 he continued.) - - ■ * 





{Continued from Vol. 1, page 29.) 

17C6Feb. 23 Anue of EbenezerWyeth 

Sarah of Samuel Norcrofs 

March 3, 

April 13. 

May 18. 

June 8. 










■ . ,■ '■ ■ ' _ 



. 21 

\: Novt 

'^ 2. 

■ ■■ <■■ % 


(88) 1767 





X . 



March 15. 

Mercy of John Nutting . ; 

Lydia of Jonathan Hill 

Elizabeth of Moses Winchester . ■;.;-■:. 

Phoebe of Edmund Frost. 

Isaac of Hobart Rufsell 

Margaret of Capt Wm. Augier. 

Amee daughter of James Honeywell 

Mary of Downing Champney 

Sarah of AVilliam Rand 

Mary of Jedediah Learned 

Samuel of James Kettle ' 

Anna of Jof iah Mafon 

John of John AVyman 

Martha of Sam'^ Chandler 

Nathaniel Shepard of Nath^^ Prentice 

Walter of Gideon Froft by M^ Jackson . 

Thomas of William Darling 

Lucy, Efther Manning deceased offered by her 

Grandmother Manning . .: 

Jonas of Jonas Prentice Jun^ 
James & Elizabeth children of James Holten 

60 Children Vide P. 98 
Jonathan of Richard Honeywell. 
Elizabeth of Jacob Bull. " / 

Lydia of Noah Wyeth. P^^^^^ ? ; 

William of John Hicks. 

Margaret of Richard Ward. 


54 .-: .: Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [May 

1767 Mar. 22. Robert of Seth Haftings 
Apr. 26. Riithy of Joel Fifk 

Lydia of Zechary Shed 
. .^ May 2. Violet a negro female child, born in y® houfe of the 

Hon^''^' Edm^ Trowbridge, who with his Lady 
, ^ undertook for y<^ religious Education of y<^ Same if 
God Should Spare y^' life of it. The child being dan- 
gerously 111 was Baptized in Private. May 7^*^ the 
child died. 
May 10. Fanny of Daniel AYatf on 

17 Mary of Sam" Thacher Jun^' 
24. Rhoda of Widow Eliz'^' Cook . 'v 

Elizabeth of Henry Dunfter. 
Sarah of James Ballard 
May 31. Nathaniel] 
V_ & I Twins of Thomas Robbins 

,. Philemon J 

July 26 Elizabeth of Mofes Richardfon 
August 23 Elizabeth Smith daughter of Mary 'Stephen 
Sept. 13. Mehetable of Jacob Watson 

- ; Here comes to 50 years from my settlement in the 

ministr}^ in which time 1630 children Baptized 
: \^^' .-^^^ Viz* 860 males 

'■':':■::'.■■. 9y:y:-^<-V:. ^ ■...:■••:-:' . 770 Females 

'\::/:;:-%'^:/-^\,-^ ■■/./;■••■; 1630 

N. A. '^ 
Nov^*" 1 Phoebe of John Kidder 

8. Rebekah of James ]\Iunioe 

29 John of W°^ Tufts 

Isaac of Jofeph Miller 

Dec^"" 13. Mary of Downing Champney 


Jan. 3. Stephen of M'' Stephen Sewall, Heb. Profef^ 

v;; ■; Eunice of Jedidiah Earned 

10. Mary of James Kettle 

17 Hannah of Sam^' Norcrofs 

Feb. 21. Samuel of Thomaf Haftings 

Elizabeth of Nath" Jarvis . 

1005] Records of the First Church, Camhrulge, ■ 55 

KC8 Feb. 21 Jofeph of Jofeph Smith ^ ^ .. 

Mar. 6. Maiy of Joho Nutting- 
April 10. David of David Fifk 

April 17. Elizabeth of Timoth}^ Koree, I Baptized on y^ South 
May 1. Mary of John Wyman 
Mary of Hobart Rufsel 
Ebeuezer of Ebenezer Sever 

8. Sufannah of Jofhua Lee 
22. llhoda of Noah Wyeth 

July 10. John of John Wyman 

17. Lydia of D^ W™ Kueeland Efq"^ 
24. Lydia of Abraham Watson Jun^ 
31 Gad of Ebenezer Wyeth 
August 7. Johij of Natb^^ Prcntifs. 
■ . 14. Samuel of Samuel Choate ' 

Sept. 18. Mary of Capt W" Augier ' 

. Sufannah of Sam" Rand Jun^. 

Oct^^ 9 Rebekah of W"^ & Sarah Smith, the mother offered 

y^ child to Baptilm ** 

Nov^^ 6. Zechariah of Zechariah Shed 
Nov^^ 13. Mary of M^ Edw^. Wigglesworth Profefsor. 

Phanua of James Honeywell ; 

Nov 20 Hannah of Daniel Wifwal 

27. William of William Rand 55 Children Vert P. 99 
(99) Dec. 18. Mary of Edward Prentice 
nCO Jun^ 1. John of Owen Warland 

^' 15 Jane of Jofiah Moore ' 

v; 29 Lois of Ephraim Peirce 
Feb. 1. Mary a child brought up by M^ Sam" Cook & his 
wife & who undertook if y^ child Should live to 
bring it up in y^ nurture & admonition of y^ Lord. 
The child was above 7 years of age being danger- 
ously 111 I Baptized att their houfe 
. ■ March 5. Nathaniel of Nathaniel Robbins. ': 

12. Mary of Jofhua Converse. 

Mary of Manftield Tappley ■ ■ 

April. 2. Samuel of James Kettle : ^irym-----'^ ^■■'':'-' 

9. ]\lary of Joel Fifke 

1769 June 












'56 Records of the First Church, Carnhridgc. [May 

Mehetable of M'' Nathan Prentice ^ 

William of Robert Twodale 

Martha of Gideon Frost 

Elizabeth of W^ Honeywell Juu^ . " ; . ; v - 

Edward of Benjamin Hill 

Walter of Richard Honeywell 

John of Jofiah Mafon 
. CfJeb Dana son of Simon Howard 
27. Elizabeth of Sam" Norcrofs . 
- Mary of Nath" Jarvis. 
Sept. 3. Jofeph of Jofeph Smith. 

Sept. 13. William of Jofhna Thomas, whom I Eaptiz'd on y^ 
South Side upon a Lecture day By reafon of diffi- 
culty in bring over 
Oct^'^ 8. Abiel of Jonathan Winfhip 

Jonas of Jonas Prentice Jun^ 

John of John Kidder 

Pemberton Son of Jofiah Fefsenden 

Samuel of Daniel Watson - 

Dorcas of Noah Wyeth 

Elizabeth of Ebenezer Shed-Jun^ " ■ 

Amelia of Timothy Koree ' 

Aaron of Aaron Tufts. 

Lucretia of Jedidiah Larned 

Sarah of Hobart Rufsell 

William of Jofeph Miller 

Samuel of F^dmund Froft. 

James of Isaac Bradifh 

Elijah of David Fifk 

John of Ebenezer Wyeth 

Rebekah of Alexander Sears Hill M.A. 

William & Joshua Twins of Jofhua Lee. 

Elizabeth of John Nutting 

Elizabeth Flolyoke of D^' AVilliam Kneeland Efq"- 

William of Jofiah Fefsenden 

Anna of John Caldwell 

Hannah & Peter children of Ephraim Hammond. 

Mary of Mary Barrett Baptized att home after y^ 
Exercise, y*^ child apprehended att y*^ pointof Death 






• 19 





1770 Feb. 



■;.' ' ■' ■ r ' ' -■ 








May 6 








Sept 2. 

|{i05] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. " 57 

& y^ mother having made way to y^ Satisfaction 
of y® Chh for y® Baptifm of it, — the child died. 
1770 Sept. 23 Sarah of George Dana ^ : • 

30 Sarah of Zechariah Shed 50 children Vert P (119) 

(100) Att a Meeting of y^ first Chh of Chrift in Cambridge Nov. 
26, 1739. 

The Brethren taking into Confideration a motion made by 
y'^ Pastor from y^ Rev*^ Paftor & Sundry Brethren as a Com- 
mittee of y^ Second Chh of Christ in S"^ Town of Cambridge 
voted & agreed y* twenty five Pounds be given out of y^ Chh 
Stock to y^ aforef^ Second Chh to furnifh y'' Communion 
; Table in a decent manner. 

Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y^' first Church in Cam- 
;:'■ bridge April 25. 1740 
.^•>} 1. The Brethren voted to choofe a Committee to Infpect y^ 
manners of profefsiug Chriftians &c. according to y*^ method 
: agreed upon April 13. 1737. ^ 
■ 2, They accordingly brought in y'" written votes for y*^ Perfons 
to be of S*^ Committee & y^' Honourable Francis Foxcrof t Ef q^" 
Andrew Bordman Efcf ; M^' Judah Monis M^" Stephen Pren- 
;-: >' lice M^ Jofeph Kent M"^ William Brown & M^' Thomas Spar- 
hawk were Chofen to y^ S^ Service & trust for y*^ Current j^ear. 
■;/:: 8. M^ Foxcroft declining to accept of S^ Service, y*^ Brethren 
made choice of M^ Samuel Whitemore in his room. 
:' 4. Voted. That Deacon Bradifh, Capt. Bordman, & Deacon 
Sparhawk be a Committee to view y^ Chh Lott in NcAvton to 
look up y^ ancient Bound-Marks to obferve what wood y'" is 
v. upon it & whether y^' be any large trees & upon y^" decay, & 
; if y*" be any Such to confider what may be proper to be done 

■ ■ . with them & make report af soon as may be to Some other 

>;: Chh Meeting. ... 

^ : Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y^' first Chh in Cambridge 

October 22, 1740. 

1- It being reprefented to y*" Chh y^ on this day the Honourable 

Jacob Wendell Efq^" from his regards to this place, had given 

- a Large Handfom Bible to y^" Minister oT this Church for y^ 

time being for y^' ufe of y^ S*^ Chh it was Unanimously voted 

y^ our Pvev^ Paftor TN'ith y« Honorable Francis Foxcroft Efq"* 

58 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [May 

Should give y^ thanks of this Church to y« S^ Col : Wendell 
for this token of his Chriftian geuerof ity to us. 

2. The report of y^' Committee appointed April 25, 1740, to 
view y^ Chh Lot att Newton &c was read & voted y' y® S'^ 
Committee be desired to renew & Settle y*^ Bounds of S'^ Lot 
with thof e y* joyn upon it & make y*' Bonds more plain & cer- 
tain than y>' are att prefent, 

8. That y*^ aforef^ Committee be defired & Impowered to mark 
out Such a number of decayed trees upon S*^ Lott as they Shall 
think proper to be cut down & the whole of them to be Con- 
verted to y*^ ufe & benefit of our Rev^ Paftor, except what of 
them Shall be thought proper to be referved for Posts to repair 
the Parfonage withall, and that they manage in this trust for 
y^ space of two years, 

Att a ?.reeting of y^' Brethren of y^ first Chh in Cambridge, 
■ May 22, 1741. 

1. The Brethren voted to Choofe a Committee to Infpect y^ 
manners of profefsing chriftians &;c. according to y^' method 
agreed upon April 13, 1737. 

2. They accordingly brought in y^ wiitten votes for y*^ Perfons 
(101) to be of S^ Committee, And William Brattle Efq^ M^ Judah 

Monis M^ Sam^' Whittemore, M'^ Ebenezer Froft M"" Ben- 
jamin Goddard Deacon Sam" Sparhawk & M^ Thomas Spar- 
hawk were chofen to y*^ S^ Service & trust fory^ Current year. 

3. Voted y* Daniel Champney Jun^' be notified to attend at y^' 
next meeting of y^ Brethren of y^ Chh, to give reafous if any 
he has why he has not moved to be reftored to y^ Communion 
Rgreable to a vote of y^ Chh relating to him June 24, 1737. 

Att a Meeting of y« Brethren of y« Chh, Sept. 9. 1741. 

According to y*^ foregoing vote of May 22, 1741. Daniel 
Champne}^ Jun'' appeared before y^ Chh & declared y*^ y*^ 
reason why he had not moved to be reftored was becaufe he 
was affraid y^he had So often fallen y^he did not think himfelf 
worthy to partake, y* he was Sorry for his offences & hoped y^ 
Spirit of God had not utterly left him, & prayed y' ye chh 
would Exercife Some further patience towards him. Upon 
which y^' Brethren voted y* his Suspenfion be continued And 
y* if at y^ end of four months he Shrdl make a publick ac- 
knowledgement & receive a publick admonition, he fhall be 

1(K}5] Records of the First Churchy- Cambridge. 59 

reftored to Communion, provided y^ be no objections againft 
him, y^ chh being notilied of his defires a week or fortnighi 

Att a meeting of y^ Brethren of y^ Chh, Oct. 13, 1741. 

Upon y^ removal of Deacon Bradifh by Death, who was 
one of y*^ Committee appointed to view y^ Chh lot a* 
Newton &c. 

Voted that Deacon Samuel Bowman, ]\P Solomon Prentice 
& M^. Thomas Sparhawk be joyned to y^ remaining part of 
y^ S*^ Committee Appointed April 25. 1740 & to transact 
in all y^ affairs y* y^ S*^ Committee were defired &> Impowered 
to transact in relating to y^ Settling y^ Bounds & Cutting 
of trees in S*^ Lott according to y^ votes of y^ S^ Chh 
: . October 22, 1740. 

■ , Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y^ Chh, Nov, 24, 1741. 

Voted. That y'^ Should be two Deacons Chof en. Accord- 
ingly by y^ written votes of y^ Brethren M'^ Henry Prentice, 
& j\r Samuel Whittemore were Chofeu to y® office of Deacons. 

Att a meeting of y^ Brethren of y® first Chh in Cambridge 
April 23, 1742. 

1. The Brethren voted to Choofe a Committee to Infpect 
y® manners of prof ef sing chriftiaus &c. according to y'^ method 
agreed upon April 13, 1737. 

2. Voted by uplifted hands y^ y^ Same perfons who were 
in y<^ last year viz William Brattle Efq'" Mr Judah Monis, 
Deacon Samuel Whitemore M'" Ebenezer Froft, M^ Benjamin 
Goddard, Deacon Samuel Sparhawk & M"" Thomas Sparhawk 
be y^ Committee of y^ Chh for this year for y^ truft & Ser- 
vice aforef*^. 

N.B. The perfons were put to vote separately & distinctly 
& y^ reafon why y^ went into a haudy vote was becaufe it was 
defired by Several of y^ Chh. 4 or 5 exprefsing y'^ defires for 
it & after repeated calls upon y*' chb, no one mauifefting any 
objection againft it. 

Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y^ first Chh. in Cambridge 
May 20. 1743 
1. The Brethren voted to choofe a Committee to Infpect y^ 
manners of profefsing Chriftiaus &c as usuaL 

60 .Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

2. They by written votes made Choice of Col : Brattle Efq^ 
M^ Judah Mollis, Deacon Sam^^ AVhittemore, M^' Ebeuezer 
Froft, M^ Benjamin Goddard, Deacon Sam^' Sparhawk, M'^ 
Thomas Sparhawk to be y^ S^ Committee for this year. 
Att a Meeting of 3^^ Brethren of y« Chh April 20, 1744, 

1. The Brethren voted to chose a Committee to Infpect y*^ 
manners of profefsing Christians &c. as nsnal. 

2. By written votes, Col : Brattle Efq% M'' Judah Monis, Dea- 
con Sam'^ Whittemore, M'" Ebenezer Froft, M^' Benjamin 
Goddard, Deacon Sam^' Sparhawk, M"^ Thomas Sparhawk, 
were chofen to be y^ S^ Committee for this year. 

3. Whereas Daniel Champney Juu"^ has not Complyed with y^ 
vote of this Chh Sept, 9. 1741. refpccting his making apublick 
acknowledgement & receiving a publick admonition, in order to 

(102) his beiiig reftored to Com7nunion, and in as much as he inftead 
of manifesting any repentance of his former Sinful! intemper- 
ance, not only appears Still to be too much off his guard in that 
refpect, but of late has very much neglected y*^ publick V'.'orship 
of God. Wherefore voted y^ he have a publick Solemn f.d- 
monition dispensed to him by our Rev^ Pastor in y^ presence 
of y^ congregation on some Lords day within y*'- Space of a 
month & y^ he be duly notified hereof to attend ye Same. 

4. Voted that Deacon Sparhawk, Deacon Yv^hitemore & Deacon 
Prentice be a Committee to Infpect y*^ Chh Lott att Newton y* 
so y^ may be no Strip or Waste Committed upon it and That 
the Bounds may be kept up, And y* y^' mark out Such decayed 
tree as y>' Shall think proper to be cut down, & y*^ whole of 
them to be Converted to y^ ufe and benefit of our Rev*^ Paftor, 
except what of them they Shall Judge proper to be referved 
for Pofts & Rails to repair y*^ Parfonagc Fences withall. 

Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y'^ Chh May 13, 1744. Lds. 
day between meetings. 

Voted y^ The publick admonition to be dispensed to Daniel 
Champney Jun^ according to y*^ vote of April 20. be Suspen- 
ded for y^ prefent and y* y^ matter be further Considered on 
y^ fryday before y^ Sacrament after y^ Lecture. 

^.' ; ;■ ; .^^- ■ ' {To he continued.) ■ ; 


GAZETTE, 1765-1800. ~ ' >a : 

Collected and arranged by Otis G. Hammond. ; 

" {Continued from Vol. I^ page 21.) '\y^'',/^'^-'-;\::-':.:::'i'^-'y-,^..: 
1773, July 30. ; -. v.- . 

John Porter, aged about 16, was killed by accident in Stratford, 

Conn., before July 16, 1773. 
James Wadsworth, aged 36, died in Farmington, Conn., in the 

week ending July 10, 1773. 
Jonathan Wells, of Wells, Me., was drowned. 
. Capt. Nathaniel Atwood, James Sergeant, and Mindwell Smith died 
in Boston, jVlass. 
Josepli Lynde, aged 70, died in Saybrook, Conn. 
Mrs. Sarah Watts died in Falmouth, Me. 
i\rrs. Mary Wainwright, aged 65, died in Ipswich, Mass. 

1773, Aug. 6. 

Rev. John Wood, aged 65, died in Dover, N. H., July 27, 1773. 
; John Nihil, aged 71, and Mrs. Sarah Brown, aged 18, were mar- 
ried in Atkinson, N. H., Aug. 1, 1773. 

The widow of Capt. Tobias Lear, aged 67, died in Portsmouth, 
N. H. 

Josiah Akerman died in Portsmouth, N. II. 

Joseph Mascholl and Mrs. Keziah Ingersoll died in Salem, Mass. 

Capt. George St. Barbe and Mrs. Mehitable Pedrick died in Mar- 
blehead, Mass. 

Mrs. Crane and William Compton died in Boston, Mass. 

Mrs, Martha Jenkins died in Newburyport, Mass. 

Mrs. Sarah Greenwood died in Falmouth, Me. 

Daniel Coit died in New London, Conn. 

Dr. Cadwalader Evans died in Philadelphia, Pa. ' 

Dr. Jacob Quincy and James Flagg died in St. Eustatia. 

1773, Aug. 13. 
Paul Kimball, William Ward, and Nathaniel Diggadon and his 

wife were drowned near Salem, Mass., June 17, 1773. 
Capt. Israel Obear, aged 38, died in Salem, Mass. 
Mrs. Cooper died in Boston, Mass. 
Samuel Livermore, aged 72, died in Waltham, Mass. 


62 Fro7n the JSfew Haynpshire Gazette, 1765-1800. [May 

Capt. Samuel Sterry died in Providence, R. I. 

Dr. Parker Morse, Jr., died in Woodstock. 

Hon. Humphrey Hobson, aged 55, died in Rowley, Mass. 

1773, Aug. 20. 

Capt. James Minot, in his 49th year, died in New Haven, Conn., 
:^:: Aug. 2, 1773. 

A sou of Samuel Way, aged about 10, was drowned at Waterbury, 
Conn., July 26, 1773. ... 

1773, Aug. 27. 

Hon. Benjamin Pickman died in Salem, Mass., Aug. 20, 1773. 
Joseph Rose and two sons, one 15 and one 11 years old, Benjamin 
Chandler, and James Dunn, both about 20 years old, were 
drowned at Penobscot, Me., Aug. 5, 1773. 

1773, Sept. 3. 

Oliver Whitcomb was drowned at Marlborough, Mass., before 
Aug. 30, 1773. 

Mr. Shaw of Portsmouth, N. H., about 19 years old, was 

drowned Aug. 27, 1773. 

Mr. Gilman of Exeter, N. H., was drowned near New- 
market bridge, Aug. 31, 1773. 

Rev. John Tuck of Gosport, Isles of Shoals, died, aged 72. 

Anthony Nutter of Portsmouth, N. II., died. 

Mr. Kinney was killed by accident in Worthington, R. I., July 31, 

Capt. Robert Stone, Thomas Crunford, Miss Ann Greene, Rufus 
Greene, and Mrs. Abigail Harris died in Boston, Mass. 

Lieut. Isaac Pierce, aged 73, died in Waltham, Mass. 

Rev. Jeffrey Champlaiu died in Exeter, R. I. 

Rev. Joseph Lamson died in Fairfield, Conn. 

Capt. John Lefllngwell "died in Norwich, Conn. 

John Shirley died in Roxbury, Mass. 

Mrs. Susanna Packard, aged 90, died in Bridgewater, Mass. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Fessenden died in Lexington, Mass. 

Joseph Sherwood died in England. 

Mrs. Townsend died in.Barrington, R. I. 

James Mumford and Mrs. Elizabeth Lead, aged 48, died in New 
London, Conn. 

Capt. Solomon Kellogg died in Colchester. 

1905] From the JSfew Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 63 

Mrs. Rogers died in Norwich, Conn. . u-^ y ;/ , a?: ;; 

George Lawrence, aged 75, died in Waltham, Mass. 
Joseph Snow died in Providence, R. I. - . ^ 

Capt. Waller Hanners died on the coast of Africa. 

1773, Sept. 10. • 

Eleanor Spicer died in Accomack, Va., aged 121. 
]}> William Barney was accidentally shot and killed by his 8 year old 
Bon in Baltimore, Md., Ang. 19, 1773. ' . 

Mrs. Mary Hodges died in Salem, Mass., Sept. 5, 1773. 
. Mrs. Alice Sumner, Mrs. Floyd and Mrs. Newell died in Boston, 
^Irs. Sarah Bigelow died in Sudbury, Mass. 
Mrs. Mary Whipple died in Grafton, Mass., aged 89. 
Dr. Le Baron died in Plymouth, Mass. 

Giles Roberts died in Middleton, Mass. - ■ ' 

I^Irs. Abigail Davis died in Beverly, Mass. 
William Smith and two children died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1773, Sept. 17. 
Phineas, son of Rev. Dr. Smith, aged 6|, was drowned in Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., Aug. IG, 1773. 
Nathaniel Andrus of Chatham, Mass., was drowned Aug. 24, 
':■;;-- 1773. 

Mrs. Anstes Crowninshield died in Salem, Mass. Sept. 10, 1773. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis died in Boston, Mass. 

William Hopping died in Charlcstown, Mass. " : 

Mrs. Susannah Screech died in Charlestown, Mass., aged 72. 

Elisha Steel, Esq., died in Tolland. 

Capt. William Davenport died in Newburyport, Mass. 

1773, Sept. 24. - 

Capt. Jonathan Lambert died in Salem, Mass. 
Jonathan Edwards died in Manchester, Mass., aged 69. - 
■ Capt. Trail died in Boston, Mass. 
Miss Sally Inman died in Cambridge, Mass. 
Joseph Coffin, Esq., died in Newbury, Mass. 
Joshua Noyes, Jr., died in By field, Mass. 
George Lancy, was killed by accident in Wilton, N. H., Sept. 

7, 1773. 
Simon Fletcher, of New Ipswich, N. H., was killed by accident in 
Wilton, N. H., Sept. 7, 1773. 

64 From the New Hampshire Gazette^ 1765-1 SOO. . 

Reuben Stiles of Lyndeborough, N. H., was killed by accident in 

Willon, N. H., Sept. 7, 1773. 
Joseph Moses died in Portsmouth, N. H., aged 83. 
Nathan Bucklaud and John Emery of Wells, Me., were drowned 
■-- Sept. 20, 1773. , . . ^ ' 

1773, Oct. 1. ■" ■ ; ■ ^' '''^''CJ:Zr- '.\ ■.:■/■: ' ' - . ', 

Richard Horth, Jr., was killed by accident in Bristol, R. I., Sept 
• 17, 1773. . 
John Tucker was drowned at Marblehead, Mass., Sept. 24, 1773. 

He left a widow and four or five children. 
Matthew Patten, in his 83d year, died in Biddeford, Mo., Sept. 25, 

1773. He left a number of children. 
Ebenezer Lewis, aged 26, died in Portsmouth, N. H. He left a 

widow and one child. 
A child of Edward Hart died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A child of Peter Kenniston died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Joel Dam of Portsmouth, N. H., was drowned at Scarborough, 

Me., Sept. 29, 1773. 
John Ravin was drowned at Scarborough, Me., Sept. 2, 1773. 
Edward Libbey was killed by accident in Scarborough, Me., Sept 

11, 1773. He left a widow and three small children. 

1773, Oct. 8. 

David Reynolds was executed in Morristown, N. J., for counter- 
feiting, Sept. 17, 1773. 

Abigail Brackett, about 12 j^ears old, daughter of Abraham. 
, '. Brackett, was drowned at Georgetown, "at the Eastward," 
about the beginning of Sept., 1773. 

Capt. John Winslow died in Boston, Mass., aged 49. 

Mrs. Deborah Montgomery, died in Boston, Mass., aged 58. 

Mrs. Douglass, wife of Mr. Douglass, manager of the American. 
Company of Comedians, mother of Lewis Hallam and Mrs. 
Mattocks of Coveut Garden theatre, died in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Josiah Lovet, Jr., and Mrs. Thorndike died in Beverly, Mass. 

Miss Elizabeth Vose died in Milton, Mass., aged 34. 

James Clarkson, Esq., died in Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 5, 1773, 
; aged 74. 

1773, Oct. 15. 

James Tew, aged 13, son of Henry Tew, died in Dightou, Mass., 
■ Oct. 13, 1773. 


Pelitiou, dated 29 Oct., 1757, of inhabitants of the Province lands 
west of Sheffield and east of Nobletown, having with the approbation 
of the General Court purchased their lands from the Indians, where we 
now dwell, and at the same time petitioned to be made a district and 
having now increased, to fifty five families, and the majority of the 
inhabitants dwell five or six miles from the meeting house in the 
upper or second parish of Sheflield, where they attended until the 
breaking out of the war about two years ago, but now by reason of 
danger, etc., are now subject to distress by the second parish to help 
meet cost of raising the meeting house : ask decision on their former 
petition. Signed by 

John Coates 
Nehemiah Messenger 
Sam^ Winchel Jr. 
Wm Joyner 
John Hopkins 
Benj Tremain 
John Price 
Josiah Phelps 
Eben'" Phelps 
Josiah Graves 
Sam' Taler 
Eben'' Smith 
Hendrick Smith 
Philip Smith 
Michel Loomis 
Abraham Andras 
Josiah Loomis 
Robert Joyner 
Josiah Loomis, Jr. 
Sam' Goodwin 
Thomas Smith 
Wm ^\^ebb 
Joseph Hix 

Samuel Oliver 
Sam' Younglove 
Jacob Spoor 
Cornelius Spoor 
Sam' Welch 
Jona Welch 
Josiah Welch \ 
Marcy Shaw 
Andrew Loomis 
Persila Smith 
John Ward 
David Winchel 
Jos. Winchel 
Nathan Smith 
Sam' Winchel 
Hezekiah Winchel 
Pelatiah Winchel 
AYheaten Hix 
Edward Baly 
Hooker Hubbart 
Nicholas Earner 
Noah Bandan. 

Mass. Archives, 117: 370. 


. ' ' : \ 


GooDELL. — The birthplace and ancestry of Resta Ann Goodell are 
wanted. Her home was in New Fane, Windham Co., Vermont, and 
somewhere about 1835 she was married to Bennett Underwood. She 
had several sisters, one of whom married a Mr. Blake, and later, per- 
ished in a storm, while driving over the Green IMountains with her 
infant in her arms. The child lived. 

Is there any record of the Underwood genealogy? 

Etta M. Gardner. 
[A brief genealogy of the family can be found in N. E. Hist. Gon. 
Register. See also Bond's Watertown. Both accounts are in error 
concerning the early generations which, however, are correctly stated 
in the forthcoming Converse Genealogy. Editors.] 

Cambridge Church Records. Quarterly, July 1904, page 71. The 
Thamazen Ireland, adm. to Church Cambridge, Sept. 6, 1741, became 
the wife of Rev. Nathan Ward of Plymouth, N. H. 

Page 79. Betty, wife of Noah Wyeth, was Betty Fitch b. 
Bedford, Mass., 1738, dau. of Benjamin and Miriam (Gray) Fitch, 
and Lois Fitch, admitted same day, was a sister of Betty. Lois waB 
born Oct. 3, 1740; m. Nov. 2, 1776, Edward Povrers. 

I wish I knew whether the Samuel Cook you find in Cambridge 
Church records was the Samuel later of Newbury and father of Sam- 
uel of Campton, N. H. Ezra S. Stearns. 

; Ross, McKnigiit, Witite. In Chester and York counties, Py., sev- 
eral Ross families have lived since about 1720. An old Bible recoid 
Bays William, son of James, of Carrick-Fergus, Co. Antrim, Ireland, 
fled from Scotland about 1690, came 1723, aged 18, and had here 
also brothers John, James and Hugh. John's will is made Aug. 
11, 1757 and a Moses, evidently a near relative and most likely an- 
other brother, makes his will May 11, 1766. These wills sho^v John's 
wife to be Margaret — — , and Moses' wife Rosana must have been 

Widow Bones. Want to know who Margaret waSj and who 

(66) / . . • 

' \ -■ . Notes and Queries. 67 

John Walker is who married Moses' daughter Rebeckah, for a great- 
rrnndsoii of John James Ross married Peggy Walker, born 179G, 
dau^^hter of Joseph and Jane (Alexander) Walker, and Joseph was 
gon of John "Walker. John Walker, father of Joseph, had a farm 
called "Arondale" in Lancaster Co., entered in 1743. Is it s^me 
John? John Ross (will 1757) left two sons, John and James. lam 
from James born 1734, died Feb. 22, 1780 at Hickory, Washington 
Co., Pa., leaving wife and 9 minor children. He is said to have 
been in Rev. AYar, but I lack full proof. His wife was Mary Mc- 
Knight, and that is all I can learn of her except that she died Oct. 
1807 aged 72, and is buried with her husband at Canonsburg, Pa. 
Their oldest son, James, married about 1790 Mary White daughter of 
John White, then living in Washington Co., but who moved from 
eastern Pa. in 1771. Not known when John White came to America 
or who his wife was. As he liad one son named Patterson it would 
indicate that was probably his wife's or mother's name. Would like 
to know vrhen Jane Alexander came to America or whether born here. 
xShe had at least two brothers, James and William. She was m^arried 
first probably in Lancaster Co., Pa., to Archibald Morrow and thei^ 
oldest son Avas born in 1770. By Morrow she had five children; then 
ehe married Mr. Service and-had one, and one by Capt. Joseph Walker. 
She and Joseph Walker are buried in Washington Co., Pa. 

Darling — Ciiilds — Burkows. Wanted early history of these three 
ffimilies. Samuel Darling born 1695 (probably at Jamaica, L. L, 

where his father Darling married Miss Burrows, probabl}'' about 

1G90-5), married Susanna Childs born 1680. Their only child, 
rhoma?, was born at Newport, R. I., Feb. 21, 1719 and married July 
23^ 1745, Abigail Noyes, born March 20, 1724, daughter of Rev. 
Joseph Noyes and Abigail Pierpont daughter of Rev. James Pierpont. 

In 1722 Samuel Darling, with wife, child, and, sister Dorothy 
Giitlin, a childless widow, moved to New Haven, Conn. He practised 
Ifiw there and died in 1760. His remains, his wife's and Thomas and 
his wife's are all in Grove St. cemetery, New Haven. 

Probably record of marriasie of Samuel Darlin^j and Susanna Childe 
«^ill be found in Newport, R. I., or vicinity, about 1718 ; and previous 
records of Darlings are probably in Jamaica or Flushing, L. I., records. 
Has any on-o data on Burrows or Childs families? Or early Darling 

C.W.swr.LL. AYould like list of descendants of John Cogswell born in 
r-Ji^. Iu28. Came on ship Angel Gabriel 1635 with his father John. 

68 "; • y' JVotes and Queries. [May 

Would like also the descendants of his brothers William and Edward. 
Want to find the ancestors of Nathaniel Cogswell who married Huldah 

, and liad a daughter Huldah or Kezia who married Deacon 

(Daniel?) Kinne about 1758. Would like full Cogswell and Kinne 

Replying to Quer}' in January number as to Samuel Knapp and 

his children : Samuel Knapp married first Martha and had 

John, born Sept. 1, 1721 ; Samuel, born Dec. 22, 1722; ui, Susanna 
Scofield. Reuben, born Apr. 3, 1724; m. Mary Bouton. David, born 
Oct. 20, 1725; Hannah, born Jan. 22, 1727; James, born March 
15, 1728; Martha, born Jan. 28, 1729/30; d. Mch. 15,1794/5. 
Caleb, born Dec. 12, 1731 ; m. Amy Rimdell. Elizabeth, born, Dec. 
20, 1733 ; m. Nathan Palmer. Nathan, born June 12, 1735 ; m. 1st, 
Rebecca Wardell, m. 2d Mary Lockwood. Thankful, born Dec. 24, 
1736; d. ApL 6, 1739. Amos, born Feb. 28, 1738/9; la. Jane 
Ogilvie. Daniel, born Sept 25, 1741 ; m. Sally Garnsey. 

No record of wife's surname, or any children by Mercy Bouton, 
is second wife. 
•■ 1 am anxious to get Knapp data and wish inquirer would commu" 
nicate with George Smith Hobbie, M.D., President Buffalo Gene- 
alogical Society, 716 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bailey. Richard Baily of Dorchester, husbandman, son of Edward 
Baily of Ringwood, clothier, deceased, and Mary his wife who was 
lately living, testifyeth he was born in Ringwood and cnme to this 
country about four years since, and that he has a brother Henry living 
in New England, and one sister Frances, and these are all the children 
now living, left by his said father and mother. Boston, 30 Jan. 1720. 
" : , , ::. Archives, 8; 238. 

Deposition of Lettace wif e of Capt. Edward Bedgood of Boston, 
mariner, dated Jan. 30, 1720. 

She lived until her marriage at Ringwood in Hampshire, was born 
there and knew Edward Baily of said town, clothier, who died about 
14 years since, which Pxlward Baily had two sons, Richard and 
Henry and a daughter Frances, which was all the children of said 
Edward Baily living when the deponent left' Ringwood. Has this day 
.seen Henry Baily in Boston, who was always reputed the lawful son 
of Edward Baily by Mary his wife, who was living when the deponent 
left Ringwood. Archives, 8: 237. .. 

1905] JSFotes and Queries. 69 

Petition addressed to Court of General Sessions, sittinpj in 
Boston, 4 Jan. 17'21, by Ann Glynn and Jane Hunter, spinsters, 
lately arrived at r.oston from Dublin in Ireland in the bri^antiue Ann 
and Rebecca whereof Thomas Hendry is master; that in Dublin 
aforesaid your petitioners agreed to serve the said Hendry the term 
of four 3^ears for transporting them to Boston and he agreed to pro- 
vide for theui and give unto your petitioners each of them a new- 
suit of clothes for all parts of their body, which were accordingly 
provided in Dublin and brought over here. Since your petitioners 
are disposed of the said i\[r. Hendry withholds from and refuses to 
deliver their clothes. Archives, 105: 81. 

Sam' Smith, petitions for a release from y"^ [military] service which 
he finds too hard, etc., he being aged near eighty years. Dated 
Hadley, A.pril 30, 1678. 

Granted by the General Court. Archives, 105:17. 

Petition of Mary Watkins of Unkatie, spinster, and Susanna Davis 
of Newbery, spinster, in prison in Boston, — humbly supplicate Mr. 
Caleb Ray, Keeper of the Goal, to provide masters to carry us out 
of the Country into Virginia, our friends, relations and kindred slight- 
ing us in our extremity. 11 Aug. 1693. Mass. Archives, 105: 2G. 

Petition of Samuel Oliver to the General Court, stating that Mrs. 
Elizabeth Coale, lately deceased, 'Mjeing fallen in ye beginning of 
the last summer into a dropsie," came from Weymouth where she was 
then an inhabitant, to this town to use the means for recovery of her 
health and put herself into the hands of some surgeons belonging to 
the ships liere, who failed, etc., — others refused to treat her ; — at 
last in November she came to Oliver, and in February a warrant was 
sent to the inhabitants of \yeymouth to come and discharge your 
petitioner of the charges expended on her, in diet, surgeonry etc., or 
show reason to the contrar3\ 

He asks for £8-14, — 'Mess than due him if she had been of good 
estate." Allowed by Court out of next Country levy as her estate was 
too low to meet the demand. Mass. Archives, 105 : 1. 

Barnes. Petition of Thomas Blauncher, to Quarter Court, 

T!u\t Anne Barnes of Waghill in Hampshire, England, in con- 

70 JV^otes and Queries. 

sideration of her affection to her son Ilich*^ Barnes, granted him 
£20, and likewise Anne Bent grandmother of said Richard Barnes 
granted him £16, all of which is committed to the trust of John 
Bent with whom Richard Barnes has lived since coming to New 
England which is about seven years. Richard Barnes is now put 
apprentice to Thos. Blauncher, who desires charge of his estate, 
until he is twenty-one. 

Peter Noyes and John Bent join in the petition. 

Mass. Archives, 9:4. 

Long. There is an interesting petition on Mass. Archives, 109 :1G, 
arising from the desire of Mary Long to marry again. Tltis peti- 
tion is undated but is of date about 16G0. Mary Long states that 
her husband although not in good health went to Englan'l to ob- 
tain a legacy of £G0 left him b}' his fatlier, but since the receipt of 
a letter from London in which his intention of proceeding tlic next 
day is stated, no further word had been received. Capt< Foole of 
Taunton had speech with William Long, the brother with whom 
Joseph was to transact his business, who had not seen or jieard of 
him. Mr. John Holman receives letters from his father-in-l'nv Mr. 
Bishop in England, who writes Joseph Long cannot be hoard of. 
Widow Capen of Dorchester receives letters from her sou in Ergkind 
who lias endeavored in vain to obtain trace of Long. Otheri^ 'vho 
have correspondents in England were interested but without rosulL 
Hence it is thought Josepli is dead. The Court thinks any man can 
marry w^ith the said JNLary without anticipating trouble. 

Who vvas this Joseph Long and whom did his widow, Mary, marry ? 

[^'Joseph Long was mari'ied unto Mary by the Honorable Governor 
3.12, 1661." Dorchester Records, last name is not given. Ed.] 

Mellows-Smith. — Is there any evidence that Abraham 
Mellows of Charlestown, 1633, and Oliver Mellows of Bosion, 
1634, and later of Braintree, were brothers? Did Abraham Mel- 
lows marry Martha Bulkley, sister of Rev: Peter Bullciey of Con- 
cord? The widow, Elizabeth, of Oliver Mellows, became the wife 
of Thomas iMakepeice; is he the Master Makepeace iiamed in the 
will of Nathaniel Smith, 1650? Who was Nathaniel Smith? His 
uncle was John Smith, but there is no evidence he was ever of New 
England; -but was he the John Smith who held one share in the 
Mass. Bay Co., which he assigned to George Smith of Ipswich, later 
of 1^0 ver? : . M. S. 

[Oliv^^i- Mellows was the eldest son of Abraham Mellows — Ei>.] 


In Preparation: Bradley, of Essex County, Mass. Early 
Records, (History and Genealogy) from 1635 to 1750 (or later) 
with a few lines to the present daj^, by Mrs. Edward McClure 
Peters. 100 pages, price $2.00. 

Our Ancestry, by James E. Shaw, 68 East Manning Street, 
Providence, R. I. This chart is arranged upon a plan which ad- 
mils of indefinite expansion. It may be briefly described as a 
Series of charts with cross references, each chart being followed 
by three blank pages for notes. A few departures from the au- 
thor's plan will readily suggest themselves to any one using the 
work. In the first place, the dates of birth, death and marriage 
j^hould be inserted on the chart page. This page has ample room 
f'>r these data; the remaining three pages may then be devoted 
to biographical matter. The defect of the system proposed by 
the author is that his first page contains names only and one has 
to turn to one of the three other pages to find the vital statistics. 
iii all research work, the vital statistics should be stated first so 
that they can be referred to at once, as it is these that serve to 
identify the individual. We would also suggest a little different 
sequence of names. In the first column of the first chart is in- 
i^erted the name of the individual whose ancestors are to be given. 
I?* the same column are his ancestors of the -same name. This 
•■^ an excellent plan to keep the descent in mind. Then the au- 
*t!or takes up the wife of the oldest ancestor and gives her pedi- 
>'ree in the second column. It seems to us it would be better to 
I'iftce the wife of the individual, whom we are at work on, in the 
^^f^-ond column and then to give her ancestry in the same manner 
*'i'^ his is given. If thev have a common ancestor in the direct 
JUio^. these ancestors would be at once brought together. 

in whatever way the charts are used they will prove very con- 
^f^nient, and are a vast improvement over the loose notes used 
^-" too many. S. P. S. 

■-■ (71) 

72 ' ^ . ' Book Notes. 

The Barclays of New York, Who They Are and Who They 

Are Not, — and Some Other Barclays by R. Burnham i\loffatt; 

, Robert Grier Cooke, Pubhsher, New York 1904. 

. . -? In searching for his ancestors, the BarcLays of Maryland, the 

author has collected an exceedingly interesting mass of material. 

Both the author and publisher are to be much commended for 

the handsome manner in which the book has been published. It 

.-:■ will prove exceedingly y^aluable for all who have Barclay ancestors. 

•■i' In all families there is generally some one person from whom all 

■ " : of the name are anxious to trace their descent. In this case it is 

Col. David Barclay of Ury and his son, Robert Barclay of Ury, 

writer of Barclay's Apology, who are the desired ancestors. But 

Mr. Moffat's researches have shown plainly that some families 

that claim this descent have no right to it and that in case of 

; . others, his own included, that the claim is very doubtful. 

In an appendix prepared by Kirk Brown of Baltimore a very 

interesting account is given of the state of preservation, and the 

location of sundr}' records in the states of Virginia and Maryland, 

which will be exceedingly^ valuable to those making researches in 

these states. 

. The book is provided with three indexes: to Barclays, to 

Barkleys and a general index of all other families. Vve fail to see 

, the need of dividino; an index in this manner. The two names 

■ Barclay and Barkley should come in their proper .places in the 

general, index. , " S. P. S. 


in order to retain second class entry in the mails, the pub- 
lisher mast be able to show a signed subscription from every 
subscriber. Subscribers are requested to sign and return the en- 
closed form even if the subscription lias alread}'^ beeu paid, in whieli 
case please note that fact on the face of the l;lank. l^ibrarians are 
especially requested to send us such an order or its equivalent. 

The Genealogical Magazine 


Vol. I. June, 1905. No. 3 




{Continued from Vol. _Z, jpage 60.) -v 

Alt y« Meeting of y'^ Brethren of y^ Chh. June 22, 1744. 

Voted that y^ piiblick admonition to be dispenfed to Daniel 
Chauipney Jun^ according to y*^ vote of April 20, be further 
Sus])end"d & y^ 3^® matter be further Considered on y^ next 
Fryday Lecture before y^ Sacrament after y^ Lecture. 

Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y*^ Chh Aug. 10, 1744. 

Voted To reconsider y*' vote of April 20 1744 relating to y^ 
admonition of Daniel Champney Jun^" in y^ prefence of y® 

Voted That Daniel Champney Jun'', have a Solemn admoni- 
tion dispensed to him before y^ Chh. y^ next Lord's day when 
y*^ afternoon Exercife is finifhed. And y* he be dul^^ notified 
hereof to give his attendance. 

It being reprefented y^ Col : Brattle decline y*^ Service of a 
Committee man this year. It was voted y^ y^ reft of y^ Com- 
mittee be desired to perform y^ Service of y^ Committee for 
this year. 

August 12. According to y" vote above a Publick Solemn 
admonition was dispenfed to Daniel Champney Jun'". 

Att a Meeting of the Brethren of y^ Chh May 17, 1745. 

\ r-. . ■•• . (73) 

v74 ; _;; Records oj the First Church, Cainhridge. [June 

1. Voted to Choofe a Committee to Infpect y^ manners of Pro- 
fefsing Chriftians &c as ufual. 

2. By written votes, Col: Brattle, Deacon Wliittcmore, M'" 
Edward Manning, M'' Ebenezer Froft, M'" Benjamin Goddard, 
Deacon Sparhawk & M^' Thomas Sparhawk were chofen to be 
y*^ S*^ Committee for this year. 

3. The Committee having reported to y^- Paftor y^ proceedings 
" : with Walter Cooper for his abfeuting himfelf from y*' Lord's 
fj: J '.: Supper & y*^ Ineffectual ufe of all y^ methods y^' had ufed with 

him to convince him of y^' Erior of his way. TJiese proceed- 
ings with him were laid before y*^ Clih & y*^ Conf {deration of 
his Cafe was voted to be referred to y' next Chh Meeting af_ 
ter y*^ Stated Lecture. 

4. Voted that it be left'with y^ Deacons of y^ Chh to do what 
y^' Judge most prudent about purchafing another Tankard with 
y« Chh Stock for y'^ use of y^ Said Chh. 

(103) Att a Meeting of y« Brethren of y^' Chh. July 12, 1745. 

Voted That Walter Cooper be notifyed to attend att y^ meet- 
ing of y^ Chh Immediately after y^ next Stated Lecture to give 
reafons to y^ Chh (if an}' he has) why he has abfented himfelf 
for so long a time from Communion with us in y*" Lordt;i 

Att a Meeting of y« Brethren of y^ Chh Sept. 6, 1745. 
Walter Cooper agreable to y® notification y* had been given 
.< him appeared before y^ Chh and being called upon to give 
y*^ reasons (if any he had) why he had for so long a time 
abfented himfelf from y" Communion. He quoted y*^ following 
Texts of Scripture & declared y' his reafons were Contained 
in them, viz— John 10.27.5 John 7.16.17. Matt. 7.15.16 
John 4.1. 1 Cor: Acts. 19.9.10. 2 Cor: 6.17. 
18. Rev: 18.4. 2Tim. 3.5. Eph : 5.11. Isaiah52.11. After 
which he mentioned Something about being dismifsed to y'" 
Separate Chh. att Boston, after which he withdrew. And 
y*^ Chh taking into consideration what y'^ S*^ Walter Cooper 
had offered to Justifye his withdraw from Communion with 
us, came into y*^ following votes. 
1. Voted Unanimously. — That what our Brother Walter Cooper 
had offered was not SufFicient to Juftify his withdraw from 
Communion with us. 

1005] -0 Records of the First Church, Cambridge, * ; 75 

2. That he be called in & be publickly admonifhed for his 
disorderly withdrawing from Communion with us. — and an 
admonition was accordingly dispensed unto him. 

Att a Meeting of y« Brethren of y*^ Chh April 18, 1746 

1. Voted to Choofe a Committee to Infpect y^ manners of 
profefsing Chriftians &c. as ufual. 

2. By written votes, Deacon Sam'^ Whittemore, M'' Edward 
Manning, M^ Joseph Bean. M"^ Ebenezer Froft, M*" Benjamin 
Goddard, M^ Thomas Sparhawk, M*" W^^ Dana, were chofen 
to be y*^ S^' Committee for this year. 

3. Voted y^ W Jonathan Haftings & M*" Ebenezer Wyeth 
be added to y'^ Committee appointed April 20, 1744, to 
Infpect y*^ Chh Lott att Newton &c and y^ y^ S^ Committee 
Continue in Said Trust to manage agreeable to y^ S^ vote 
of 1744 till farther order of y^" Chh.-— 

Att a Meeting of y^' Brethren of y^ Chh May 15. 1747. 
'1.: Voted to Choofe a Committee to Infpect y*^ manners of 

profefsing Chriftians &c as ufual. 
"2. Voted by uplifted hands, y* y^ Committee Chofe y*^ last 
year be Continued iu Said Service & truft for this year. 
, Mem*^"^ A rainy day & but a f mall number of y*^ Brethren 

Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y Chh April 15. 1748. 

1. Voted to Choose a Committee to Infpect y^ manners of 
profefsing Chriftians &c as ufual. 

2. By written votes Deacon Sam** Whittemore, M*" Joseph 
Bean M'' Edward INIanning, M^* Ebenezer Froft, M'" Sam" 
Rand, M^ Thomas Sparhawk M'" W"^ Dana were Chofen for 
a Committee for y*^ S^ Service and trust. 

Att a Meeting of y« Brethren of y« Chh. May 12, 1749. 

1. Voted to Choose a Cojnmittee to Infpect y*^ manners of pro- 
. fefsing Chriftians &c as ufual. "' ' " 

2. By Handy votes. Deacon Sam'* Whittemore, M'^Jofeph Bean, 
; M'^ Edward Manning, M'' Ebenezer Froft, M"- Sam** Rand, M/ 

Thomas Sparhawk & M'" W™ Dana, were Chofen as a Com- 
mittee for y*^ S^ Service & trust. 

Att a Meeting of y«' Brethren of y« Chh. April 13, 1750. 

By one handy vote all y^ Same perfous were Chofen for a 

76 ,:,.;,., Records oj the First Church, Cambridge. [June 

": Committee to Infpect y*^ manners of prof ef sing Chriftians &c. 
as were Chosen y^ laft year. 
(104) Att a Meeting of y« Brethren of y"^ Cliurch May 10, 1751. 

1. Voted to Choofe a Committee to Infpect y*^ manners of pro- 
fefeing Chriftiane &c as in years paft. 

2. By Uplifted hands voted y^ Deacon Sam'* Whitteraore, M^ 
Jofeph Beau, M^ Edward Manning, M'' Ebenezer Froft, M"^ 
Sam" Rand M"^ Thomas Sparhawk and M"" William Dana be y® 
Committee for this year. 

Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y« Chh June 5. 1752. 
. 1. By written votes Deacon Sam" Whittemore M^" Jofeph Bean 
M^ Edward Manning, M"" Ebenezer Froft, M"^ Peter Tufts, M"* 
Thomas Sparhawk & M^ W"^ Dana were Chofen to be y^ Com- 
mittee for this year, to Infpect^y^ manners of Frofefsing 
Chriftians &:c. 

2. A complaint being exhibited againft our Brother Henry 
Prentice Jun"", Seting forth his having on 27*'' of May last ut- 
tered himfelf in a xevy Unchriftian manner by propbane Curs- 
ing & horrible Imprecations : But y^ Evidences not being 
prefent voted y* y"^^^ Confidcration of the Complaint be deferred 
to Some other meeting of y^ church y* our Pastor Shall 

3. Voted y* y*^^ S*^ Brother Henry Prentice forbear Coming to 
y^ Sacrament of y^ lord's Supper untill y^ matter of y^ Com- 
plaint againft him be confidered & judged upon by y*^ Church. 

Att a Meeting of y« Brethren of y^ Chh July 31 , 1752. 

Brother Henry Prentice Jun"* made an humble Confefsion to 
y*^ Brethren of y^ horrible out breaking of hisPafsions accord- 
ing to y^ Complaint Exhibited against him att y*^ last meeting. 

The Brethren voted their acceptance of y*^ Same and Re- 
ftored him to y*^ free Enjoyment of Special ordinances. 

Att a Meeting of y*' Brethren of y*^ Chh July 13, 1753. 

By Handy Votes Deacon Sam" Whittemore, M'" ICdward 
Manning M"" Thomas Soden, M"^ Ebenezer Froft, M'" Peter 
Tufts, M'" Thomas Sparhawk, W W"^ Dana were Chofen to 
be y*^ Committee this year to Infpect y^ manners of Fro- 
fefsing Christians &c. 

Att a Meeting of y^' Brethren of y« Chh. April 19, 1754. 

: Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 77 

By a Handy vole Deacon Sam^MYhittemore, M*" Edward 
Manning, M^ Thomas Soden, M** Ebenezer Frost, M^ Peter 
Tufts, ]\r Thomas Sparhawk & M'' W"^ Dana were Chofen to 
be y*^ Committee for this year to Infpect y^ Manners of Profef- 
eing Chriftians &c. 

Att a Meeting of y« Brethren of y^ Chh May 16, 1755. 

By Handy vote Deacon Sam^' Whittemore, M*" Edward Man- 
ning, M"" Thomas Soden, M^' Ebenezer Froft, M' Peter Tufts, 
' M"" Thomas Sparhawk, M^ William Dana were Chofen to be y^ 
Committee for this Year to Infpect y*^ Manners of Prof of sing 
Chriftians &c. 

Mem*^"^ It was but a thin meeting of y^ Brethren otherwife 
I Should have Insisted upon y"" Choofing by written votes. 

Att a Meeting of y*' Brethren of y« Chh April 16, 1756. 
.1. By Handy Votes. Deacon Sam'' Whittemore, M'^ Edward 
Manning, M'^ Thomas Soden, M»" Ebenezer Froft, M' Petei' 
Tufts, M*" Thomas Sparhawk, M^" William Dana were Chofen ' 
to be y^ Committee for this year to Infpect y® manners of 'V 
Prufefsing Chriftians &c. 
2. Voted y* M*" Thomas Soden be added to y^ Committee for 
Infpectiug &c y^ Chh Lott att Newton in y^ room of M"" Eben- 
ezer AVyeth Deceafed. Accordingly y*^ Committee for that 
., purpofe are Deacon Sparhawk, Deacon Whittemore & Dea- 
con Prentice, Chofen April 20 1744 & M^' Jonathan Haftings 
Chofen April 18, 1746 & M^ Thomas Soden Chofen this day. 
?105) Att a Meeting of y« Brethren of y^' Chh Oct^^ 28, 1757. 

By Handy votes Deacon Sam" Whittemore, M^ Edward 
Manning, M^ Thomas Soden, M-" Eben^ Froft, M-^ Peter Tufts, 
M' Thomas Sparhawk, & M^ W" Dana were Chofen to be y* 
Committee for y^ remainder of y^ year to Infpect y^ manners 
of Prof ef sing Chriftians &c. 

Mem^'" Some of y^ Honourable Brethren of y^ Chh moved 
y^ for y^ future it might not be Insisted upon with Such who 
Should be admitted into y® Chh to Come forth and Stand in 
y® front Alley or Isle, att y*^ time of their admifsion ; alledging 
y* it was disagreeable Sc^ Surprizing to Some Persons & had 
been offered by way of objection by some Perfons e<c had been 
fuch a Stumbling Block to y'" as to prevent y'" offering y'"felve8 
for admifsion and Considering it was but a meer Circumftau- 


78 Records of the First Clmrch, Cambridge. [June 

tial thing & a matter of TndifTerence, and confidering allso y* 

y^ Practice of other Chh^ allowed persons to Stand in y^ own | 

proper Places att y^ time of admifsion. |- 

Therefore The Brethren agreed to leave y^ matter to y^ Dif- | 

cretion of y^ Paftor, att y*^ Same time manifesting that y>' did J 

not Infist upon y^ Standing in y*' Isle or alley and that they f 

Should be well Satisfied if they appeared in any of y*^ Seats | 

■ or Pews y* Joyned upon y*^ Front Alley and fo as to be fairly | 

before y*^ Paftor & in view of y^ afsembly, and to this no one N; 

of y^ Brethren offered y^ leaft objection although they ^vere ■ 

defired to do it if y^ had any objection to offer. | 

: April 14, 1758. Att a meeting of y*^ Brethren of y^ Chh. | 

' By written Votes, Deacon Sam^' AVhittemore, M"" Edward | 

Manning, M^ Thomas Soden, M^ Ebenezer Froft, M' Peter I 

Tufts, M^ Thomas Sparhawk, M'' W"^ Dana were chofen to be | 

y^ Committee for this year to Infpect y^ manners of Profefsing | 

Chriftians &c. | 

May 11, 1759, Att a meeting of y^ Brethren of y^ Chh. f 

By Handy votes Deacon Sam^' Whittemore, M'" Edward f 

. Manning, M^ Thomas Soden, M'' Ebenezer Froft, M"" Peter | 

Tufts, Thomas Sparhawk Eiq^" & M'' AV"^ Dana were Chofen | 

to be y*" Committee for this year to Inspect y^ Manners of | 

profefsing Chriftians &c. . ■ | 

April 11, 1760. Att a meeting of y*^ Brethren of y« Chh. | 

1. By Handy vote^The Same Perfons were Chofen for y*" Com- f 
mittee to Infpect y^ manners of Profefsing Christians as were | 
y^ last year. ' |! 

2. M'" Ebenezer Froft, was chosen to be added to y*^ committee | 
for Infpecting y'^ Church Lott at Newton &c. ff 

May 8, 1761. Att a meeting of y^ Brethren of y^ Chh. t: 

By handy vote y^ Same Committee was chosen as was y^ ;i 

last year to Infpect y*^ manners of Profefsing Chriftians &c. ■■ 

■: June 4, 1762. Att a meeting of y^ Brethren of y*^ Chh. $ 

1. By handy vote Deacon Whittemore, M'" Thomas Soden, 'r 
Deacon Prentice, M'" Ebeijezer Froft, M^ Peter Tufts, Thomas |: 

. Sparhawk. Efq^ M"^ W" Dana were Chofen for y^" Committee | 

to Infpect y*' manners of Profefsing Chriftians &c. & 

2. Voted y*^ Cap* Stedman, M"" Sam" Kent & M"" W°^ Dana be -J; 

'■■:'■■.:■■;:■■'. ■ ' : :-■-:': r-^- -■'- ■: ' ■ I 

' •■' '■•■■■ ■.■■■■ . - ■'.■., . ' it;-; 

•■••-':'. -■■■.■■.• • • • " '/-; 

• • .,. , • ■ ■ ■ •■.'■■■ ' ' '' ^- . ' . ;SJ: 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 79 

added to y*^ Committee to Infpeet y^ Chh Lott att Newton, to 
view y^ s*' Lot & confider what is proper to be done relating 
to y^ Sale of y*^ Wood of S^ Lott or y'^ Lott itfelf , and make 
report to Some other meeting of y^' Chh. 

■ * ^ - May 6, 17G3. Att a meeting of y« Brethren of y*^ Chh. 

By handy votes Deacon Whittemore, M^' Edward Man- 
ning, M^ Thomas Sod en, Deacon Prentice, M^ Sam^^ Kent? 
lliomas Sparhavvk Efq*' M^' AV'"* Dana were Chofen as a Com- 
mittee to Infpeet y^' manners of Profefsing Chriftians &c. 
(106) Att a meeting of y^' Brethren of y« Church Dec^'" 16, 1763. 

1. Voted y* all yMVood & Timber upon y« Church Lott att 
Newton be Sold, and y^ mone>' procured by y^ Sale Thereof 
be put out upon Interest. The Same to be d if posed of from 
time to Time by y^ Ciiurch as they Shall direct & order it. 

2. Voted That y^' Couimiltee of y*^' Church appointed to view &> 
Infpeet S^ I>ot (viz : Deacon Sam" Sparhawk, Deacon Sam" 
Whittemore, Deacon Henry Prentice, Jon"" Haftings Efq^ 
Ebenezer Froft, Thomas Soden, Capt. Stedman, W^^ Dana & 
Sam" Kent) Be and hereby are Impowred to sell y*^ Wood & 
Timber of S'* Lott, in Behalf of y'' Chh to y^' beft advantage. 

3. Voted that y^ money procured by y^ Sale of S*^ Wood <fe 
Timber be vefted in Bonds with good Security. The S'^ Bonds 
to be made to the Deacons, as Such & to y"" Succefsore in S*^ 
ofilce in Behalf of y^' Church. 

4. Voted That y^' Deacons and their Succefsors be accountable 
for S*^! monies to this Church from ^.ime to time, or to any 
Committee of y^' Church y' may or Shall be appointed for that 

Att a meeting of the Brethren of y*^ Chh June 1^^ 1764. 

By handy Votes Deacon Sam" Whittemore, M^ Edward 
ISIanning, M* Thomas Soden, Deacon Henry Prentice, M^ 
Sam'^ Kent, Thomas Sparhawk Efq'" & M'' William Dana were 
Chofen a Committee to Inspect y^ manners of Profefsing 
Chriftians &c. 

Att a Meeting of y*' Brethren of y*^ Chh May 3, 1765. 

By handy votes Deacon Sam^ Wuittemore, M^ Edw'' Man- 
ning, M*" Thomas Soden, Deacon Henry Prentice, M'" Sam" 

■ i; Kent, Thomas Spirhawk Efq"" & M' W^^ Dana were Chofen a 

Committee to Infpeet y*^ manners of Profefsing Chriftians &c. 

80 : Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

■ ■■;■ Att a meeting of y« Brethren of y'^ Chh. May 30, 1766. 

1. Voted y> would Chose y^ Committee by Handy vote. 

2. Deacou Sam^' Whittemore, M'' Edward Manning, INP 
Thomas Soden, Deacon Henry Prentice, M^ Sam'^ Kent, 
Thomas Sparhawk Efq^ Sc M^ W" Dana were Chofen a Com- 

■ r mittee to Inspect y^ manners of profefsing Chriftians &c. 
• . ' Att a meeting of y^" Brethren of y*^' Chh May P* 1767. 
1. Voted to Choofe y*^ Committee by Handy vote. 
. 2. , Deacon Sam^' Whittemore, M^' Thomas Soden, M^ Edward 
Manning, Deacon Henry Prentice, M^" Peter Tufts, Thomas 
Sparhawk Efq^ &■ M^' W"' Dana were Chofen as a Committee for 
this year, to lufpect y*^ manners of profefsiug Christians &c- 
Att a meeting of y'' Brethren of y*^' Chh. May 27, 1768. 

1. Voted to Choofe y*' Committee by a handy vote. 

2. Deacon .Sam" Vrhittemore, M' Edward Manning, Cap* 
- : Marrett, Deacon Henry Prentice, M'" Sam'^ Kent, Thomas 

Sparhawk Efq'", & M'' Thomas Gardner w^ere Chofen a Com- 
■ mittee for this year to Infpect ye manners of Profefsing Chris- 
:; tians &c. 

Deacon Whittemore gave in an account to y** Chh^ Monies 
,:: procured by y*' Sale of wood Timber upon y^ Chh Lett att 
^ Newton viz. 

^" --^ Sam'» NorcroBS & Noah Wifwell's Bond L. M. £M. 0. 
Interest now due for y^ Same £3.12. 

•;^' Ditto Promifsory Note of Hand £8. 6. 8 

W"^ Angier, Zechariah Bordman, Jofiah Mason's 

Bonds for £69. 6. 8 

Sum total 147.5.4 

(107) Att y^ foregoing Meeting viz. May 27, 1768. 

Deacon Whittemore gave an accont of y*^' monea 
in his hands being y*' Surplufage of y*^ Contribu- 
• , tions att y^ Sacrament L. M. £13.17. 2 

: - .. Att a meeting of y*^ Brethren of y*' Chh A})ril 28, 1769. 

1. Voted to Choose y^" Committee for Infpecting y*' manners of 
y^ Chh <S:c. b}^ handy vote. 

: " ^ ' ' {To be continued.) 



Collected by Charles M. Thatcher 



(Continued from Vol. I\\ The Genealogical Quarterly^ V^9^ J 74.) 

Kddy, Lucy C, wife of William S., May 4, 1848, 57 years. 

. Lucy A., daughter of William S. and Lucy C, Oct. 5, 1824, 
1 month. 
Edwin A., son of William S. and Lucy C, Sept. 18, 1825, 

1 month 16 days. 

George S., son of William S. and Lucy C, Sept. C, 1826, 

3 years 6 months 16 days. 
Edwin A., son of William S. and Lucy C, Oct. 14, 1827, 

2 months 25 days. 
Nathaniel, son of N. A. and A. H., Oct. 5, 

1842, 2 years 10 months. 
Abby, wife of Nathaniel, Oct. 28, 1848, 55 years. 
Nancy, *' " " July 13, 1812, 28 years. 

--His, John, died Sept. 6 in his 63 year. 

Elizabeth, wife of John, Mar. 3, 1781, in her 60 year. 

Capt. Joel, died June 21, 1763, in his 85 year. 

l^Iadam Elizabeth, wnfe of Capt. Joel, Apr. 3, 1753, in her 66 

Ensign Matthias, died Jan. 1, 1790, in his 71 year. 
Matthias, died Oct. 3, 1804, in his 79 year. 
Capt. Southw^orth, died Dec. 15, 1840, 71 years 9 months 27 

Deborah, wife of Capt. Southworth, Sept. 6, 1826, 58 years 

9 months. 
Polly, daughter of George andPhebe, Oct. 29, 1810, 33 years. 

Elmes, Rodiilphiis, died Dec. 6, 1749, in his 81 year. 

Bethiah^wife of Rodulphus, Oct. 25, 1746, in her 75 year. 


82 Records jrom Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. [June 

Elmes, Ignatius, died Feb. 8, 1763, 57 year. 

Ignatius, son of Ignatius and Sarah, Dec. 6, 1758, in his 20 


Ehphalet, died Aug. 4, 1830, in his 77 year. 

Chloe, wife of Ehphalet, July 5, 1843, in her 86 year. 

Lavinia, wife of Ehphalet, Oct. 31, 1836, in her 45 year. 
.^ , Lavinia E., daughter of Eliphalet and Lavinia, Nov. 3, 

; 1826, 1 yr., 3 mos. 

Fanee, Joseph, died Apr. 18, 1795, in his 70 ye^r. 

Martha, wife of Joseph, July 9, , in her 64 year. 

Faunce, Abigail, whose 1st husband was James Faunce and her 
last husband was John Jacobs, Mar. 29, 1777, in her 
54 year. - 

Marcy, daughter of Joseph and Martha, Apr. 30, 1776, in 
her 8 year. 

Farnsworth, Julia Anne, wife of Rev.B. F.,Sept. 17, 1819, 23 yrs. | 
An Infant, Julia Keith, died same day, age 10 days. J 

Finney, Deacon Ebenezer, died Sept. 21, 1745, in his 47 year. 

Lewis, son of Deacon Ebenezer and Jean, Nov. 23, 1745, 

in his 15 year. 
Lieut. Nelson, died Jan. 22, 1781, in his 53 year. 
Martha, wife of Lieut. Nelson, Aug. 27, 1753, in her 25 

Florance, Rehct of Lt. Nelson, Dec. 17, 1782, in her 53 
' ■' Lewis, died May , 1832, in his 68 year. 

. Margaret, wife of Lewis, Sept. 11, 1829, 55 years. 
Margaret, daughter of Lewis and Margaret, July 16, 1796, 
, - 3 months 15 days. \ • 

Lewis, died Aug. 3, 1826, 22 years. . 

Freeman, Josiah, died May 14, 1769, in his 54 year. 

Bethiah, widow of Josiah, Mar. 4, 1812, in her 90 year. 
Benjamin, son of Josiah and Bethiah, April 26, 1753, in 

his 4 year. 
Stephen, died March 7, 1769, in his 23 year. 
Elisha, died Dec. 29, 1830, 85 years. 
Mercy, wife of Elisha, Aug. 19, 1828, 82 years. 
Hannah, died Sept. 22, 1842, 59 years. 

1905] Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. i- 83 

Freeman, Elisha, died Nov. 30, 1842, 92 years. '■::■■-''■.:.,: -'^M} 'y-<.re. 
p]lisha, died Feb. 4, 1810, in his 55 year. 
Lydia, daughter of Josiah and Virtue, Oct. 18, 1826, 5 

months 23 days. ' 

Louisa, wife of Capt. Morton, May 24, 1844, 30 years, 

8 months, 10 days. 
Maria, daughter of Capt. Morton and Louisa, Nov. 5, 1843, 
:■■ 6 years, 6 months, 8 days. :■ ' , ,. ,- - . 

Fuller, Jabez, died Oct. 14, 1728, in his 31 year. 

Dr. Jonathan, died March 13, 1802, in his 54 year. 
_ Lucy, wife of Dr. Jonathan, died Sept. 17, 1839, in her 
82 year. 
: • John, son of Dr. Jonathan and Lucy, died Feb. 23, 1797, 
aged 11 months. r; 

• V ' : Thomas, son of Dr. Jonathan and Luxiy, died July 16, 
1782, in his 20 month. 
; Jonathan Hyller, son of Dr. Jonathan and Lucy, died 
May 23, 1793, aged 14 years 4 months 4 days. 
John, died April 15, 1809, in his 57 year. 
: Betsey, wife of John, died Sept. 3, 1832, in her 75 year. 
V Miss Betsey, died Feb. 26, 1814, in her 28 year. 

Gisby, Capt. Edward, lost at sea, 1795. - 

Deborah, wife of Capt. Edward, died Oct. 24, 1822, aged 

,',,: 66 years. 

Edward, son of Capt. Edward and Deborah, died in 1799, 
: aged 22 years. . 

Capt. John, died April 18, 1824, in his 45 year. 
Mary, wife of Capt. John, died Nov. 24, 1847, aged 64 
- years. ■■ ' ' ' •■^■, 

Ann P., daughter of John and Mary, died June 21, 1819, 

-" aged 4 years 7 months 3 days. 

Edward, son' of Thomas and Mehitable, died Oct. 11 
; 1836, aged 6 years 2 months 17 days. 

Clasur, Priscilla S., wife of Benjamin A., died March 31, 1832 
■ aged 33 years. 

iiackott, George, died Oct. 15, 1848, aged 89 years 8 months 

-.... 17 days. .•'■■; ■.,.■.■■;.; v... .,.>■ ^' :•;., -:.::?■::: -'^:,- 

84 Records from Old Oemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. [June 

Hackett, George, son of George and Zilphia, died Nov. 21, 1818, 
?• aged 20 years 7 months. 

Harlow, William, died Jan. 3, 1793, in his 78 year. 

Hannah, wife of William, died April 3, 1787, in her 77 

. year. 

Joseph, son of William and Hannah, died Oct. 27, 1759, 

' in his 20 year. 

William Jr., died Dee. 23, 1780, in his 33 year. 

"Behold thyself by me — such one was J, as thou — 
and thou in time shall be — even dust as I am now — " 

John, died July 10, 1814, in his 78 year. 

Joanna, widow of John, died Oct. 23, 1816, in her 77 year. 

Joanna, daughter of John and Joanna, died Oct. 16, 1778 

aged 15 years 5 months 8 days. 
Mary, daughter of John and Joanna, died Oct. 5, 1778, 

aged 3 years 3 months 25 days. 
Daniel, son of John and Joanna, died Oct. 9, 1778, aged 

6 years 1 month 10 days. 
: ■ Joshua, son of John and Joanna, died Oct. 24, ISOO, aged 
;■ 7 years 11 months. 

Lois, daughter of John and Joanna, and wife of Ephraim 

Pierce, died Nov. 20, 1793, in her 27 year. 
Jonathan, formerly of Plymouth, born Jan. 1, 1747, O. S., 

died Oct. 7, 1832. 
Betsey, relict of Jonathan and daughter of Deacon John 

Blackmer of Plymouth, born Nov. 18, 1746, O.S., died 

Sept. 9, 1833. 
Joanna, wife of Lemuel, born Jan. 17, 1770, in her 22 year. 
Mary, daughter of Lemuel and Mary, died Feb. 1774, in 

her 5 month. 
Daniel, son of Lemuel and Joanna, died Jan. 25, 1754, 

aged 12 days. 
Mercy, daughter of Jonathan and Betsey, born Aug. 31, 
V 1770, died March 30, 1854. 

Capt. Ezra, died Oct. 1, 1808, in his 69 year. 

Ezra, son of Capt. Ezra and Betty, died March 23, 1783, 

aged 5 years 9 months 19 days. 
Ephraim, died Oct. 17, 1797, aged 43 years 10 months 
..'; V-' ■'■•; ;. 1 day.- . ' 

1 1X35] Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. 85 

Harlow, Miss Mary, died May 9, 1829, aged 83 years. 

Josiah, died Nov. 19, 1798, aged 48 j^ears 5 months 9 days. 
Mary, relict of Josiah and wife of Ephraim Pierce, died 
-;1: May 13, 1815, in her 56 year. 

;-: Lucy Ann, daughter of Samuel and Hephzebah, died 

March 10, 1839, aged 13, years 9 months 3 days. 
■^':'^f ::':■■'_ Hcphzebah B., daughter of Samuel and Hephzebah, died 
:•■;-;, Aug. 10, 1812, aged 7 months 20 days. 

Benjamin Franklin, son of Branch and Lurany, born 
Aug. 28, 1838, died May 30, 1842. 
" Josephine Storrs, daughter of James H. and Maria L., 
born Sept. 14, 1849, died Oct. 1, 1849. 

Holmes, Jane, wife of Capt. Ephraim, born in Pembroke, Jan. 31, 
1724, and died in this Precinct June 16, 1775, aged 51 
years 4 months 5 days. ' • 

John, died July 26, 1830, aged 57 years. 

John, died Feb. 14, 1729-30, in his 36 year. ~\ 

John, died Sept. 7, 1728, in his 66 year. 

Thankful, wife of Ezra, died April 2, 1799, in her 50 year. 

Cornelius [part of stone missing and used in building 
wall, — no town record.] 

Howland, Isaac, died March 9, 1724, in his 75 year. 
Isaac, died Oct. 13, 1787, in his 73 year. 
Elizabeth, died Oct. 29, 1727, in her 75 year. 
Seth, died Oct. 26, 1729, in his 52 year. 
Isaac, died Feb. 26, 1723-4, in his 45 year. 
Charles, son of Isaac and Sarah, died Sept. 20, 1723, aged 

1 year 20 days. 
Jeremiah, died Nov. 25, 1789, in his 74 year. 
Betty, wife of Jeremiah, died Nov. 28, 1788, in her 63 

Hope, daughter of Jeremiah and Betty, died July 16, 

1778, in her 22 year. 
Joseph, son of Jeremiah and Betty, died April 13, 1783, 

in his 20 year, 
-'fjukson, Mary, wife of John, died March 28, 1730, in her 44 year. 
•^acf>bs, Abigail, whose first husband was James Faunce and her 

last husband was John Jacobs, died March 29, 1777, 

in her 54 year. 

86 Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. [June 




Keith, Bathsheba, wife of Cyrus, died May 20, 1791, aged 3G j^ears | 

10 months. " t 

Earl, son of Cyrus and Bathsheba, died Sept. 11, 1791 j | 

[:f};K': aged 4 months. 

Philander, son of Cyrus and Jane, died Dec. 4, 1802, aged 
1 year 9 months 13 daj^s. 

Melinda, daughter of Cyrus and Jane, died April 1804, 
aged 9 months 2 days. 

John, died Sept. 17, 1844, in his 64 year. I 

Israel, died June 25, 1840, aged 22 years. 

Cyrus, lost at sea, Sept. 1846, aged 22 years. 

Lazell, Joshua, died Feb. 11, 1748, aged 29 years 4 months. 

Prince, son of Joshua and Elizabeth, died Feb. 26, 
"■ 1748, aged 3 years 10 months 16 days. 

Elizabeth, daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth, died March 
7, 1748, aged 5 years 10 months 13 days. 
;.; Mary, daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth, died March 29, 

1749, aged 4 months 26 days. 
..: Charles, son of Marston and Christina, died Aug. 23, 1832 

aged 4 3'ears 1 month 21 days. 
Leach, Betty, wife of John, died April 21, 1773, in her 37 year. 

Leonard, Olivia, daughter of David of Bridgew^ater and wife of 
Cephas Thompson, born Oct. 12, 1780, died May 22, 
- , 1819, aged 38 years. 

Polly, wife of Caleb, died Jan. 1, 1791, in her 26 year. 
Josiah, son of Moses and Lois, died March 3, 1798, in her 
:: ' 12 year. 

^; ; Sally, wife of James M., died Nov. 17, 1822, aged 27 years. 
Clarinda, wife of James M., died April 28, 1832, aged 
•^ ■ 32 years. .: ^ 

Ling, Samuel, died May 20, 1832, aged 27 years. 

Jane, daughter of Silvanus and Jane, died Aug. 25, 1826, 
: ^-. .. in her 13 year. 

Littlejohn, William, died Feb. 14, 1826, in his 63 year. 

DeHverance, wife of William, died Jan. 11, 1820, in her 
; 51 year. 

; ; ^ ; Henry, son of William and Deliverance, died June 9, 1813, 
in his 18 year. 

ir>05] Records from Old Cemetery, Middleboro^ Afass. 87 

Ivovcll, Joseph, died July 20, 1S17, in his 59 year. 

Jerusha, wife of Joseph, died Aug. 6, 1843, in her 78 year. 
Sparrow, son of Joseph and Jerusha, died Jan. 5, 1803, 

in his 4 year. - 

Joseph, died Feb. 11, 1796, aged 79 years 22 days. 
Patience, wife of Joseph, died March 7, 1807, in her 81 

Lieut. Silvanus, died June 6, 1800, in his 36 year. 

Lunt, Doctor Wilham, died July 3, 1754, in his 43 year. 

Lyon, Lydia, widow of Lemuel, died Sept. 24, 1849, aged 89 years. 
Isaac, died Jan. 8, 1848, aged 60 years. 
Joanna, wife of Isaac, died Oct. 20, 1814, in her 24 year. 

Makepeace, Alvan, died July 23, 1833, aged 32 years. 

Marshall, Mary A., wife of Ponsonby, died March 31, 1837, aged 
34 years. 

.Miller, Francis, was one of the Householders 
driven back to Ply moutli,' from Middle- 
boro, by the Indians in 1675. 

John, died May 11, 1720, in his 97 year. 
Was one of the Householders, who re- 
turned to Middleboro from Ply- 
mouth, after King Philip's war and at ^ Monument 
their first meeting in June 1677, re- 
solved to repossess their Estates. 

John, born in 1670, died Aug. 8, 1727, 
in his 58 year. 

John, born in 1704, died April 7, 1794, 
aged 90 years 5 months 10 days. 

Priscilla, wife of John, died Oct. 7, 1754, in her 44 year. 
Joseph, son of John and Priscilla, died Nov. 11, 1742, in 

his 11 month. 
Capt. John, born in 1737, died Dec. 1, 1807, aged 70 years 

lacking 6 days. 
Zilpah, widow of Capt. John, died Nov. 26, 1818, aged 

81 years. 
Abishai, son of Capt. John and Zilpah, died June 17, 1788, 

aged 20 years 7 months 10 days. , 

88 Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. 

Miller, Lieut, John, born July 24, 1771, died July 16, 1818, aged 
- 47 years lacking 8 days. 

Rhoda S., daughter of Lieut. John and Susanna, died 
. ■ April 5, 1810, aged 4 years 21 days. 
Joseph, died Dec. 29, 1825, aged 53 years. 
Lydia, died March 6, 1734-5, in her 56 yea.i\ 
Hannah, died in infancy, April 12, 1723. 
Seth, died June 6, 1823, in his 84 j^ear. 
^ ;^:^'; Abigail, wife, of Seth, died July 22, 1789, in her 54 year. 
■ / ;■ Experience, widow of Francis and formerly wife of Lieut, 
; : : ^ "- Ebenezer Sproutt, died Nov. 9, 1758, in her 74 year. 
Ehas, died Nov. 12, 1781, in his 71 year. 
■' V Sarah, widow of Elias, died Sept, 28, 1800, in her 89 year. 
Betty, daughter of Elias and Sarah, died April 18, 1773, 

aged 23 years 3 months 8 days. 
Lieut, Elias, died May 10, 1807, in his 70 year. 
Theodate, wife of Lieut, Elias, died July 18, 1797, aged 

46 years 5 months 20 days, 
Abraham, died March 16, 1817, aged 77 years, 
Susanah, wife of Abraham, died April 15, 1770, aged 22 
. ..; years 5 months 19 days, 

; ■ ; Thankful, wife of Abraham, died June 17, 1853, in her 
90 year, 
Susannah, daughter of Abraham and Susannah, died 
:^ ^ . Aug. 13, 1770, aged 1 year 4 months 12 days, 
,■ Abigail, daughter of Lavid and Sarah, died Aug, 27, 1765, 
in her 4 year. 
. Samuel, son of David and Susannah, died March 31, 1749, 

aged 1 year 4 months 5 days. 
- Peter, died March 15, 1835, in his 85 year. 

Kezia, wife of Peter, died July 6, LS26, in her 66 year. 
> Peter, Jr., died Aug. 12, 1808, aged 25 years 6 months 
. 3 days. 

. Southworth, son of Peter and Kezia, died March 2, 1783, 
aged 1 month 7 days. 
Arza, son of Peter and Kezia, died June 22, 1792, aged 
, , ■:.■.). 3 weeks. 

■ Jedcdiah, died March 8, 1838, in his 95 year. 
Betsey, wife of Jedediah,died Jan. 16, 1832, in her 84 year. 

{To be continued.) 


(a:Np:ALOGiCAL records of harpswell, me, 

(Continued from Vol. IV The Genealogical Quarterly, page 208.) 


Capt. Wai.ter, Jr., d. 15 Aug., 1855 ; se. 88 years 5 mos., rn. 
Jfitibel, d. 11 Nov. 1829, dau. David Alexander, late of Harps^vell, 

Cb:— David, b. 7 Oct., 1796. AValter, b. 28 Aug., 1798; d. 
Richmond 2 Sept. 1835. Isaac, b. 15 July, 1801. Robert, b. 15 
Sq,t., 1802. Shubel, b. 11 Mar., 1806. Eli, b. 27 July, 1808. Anna, 
b. 11 Nov., 1810; d. 2 Jan., 1851. Thomas, b. 7 Aug., 1813. 
Betsey Barnes, b. 23 Nov., 1817. 

James, ; m. Hannah, dau. Jacol) Blake of Harpswell. 

Ch :— John, b. 29 June, 1780 ; d. 28 May, 1857. Mary, b. 25 Dec, 
J 782. Hannah, b. 11 May, 1783. William, b. 4 Feb., 1785; d. 12 
Mjiy, 1859, Fanny, b. 23 Feb. 1787 ; d. 19 Jan., 1856. Mercy, b. 
17 Sept., 1791 ; d. 16 Oct., 1835. Lydia, b. Aug. 11, 1792; d. with 
2 infants, 23 Aug., 1821. Jacob, b. 20 Sept., 1793. 

.Torn, Jr. d. 28 May, 1857 ; m. Elizabeth, d. 29 Feb., 1853; dau. 
<?! Alcock Stover of Harpswell. 

Ch:— William, Jr., b. 3 Apr., 1805 ; d. 28 July, 1831. Asenath, 
V'. 24 Nov. 1806. Isaac, b. 9 May, 1809. James, b. 21 Aug., 1811. 
Silvester, b. 26 Sept. 1813; d. New Orleans, March 1849. George, 
t'. 13 Feb. 1816 ; d. 24 July, 1834. Abigail, b. 13 March 1818; d. 
5 ^ Sept., 1854. Nathaniel, b. 13 Apr., 1820. Alcock, b. 14 Apr., 1822 

Waitstill, ; m. Eunice, dau. of John Hall of Harpswell. 


Ch:— Elizabeth, b. 13 Nov., 1802; d. 11 May 1803. Elizabeth, 

^". 18 June, 1803. Mary, b. 10 June, 1805. Mercy, b.. 1807 ; d. 

•** Oct., 1887. Selea, b. 15 Apr., 1710. Pumice, b. 18 June, 1812 ; 
*'-2HJ{m. 1844. Jordon, b. 29 Sept., 1813, Nancy, b. 15 Oct., 
■'^'''i. Waitstill, b. 31 Dec, 1817. John, b. 3 Feb., 1820. 

Hs.KiCE, her child born : Christopher Merryman. b. 20 Oct., 1884. 


90 Genealogical IJecords of Harpswell, Jfe. [June 

Michael, m., dau. of Luke Bishop of Hftri)fl'well. 

Ch: — Walter, b. 4 Apr., 1785. James, b. 3 June, 1787. Mary, 
b. 16 Aug., 1789. Michael, b. 4 June, 1792. Watson, b. 4 Aug., 
1794 ; d. 14 Dec, 1797. Abigail, b. 8 Nov. 1796 ; d. 19 Feb., 1878. 
Watson, b. 3 Feb., 1799. 

Walter, ; m. pub., 5 Jan., 1771, Elizabeth, dau. of Benjamin 

Weber of Harpswell. 

Ch:— James, b. 20 June, 1771 ; d. 17 Nov., 1800. Samuel, b. 
27 Nov., 1773. Sarah, b. 7 Nov., 1775. Meriam, b. 16 Apr., 1776. 
Waitstill, b. 1 Jan., 1778. Nancy, b. 20 June, 1780. Ruth, b. 10 
Oct., 1781. Thomas, b. 6 Nov., 1783. Rhoda, b. 19 July, 178G. 
Joseph, b. 25 Oct., 1788. Benjamin, b. 13 Feb., 1791. 

Samuel, m. Sarah, dau. of John Rodick, late deceased. 

Ch :— Lucy, b. 23 Jan., 1794. Betsy, b. 29 Oct., 1795. Mary, b. 
14 Aug., 1797. David, b. 8 May, 1799 ; d. 6 June, 1799. Walter, b. 
13 June, 1810. 

Hugh, m., pub. 30 Mar., 1765, Delight, dau. of Deacon 

Timothy Bailey. 

Ch:— Timothy, b. 10 Aug., 1765; d. 29 June, 1846. Hugh, b. 
1767. Hannah, b. 1769 ; d. 8 Dec. 1843. John, b. 1771. Olive, b 
1774; d. 7 Aug., 1851. Nathaniel, b. 1776. James, b. 1779; d. 17 
Mar., 1870. Bethiah, b. 1782. Sarah, b. 1785. 

Timothy, b. 10 Aug., 1765 ; d. 29 June, 1846 ; m. Eliz., dau. James 

Ch:— Hugh, b. 25 P>b., 1787. Timothy, b. 19 Jan., 1789. De- 
light, b. 5 Dec, 1791. John, b. 3 May, 1794; d. 3 Dec, 1797. 
Martin, b. 15 Nov., 1797; d. 26 Mar., 1830. Leah, b. 1 Jan., 1800. 
Susanna, b. 28 Nov., 1802. 

John, m. Mary, dau. Thos. Skolfield, of Brunswick. 

Ch:— Susanna, b. 17 Aug., 1798. Almira, b. 27 Dec, 1801. 
Martha, b. 26 Dec, 1803. 

Thomas, m. Mary, dau. Wm. Skolfield of Brunswick. 

Ch:— William, b. 18 Oct., 1810. Levina, b. 18 Nov., 1812. 

James 4th, m. Mary, dau. Michael Merryman. 

Ch : — Belinda, b. 10 Sept., 1816. Freeman Melcher, b. 9 July, 
1818. Abigail, b. 29 May, 1820. Thomas, b. 27 Nov., 1826. James, 
Ira Philonzo, b. 12 May, 1831. 

1905] Genealogical Records of Ilarpswell^ i^ie. . 91: 

Capt. William, d. 12 May, 1859; m. Miriam, d. 13 Sept., 1874. 

Ch:— David, b. 19 Sept., 1809. Wanton, b. 4 Apr., 1811 ; d. 2i 
Aug., 1856. John, b. 28 Aug., 1813 ; d. 7 June, 1845. Daniel, b. 
A May. 1819. Emmeline, b. 30 Apr., 1823 ; d. 18 Sept. 1849. 

Capt. James, m. Sally. 

Ch: Deborah, b. 19 July, 1814. Jeremiah, b. 4 Sept., 1817. Paul 
Curtis, b. 4 Sept., 1820. Hudson R., b. 22 Oct., 1822; d. 30 July, 
1807. Mary E., b. 19 June, 1827; d. 19 Apr., 1855. Henry 
Alexander, b. 13 Dec, 1829. 

Hugh, m. Sally . 

Ch :--Delight, b. 19 Nov., 1814. Timothy b. 30 Mar., 1819. 
Mary, b. 7 Aug., 1823. Olive, b. 24 Apr., 1825. John Skolfield, 
h. 2 Apr. 1826. 

Jacob — — -, m. Elizabeth. 

Ch:— Simon, b. 7 Apr., 1816; Charles, b. 26 Aug., 1818; Han- 
nah, b. 24 Feb., 1820; Lydia, b. 12 Feb., 1822; Lucendia, b. 25 
Sept., 1823; Josiah, b, 25 Dec., 1825; Jacob Henry, b. 5 Jan., 
1832 ; Mercy Ellen, b. 1 May, 1835. 

Capt. Huson, d. 17 Oct., 1885; m. Asenath, dau. John Mer- 
ryman of Harpswell. 

Ch :— Elizabeth, b. 30 Aug., 1826; Levina, b. 20 Apr., 1831 ; d. 
6 June, 1832 ; Lavina, b. 1 Feb., 1835 ; George Wm., b. 27 Dec, 
183G; d. 13 July, 1842; Sylvester and Isaac, b, 2.7 Dec, 1840; 
Sylvester d. 15 June, 1868 ; George Wm., b. 14 June, 1843 ; Frances 
M., b. 4 Mar., 1850. 

Martin , m. IMargaret, dau. of Samuel Miller of Brunswick 

Ch : Caroline, b. 26 June, 1829. 

Michael , m. [entered May 1834] Ann, dau. of William 

Chnse of Freeport. 

Ch: — Mary Alice, b. 24 Jan., 1832 ; George Cushman, b. 31 Jan., 


Capt. Matthew Martin, d. 30 Aug., 1825; m. Rebecca, who 
♦^- 2 Jan., 1832, dau. Clement Skocfield, late of Harpswell. 

Ch:— Clement, b. 10 Nov., 1789; Unice, b. 9 June, 1794; Levina, 
^». 23 Nov.. 1796 ; d. 21 Sept., 1801 ; Lucy, b. 27 Jan., 1790 ; .John, 
^>' 16 July, 1806; d. 24 Oct., 1837 in Mobile. 

92 Genealogical Records of Harpsivelly Me, 

Capt. Clement Martin, m. Abigail, dau. Thomas Dugan of Bow- 

Ch:— Mahala, b. 20 Apr., 1813; Thomas, b. 3 Mar., 1815; d. 
7 JaD., 1840; Matthew, b. 20 July, 1816; Henry C, b. 20 July. 
1819 ; Clement, b. 30 June, 1822. 

Capt. John Maktin, m. Celia, dau. Waitstill Merryman of Harps- 

Ch:— Rebecca, b. 28 Feb., 1834. 

Thomas Martkn resident at HarpswcU and Eunice Adams of 
Harpswell intend marriage 16 Dec, 1758. 


Noah Mayo, m. Hope, dau. Josiah Rich of Truro, county of Barn- 

Ch:— John, b. 8 Feb., 1801. 

John Mayo, m. Lucy, dau. David Rumeril, deceased, of Hsrpswell. 

Ch :— Hope, b. 6 Dec, d. 29 Dec, 1824 ; Abigail, b. 7 Dec, 1825 ; 
d. 6 Jan., 1826 ; Noah, b. 15 Dec, 1826 ; d. 30 Dec, 1826 ; Nooh, 
. b. 30 Oct., 1827; John Henry, b. 8 Apr., 1831 ; Gustavus, b. 29 
Aug., 1833; David, b. 3 Jan., 1839. 


Capt. Henry Merritt, d. 7 Apr. 1827 ; m. Mary, dau. Isaac 
Snow, Esq., of Harpswell. 

Ch:— Stephen, b. 22 Feb., 1779; William, b. 27 Dec, 1781 ; 

Priscilla, b. 29 Aug., 1783; Isaac, b. 25 July, 1786; d. 14 Oct., 

1827 ; Elizabeth, b. 7 Apr., 1788; Jesse, b. 30 May, 1790; Henry, 

. b. 23 Feb., 1792; Samuel, b. 22 Sept., 1795; Fanny, b. 4 De-?., 

,^ 1798 ; Elisha, b. 22 Oct., 1800; Jenny, b. 28 Apr., 1803. 

:^ Stephen Merritt, d. 16 June, 1835 ; m. - 

Ch:— Henry, 3rd, b. 15 Dec, 1807 ;d. 11 Mar., 1808; Mary Jane, 
. b. 8 July, 1809; Isaac, b. 12 Sept., 1811; Catherine, b. 9 Aug., 
1814; Samuel, b. 30 Mar., 1823. 

William Merritt, m. Priscilla. 
Ch:— Harriot Snow, b. 30 July, 1810. 

Jesse Merritt, m. Jane. 

Ch :— Henry G., b, 8 May, 1826 ; Albion Curtis, b. 24 Jan., 1830 ; 
Charles Augustus, b. 28 Aug., 1824. 

{To he continued.) , 


GAZETTE, 17G5-1800. 

Collected and akuanged bv Otis G. Hammond, 

{Continued from Vol. I, page 64.) 

Rev. George Wheaton, son of Dr. George Wheaton, died iu Mans- 
field, Mass., June 24, 1773, in his 22d year. 

Enoch Collins, aged 38, died iu Salem, Mass., Oct. 10, 1773. 

Mrs. Mary Lambert, aged 45, died in Salem, Mass., Oct. 10, 1773. 

Dr. William Fairfield, aged 41, died in Salem, Mass., Oct. 11, 1773. 

John Williams, Jr., aged 25, and Mrs. Tuckerman died in Boston. 

Mrs. Temperance Smith died in Sandwich, Mass. 

Christopher Tilden of Boston died in Jamaica. 
• Miss Rachel Hersey died in Hingham, Mass., aged 23. 

Capt. l^Jiphalet rhillips, Saiiiael Kiu&ley, Thomas Perkins, David 
Snow, and Mrs. Deborah Conant died in Bridgewater, Mass. 

Mrs. Thomas Oliver died in New London, Conn. 

Hon. Walter Delaney died in INIaryland. 

1773, Oct. 22. 
Mrs. Welhnan, aged 27, IMrs. Webb, aged 46, Mrs. Townshend, 

aged 3G, and Mrs. Lambert died in Salem, Mass. 
Mrs, Sarah Ellison died in Boston, Mass. 
Capt, Chapin Samson of Boston died on his passage from the West 


Capt. Aaron Davis died in Roxbury, Mass. ._: , 

AVilliam Gordon of Liverpool, Eng., died in Roxbury, Mass., aged 

52. He left a wife and 7 children in Liverpool. 
Mrs. Rebecca Bridgen died in Westminster, Mass. 
Capt. Benjamin Seabury, aged 66, died in Little Compton, R. I. 
Rev. John Rogers died iu Kittery, Me., a few days before Oct. 22, 
'-■■■■ 1773. ■ :■■'..:-:-:.. 

1773, Oct. 29. 

Levi Ames, aged 21, was executed iu Boston, Mass., for burglary, 
Oct. 14, 1773. He was born in Groton, Mass., eon of Jacob 
Ames, who died when Levi was two years old. 

Tlie wife of John AYentworth of AVakefield, N. H., died in Ne wing- 
ton, N. H., week before Last. 

Mary, wife of Thomas Manning, died iu Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 
22, 1773, in her 56th year. 

- _„^^,^ . "•'\^' ■ - (y3) ••/ 

94 From the N'ew Hamj)shire Gazette^ 176 ij-l 800, [June 

John Peirce, aged 78, Miss Sally Perry, aged 26, and a child of 
Peter Mushuway died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1773, Nov. 5. 

Capt. James Heath was drowned at Kennebeck, Me., Oct. 24? 

William Campbell of Georgetown, Me., was drowned about Oct. 

24, 1773. 

1773, Nov. 12." ■ 

Capt. Robert Hale Ives of Beverly, Mass., and Capt. Taylor 
Bacon of Salem, Mass., died on a voyage from St. Eustatia. 

Katy, only daughter of Hon. William Browne of Salem, Mass., and 
granddaughter of Gov. Wanton, died in Bristol, li. I., Oct. 26, 
1773, in her 10th vear. 

Samuel, son of Nathaniel Foster, aged about H, was killed b}^ ac- 
cident in Salem, Mass., Nov. 1, 1773. 

Moses Johnson, Flarvard, 1771, student at law, died in Falmouth, 
Me., before Nov. 2, 1773. 

Mrs. L3'^dia Haven, aged 89, died in Framingham, Mass., before 
Nov. 2, 1773. 

Miss Peggy Sewall, aged 38, died in Salem, Maes. 

1773, Nov. 19. 

Hannah, wife of Jacob Sheafe, in her 5r)th year, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H., Nov. 12, 1773. She left 10 children. 

Nathaniel Hart was killed by a fall in the pai-ish of Kensington, in 
Farmington, Conn., one evening last week, [dated Nov. o]. He 
left a wife and 8 children, the oldest not 14 years old. 

1773, Nov^26. 

Lydia Atwood was found drowned in Plymouth, Mass., Nov. 10, 

Capt. Frost, aged 66, Charles Venner, aged 45, and David Love 
died in Boston, Mass. 

Capt. Joseph Bull, tide surveyor, died in Newport, R. I. 

Miner West, about 28 or 29 years old, was found delirious, wan- 
dering in the woods between Mount Carmel and Bethany, Conn. 
Oct. 28, 1773, and died in a few hours. He was said to be a na- 
tive of Tolland, Conn., and to have relatives in Stockbridge? 

John Gilchrist committed suicide in Williamsburg, Va., Oct. 25, 
1773. He left a wife and children. 

1905 j From tlie New HamjjsJiire Gazettey 1765-1800. 95 

Hon. John Weutworth, in bis 70th j^ear, died in Portsmouth, N.H., 
Nov. 24, 1773. ■.,,:■:.:,„. 

1773, Dec. 3. '■ ■ ■■.■." '.■■.::■.■■ •/:.■■■■ •'■:^' ■:;';:• "• 

John Mico Wendell died in Boston, Mass., Nov. 24, 1773. 

1778, Dec. 10. /' 

Hon. Daniel Peirce, in his 6Gth 3'ear, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 

Dec. 4, 1773. 
Col. Thomas Bell, aged 75, died in Newcastle, N. II., Dec. 4, 1773. 
Walter Neal died in Greenland, N. H. 
George Derbage and Betsy, daughter of Capt. Lewis Turner, late 

of Boston, Mass., were married in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Mrs. Bryan died in Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 4, 1773. 
Mr. Rand was drowned in Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 6, 1773. 

1773, Dec. 17. 
Samuel Griflith, aged 44, died in Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 11, 

Lieut. Benjamin Folsom was killed by a falling tree in Wolfe- 
- - borough, N. H. 
Dr. Humphrey Devereux of Marblehead, Mass., aged 43, died in 
Salem, Mass., Dec. 3, 1773. 

1773, Dec. 24. - ' 

Col. David Burr died in Fairfield, Conn., Dec. 3, 1773. 

Rev. Noah Hobart, in his 68th year, died in Fairfield, Conn., 
Dec. 6, 1773. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Lothrop was fatally burned in New Concord, 
Conn., Dec. 18, 1773. 

George Sherburne, in his 20th year, son of Mrs. Mehitabel 
Sherburne of Portsmouth, N. H., was lost at sea on a voyage 
from London to Boston. 

Jacob Lavers, Mrs. Furber, and Mrs. Wheelwright died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. " ;■' 

1773, Dec. 31. 
The wife of Rev. Jacob Burnap died in Merrimack, N. H., Dec. 

21, 1773. 
Thomas Wells was killed by accident in Chester, N. H., Dec. 

27, 1773. 
Benjamin Jones of Springfield, Mass., was drowned in the Con- 
; . necticut river Dec. 9, 1773. ^ ; 

96 From the JSTeio Hampshire Gazette^ 17GC)~1S00. 

1774, Jan. 7. 
Joseph Dewey and Miss Hannah Phelps were married at Westfield, 

Mass., last Thanksgiving day evening. She was 41 years old, 

and was sister to his son's wife. , 
Thomas Beck, aged 91, died in Portsmouth, N. II., Jan. 1, 1774. 

1774, Jan. 14. • 

Dr. John, j'oungest son of Rev. Thomas Smith, died in Falmouth, 
Me., Dec. 25, 1773. 

1774, Jan. 21. .■--• ..■v-^-\ 

Mrs. Emmons, widow of Deacon Emmnos of East Haddam, -Conn , 

and motlier of Daniel Horsford, deceased, died in Marlborough, 

Conn., Dec. 12, 1773. Mr. Horsford was about 40 years old at 

his death in October, and left 11 children. 
The wife of Hezekiah Bradley died of a fall in New Haven, Conn., 

Dec. 20, 1773. 
Hon. Thomas Sanders died in Gloucester, Mass. 
Deacon Shcm Drowne, aged 91, died in Boston, Mass. 
AYilliam Spurr died in Dorchester, Mass. 
Robert Leake, commissary-general of North America, died in New 

Mrs. Elizabeth Wibird, aged 68, only remaining daughter of the 

late Rev. Jabez Fitch, died in Portsmouth, N. H., Jan. 14, 1774. 

She left an only son, a minister. 

1774, Jan. 28. 
Mary, widow of Samuel Moody, aged 73, died in Falmouth, Me., 

Jan. 4, 1774. 
Richard Lowden died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1774, Feb. 4. 
Jemima, wife of Thomas Lewis, was found dead in Boston, Mass., 

Jan. 24, 1774. 
Rev. Edward Barnard died in Haverhill, Mass. 

1774, Feb. 11. 

Mrs. Mehitable Grant, aged 98, died in Cumberland, near Provi- 
dence, R. I. She was born in Rehoboth, Mass. 

: ; ; . . . ; ■ ■ {To he continued.) ■ 


By S. P. Sharples. 

{Continued from Vol. V, The Genealogical Quarterly, page 189.) 

1. John Webster of Barbadoes made a will dated July 18, 1666, 
probated Sept. 9, 1667. In this he bequeathed three fourths of 
all his property to his three sons: John in England, Henry and 
Edward in Barbadoes, to be equally divided among them, and 
one-fourth to his wife, Ann. 

He appointed Col. Timothy Thornhill, John Paige, Esq., Lieut. 
William Eastchurch, and Capt. Thomas Holmes, executors in 
trust and guardians of his sons, Henry and Edward, during their 
minority and their stay in Barbadoes. The will was witnessed 
by William Birkin and Henry Richards. In a codicil dated Sept. 
14, 1666, he made a bequest to tlie children of his two brothers, 
Henry and Edward, and one to his kinswoman, Elizabeth Thox- 
turne. He also gave to each of his executors one thousand 
pounds of Muscavado sugar. The codicil was witnessed by Henry 
Richards and Eleanor Smith. - 


i John, died about 1730. He was a merchant in London, 

i\ Edward, died unmarried in Barbadoes. 

2 iii Henry, m. Esther . 

2. Henry Webster {John) came to Boston, Mass., April 15, 
1679, in the ship Robert of Boston, Nathan Hayman command- 
ing, from Barbadoes. His widows Esther Webster, m. Dec. 21, 
1697, Richard Henchman, mariner. Cotton Mather married them 

Her will was probated April 12, 1729. In it she devised her es- 
tate to her son, John Webster, and her daughter, Anna Diamond, 
wife of Thomas Diamond. / v ,. 

Cliildren: , -/,:.>■■■ .:v/-v.- ^::-'^¥':- 

3 i Anne, b. Boston, Feb. 9, 1682. ■[ 

4 ii John, b. Boston, Sept. 28, 1688. 

. (97) '-'^ ■ • 

98 ; ;; N^otes in Relation to the Webster Family. [June 

3. Anne Webster {Henry ^ John), b. Boston, Feb. 9, 1682; m. 
July 2, 1706, Thomas Diamond, mariner. 

Children, born in Boston: ^ : ■ 

. ' i Thomas Diamond, b. Nov. 19, 1708. 
:'■;: ii William Diamond, b. March 23, 1710/1. 
iii John Diamond, b. Sept. 18, 1713. " 

4. John Webster {Henry, John), b. Boston, Sept. 28, 1688; d. 
1740; m. May 21, 1713, Mary Smith, b. 1691, d. April 5, 1775, 
aged 84 years. 

Will dated Jan. 22, 1740, probated March 3, 1740." Wife 
Mary to have one third of the estate and negro woman Flora. 
Four children : Grant, Esther, Mary and Ann. Grant has had a 
liberal education and js therefore to receive less of the estate 
than the other children. 

Widow Mary Webster of Boston, Grant Webster of rlaverhili, 
and Mary and Esther Webster of Boston, children and heirs of 
John Webster, merchant of Boston, sell a house and land on 
Prince street, formerly belonging to their father, July 27, 1747. 

Children : 

i John, b. Feb. 25, 1713/4; -^'never married; died at 
5 ii Grant, b. Jan. 31, 1717/8; d. Aug. 30, 1797. 
iii Henry, b. May 12, 1720; d. young. 
■- iv Mary, b. Nov. 9, 1721 ; d. May 21, 1803, Haverhill, Mass. 
v Esther, b. May 19, 1723/4; d. Durham, N. H.; m. int- 

July 18, 1751, Philip Richardson. 
vi Joanna, b. June 23, 1720; d. 3^oung in Boston. 
vii Anne, b. Sept. 15, 1727; m. Dr. Philip Gotfried Kast of 
:,. viii Joanna, b. Oct. 2, 1729; d. young. 
ix Thomas, b. Boston, 1731 ;d. young. 

5. Grant Webster {John, Henry, John), b. Boston, Mass., 
Jan. 31, 1717/ 8; d. Boston, Aug. 30, 1797; m. May 31, 1739, 
Hannah Wainwright, b. Feb. 1, 1721/2, d. Mar. 13, 1765, 
daughter of Capt. John and Hannah (Bedford) Wainwright. 

He was graduated at Harvard College in the class of 1736. 
After his marriage he hved in Haverhill, Mass., till about 1750, 

•4' ' 

1905] J^ofes in JRelation to the Webster Family. -/^:'^:^:-\^:%^- 

when he removed to Salisbury, Mass. Afterwards he returned to 
Boston, where he spent the remainder of his days. He was called 
(Jrant Webster of Haverhill, by the court, when he was appointed 
administrator to the estate of Redford Wainwright, of Newbury, 
June 9, 1746. Sept. 29, 1779, he was chosen juror for a maritime 
court, at Boston. July 12, 1782, he was allowed by the Town of 
Boston to sell spirits. He was appointed to assist the assessors to 
raise men for the Continental Army, in 1782. 

Children: . '''^^\--^]:^ v''-'''r^'-^:-'''-\ :': 

: - i Mary, b. Dec. 7, 1740; m. Enoch Bagley. 
' : ii Hannah, b. May 25, 1743; d. Nov. 13, 1743. 
:;- iii John, b. July 21, 1748; d. Oct. 31, 1753. 
: : iv Abigail, b. Oct. 3, 1751. 

V John, b. Sept. 15, 1755; d. June 19, 1775, in the West 
.■A;: v:::-,vv,.. Indies. ■ / . ■■ 

vi Hannah, b. Sept. 10, 1758; d. Montreal, Canada; m. 
■ ^ Feb. 15, 1785, Rev. John Fisher of Brighton, Mass. 
. , ; ;. She published, "The Coquette, or the History of Eliza 
V - Wharton, Founded on Fact" (this was repubhshed in 
■:;;>;::; I855). 'The Boarding SchooF' (1796), Lessons of 
a Preceptress (1798). 
6 vii Redford, b. June 18, 1761. 
viii Anne, b. March 13, 1765; m. Pennell of Salem. 

6. Redford Webster {John, Henry, John, Grant), b. Sahs- 
iHiry, Mass., June 18, 1761; d. Boston, Aug. 31, 1833; m. Sept. 
2, 1787, at ]3oston, Hannah White, daughter of John and Su- 
sanna (Shattuck) White. Redford Webster was an apothecary. 
He occupied in 1790 a wooden building on Ann St., belonging 
to John White. Plis will is on file in the probate office in Boston. 
In it he mentions his only son, John W. Webster. His grand- 
children are mentioned, but not named.. Thomas West of 
Haverhill, Joseph Richardson of Boston, and Edward G. Prescott 
of Boston, kinsman of my said grandchildren. He gives annuity 
to ''My niece Mar}^ Bagley of Amesbury." 

„ V / Signed Redford Webster 

"With Mr. Eliot's bad pen in the dark shop." 

7. 1 John White Webster, b. May 20, 1793; d. Aug. 30, 
1850, Boston; m. May 16, 1818, Harriet Frederica Hickling , b. 

100 Notes in Relation to the Webster Family. 

March 22, 1793, d. Oct. 10, 1853, Cambridge; daughter of 
Thomas S. and Sarah (Folder) Hickling of Fayal. He was 
graduated from Harvard College in 1811, and received the 
degree of M.D. in 1815; was Erving Professor of Chemistry and 
Mineralogy from 1827 to 1850. Fellow of the American Acad- 
emy, fellow of the Geological Society of London, member of the 
Imperial Mineral Society of St. Petersbmg. 

',- i John Redford, b. Mar. 16, 1819; d. Oct. 28, 1820. 
. ii Sarah Hickling, b. Jan. 31, 1821; m. Oct. 7, 1845, John 

P. Dabney. 
iii Harriet Wainwright, b. Sept. 24, 1822; d. Feb. 2, 1833. 
iv Marianne AVhite, b. Feb. 3, 1825. 
V Catherine Prescott, b. May 5, 1827; m. Aug. 24, 1858,. 

Thomas J. Lothrop. 
vi Susan, b. Aug. 13, 1830. Her name was changed to 

Hannah Wainwright after the death of her sister in 

1833; m. April 2, 1851, Samuel W. Dabney. 

The Dabneys were sons of W. Dabney and Frances Pomeroy. 
Charles W. Dabney was for many years U. S. Consul at Fayal, 
where the Dabneys have resided for a long time. 

Professor Webster was the last male descendant of Henr)' 
Webster who bore the name of Webster, and this branch of the 
Webster family is now extinct in the male line. There has been 
in each generation since Homy came to this country only one 
male child who lived and had chlidren. Professor Webster's only 
son died when an infant. 


The Small-Smalley Family of Barnstable Co., Mass. 
Among the earl}^ settlers at Eastham was John Smalley who 
inarried, 29 Nov. 1638, Ann Walden and had: Hannah, born 14 
June 1641 ; married, 23 Jan, 16G0-G1, John Bangs. John, born 8 
Sept. 1644. Mary, born 11 Dec. 1647; married, 19 Sept. 1667, 
John Snow. Isaac, born 11 Dec. 1647. 

: From the records of Piscataway, N. J., we learn that John 
Smalley and his tvv^o sons were among the early planters of that 
state, their names appearing in the list of settlers securing land 
between 1668 and 1671. The date of John Smalley's death is not 
known but his will, now on file at Trenton, was dated 16 July 
'089 and proved 23 June 1697. The will mentions wife Ann; 
S'lns Isaac and John; sons of John — John and Jonathan; daugh- 
ters Hannah Banges and i\Iary Snow (who has three daughters). 

During the Indian wars between 1680 and 1700, Edward, 
Francis, Daniel and Benjamin, sons of Francis and Elizabeth 
Small, were driven out of Maine and -New Hampshire and settled 
in I^arnstable county. The descendants of these men, many of 
v.-]iom spelled their name Smalley, are usually referred to in 
family and local histories as the descendants of John Smalley of 
Kastham. As we have seen, John Smalley removed to Nev/ Jersey 
before 1671 and was the ancestor of the New Jerse}^ famil3^ 
With the exception of John Smalley and his children, the early 
Smalls and Smalleys of Cape Cod, were, it is thought, descendants 
of Francis Smale of Maine. 

See Pope's Pioneers of Mass.: New Eng. hist, and gen. register: 
N. Y. Gen. and biog. record, v. 29, p. 39 et seq. : N. J. Archives, 
V. 21, p. 269 (John Smalley's will): Ibid, v. 23, p. 423 (Isaac 
Smalley's will): New Eng. hist, and gen. register 1881, pp. 366- 
'^67 (Anna Dyer's statement) : also, for many references to John 
Smalley, John junior and Isaac, between the years 1671 and 1700, 
secN. J. Archives. 

Clarence Almon Torrey, Univ. of Chicago. 

Savage — Power of attorne}^ given by Thomas Savage, Ephraim 
•Savage, l^ercz Savage, Ebenezer Savage, sons, heirs and executors 
of the will of Thomas Savage, Esq. of Boston, deceased, to Edward 
Randolph, Esq., now in Boston to sue etc., to recover 1/18 part 


102 N^otes and Queries, [June 

of Rhode Island of which their father was proprietor. 17 Nov. 
1683. Heraldic seals. Witnessed by John Balston, Robert John- 
son, and WilHam Wharton. Mass. Archives, 2:58. 

Ebp:nezer Benton, The author of '^ Samuel Slade Benton, 
His Ancestors and Descendants," thinks that Ebcnezer Benton, 
son of the first Andrew, died before 1760. He was born 1674, as 
he was nine years old at his father's death, 1683. A MS. notice 
of him by Col. James Ward of Hartford (d. 1856 tet. 89) says 
that he married Elizabeth ^\Tiite {John, Nathaniel, John) and had 
daughter Ruth, b. 1 Jan. 1738, and that he died 1770 iet. 96. His 
wife d. 9 March 1791. 

Ruth Benton m., 1763, Jonathan Butler and had daugliter 
Ruth who m., 1803, the said James W^ard. Ruth Benton died 
6 Sept. 1817. ' , Norman M. Isiiam. 

Elbert Eleerta Stoothoffe living at Amerffort on Long Isl- 
and, will dated 18 Dec. 1686, at New York. Ratifies marriage con- 
tract with wife Sarah Rodloffe dated20 July 1683. Former children 
of my deceased wife Aeltie Cornelise, by name William Gcrretss 
van Cowenhoven, Mary married with Coert Stevense and the 
child or children begotten by Roeloff Martense shall each of tlieni 
receive for their mother's estate £50 country pay, amounting in 
I all to £150 immediately on my decease. Their brother and uncle 
John Gerretse van Cowenhoven has had 2000 gulders for the estate 
■ of his mother. To son Gerrit Stoothoff my islands with all ap- 
purtenances lying upon Long Island under the jurisdiction of 
Amesffort called by the Indians Wynpagque. My house and lot 
in village of Amesffort which I bought of Pieter Cornelise, clerk, 
but not to sell or charge the said island which to pass at his 
death to his children, or in default of issue to his two sisters. 
Heyltie and Aegie Stoothoff and if they have no children to my 
right heirs, so to remain in my blood forever. 

Son in law Thomas Willett 30 margcn of land by my son in 
law John Theumissfers. My only and universal heii'es, my 
children begotten of my wife Aeltie Cornelisse deceased, viz. 
Gerritt, Heyltie and Aegie. Son Gerrett and son in law Thomas 
Willet executors. Witnesses: Paul Richarde, Dirck Ten Eyck, 
William Bogardus. Admitted to probate 25 Feb. 1688, at an In- 
ferior Court of Pleas held for King's county. Long Island before 
Stephanno Van Courtland, Esq. Suff. Probate, 13: 7 

1905] -::--'tSy^^^ Queries, .,...;,, 103 

The History of Concord, Mass., by Alfred Sereno Hudson, 
well known as the author of the History of Sudbury, and several 
other works of historical interest, will soon issue from the press. 
The book is in two volumes, of which volume I covers the Colonial 
period, and volume II the Provincial period and the Revolution. 
In the first volume will be found the annals of the town from its 
settlement in 1635 to 1655, so arranged that the reader may 
easily distinguish what is of actual record and what the author 
has supplied to illustrate the manners and customs of the times, 
which though not of record as pertaining to Concord is designed 
to be true of that period and as applicable to Concord as any other 
Massachusetts town. The remainder of the work is strictly his- 
torical and biographical. The illustrations will be a most pleasing 
feature. The price of the complete work is S8. Volume I will 
be ready in May, and may be obtained from George E. Littlefield, 
Cornhill, Boston. , . 

The N. E. Hist. Geneal. Register -for April contains genea- 
logical notices of the following families : Clark of Milford, Chalker 
of Guilford, Johnson of Woburn, Doane, Bristol, Converse, Cotton : 
church records of Scituate, Braintree, Chilmark, Vernon, Conn.; 
and the record of deaths of Edgartown. An especially interesting 
contribution is Miss West gate's Sailors in the Louisburg Expedi- 
tion of 1745. 

PiscATAQUA — In Volume 3 of Massachusetts Archives, folio 440, 
iire Several interesting papers concerning the first settlement at 
i'Lscataqua mostof whichhave been printed in volume 1 Provincial 
Papers of New Hampshire. Among the papers not printed is a 
K-ceipt given by Obadiah, Bruen to Thomas Larkham for £10 
Jfi consideration of which he sold all his share in the ''Plantation 
v^f Pascataquake.'' This receipt is dated 21 June 1641. The con- 
sideration was £3 in money and beaver, 5 bushells corn 20 shil- 
hri;rs, 6 yards woolen cloth 40 shillings, and a heifer cow £4. 

On the back of this receipt is ''an account of goods in the 
custody of Mr. Larkham which belong to the whole adventurers" 
^s follows: One great iron pot, one fowling peice, three pair 
^nu.skct moulds, one pair sheep shears, two brass tobacco pipes, 
*J^c great knife, two pair scissors, five dozen awlblades, one dozen 

104 I^otes and. Queries. [June 

cod hooks, four and one half pounds lead, one side, onehvearing bill^ 
one saw, three two moose coats, a ke}^ to the barn door. These 
are acknowledged b}^ Mr. Thomas Larkham except that the key 
** Nicholas hiltonn has of Mr. Larkom and is in his custody. '* 

The partners to this extensive enterprise were Richard Hunt; 
Thomas Wingfield, Thomas Knight, Thomas Hunt (or Burt), 
William Rowlej^ and Richard Percivall, a Shrewsburj^ draper, who 
sold his share, 22 Oct. 1635, to Obadiah Bruen, also a draper of 
Shrewsbury. Bruen came to New England, and afterward was of 
Cape Ann and later of New London, and disposed of his interest 
as shown above to Thomas Larkham the minister at Northam. 
On the 13 Sept. 1642, Larkham sold his share to William Waldern. 

Did any of the other * ' partners' ' settle in New England ? 

To Librarians — A complete set of the Genealogical magazine 
edited by Eben Putnam is offered for sale as follows: 

Salem Press Historical and Genealogical Record, Vols. I 
and II, quarterly, 1890-1892. Bound, but not uniform. 

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1899. In numbers. 

Genealogical Quarterly Magazine, Vols. I-V, 1900-1904. 
In numbers. 

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matter should apply to him for a copy. His address will be found 
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]tt05 ; H J^oies and Queries. , . . ; \ 105 

';•:'■;• Vital Records. '■■•;■■■■ ■- ■■"^'■v-vi f;:.r:« ■■,;:- :_;• 

Since the publication in our April issue of the list of volumes 
entitled the Vital Records of Massachusetts, the Secretary has 
frceived Charlton, Boxford, and Medway. Wenhana has not as 
yet been paid for. 

The total amount so far used of the appropriation of $15,000 
for the year is $11,805, 

. vv-.^ . c, . , . ■ \ - Pages . :; ,' :: 

Mar. 16. Charlton„ 260 $1300 

April 27. Boxford ....272 1300 

May 2. Medway 334 1670 ' 

Mr. Dow of the Essex Institute informs us that no part of the. 
rvcuid i.-5 omitted in the Institute publications. 

The editors of this magazine have received many communica- 
tions commending the position taken in the April issue. 

., Some Notes from Vol. 13, Bristol Deeds. 

John rioskins of Taunton, weaver [wife Elizabeth] to Joseph 
Ti^dale of do., inholder, land there. 31 July 1707. Wit., Nat^. 
Wsher, Jas. Tisdale, Jona. Hall. Page 1. 

Viilliam Hack, husbandman [wife Susanna] of Taunton to Jos. 
^'-""dale, bounding on land Tisdale bought of Geo. Goodwin of 
TfUHiton and on Nicholas Stephens. 24 June, 170S. Page 2. 

Ihomas Gilbert of Taunton, yeoman, to Jos." Tisdale, land in 
Triinuon. 3 Feb. 1703. Wits. Ilenry Hodges, Samuel Blake, 

I ai't^ 5. 

Samuel Mott of Dartmouth [wife Mary], to Peleg Slocum of do. 
• 'CJng part of the first division at the rate of 800 acres to a share. 
'-'> 1 eb. 1709. Wit., Wm. Cornwell, Francis -Barker. Ack. at 
^^^v^port, 1709. Page 7. 

-Uys. Taber of Tiverton, yeo., to Job Briggs of do., husbandman, 
«^^ul bounding, on Dartmouth line. 17 March 1708-9. Wit., 
T>Krs. Wilcocks, Thos. Wait, Elias Williams. Page 8. ' 

♦J'»soph Taber of Tiverton to Thos. Wait, Jr., now of Portsmouth, 
^'■'■, luisbandman land in Tiverton bounding on Phihp Taber 

106 dSfotes and Queries, . V. 

and Dartmouth line, Richard Crane. 16 March 170S-9. Wit., 
rhihp Taber, Job Briggs. Page 9. 

Capt. Thos. Townsend of Portsmouth, R. I., to son-in-law Job 
Almy of Punckatest in Tiverton, '' land there I bought of Samuel 
Little then of Marshfield but late of Bristol, deceased 1695." 
1 July 1708. Wit., AVm. ]\hanchester, Wm. Arnold. Page 10. 

John Walley of Boston, merchant, and Sarah his wife, Nathaniel 
Oliver of lioston, merchant, and Elizabeth his wife, NatW By- 
field, and Deborah his wife, Stephen Burton and Abigail his 
wife all of Boston, merchants, to John Saffin 40 A. on westerlv 
side of Mount Hope Neck also 1-150 part of 600 acres to be laid 
out. 18 May 1681. Wit., Mercey Davise, Eliezer Moody, ser- 
vant to John Playward, scrivener. Page 13. 

Nicholas Tanner of Swanzey, yeo., to John Saffin two lots in 
''Brooks liis pasture'^ in Swanzey, bounding on land of Hugli 
Cole, Jr., now in tenure of John Thurbar, Jr., land formerly Samp- 
son Mason. 14 Nov. 1688. W^it., Richard Hasluni, John Mot- 
teram, Mary Whitiker. Page 15. 

Indentiue between Thomas Earle of Dartmouth, yeo., and W^m. 
Anthony and Thos. Hix of Portsmouth, R. I., Jos. Wanton, 
Richard Burden, Jos. Anthony, Jr., of Tiverton, husbandmen, 
all his lot in Swanzey, being that land on which stands a certain 
meeting house in which the people called Quakers usually meet. 
7 Sept. 1708. Page 17. 

Daniel Greenell, Sr., of Little Compton, to son Richard. Wit. 
Robert W^oodman, Edw. Richmond. 1703. Page 20. 

Daniel Greenell, Jr., and wife Lidiah of L. Compton, to Richard 
Greenell. 1703. Wit., Wm. Heffernan, Seth Philips, Page 21. 

Philip Callender of Newport, boatman, and wife ^lary, to Rich- 
ard Greenell of Little Compton, all right Philip has in right of his 
wife in lands under will of Dan^ Eaton late of Little Compton, 
1705. Wit., Sarah Woodbury, Thos.. Fox. Page 23. 
■ Henry Nichelson of Boston, barber, adm. on estate of Jas. 
Stratton of Watertown, in consideration of payment by Abraham 
Anthonv of Rhode Island, on account of Riclr^ Greenell of Little 
Compton, general release. 1706. Wit., Benj. Emmons, John 
Valentine. .,■'■••:.'.' ''■'■■''■■''''■:''::"■■■.:'■:■■'': '/.-r ^-^'^^ ''■■-■ :^- 

• '■', ~ ■'. '', • ■ >■ ■;'■' 


p .^.-. ^„ ,. .- . —J— ^--WT^-«».»Ljp,f»Jt .1^^^^, 

(From Original Mss. Sources, — State Papers, Wills, Deeds, 
County, Town and Parish Records, Collections, etc.) 

Mr. Eben Putnam, in his professional work, is enp;aged in 
examining records and documents, of date prior to 1800, at 
the various record depositories and elsewhere. Former clients 
and present correspondents who do not care to go to the 
expense of having special search made, or who may have 
exhausted the more obvious sources of genealogical informa- 
tion, are invited to communicate with Mr. Putnam. Mr. 
Putnam will report from time to time, should he chance to 
meet with m.aterial relative to the families or items in 
which his correspondents are interested. A charge of $5 per 
annum is made for this service, which includes a yearly sub- 
scription to The Genealogical Magazine. By especial ar- 
rangement English wants are filed with a correspondent 
in London who is constantly searching the pubhc records. 
For the foreign service an additional fee of $10 is charged. 
This registration fee provides for immediate intelligence of 
any find, and also secures an examination of Mr. Putnam's 
personal collection of ^Iss. notes for the facts sought. 

From time to time, as wants accumulate, either Elnglish or 
American, especially the former, if combination is practical, 
a search will be undertaken for the information sought, thus 
instituting cooperation in genealogical research which will 
l)rove of service to those who have registered wants. Only 
one query can be registered under one fee, although in cases 
of identity of emigrants, service of ancestors, descent from 
freemen, etc., as liberal a construction as possible is placed 
upon the conditions of the offer. No obligation is assumed 
by i\Ir. Putnam to undertake a direct search for the inform- 
ation desired, yet he will endeavor in every instance to ren- 
der such aid as opportunity affords. 

Iri taking advantage of this offer, please send full details 
as far as possible, thus saving correspondence. If several 
queries are sent, onty one can be filed. Queries, however, 
«re inserted free in this magazine, if careful!}^ prepared. 
Address care of . ■ . 


• • • 

.,; ...A LIST OF 

eosioners of the War of 1 8 1 

With an Appendix containing Names of Volunteers for the defence of Plattsbiirgh from 
Vermont Towns, a Description of the Battle from Contemporaneous Sources, the Ofhcial State- 
ment of Losses, and Names of United States Officers and Soldiers at Burlington, Vermont, 
as shoA\Ti on Arm}^ Pay and Muster Rolls recentl}- brought to light. Edited by Byron X 
Clark, Librarian Vermont Antiquarian Society. Svo, cloth, pages 171, with two illustra- 
tions. Edition, 200 copies. Price, S3. 00. 

This volume of records of personal service in the War of 1S12, collected b}^ Mr. Clark, is 
the result of finding, among the MSS. of the Vermont Antiquarian Society, a record kept by 
Mr. William G. Shaw, a pension agent of Burlington. Mr. Shaw noted the data which, a]). 
pears on pages 9-20 inclusive. To this valuable record was added a list of the volunteers from 
various Vermont towns who marched to Plattsburgh, and took part in the battle. 

While correcting the proofs of that modest contribution to Verm.ont history, Mr. Clarl: 
received from Mr. Henry L. Sheldon of Middlebury, a bundle of pay and muster rolls of 
troops in the United States service, mainly of the 11th regiment and the several companies 
of dragooiis, artilltiy and artlficcii, stationed at Burlinglon, as well as a pay roll of dis- 
charged men to Dec. 31 , 1815, who were members of the 30th Infantry, U. S. A. This latter 
list supplied residence, age and date of enlistment of nearly 150 men. In all, these roll ^ 
embrace about 3,000 names. The most extensive list of Soldiers of the War of 
1812 ever Printed. It is not perhaps generally known that the different State as well as 
the National archives are deficient in rolls and other records of the men who served in the 
War of 1812. 

The appendix also contains contemporaneous accounts of the battle from both Burling- 
ton and Montreal papers, and Commodore Macdonough's own report and his early dispatcli 
announcing his victory. A full list of the killed and wounded in the naval action is printC'l. 

Two fine half tone illustrations add to the interest of the book: Commodore Maedon- 
ough, and a reproduction of an old print representing the Battle of Plattsburgh. 

.:,:■ -.:-,:■. ,.■■.-;■: -■,■.■■..,,.■ for sale by . 

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: ■ i Problems of the East and Problems of the Far East 

■;'■':'[■■' -]l:;K '''' -''■:^^'/\':''r'' ^ ' By Alfred Rambaud, 

'■•'•■ Author of " The History of Russia." 

\ Since the overthrow of the Tartar yoke Russia has steadily advanced into 
Western Europe, the ]^jalkans, Siberia, and her designs on Persia, India, aiiJ 
China have been checked only by Japan. Her p(shcy, unchanged even in 
defeat, should be realized by Americans. J/. Rambaud enables the reader to 
appreciate the destiny Russia strives to attain. Cloth, 12nio, SI • 

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The Genealogical Magazine 

Vol. I. July, 1905. No. 4 


X:^yr.:: /:.,■■■,: ■:., ESSEX COUNTY, MASS. . V-,,:,-..:... 

\,y--':;y' ■,-' (Vital Statistics.) '■:::':■ I 'i ,. 

■h'SM 'd ''}■:■ ^-:r '.'^-r-.-r COPIED BY A. A. GALLOUPE. - l'. 

^■■^■[■r'J'--.- : :• Volume I. 

Note. — The folios in the old Record are completely obliter- 
ated; hence, the word — page — is inserted in this manuscript at 
the beginning of each of the Record. 

Births. :■:'■■...■.-■;. :,,-,,::w:.-. ^ 

(torn] page. ell the fonne of Lott Conant was borne the 28^^ of 
July 1650 

hv Connant the fonne of Lott Connant was borne 15*^ of 

Inrember 1652 

^ott the Sonne of Lott Connant was borne the 16*^ of february 


Liizabeth the Daughter of Lott Connant was borne the 13^^ of 
May 1660 

Mary the Daughter of Lott Connant borne the 14^^ of July 1662 
^^artha the Daughter of Lott Connant was borne the 15*^ of Au- 
K'ift 1664 

^'^ slli&in and Sarah: twins the fonne & Daughter of Lott Connant 

^•■fare borne the 19'^ of February 1666 

lifvlger the Sonne of Lott Connant was borne the 10*^ of march 

. ' *Copyrit^hl 190;3 bv Eben Putnam. 

108 Early Records of the Town oj Beverly. [July 

Rebecca the Daughter of Lott Connant was borne laft of January 

William Dodge of Cog^ and Eliza])eth hafkall weare married tjie 
10*h of July 1665 

Mary the Daughter of W»^ Dodge was borne tlie 12^^ of may 1667 
Elizabeth the Daughter of Will Dodge was borne the 13* ^ of Aprii! 
1670 ■■■ ■ 

henry Baile & Dorothy Bond weai-e married the 20*'^ of Septem- 
ber 1665 

[torn] ane & freeborne Sallowes we the 29^^^ of July 1664 

Anthony the Sonne of Anthon}^ Wood borne 17^^' Decemb^ 169- 
- Mar}^ the Daughter of Anthony Wood was borne tlie 0'^ of Decem- 
ber 1670 ;,. 

Thomas Weft and Elizabeth Jackfon weare married the 12*'' of 

December 1661 

Elizabeth the Daughter of Thomas Weft was borne the 26*'' of 

September 1663 

Mar}^ the Daughter of Thomas Weft was borne the 22"^* of Sep- 
: tember 1665 

hannah the Daughter of Thomas Weft was borne the 20* '^ of Oc- 
tober 1667 
; John the Sonne of Thomas Weft was borne the 5*^^' of October 1669 

] Ephraim herrick and Mary Croffe weare married the 3'''^ of July 

Jno herrick the Sonne of Ephraim herrick was borne the 3P^ of 
may 1662 

Ephraim the Sonne of Ephraim herrick was borne 13*^* of Auguft 

Mary the Daughter of Ephraim herrick was borne 14*^' of June 
Steven the 15*^ of march 1670 the Sonne of Ephraim herricke: 

;. page — Peeter Woodberry and Sarah Dodge weare married the 

, — of Jully 1667 

.. Sarah the Daugliter of Peeter Woodberry was borne the 12*^' «f 

December 1668 

Abigaile the Daughter of Peeter Woodberry was borne the 13'" 

of Aprill 1671 

1905] r ■: Early Records of the Town of Beverly. •: 109 

William the Sonne of William Woodberry Jun^ was borne the 10^^ 

of March 1G65 

Judith the Daughter of WiUiam Woodberry was borne the 22^^ 

of november 1667 

Jonathan the Sonne of John Rayment was borne the 27^^' of April 


Nathaniell the Sonne of John Rayment was borne the 15^^^ of March 

1670 ■;:.- ^ :,:•:,;., ■t;:v'-x::- ■■••:- ^; :-;;.-^:/^ r ■ r .- - " . V\..:-- 

page— ^ ■.■■-'■[ ' 

John Rayment and AVeare married the 20*^ of Auguft — 

Beniamen the Sonne of John Rayment ■ 20^^ of Auguftl672 

Jofeph herrick and Sarah Leach weare married the 7**^ da}^ of feb- 
riiar}^ 1665 ^ 

Joofpli the Sonne of Joofphherrick was borne the 2^^ of April) 1667: 
Beniamin the Sonne of Joefph herrick was borne the firft of Jan- 
uary 1669 

John the Sonne of Jofeph herrick was borne the 25^^^ of January 

SammueJI harris and Mary hoare Weare Marryed the SO^'^ Day of 
J^nc 1671: 

l>aniell the fonne of Samucll harifs was born the 31* of march 1672 
Ifaack Woodberry and Mary Wilkes weare married the 9*^ of Oct- 
ober 1671 by maio'" hawthorne 

I I'oinas the Sonn of John Lovett was borne the 25**^ of September 

Mary the Daughter of John Woodberry was borne the 6*^^ of Sep- 
tember 1671 

^?>^nphcry Woodberry & Anna Winder weare marryed the 10*^^ 
'October 1671 

Hirhard Ober & Abbigaile Woodberry weare married the 26*^ De- 
cember 1671 . ■ ' ■ • 
John Swarton & Abbigaile hibbard weare married the 8^^^ of Jan- 
nhry 1671 

J«5f(^ph hibbard & Abigaile Graves weare married the 20^^^ October 

'^^Knuas herrick — - " ' 

-"^sn the Sonne of Georg Stanley was borne the 24^^^ of februarv 
t*>7l, .... 

110 ;:; Early Records of the Town of Beverly. [July 

page — [torn] dike and mary patch — re Legally: married the 

28th Aprill 1663: 

Mary the Daughter of paiile Thorndike was borne the 8^^ of Jan- 
uary 1663: 

■^7^:^: Elizabeth the Daughter of Paule Thorndike was borne the 14^^^ 

of October 1670: 

Hannah the daughter of Paul Thorndike was born the 14*^ may in 

; the year 1673 

Jn" Edwards & mary Selare married the 20^^ may 1666: 

Jn<^ the Sonne of Jn" Edwards borne the 1 P^ December 1668 

EHzabeth y^ Daughter of Jn« Ewards borne firft of Aprill 1671 

Deliuerance the Daughter of John Dodg Sen'" was borne the 10*^ 

Day of march 1660 

John the Sonne of John Dodg Se'" borne the 15*^^ Day of Aprill 1662 

Jofias the vSonne of John Dodg Se'' was borne the 4*1^ June 1665 

Sarah the Daughter of John Dodge Se"" was borne the 13^^ of Jan- 
uary 1667 

Ebenezer the Sonne of John Dodge Sc'' was borne the firft of Au- 
:''> gust 1670 
; Mary Dodge the Daughter of Jn" Dodge was borne the 15^^ of 
■ Auguft 1672 

Beniamen the Sonne of John Rayment Deceafed 16*^ September 

anno Dom 1672 

Joseph Dodge and Sarah Eaton war maryed the 21^^ Day of feb- 

ruarii 1671 

Richard Dodge fe"^ Deceafed June 15*^ 1671 

page — Jeffery Thiftle the Sonne of Richard Thiftle was borne the 

21th September 1672 

John Sampfon and Sarah Hoare weare married the 22*^ of October 
- 1667 

Sarah Sampfon the Daughter of John Sampfon was borne June the 

18th 1668 

Mary Sampfon the Daughter of John Sampfon was borne the 13th 

of March 1672 

Jofiah Woodberry the fonne of hugh Woodberry was borne the 15th 
^ of September 1663 

priffila the Daughter of hugh Woodberry was borne the 12th of 

Januarii 1665 

1905] Early Records of the Town of Beverly. Ill 

Rebecca the Daughter of hugh Woodberry was borne the 22^1^ 

Februarii 1667 ^ ^ 

Anna the Daughter of hugh Woodberry was borne the 15*^ of march 


Elizabeth the Daughter of hugh Woodberry was borne the 12^^^ 

Februarii 1671 

Ebenezer the fonne of Ifaicke Dauis was borne the 7*^ of novem- 

ber 1671 ^ •,^... '^^-.. 

Sufanna the Daughter of Nicholas Groue was borne the 8^^ of maii 

1672: ^ • •■ '/■-^^:'.-^ " 

Ehzabeth the Daughter of wilHam hoop [er] was borne the firft Day 

of Auguft 1672 

Robert the fonne of Ifaicke woodberry was borne the fixt Day of 

auguft 1672 

page — Henry Herrick and Martin Herrick Twins weare borne on 

the tliree and Twentieth Day of Janiari [1679] 

Obidiah Hawthorn the fonne of Wilham and Joan born on the 

Twelfth Day of Januarie Anno ' " 

Mary Louett the Daughter of Jofeph and Elizabeth was borne 

Oil the Twentieth Day of may in the year of ou^ Lord [1676] 

Hannah AVoodberie the Daughter of William Woodberrie born 

on the Eight and Twentieth Day of March [1680] 

Eliazer Gyles fon of John and Elizabeth Gyles born on the 

nineteenth Day of March Anno Domini 1680 

John Chuf>b the fonn of Thomas <^ Merc}' Chubb born on the 

fourteenth Day of September in the year of ou^ Lord 

Jofeph Corning the fonn of famuell and Hannah Corning born on 
the nineteenth Day of nouember in the year of ou'" Lord [1679] 
Jofeph Balch the fon of famuell and Martha Balch was born on 
the Twenty and fixth Day of Aprill Anno Domini 1680 
Arm Woodberrie the Daughter of Humphry and Ann Wood- 
berrie was born on the Laft Day of may Anno Domini 1680 
Elizabeth Williams the Daugliter of John and Martha Williams 
born on the foure and Twentieth Day of ^lay 1680 
Jonathan Harris the fon of Jofeph and Dorcas Harris born on 
the fixth Day of June Anno Domine 1680 

Hichard Coy the fonn of John and Elizabeth Coy born on the feauen- 
teenth Day of June in the year of ou^ Lord 1680 

il2 '■■_^-^^^;,, Early Records of the Town of Beverly. [July 

Hannah Williams the Daughter of Anthony and Mary Williams 

born on the third Day of Aiiguft Anno Domine 1680 

Ebenezer Bennit the fon of John and Deborah Bennit born on the 

nineteenth Day of may Anno: Domine 1678 

Jofeph Bennit the fonn of John and Deborah Bennit born on the 

Eight and Twentieth Day of June Anno Domine 1680 

Dorathy Hopper the Daughter of William and Elizabeth Hopper 

born on the foui-th Day of Auguft Anno Domine 1 680 

Roger Hafcoll the fon of marke and Mary II af coll born on the 

feauenteenth Day of October Anno Domine 16S0 

Sarah Woodberrie the Daughter of Richard and Sarah Woodberrie 

born on the Eighteenth Day of nouember in the year of ou^ Lord 

God 1680 

page [torn] fonn of Thomas and Sarah Gage born and 

Twentieth Day of nouember Anno 1680 

[Chriftian] the Daughter of Ifaak and Mary Woodberrie born on the 

three and Twentieth Day of March Anno Domine 1677 

[Isaac] the fonn of Ifaak and Mary Woodberrie born on the fixth 

Day of Aprill Anno: Domine 1680 

the fonn of Anthony and Mar}^ Wood born on the — 

Day of December in the year of ou^ Lord 1680 

the fonn of Anthony and Mary Wood Born on y^ fifteenth 
day of March Annod 1682 : 3 [Note, this family had sons Israel 
and Nehemiah, but no dates.] 

. Woodberrie Daughter of Thomas and Hannah AVood- 

berrie born on the Twentieth Day of Januaric Anno Domine 1679 
[John] Woodberrie the fonn of John and Elizabeth Woodberrie 
born on the fifth Day of March Anno Domine 1680^.^. 
Elizabeth Biles the Dauiz;hter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Biles 
born on the Twenty feauenth Day of March Anno : Domine 1681 : 
Mary Grouerthe Daughter of Nehemiah and Ruth Grouer born on 
the nineteenth Day of Aprill in the year of ou'" Lord 1681 : 
Robert the fonn of John Hale minifter of the Gofpell at Beuerly 
by his wife Rebeckah was born the third Day of nouember in 
the year of ou^ Lord, 1668 

Simon Louett the fon of Jofeph and Elizabeth Louett born on the 
four and Twentieth Day of June Anno : Domine 1681 
Sollomon Cole the fonn of Sollomon and Mary Cole born on the 
Twelfth Day of Auguft Anno Domine 1681 

1905] ; Early Records of the Town of Beverly, 113 

Abi Gaile Doclg the Daughter of Jofeph and Sarah Dodg born on 

llie Twelfth Day of September Anno : Domine IGSl : ■- 

Ifrael Balchthefonn of John and Hannah Balch born on the Thh'd 

Day of September Anno : Domine 1G81 

John Lagro the fonn of NichoLas and Hannah Lagro born on the 

foure and Twentieth Day of September Anno : 1681 : 

EHzabeth Clark tlie Daughter of William and Elizabeth Clark bor n 

on the two and Twentieth Day of October Anno : 1681 

Mary Williams the Daughter of John and Martha Williams born 

on the Eighteenth Day of nouember Anno : Domine : 1681 

page — Hezekiah Ober the fonn of Richard and Abigaile Ober 

born on the ninth Day of nouember in the year of ou'" Lord God 


Abigaile Hafkall the Daughter of Roger and Hannah Hafkall born 

on the Eighteenth Day of Octoljcr Anno Domine 1681 

Tryphofa the Daughter of Jofeph Herri ck and Mary his wife born 

on the feauen and Twentieth Day of nouember 1681 : . 

Mercy Eliott the Daughter of Andrew Eliott Junio^ and mary 

his wife born on the Twentieth Day of Auguft Anno q 1681 

Abraham l^erkins the fonn of Dauid and Elizabeth Perkins born 

on the Twelfth Day of nouember Anno : Domine 1G81 

Dauid Standly the fon of Georg and Bethia Standly born on 

the fixth Day of June in the 3^ear of ou'' Lord God 1681 

Elizabeth Trafk and Hannah Trafk Twins and Daughters vnto 

John and Hannah Trafk born on the Seauenteenth Day of Sep- 

teuib'- Anno : 1681 

Mercy Eaton the Daughter of Jofeph and Hannah Eaton born on 

the fifteenth Day of Januarie in the year of our Lord God 1681 

Richard Woodberrie the fonn of Richai'd and Sarah Woodberrie 

born on the fixteenth Day of ffebruarie in the year of ou' Lord 

God 1681 

John Hafkall the fonn of Marke and i\lary Hafkall born on the 

fourteenth Day of ffebruarie in the year of ou'" Lord 1681 

Jolm Raiment born on tlie foure and Twentieth Day of nouember 

fonn of John and Martha Raiment in the j-ear of ou'" Lord 1677 

Martha Raiment the Daughter of John and Martha Raiment above 

faid born on the foure and Twentieth Day of May Anno : Domine 


Aniia Ilerrick the Daughter of ]i;})hraim and Mary Derrick born 
on the Laft Day of June in the year of ou' Lord 1677 

114 Early Records of the Town of Beverly, 


Timothy Herrick the fonn of Ephraim and Mar}^ Herrick born on 

the fourth Dav of Januarie in the year of ou' Lord 168^ I 

Margaret Sallows the Daughter of John and Elizabeth Sallow^ f: 

born on the fourth Day of May Anno : Domi^e 1682 fi: 

Samuell Butman the fon of Jeremiah and Mehetabell Butman | 

born on the 15'^ Day of September Anno Domine 1680 | 

Jofeph Eaton y^ fon of Jofeph Eaton by Hannah his wife was | 

Borne on y^ feuententh day of May in y^ yea"" of our Lord God 1682 f 

Anna Geare the Daughter of Thomas and Deborah Geare born on | 

the feauenteenth Day of June Anno : Domine 1682 I 

'page — Jofiah Woodberrie the fonn of Peter and Sarah Woodberrie i 

born on the fifteenth Day of June Anno 1682 | 

Mary Chubb the Daughter of Thomas and Mercy Chubb born on | 

the Tenth Day of July in the year of ou*" Lord 1682 f 

Jabez Baker the lonn of Cornelius and Hannah Baker born on I 


the fixth Day of march in the year of ou"" Lord 1682 | 

Jofeph Balch the fonn of Beniamin and Elizabeth Balch born on 'i 

the fix and Twentieth Day of September Anno : 1677 | 

Ebenezer Balch the fonn of Benjamin and Elizabeth Balch born | 

on the fourth Day of June Anno : Domine 1680 I 

Abigaile Balch the Daughter of Beniamin and Elizabeth Balch | 

born on the feauenteenth Day of May Anno : 1682 | 

Mary Coy the Daughter of John and Elizabeth Coy born on the l 

nintli Day of Auguft in the year of ou^ Lord 1682 I 

Abigaile Bradford the Daughter of William and Rachell Bradford j 

born on the fifth Day of September Anno Domine 1682 \ 
Mary Dodg the Daughter of Edward and Mary Dodg born on the 

one and Twentieth Day of Aprill Anno : Domine 1675 i 

Jonathan Dodg the fonn of Edward and Mary Dodg born on the \ 
Third Day of July in the year of ou' Lord 1679 

Edith Dodg the Daughter of Edward and Mary Dodg born on '- 

the Third Day of Januarie Anno: Domine 1680 ' 
Jofeph Read the fonn of Chriftopher and Elizabeth Read born on 
the nineteenth Day of Auguft Anno : Domine 1682 
Jonathan Woodberrie the fonn of Thomas and Hannah Woodberrie 
born on the Twelfth Day of September in the j^ear of ou^ Lord God 

page — Peter Woodberrie the fonn of William and Hannah Wood- 
berrie born on the third Day of Auguft Anno : Domine 1682 

{To he continued,) 








(^Continued from, Vol. 1, page 80.) 

2. Deacon Sam" Whittemore, Deacon Henry Prentice, M'' Ed- 
ward Manning, Cap' Edward Mairett, M^' Sam" Kent, Thomas 
Sparhawk Efq^' M*' Thomas Gardner were Chofen a Committee 
for this year to Infpect y'' manners of Profefsing Chriftians 

Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y^ Chh May 25, 1770. 

1. Voted to Choofe a Committee for Infpecting y'" manners of 
Profefsing Chriftians &c. by an handy vote. 

2. Deacon Sam" Whittemore, Cap* Stedman, Capt Marrett, 
. Deacon Henry Prentice, M'" Sam" Kent, Thomas Sparhawk 

Efq*", & M'' Thomas Gardner were Chofen y*" Committee for 
this year for y*^ above mentioned defign. 

3. Deacon Whittemore having prefented to y*" Chli y^ agree- 
ment of y*^^ three Deacons with Ebenezer Bartlett of Newton to 
refer y^ matter of y^' Rents of y*^ Chh Lot of Newton to y'^ 
Jndgment of M'" Daniel Woodward, M'' Thomas Miller & M^ 
Jofeph Hide. Provided it be agreable to y*^ Chh. 

The Subftance of y^" award or Judgment was as follows Viz. 

That y*" S** Bartlett pay to y*' Deacons aforef'^ or y'" Succef- 
sors P^ighteen Shillings yearly for Each & Every year during 
Said Term of Ten years and y' he allso pay them Eighteen 
Shillings for y^ Improvement of y^ whole for y*^ time past. 
Which Judgment was given 17'^ June 1769, And y*' Question 
being put whether this Judgment or award was agreable to y*^ 
Chh and it pafsed in y^ negative. 

4. The Chh. voted their Confent that S** Bartlett Should pay no 
more than Eighteen Shillings for all y^' past Improvement 
of y*^ land till y^' year 1760 & Eighteen Shillings for y^ 
year 1769 & Eighteen Shillings for y^ prefent year 1770, 
and did not confent to thefe Terms for an}^ further length 
of Time. 

116 f Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [Jul}' 


Att a Meeting of y^' Brethren of y^ Chb August 16, 1771. 
1. Voted to Choofe b}^ hand}'' vote a Committee for Infpoct- 

ing y^ Manners of Profefsing Chriftians <^c. | 

^ ; • 2. Deacon Whitteniore, Capt. Stedmau, Capt. Marrett, Dea- 
con Prentice. M*" Peter Tufts, Thomas Sparhawk Efq^ & 
Cap* Gardner were Chofen y^ Committee for y** above 
mentioned defign for this year. 

Att a Meeting of y^' Brethren of y^ Chh, May 22. 1772. 

1. Voted to Choofe by handy vote a Committee as ufual for 
Infpecting y*" manners of Profefsing Chriftians ^c. | 

2. Deacon Whittemore, Cap' Stedman, Cap* Marrett, Deacon 
Prentice, M*' Peter Tufts, Deacon Sparhawk & Cap^ Gardner 
were Chosen y^ Committee for y*^ above mentioned Service 
for this year. ' 3 Turnover, 


3. The Brethren taking into Consideration y*^" difficulty of mak- 
ing aii}^ profitable Improvement of y*' Lot att Newton belong- 
ing to this Chh containing about 20 aci'es. It being y^' Gift 
of W Thomas Beale to y^ Chh of Christ in this Place <k 
Toivn of C((iiibridge inhere of He was a Member Judge it most 
Convenient to Sell y*^ Said Lot accordingly it is voted, tliat 
the Doacons of this Chh do in y*^ name of y^ Chh Sell y'' Said 
Lot to y*' best advantage and that y^' mony procured by y*^ 
Sale of Said Land be vefted in Bonds with good Security 
made to y^ Said Deacons and to their Succefsors in Said 
office in behalf of y'' Chh. The Income of Said mony to 
be difpofed of from time to time by y^' Chh as they Shall 
direct & order y** Same and in y*" Same manner as they y*^ 
S"^ Chh shall d if pose of y*^^ Income of y'' mony procured by 
y^ sale of y^ wood upon Said Lot which they Sold Some 
years past. 

Att a Meeting of y"^ Brethren of y^ Chli. April 23, 1773. 

1. Voted to Choofe by handy vote a Committee as ufual to In- 
spect y' 'manners of Profefsing Chriftians &c. 

2. Deacon AVliittemore, Cap^ Stedman, Cap*. Marrett, Deacon 
Prentice, M'' Peter Tufts, Deacon Sparhawk & Cap*. Gardner 
were Chofen a Committee for y** above mentioned Service for 
this year. 

..3. William Kneeland Efq' M'^ Abraham Watfon Jun'". Cup*. 
Gardner, t^ Capt. Stedman were Chofen to be a Committee to 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cavihridge. 117 

Inquire into y*' State of y'- Churcli Stock of monies Bonds or 
Notes in y*^" J)eiicons Handb and Consider with y*^ Deacons 
what ma}^ be y'' most proper way to Improve y*^ Same and 
make report to y*' Chh This day come Eiglit Weeks after 

Camb. June 18, 1773. 

Att a meeting of y*^ Brethren of y*^ Chh by adjournment 
from April 23*^ 

The Committee then chofen to look into y*" State of y*" Chh 
Stock of IMonies, Bonds, or Notes in y^' hands of y^ Deacons 
& to confider with y*^* Deacons what may be y^' most proper 
way of Improving y'' Same iK: to report to y^" Chh. This day 
brought in their report Unanimously agreed to by the Commit- 
tee & Deacons and Unanimously accepted by the Chh, Which 
report is as follows Viz : — 

The Committee appointed to inquire into y*' State of y*" Chh 
Stock of Monies Bonds or Notes in \^ Deacon's Hands & con- 
fider with y*' Deacons what may be moft proper way to Im- 
prove y*- Same &c. Find that there is in y*^ hands of y*" Deacons 
(Exclufive of mony appropriated to y^' ufe of y*^ Poor) the Sum 
of thirty-seven Pounds nineteen Shillings & four pence three 
farthings: and y^ Deacons have allso in their hands Bonds & 

(109) Notes Securities for y*' Payment of two hundred &. ten Pounds, 
fourteen Shillings & one penny, with some Intereftdue thereon. 
The two Sums above-mentioned amount to Two hundred & 
fortj^-eight Pounds thirteen Shillings & five pence three far- 
things : Part whereof, Viz/. Two hundred & Twent}^ Pounds 
six Shillings & nine pence one farthing is y^' Produce of y^ 
Land & Wood att Newton. 

And as to y*" moft proper way to Improve y^ Same Stock y^ 
Committee together with y^ Deacons are Unanimously of opi- 
nion. That in y*" first Place So much thereof as may be ne- 
cesary for y^ difcliarge of any Debts due to be paid out of it 
be ai)plied for that purpose. 

■ 2"^^^ That y^ further Sum of forty Shillings Cash be kept in Bank 
by y*^ Deacons to defray any Contingent Charge y^ may arife by 
providing y'" Elements for y'' Lord's Supper or otherAvise. 
3rdiy i'<}ja|_ ye i-einaiuder be put out at Intereft & be a Fund for y*' 
Support of y' Gospel under y'' following Regulations. 

-'■■■ V^ That it be let out in as few Sums as Conveniently may be. 

118 i, , Recorch oj the First Church, Cambridge. [«Tuly 

2<3Jy That y*" Intereft of y'" whole be Diade payable att y*" same 

time ■■ • , .:.- ,. .„;,... ^--.r,.: 

8^'y That y^ whole of y^ Intereft be added to y' Principal for y*' 

term of fourteen years next to come. 
4tbiy xhat from and after y*^^ Expiration of Said term of Forteen 
years daring y*^ further term of fifteen years one Third part of 
y^ Intereft annually Shall be given to y'" first Farifh in Cam- 
bridge for & towards defraying y*" Expense of Supporting the 
Minister of this Parish : and y*" other two third Parts shall be 
added to y*" Principal. 
5tuiy^ That from and after y*" Expiration of y^ Said laft mentioned 
Term of fifteen years. Two third parts of y" Intereft annually 
Shall be given for y'^ Support of y^ Minister as aforefaid : and 
y*" other Third Part shall be added to y'' Principal forever, 
gthiy^ That this Fund shall be lufpected annually by a Committee 
appointed by this Chh, who Shall report to y^ Chh y*" State 
thereof and how y*" produce is applied. 

When we confider y*' Benefit y* may accrue to Pofterity by 
_ eftablifjiing a Fund of this kind, and how much it will Con- 
tribute to promote y'^ worship of y'' true God. & y^ knowledge 
& y*' Practice of y" religion of our Common Lord & Saviour 
Jesus Christ amongst future Generations who may be Inliabi- 
(110) tants of This parifh. We regard it as a defertion of y^ 
caufe of God and of His Chrift not to P^mbrace this oppertu- 
nity of Communicating our Sentiments Concerning this matter 
to our Dear & beloved Brethren in y*" Lord Jesus, the members 
of this Chh. 

And we Earnestly recommend to them that Avhen yy meet to 
Commemorate y'' Death & Sufferings of him who Spared not 
to Shed his precious Blood for us. They would Express their 
■ thankfull remembrance of y' Benefit yy have received b}^ Cheer- 
fully Contributing a Small part of y'" Substance with which God 
has blefsed them for yMmportant purpofes of Continuing & 
. Spreading amongst mankind tiiat pure & undefiled religion 
• ' ;: which Chrift appeared on Earth to propagate. 

To Shew y^ a very Small part of our Substance properly ap- 
plied would ])roduce a very Considerable Effect. 

We beg leave to mention that by Calculation it appears that 

if Each Person who Contributes att y'" Sacrament of y*^^ Lords 

V, Supper, would lucreafe his Contribution only one third Part 

1905] ':■ Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 119 

(that is let y"" perfon who usually Contributes two Coppers, for 
y^ future Contribute three Coppers P^very Sacrament Day : 
and y^ Person who usually has given Sixpence for y'' future 
; I give nincpcnce, & so in proportion for greater or lefser Sums) 
and thefe Sums be regularly kept att lutereft : The Whole Sum 
in y*' Space of Twenty Eight years would amount to four 
hundred & thirty five Pounds five Shillings & odd pence, which 
being added to Seven hundred & thirty three pounds Six Shill- 
ings & eight pence ; ye produce of y'' fund as before planned 
gives att y'' end of twenty eight years the Sum of One thousand, 
one hundred & Sixty Eight Pounds, Eleven Shillings & Eight 
pence. Two Thirds of y*" Interest of which laft mentioned 
Sum is y'' vSum of forty six Pounds & fourteen Shillings almoft 
half as nnich as our Rev'' Paftors Salary. 

We therefore recommend to Each member of this Chh to 
Exercise that Piety & Charity with which God is well pleafed 
in y^ manner aforementioned namely by Increafing his Contri- 
bution att y*" Sacrament one third part. 

And we further recommend y*^ y*" State of the Chh Stock be 

Inquired into Every year ; and that Such Sum or Sums of 

money as Shall be in y*' hands of y*^ Deacons not appropriated, 

or necefsary for other Important Purpofes be annutdly applied 

& Set over to and for y^ Increafe of y' Fund abovementioned- 

All which we submit to y'' wife prudent &c. confideration of 

our Rev^ Paftor & Beloved Brethren of y"^ Chh. 

\ym Kneeland by order of 

the committee. 
27 May 1773. 

Cambridge P^ Church. 

For y" remaining votes att this Meeting of y^ Chh. 

- , , Vide P. (134) 

(111) Persons Married p.t Natii^^^^ Appleton, 

from Page (89) 

1765 June 18. Thomas Hill & Mary Smith 

July 4. Downing Champney Jun*" & Hannah Reed 

Aug'''' 1 Edward INIaylem i^ Abigail Ixemmicks 

, Ang^Mst John Wyman & Hcpzibah Oliver 

Oct. 22 Samuel Smith Earned & Sarah Gardner 

Oct*'* 30 John Jarvis & P^lizabeth Bowman. 


120 , Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [July 

1765 Ocf^^ 31 Moses Robbins & Sara Dana 
Dec. 9. Capt Eobert J^all & Mary Webber. 
Dcc^"10. Israel AVhitney & Jeiiiiua Robbins 

1766 Jan^" 2. James Holtori & Rebecca Champiiey 

9. M*" Thomas INlarsh & Mrs. Hannah Sprague 

^ 44; i, March 19. Philemon Haftings & Sarah Cole 
lifi3# March 20. M*" Hull Sewall & M^^^ Abigail Sparhawk 
July 24. Henry Dickson & Elizabeth Cox 
William Bell & Martha Hill. 
James Converse & Sarah Swan. 
Jofhu Lee & Sufannah Murcli. ^ 
John Barrows B.A. & Sarah Manning. 
George Tufts Sc Elizabeth Hartwell 
John Phillips Jun"" & Chriftian Baulch 
Thomas Irclnnd ^\i\\^ & Alice Fefseuden 
Epbraim Burridge & Elizabeth Sever 
James Leahi & Mary Comee, 
Jofiah Moore & Mary Haftings 
Samuel Cox & Lydia Cooper 20. M'' Caleb Prentice & M'« Rebekah Rockwell. 
1769 Mar. 31. Thus far I have delivered in y*" Names of y*' Perfons 

married by me to Andrew 13ordman Efq^ 
Town Clerk. 
Mav 11. Parsons Smith & Waitftill Jordan. 

1769 Oct''^ 4. Benaiah Davenport & Elizabeth Prentice 

1770 Jan> 9. The Rev'' M^ Jofhua Prentice & M'^^ Mary Haley 
August 23. Edward Fillebrown & Lydia Prentice 
Oct'"" 4. Abiel Murdock & Rebecca Watfon. 
Nov^"" 8. Jonathan Cook & Efther Johnson. 

1771. Jan>'22. ]\P William Fefeuden & M''^ Sarah Reed. 

Sept. 30. Thomas Stevens & Mary Barrett 

Nov. 19 Jack a negro Servant of W"' Tufts & Ann a negro 

Servant of Jon"^ Haftings Efq"" 
1772 Jan> 9. Joseph Bates & Mary Snow. 

Jan> 16. William Rufeell & Mary Richardfon. 

(112) 1772 Turn over to page (^112) 

Jan>' 29. Israel Porter & JNTartha Chadwick. 

April 22. Jofiah Temple & Elizabeth Potts 

April 23. John Prentice & Mary Scriptor 

1767 Aug^t 


: Sept. 









17G8 Jan> 










1905] ■; Records of the First Church, Cambridge, r 121 

1772 May 7. Silas Robbins and Mary Stratton 
Aug. 19. Nathan Watson and Margaret Watson 
Oct. 15. Samuel Foster and Lucy Fefsenden 
Nov^"" 5. M^' Ebenezer Hunt and M'^ Sarah Bradish 
Nov'^'' 26 AVilliam Manning Jun^ and Rebekali Oliver 
Dec^**' 3. James Read and Elizabeth Wheight 
Dec**'' 22. Stephen Frost (^ Suf anna Brown 

1773. Feb. 1. Zechariah Symms and Rebecca Tuthill 

Thus far I have delivered in y*" Names of y^ Perfons 
Married by me to M'" Andrew Bordman Town Clerk 

1773 Mar. 18. Daniel Stowell and Sufaunah Sherrow 
April 1. Thomas Reed and Alice Pierce '. 
June 3. Jofiah Dewen and Elizabeth Bond. _ ^ 

^ July 1. M'- Samuel Phillips & M'"^ Phoebe Foxcroft 

Sept. 8. M' Antipas Steward & M'"^ Rachel Haly 

Dec^' 16. Robert Converse and IMary Lamb. 

1774 Mar. 22. John Putnam and Joanna Eames. 
April 26. Joi'hua Parker & Hannah Kidder 

June 16 Stephen Palmer Jun*" and Tbankfull Childs. 

July 5. Torre}^ Hancock' and Sarah Wyeth 

July 7. Seth Jngersol Brown and Lucy Brown 

,: July 19. Rev^ M-^ Andrew Eliot & M'-^ Mary Pynchon 

Sept. 12. M^' Samuel Hancock & M''^ Tabitha Champney 

■■■':-:] Oct^"-27. William Richards & Abigail Stratton 

Nov 15. Henry Dickson and Sarah Cook 

1775 Jany 4. M'" Sam" Osgood Juu^" and Mrs. Martha Brandon 
Feb. 16, Samuel Cox & Jemima Hofey 

Mar. 14. M^ Thomas Farrington & M''^ Elisabeth Fifk 
Oct'"^ 25. Jofiah Sanderfon and Elizaljeth Cook 

1776 Jan> 11. Bartholomew Raymont and Anna AV^arren 
Feb. 13. ]\P Jefse Putnam and Mifs Sufanna Thacher 
March 26. Oliver Brown and Abigail Richardfon. 
Mar. 28. William Jones & Elizabeth Aftie 

May 8. Aaron AVood Efq of Boxford and M'* Lydia Barnard 

of Watertown. 
June 2. Noah Pierce & Sarah Caldwell Verte p. (128). 

(113) Persons "vvho own^ the Covenant to Qualifte themselves 
TO Receive Baptism fok their Children, by N. Appleton. 

1768 Jan> 24 Nath^' Jarvis & Elizabeth his Wife. 

122 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

1768Aprill7 Timothy Koree & | on y« 

i^^^^ — ""^^ :.: ' 

May 1. John AVyman & Mary his wife 

May 8. Jofhua Lee & Sufannah his wife. 

Dec. 11. Jofiah Moore & Mary his wife. • ^^ 

1769 Mar. 5. Nathaniel Robbins. 

Oct''*' 8. Jonathan Winfhip & Sarah his wife 
29. Jofiah Fefsenden & Elizabeth his wife. 

• Dec'''"31. Aaron Tufts & Mary his wife. 

1770 Jan>. 28. Stephen Goddard & Mary his wife. 
July 1. John Caldwell & Sarah his wife. 
Aug. 5. Ephraim Hammond & Hannah his wife, 
Nov*'^ 18 Walter Cox, Thomas Phillips. 
Dec''^23. Stephen Read & Relief his wife. 

1771 June IC. Edwsrd Fillebrown by Dr. Haven. 
July 14. Widow Rebeccah Pratt. 

Sept. 29. Nath" Thwiug & Margaret his wife. 

Dec^*" 1. Anne a negro woman of Jon'^ Haftings Efq^. 

1772 Jan. 19. Isaack Trafk. 
Feb. 16. William Hunt. 

June 7. Mofes Griggs ;. , - 

Aug. 23. Elizabeth Griggs wife of Mofes Griggs. 

Sept. 13. Benaiah Davenport & Elizabeth his wife. 

• Octbr 4. Jofeph Bates 

Nov'-nS. Thomas Barrett y...-' r^^i-i^:K-'::'r-.--''-^' ■ 

22. John Biitterfield ;-, •,:.■-[{.; >)-:yy\^ :--^[ ■■■::-'.-'■ ■ 

1773,Jan>'31 John Prentifs. 

June 27 Samuel Champney & Hannah his wife They owned 
' » y*^ Covenant & had y*" child Baptized on y^ 

South Side. 

August 1. Jonathan Butterfield ■ ;. 

Augustl5. James Read & Elizabeth his wife. '\ ' : 

Dec'"- 12. Caleb Rand ; "■ ::-.^:v-v^^^^^^^ 

1774 Feb. 5. Jotham Walton ''■',':- ^^ ,::.:/; ■'-,\. 

April 24. George Douglafs & Anna his wife 
1775. April 5. Stephen Palmer Jun'^ & ThankfuU his wife. 

Oct'''"22. Torry Hancock & Sarah his wife. 

Nov''^ 5. David Comee & Chriftian his wife. ^ - 

(TV) be continued.) ^ :; 

■■'■:■' '''■'' ''■-.■ ■'}'':,■■' 


" ' By J. Gardner Bartlett. 

There are several published accounts of relationship between 
the above families which seem to the writer to be erroneous; the 
accompanying pedigree shows the probable relationship. 

Richard Whittingham (b. about 1580, d. in 161S) in his will of 
1615 mentions father-in-law Dr. Edward Bulkeley, brother Rev. 
Peter* Bulkeley and his son Edward,^ children of brother Mellowes, 
wife EHzabeth, etc. (See Waters' Gleanings, p. 112.) As it is 
certain that Richard Whittingham married Elizabeth, daughter 
of Rev. Dr. Edward Bulkeley, and as he had no step- or half-sisters 
named Mellowes, nor an}^ own sister who married a Mellowes, it 
is evident that by ^'children of brother Mellowes" he meant 
children of a Mellowes who married a sister of his wife Elizabeth 
Bulkeley. This ''brother Mellowes" appears to be Abraham* 
Mellowes, who came to Charlestown, Mass., about 1635, and his 
wife Martha, a daughter of Rev. Edward Bulkeley and sister of 
Rev. Peter* Bulkeley of Concord; for by the Records of Mass. 
Bay Colony we learn that when Hannah the widow of Edward^ 
Mellowes (son of Abraham*) married Joseph* Hills, Sr., of Maiden, 
she and he sold in 1652 ' ' with the consent of their uncle Rev. Peter* 
Bulkeley, ' ' certainreal estate of her latehusband Edward^Mellowes, 
for the benefit of her Mellowes children. It has been often stated 
in print that this Hannah (wife of Edward^ Mellowes and later of 
Joseph* Hills, Sr.) was a Smith and a niece of Rev. Peter* 
Bulkeley; neither of these statements are correct. We will con- 
sider the latter first. The fact that Rev. Peter* Bulkeley signed 
his "consent" to the above deed shows that he was representing 
and so related by blood to the deceased husband Edward^ Mellowes 
and protecting the rights of the children of the latter, who was his 
deceased nephew. Now the only way that Edward^ MelIo\\es 
could be nephew by blood to Rev. Peter* Bulkeley was because 

, . .'^. (123) 

V 124 The Hills, Mellowes, Smith, and Bulkeley Families. [Jul}^ 

his mother Martha, the wife of Abraham* Mellowes, was a sister 
of Rev. Peter* Bulkeley and so also she would be sister of Elizabeth 
wife of Richard Whittingham. In the deed, Joseph* Hills, Sr., and 
Hannah his wife termed Rev. Peter* Bulkeley '^ uncle" merely 
from courtesy as being the uncle of her first husband Edward" 
Mellowes. It is likely that this Edward^ Mellowes was named 
for his maternal grandfather Rev. Dr. Edward Bulkeley. 

The maiden name of Hannah (wife of Edward^ Mellowes and 
later of Joseph* Hills, Sr.) has generally been stated to be Smith, 
because in the will of one Nathaniel Smith in 1650 he mentions 
his ''sister Hannah Mellowes in New England." (See Waters' 
Gleanings, p. 78.) The writer claims that Hannah wife of Edward 
Mellowes was not a sister b}^ blood of Nathaniel Smith, but that 
she had married a brother of this Nathaniel Smith before she 
married Edward Mellowes, and was termed "sister" by Nathan- 
iel Smith for that reason. The evidence for this follows: Edward^ 

Mellowes and Hannah were married about 1635, and had, 

with others, a daughter Hannah Mellowes, born in 1636, who 
married, in 1655, JohnBunker of Charlestownand had five children. 
John Bunker died in 1672, and in his will of that year parcelled 
out the care of these children among his wife's relatives in extra- 
ordinary fashion. A son Edward Bunker was assigned to ''cousin 
Mr. Edward Bulkeley ' ' [this means Rev. Edward^ Bulkeley, own 
cousin of Edward Mellowes, father of Hannah Mellowes, wife of 
the testator], and a daughter Hannah Bunker was assigned to 
"sister Hills." There were but two persons named Hills at this 
time whose wives could be the "sister Hills" referred to, viz., 
the wife of Gcrshom^' Hills and the wife of Joseph^ Hills, Jr. The 
wife of Gershom^ Hills was Elizabeth Chadwick who was not 
related either by blood or marriage to the testator John Bunker, 
Joseph Hills, Jr., however, married in 1653 Hannah Smith, born 
about 1633, died in 1674. She was evidently the "sister Hills" 
of Bunker's will. Her parentage has never been given, but was she 

not a daughter of ^Hannah , who married first a brother of 

Nathaniel Smith, second, Edward Mellowes, and tJyrd, Joseph* 
Hills, Sr.? 

If so, Hannah Smith (wife of Joseph Hills, Jr.) was the latter 's 

- step-sister, and she was also half-sister of Hannah Mellowes the 

wife of John Bunker, which would give the latter good reason for 



Oi h- 

t— I 

■"^ ex. 


II -• 

K C:, 



s . 









1905] The Hills, Mellowes, Smith, and Bulkeley Families. 125 

terming her ' 'sister Hills" in his v>ill. Hannah Mellowes (wife 
of John Bunker) had another half-sister named Hills living in 
1672, viz., Hannah^ Hills, born in 1655, daughter of Joseph^ 

Hills, Sr,, and his second wife Hannah (formerly widow of 

Smith and also of Edward Mellowes) ; but this half-sister Hannah^ 
Hills was a young unmarried girl of seventeen years. It is unlikely 
that the testator Bunker would have suggested so young a person 
to care for his daughter of nearly the same age. 

Some have supposed that Hannah Smith (wife of Joseph Hills, 
Jr.) was a niece of Hannah, wife of Edward Mellowes, but this is 
disproved by Bunker's will which would have termed her ''cousin 
Hills" instead of "sister Hills" if it were so. 

The annexed pedigree suggests that the name of the brother 

of Nathaniel Smith who married Hannah was Samuel Smith; 

there is no evidence of this except that Joseph, Jr., and Hannah 
(Smith) Hills had a son Samuel Hills, possibly named for his 
mother's father; also that Hannah (widow of Edward Mellowes), 
when she married Joseph* Hills, Sr., named her first child by him 
Samuel Hills, perhaps for her first husband Samuel(?) Smith. 

From the above notes it appears that Hannah, the wife succes- 
sively of Samuel (?) Smith, Edward Mellowes, and Joseph Hills, 
Sr., had a daughter named Hannah by each of her three husbands. 





A Journall or Daye Booke Concerning the particiiler imploy- 
ment of the generall stock belongeing to the Companie of Adven- 
turers For a plantacon at Mattachussette Baye in Nevve England in 

In the Name of god Amen, London May 1628. 

Simdree men owe unto the generall stock of the adventurers for 
A plantacon intended att Mattachusette Bay in Newe England in 
America the some of ten thousand one hundreth and fiftie pounds 
And is for soe much undertaken by the particuler persons men- 
coned heareafter by these severall subscri peons, to be b}^ them 
adventured In this Joinctand generall stock for the presaide plan- 
tacon where unto the Almightie grant prosperous and ha})pie 
Succese that The same may redound to his glorie tlie propagocon 
of the Gospell of Jesus Christ and the particaler good of the sevcraJl 
Adventurers tliat nowe are or hereafter shalbe Interested therein : 
The persons nowe to be made Debttres to the generall stock beinge 
as Followeth vizt. 

: ■"•■•■--" - £ s d 

Sr Richard Saltonstall Knt oweth ; ^ • 100-0-0 

Mr Isacke Johnson Esqe oweth 100-0-0 

Mr Samuell Aldersey oweth 50-0-0 

John Venn oweth '. 50-0-0 

hughe Peter oweth • 50-0-0 

John humfrey oweth .. ■ 50-0-0 

Thomas Steevens oweth : 50-0-0 

George harwood oweth 50-0-0 

John Glover oweth 50-0-0 
Mathew Cradocke oweth ■['■■-^.\^\--'\\-/;:r::.-:\:r^^^^^^ 

Simon Whetcombe oweth 50-0-0 

I^'rances Webbe oweth ■ 60-0-0 

Increase Nowell oweth 50-0-0 
_ (126) • ■ 

Adventurers in the Alassachuseits Bay Company. 127 

^fr. A : C : oweth 
Richard Tuffneale oweth 
Richard Perrie Esqe oweth 
Joseph Ofifeild oweth 
John White oweth 
Joseph Caron oweth 
Thomas Adams oweth 
Richard Davis oweth 
Abraham Palmer oweth 
Will. Darbie oweth 
John Endecott oweth 
Daniell hodson oweth 
Edwarde Foorde oweth 
Daniell Bullard oweth 
Tho : hewson oweth 
Andrew Arnold oweth 
Richard Bushord oweth 
Richard Young oweth 
George Waye oweth 
Richard Bullingham oweth 
Joseph Bi'adshawe oweth 
Job Bradshawe oweth 
Herye Darleye oweth 
Tho: liuchins oweth 
Charles AVhitchcotte oweth 
George Foxcroft oweth 
Will Crowther oweth 
Nathaniel Manstreye oweth 

£ s d 






: 50-0-0 

; 50-0-0 

. 50-0-0 


George Harwood Trer. for the plantacon of the Mattachusetts 
Bay oweth unto sundrie accoumpte for mone3^es Rsd* by him 
of sundrie adventurers Vizt 

£ s d 

To Sr Richard Saltonstall Knt Rsd 
To Isacke Johnson Eqe Rsd 
To John Glover Rsd 




* received 

i28 Adventurers of the Massachusetts Bay Company. 

To Increase Nowell Rsd 
To I^Iathew Cradocke Rsd 
To Richard Perrey Esqre Rsd 
To Hughe Peters Rsd 
To Joseph Ofeild Rsd 
To Captane John Venn Rsd 
To Abraham Pahner Rsd 
To Samuell Aldersay Rsd 
To Simon Whetcombe Rsd 

- To Richard Younge Rsd 
To Joseph Carron Rsd 

; To Edward Foorde Rsd 
To Thomas Hewson Rsd 
To Daniell Ballard Rsd 
To Thomas Stevens Rsd 
To Job Bradshawe Rsd 
To Joseph Bradshawe Rsd 
To Andrew Arnold Rsd 
To Nathaniel Manestreye Rsd 
To A. C. Rsd 
To George Harwood Rsd 
To Abrie Rsd 

To John Smith pt«" pam^es 

£ s d 













25 0-0 












! ■■ > :■■■■<■■- 


By John Elliot Bowman. 

In the old South Burial Ground, at Billerica, Mass., is a grave- 
stone of slate, with the following inscription: 

Here lies y« Body of the 
Widow Lydia D3^ar of Boston 
the place of her Nativity where 
' ; . She left a good Estate & came 

J . • into ye Country May 22"^ 1775, to 
. escape y^ abuce of y^ Ministeral 
- :;.. Troops sent by George y*' 3'* to 

subject North America to slavery 

She died July 28*^^ 1776 Aged SO years \ - 

The sweet Remembrance of the just 
Shall flourish when they sleep in dust. 

Having been familiar with the inscription for many years, the 
writer was interested in examining Boston Records and similar 
sources of information for facts concerning the subject of this 
epitaph. From information thus obtained the following facts are 

Lydia Hough, the daughter of William and Mary Hough, was 
born in Boston 2 Feb. 1697, according to tlie record. I^robabl}^ 
the year should be read 1698 to accord with modern reckoning. 
The same records show that William Hough and Mary Bricknell 
were married by Rev. Cotton Mather, 24 March 1693. 

Suffolk County Probate Records (Vol. IS, p. 388) contain the 
will of William Hough of Boston, tallow chandler, signed 28 Oct. 
1710, with Samuel Tyley, John Comer, and Edward Goddard as 
witnesses. The testator bequeaths to his wife Mary Hough the 
free use and improvement of his estate, and makes provision for 
**in3^ four children which I have by her viz* William Hough, Abigail 
Hough, Lydia Hough, and Ebenezer Hough." ''To son William, 
if he carry him self Orderly and Dutifully to liis mother Forty 



130 ■/' ■ ''The Widow Lydia Dtjar of BosionJ' ' [July ' | 

'..'.■""'','"■■. " -.."■■. ' ■fi■'^ 


pounds in money more than his equal part with the rest, otherwise { 
1 :' . to come into equal Division, "etc. ''Also ... all my working | 
tools . . . belonging to the Trade of a Tallow Chandler if he follow i. 
said Trade, ' ' etc. ' ' I have already given to my Daughter Eliza- | 
beth Pitts the wife of James Pitts" share equal to those of the f 
rest. She was to receive £20 additional. Son in law, James Pitts, | 
and grand child William Pitts each have a bequest of £10. On i 
16 Nov. 1714 Let1»ers of Administration were granted to the testa- 
tor's widow, Mary Hough, and his son ''William Hough (now of |. 
Lawful age)." f 

The Boston Record Commissioners' 24th Report, p. 70, shows | 

that Joseph Dyer and Lydia Hough were married by Rev. John ;v 

Webb 19 Dec. 1717. The same volume, p. 128, records the birth | 

of "Joseph Son of Jose})h Dyer and Lydia his Wife." The date f 

7 l^eb. 171S, should read 1719 to accord with moderji reckoning. 5 

The fact that the above mentioned marriage was performed by | 

Rev. John Webb suggests that the families interested were mem- | 

bers or attendants of the "New North" or Fifth Congregational f; 

Church in Boston. t 

The will of L3'dia Dyer, widow, of Boston, was probated 12 May . | 

1780 and letters of administration were then granted to Benjamin f 

Burt of Boston, goldsmith, and John Holton of Boston, oremaker. f 

It gives to Joseph Dyer, cooper, son of the testatrix, the use and | 

improvement of her estate during his lifetime. Her wearing ap- | 

parel, "Gold Necklace and . . . buttons and House Linnen with all | 

Furniture" are to go to her granddaughter Lydia Dyer. The 1 

estate is finally to be equally divided among her son's children. | 

It seems apparent that at the time the will was signed, 4 Aug. 1774, | 

the testatrix lived or contemplated living in the household of her | 

grandson, William Dyer. The will was witnessed b}^ Jacob Cole, | 

Thomas Ridgway, and Mary Colter. The inventory, taken 5 Aug. | 

1780, estimates the silver plate of the deceased as 68 ounces, which | 

was valued at £1360. This was of course at a time when Con- | 

tinental currency was greatly depreciated. The real estate of the I 

deceased consisted of "mansion House" with the land belonging J 

thereto "in fore street at ye North part of Boston. ' ' Warehouse, J 

etc., on Ballard's wharf according to the division of the estate. i 

The boundaries mention land ' ' formerly of Pitts. ' ' The division, • 

made 29 Sept. 1780, names ' ' Three Senior Heirs, ' ' William, Joseph, ] 

1905] v ''The Widow Lijdia Dijar of Boston.'' 131 

and Lydia; and ''Three Minor Heirs/ ' Sarah, John, and Jeremiah; 
all apparently her grandchildren, through her son Joseph Dyer. 
Boston Records (Rec. Comm. 28th Report, p. 214) state that 
Joseph Dyer and Abiel Marston were married by Rev. John Webb, 
12 March 1740. 

The real estate at the North End of Boston, left by Mrs. Lydia 
Dyer in her will, was the house and land which she had received 
at the division of the estate of her father William Hough, in 1750. 
She was at that time a widow. Her son Joseph died in 1780. 
After his death, her will was probated and division of her property 
was made among her grandchildren. 

The real estate remained in the hands of her descendants until 
about 1836. The house stood on what is now the southwest 
corner of Hanover and Salutation streets, Boston, known respect- 
ively, in the eighteenth century, as Middle Street and Salutation 
Lane. Its proximity to Copp's Hill, where was an encampment 
of the "Ministeral" troops and a battery of cannon, might well 
influence an aged woman to go "into the country" when her na- 
tive town was besieged by the Provincial forces. ^t 

M :MMi^' 


■ During the past summer Mrs. Lucretia H. (Kimball) Kendall, 
while on a visit to England, concluded that she would like to see 
the place from which her ancestors the Ivimballs and Scotts came 
to America. Accordingly she entered into correspondence with 
the rector of the parish and received a very cordial invitation to 
visit him. 

This she did on the 12th of August last, 289 years after the 
baptism of Henry Kemball the oldest son of Richard and Ursula 
(Scott) Kemball. The curate was particularly attentive to Mrs. 
Kendall, and called attention to the fine peal of bells which he 
had rung for her. These bells have the following inscriptions on 

Number 1. Tho= Gardiner -f+ Sudbury -f- fecit -f 1754. 
Number 3. Tho -f Gardiner ++-\- Sudbury -f + fecit + 1754. 
Number 4. Robart Bumstead -f John Drake -f- Church -f- War- 
dens 1754. 
Number 5. Tho= Gardiner he ded us cast -f 

Wee will sing his praise to the last -f 1754. 
Number 2. Henr^^ Westley John Jewers Churchwardens T. Os- 
, born fecit 1789. 

In 1895, the bells and bell-frame having become unsafe, steps 
were taken to effect a thorough restoration and re-hanging. An 
entirely new wrought iron bell-frame was made, space being left 
for a sixth bell, and a ringing apparatus for six bells was placed 
in the tower. The curate asked Mrs. Kendall if she did not think 
it would be a nice thing for the descendants of Richard Kimball 
to furnish the sixth bell. She replied that she thought it would, 
and since returning home she has collected almost enough money 
for the purpose. 

A few more dollars are needed. Mrs. Kendall has collected 

about all that she thinks she can from her immediate friends in 

the family. She would like very much to have a numV)er of others 

join in the work. The cost of the bell will be about £40, and of 


The Bells of Ratilesden, 133 

this amount she has already raised about £35. Any contribution 
to the bell may be sent to S. P. Sharpies, 2G Broad St., Boston. 
Mrs. Kendall is in her 84th year and still takes a very active interest 
in life. It may be said in this connection that Rattlesden is a 
poor country parish. The church, however, which dates back 
in parts to the fifteenth century, has within a few years been put 
in very good order and is a handsome building. Much of the old 
wood-work still remains in it and is very curious. For the infor- 
mation in regard to the church and bells I am indebted to the 
history of the church, edited by the Rev. J. R. Oldrenshaw, Curate 
of Rattlesden. S. P. S. 

: T- ■■',. 



• ■|-/;'-n >'•':■ :':^f-:.--^:^' By Eben Putnam. '; '■. / "■.'v; ■ ' - ■ "I 

Neither Savage or Pope contains any reference as to parentage 1 

of Edward and William Tyng, prominent merchants of Boston, | 

said to have come from London. Savage says that William was J 

the elder brother of Edward, but Pope found no mention of such i 

a connection. These two men, brothers, were very prominent in ^ 

the early days, and through the marriages of their children con- 
nected with the most influential Middlesex and Boston families. 

In 1524 a William Tyng was assessed in Stanford Rivers for 
goods, and a lay subsidy of 41 Elizabeth, 1598/9, mentions the 
names of George and Thomas Tyng of Stanford Rivers. The 
writer noticed several years ago the occurrence of the name on the 
parish register. 

According to the deposition of Edward Tyng in October 1657 
he was then aged forty-six years, making his birth in 1611. This 
agrees with Savage's estimate of his age at death, seventy-one 
years in 1681. 

The following entries on the parish register of Stanford Rivers 
therefore point very conclusively to the identity of Edward and 
William Tyng of Boston. 

Edward son of Edward Tynge, bapt. 12 May 1577. 
John son of Edward Tynge, bapt. 20 July 16G0. 
William son of Edward Tynge, bapt. 16 January 1602. 
John son of Edward Tynge, bapt. 26 May 1605. 
Richard son of Edward Tynge, bapt. 28 August 1608. 
Edward son of Edward Tynge, bapt. 30 December 1610. 
Edward Tynge [the father of the above] was buried 27 August 
1619, and "widow Tynge wife of Edward ' ' was buried 3 June 

: 1621. 

There are many other entries of this family in the register. 


Neale, Salp:m. — Letter from Rev. John Higginson to [Gov. 

Honoured S'" 

After my hmnble service presented : these are to entreat j^our 
favour in y^ behalfe of the bearer herof M' Neal (<fc also y^ desire 
of many of y^ good people here) y* He may have y^ place of Clerk 
for y^ recording of births & burialls in Salem. He was a Gentleman 
born & bred, but by afflicting providence brought into a low con- 
dition, <fe while He lived at Casco he was clerk of y^ Court there 
6c had magistraticall Power till y« Indian warre when he was turned 
out of all. flying for his life with his family hither to Salem, where 
he hath lived ever since as a member of }^ Church here having 
been servicable in teaching an inferior school & now grown into 
age, it would be very acceptable to y^ good people of this place 
if he — have y« foresaid Clerkship, it may be some small support 

to him, but if (S)}iepard should have it, it would be a grief to 

hearts of many. He being a stranger & of ill report etc. and few — 
y^ are — would have anything to do with him, but Mr. Gidney 
is well acquainted with Mr. Neal. 

So commending 3'ou to y^ grace of God, Christ Jesus I rest 

Your humble servant 
Salem Aug. 9 John Higginson 

86. . . 

Mass. Archives, 242: 337. [Francis Neal, of Falmouth, died n 
Salem 1696. He was styled '^Sr." in 1085. See Felt's Annals 
of Salem, p. 265.] 

Curious Will. — Higham Scriven of Suffolk, in will of 28 April, 
1647 (P. C. C, Fines 123), names: sister Pain, nephew Stern, 
father-in-law Quarrel, cousin Savage, wife Maudlin, Kinsman 
John Dansie. (East Anghan, I, 96.) It is certainly a pity that 
his family did not number a Makepeace. 

Flood. — John Flood described as an English boy in the inven- 
tory of assets of the Iron works at Lynn, where he is valued at 
i^l3, having six years to serve, was aged 42 in 1679 when his name 
is spelled Floyd. In 1674 he was presented to take the oath of 
fidehty at Maiden being then aged 36. Corey says of the Maiden 


136 Notes and Queries ■ [July 

man, he had been earlier at Lynn or Rumne}^ Marsh and before 
1682 had returned to Riimney Marsh. He died there in 1701. 
He was captain of a troop of horse in 1690 and served at the East- 
ward. In 1692 he was charged with witchcraft. See Corey's 
Maiden, pp. 323, 332. 

Iron Works at Lynn. — John Francis aet. 55, a workman at 
the iron works when John Gifford was agent there, went to Boston 
for necessities for his family and meeting Gifford on the road 
was beaten by him for having done so. See deposition dated 
12-5-1653, before Nathaniel Duncan, Commissioner. 

Mass. Archi\es, 38 3:164. 

New^ Hampshire. — Deposition of Realphe [Coe?] planter of 
Pascattaqua sworn before Francis Williams, that he and Tliomas 
Feverill were left at the great house in Pascattaqua upon Capt. 
Mason's account and there continued looking to the cattle about 
a 3^ear and a quarter, and during all that time received diet and 
lodging from Mr. Thomas Wannerton, and a third man William 
Cowper who was afterward drowned had his diet and lodging 
about five months of Mr. Wannerton. 

Dated 20 July [1643]. Mass. Archives, 39 B: 37. 

Lane. — 1661. William Sergeant vs. Job Lane for not performing 
his promise regarding some rent payable b}^ his brother James 
Lane. 11-10-1661. Jury for plaintiff. (Midd. Rec.) 

Plans of Boston. — The City Registrar of Boston, Mr. E. W. 
McGlenen, has issued as a Supplement to Vol. 2 of the Boston 
Town Records and Book of Possessions, a ''Series of Plans of 
Boston showing Existing Ways and Owners of Property, 1630, 
1635, 1640, 1645, compiled by George Lamb." These four plans 
will be found of great service in fixing in the mind the proper 
locations of the early settlers in Boston, and the layout of roads. 
That the compiler has been so successful as these plans show is 
remarkable, and the appreciation of such work by the City and 
the publication in this handy form, a great boon to conveyancers 
and genealogists, are much to be commended. 

Misery Island, Salem. — Petition of John Ingcrsol, Thomas 
Salows, and Paul Mansfield that we, inhabitants of Salem, have 

1905] Notes and Queries. . 137 

for furtherance of our trade of fishing erected a stage on an Island 
(bordering upon the said towne) called IMorton's Misery, and have 
been at a charge of £30 to £40, and finding that fishing will scarcely 
sustain our families without planting of some corne, having chil- 
dren we can employ there, ask grant of Island. Have lived in this 
town 20 or 30 years, brought over by our parents in "our infancy 
and never had land of the town. — Said island may contain the 
value of 40 or 50 acres and not above 10 or 12 plan table. 20-8-1659. 
Petition not granted. Mass. Archives, 45: 87. 

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has chartered the Gov- 
ernor AND Company of Massachusetts Bay, an association 
composed of male descendants of freemen of the original company 
of that naiiio, to whom Cliarlcs I granted the territor}^ occupied 
and governed by Endicott, Winthrop, and their successors. 

The objects of the society are historical. Article II of the constitu- 
tion reading as follows: The object for which this society is insti- 
tuted is historical and genealogical research and the publication 
of the results thereof, es])ecially with relation to the history of the 
Massachusetts J3ay Company chartered by Charles I. 

The executive officers are George E. Littlefield, governor; 
Walter K. Watkins, recorder; and Eben Putnam, secretary, from 
whom information regarding the society may be obtained. The 
secretary's address is 2G Broad St., Boston. 

On June 17, 1905, a meeting was held at Cambridge for the 
purpose of organizing an Historical Society. It was voted to take 
out a charter under the laws of the Commonwealth. 

The following persons were elected as officers: President, Richard 
Henry Dana; Vice-Presidents, Alexander McKenzie, Thomas 
Wentworth Higginson, and Archibald Murray Howe; Secretary, 
Frank Gaylord Cook; Treasurer, Oscar F. Allen; Curator, Wil- 
liam R. Thayer; Council, AHce M. Longfellow, W^illiam C. Lane, 
Albert Bushnell Hart, Edward R. Brandon, xMary Isabella Goz- 
zaldi, Henry H. Edes. Fifty persons signed the call for the meet 
^ng. The address of the secretary is 44 Garden Street, Cambridge. 

Abstract of Will of Sarah Shelley. Sarah Shelley of 
^^oston, spinster, sick in body, etc. 
, To reverend and respected friends Mr. Samuel Nowell and Mr. 

138 / : ^ Notes and Queries. 

James Allen, Mr, John Mood}' all of Boston, 40 shillings each; to 
my cousins Capt. Penn Townsend and wife Sarah £5 each; to 
cousin Ann Peirse £5, and each of my cousins Townsend's and 
Peirce^s children now living 40 shillings each into the hands of 
their parents for their use. 

- To cousin Rebecca Davenport's two children 40 shillings each, 
viz, — Addington Davenport and Rebecca Davenport, to Rebecca 
Davenport and Rebecca Townsend my two silver spoons, Rebecca 
Townsend to have that commonly in use. 

To cousin Rebecca Davenport my new pewter pot and silver 
bodkin, to cousin Isaac Addington £10 and his wife 20 shillings to 
buy a ring. I release unto my brother William Chamberlain a 
debt of £6, and to his wife, my sister, and her three daughters 
20 shillings. To said sister and her three daughters and my cousin 
John Chamberlain's wife all my wearing apparel, and household 
goods, except three small pewter dishes marked S. S., which I 
give to my cousin Sarah Shed's children now living. Residue 
of estate to sister Chamberlain's eight sons equally, only my two 
cousins John and Clement Chamberlain to have the value of 20 
shillings over their equal share. 

To Mr. Robert Sanderson, Mr. Henry Allen and Mr. Joseph 
Bridgman, deacons of the 1st church, whereof I am an un- 
worthy member £10. 

Kinsman Isaac Addington to be the sole executor. To 
cousins John and Thomas Chamberlain and cousin Sarah Shed's 
children 10 shillings. 

Dated at Boston 2 Feb. 1686/7. 

Witnessed by William Griggs, John Ballantine, Martha Collins. 

Presented 21 April 1686. {sic.) Suffolk Probate, 11 : 90. 

Will not some reader of the Genealogical Magazine com- 
municate a note on Sarah Shelley? .. ._ 

■ ■iV..&v'4'. 

The Genealogical Magazine 

1 > 


Vol. I. August, 1905. No. 5 

emigrants to new england before 1700 of the 

'''"''':'■ -^^)''. ^:^-' :■-[,: -^ ',, name of talbot. 

, '^ ' By J. Gardner Bartlett. 

Although there were several emigrants to New England during 
tlie seventeenth century named Talbot, it seems that with two ex- 
ceptions their male deseeiK hints soon became extinct. While in- 
vestigating the ancestry, history/, and family of Peteri 'I'albot of 
Dorchester, information was also gleaned in regard to all the other 
early emigrants to New England of the name. There is nothing 
to show that any of these emigrants were related to each other. 

The name is spelled Talljot, 'I'albut, Tawbnt, Tabot, etc., and is 
.sometimes confounded witli Tarbot or Turbot. 

I. Christopher'^ Talbot, a tanner, came from Bristol, England, and 
appeal's in I^oston in 168G. He was admitted to the Second Church 
there on April 10, 1GS7. His name stands on the Boston tax 
hsts of 1GS7 and 16SS; after which his name disappears from the 
records. There is nothijig to show he had any children, or was 
ever married. It is probable that he either soon died, or removed 
from New England. See N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. 55, p. 334. 

II. Jarcd^ Talbot was an inhabitant of Taunton, Mass., as 
early as 1664, where he married on April 1, of that year, Sarah,- 
daiigJiter of Henryi and Mary Andrews. 

On Aug. 2, lGG4,Jaredi and Sarah Talbot signed a, receipt for 
her sliare in the estate of her father, Henry' Andrews. 

"^I'lie writer has found no clue as to the origin of Jared^ Talbot, 
but some of his descendants think he ma^iave belon<>;ed to a 
branch of the family in Ireland. / ,. - . 

Ci)ildren, born in Taunton: 

i. .Iared,2b. Mar. 20, 1GG7-7. 
ii. Mary,2 b. July 21, 1G70. ■ " ' 

• ■ ■'■;-■•.; (139) 


140 ft/:- Emigrants before 1700 of the name of Talbot. [August 

iii. Elizabeth,^ b. Dec. 15, 1671. ■ . - .- :):':uy'y 

iv. Samuel,2 b. Feb. 29, 1675-6. 

V. Josiah,2 b. Oct. 21, 1678. 

vi. Nathaniel,^ b. Feb. 21, 1679-80. 

The descendants of this family are the most numerous of the 
name in the United States. 

III. Launcelot^ Talbot, a merchant, first appears in New Eng- 
land in 1675, and was a resident of Boston for some two or three 
years. On Nov. 22, 1675, he purchased as slaves seven Indians 
ca])tured in King Philip's War, and on Oct. 9, 1677, he was defend- 
ant in an admiralty suit. From Suffolk Deeds it appears he had 
business relations with Thos. Welles, John Stone, Ichabod Copp, 
and other London merchants, which show that lie came from there. 
There is no evidenr»e that he had cliildren or was married. He 
probably returned to England in 1678. 

IV. Hoses'^ Talbot (or Tarbot) was an inhajjitant of Plymouth 
before 1634 and in April of that year was in a party imder the 
command of John Rowland on an expedition to the trading house 
on the Kennebec River in Maine. While there Talbot was shot 
in a quarrel with a man named John Flocking from Portsmouth, 
N. li. The details of this brawl are given in Winthrop's and 
Bradford's histories. 

No record appears of any wife or children of this Moses Talbot 
and perhaps he was but a youth at the time of his untimely end. 
Possibly he was a brother of the following. 

V. A ■ Petcr'^ Talbot was an early inhabitant of Plymouth, Mass. 
"Aug. 22, 1636, Peter Talbot, the late servant of Edward Doty, 
having a proportion of land [5 acres] due unto him by the service 
to his master as appeareth by indenture, hath made over his right 
to James Skiffe, for and in consideration of 6 bushels of corne." 
[Plymouth Colony Records.] There is no other record of this 
man in Plymouth Colony. 

[Pope in his ''Pioneers of Massachusetts," suggests that this 
Peter^ Talbot of Plymouth may be identical with Peteri Talbot of 
Dorchester who married in 1678 Mar}^ Wadel, but this suggestion 
is certainly incorrect.] 

The writer is of the opinion tliat Peter^ Talbot of Plymouth in 
1636 (then evidently a youth) may be identical with 

Peter^ Tarbot (Turbut, etc.) who was an early settler of Cape 

1905] Emigranis before 1700 oj the name of Talbot. 141 

Porpoise, Wells, Maine, where he took the oath of allegiance to 
Mass., July 5, 1653, and was constable in IGGl. He left a will 
which was probated in March 1669-70. This will mentions father- 
in-law, John Sanders (to whom he committed his little daughter 
Ehzabeth^), wife Sarah, and sons John^ and Peter^ Tarbot. 

He married about 1648 Sarah,^ daughter of John^ and Ann 
Saunders of Hampton and Wells; she married, second, DanieP 
Goodwin of Berwick. - 

Children: ' 

i. Hannah,^ evidently left no issue; perhaps m. about 1669 
as first wife, Roger- Plaisted ; he m. second, Hannah Furber and 
was killed in 1675, leaving two children by her. 

ii. Jolin,2 b. in 1651; on his father's death he was bound to 
Francis Champcrnowne; in July, 1672, he became administrator of 
liis father's estate; according to York Deeds^ Book Xll, p. 141, 
*'he was eldest son of Peter^ Turbot and the only one who left 
issue"; York Deeds and Probate Records of Middlesex Co. show 
that he married about 1672 Mary, 2 daughter of Richard^ and Mar- 
gery (Batson) Young of Cape Porpoise; John^ Turbot died about 
IGSO and his widow Mary married before 1687 Emanuel Davis of 
Wells; they moved to Newton, Mass., about 1690 with her child- 
ren. John^ and Mary Turbot had a son John,-"^ who died s.p. in 
Newton in 1704, and daughters Elizaljeth,'^ who m. in 1689, Eben- 
czer Lyon of Roxbury, and Sarah, ^"^ who m. on Aug. 31. 1693, 
Thos. Hastings of Newton. ' 

iii. Peter, 2 d. s./). ~ :.---: r ^ ...,; .:^..y...... ..,..■ ...r^^^ 

iv. Sarah.2 

v. Elizabeth; m. about 1685 John Banks of York; children: 
John, Moses, Aaron, Mary and Hannah. 

VI. Peter^ Talbot, born near Blackburn, Lancashire, England, 
according to a family record left by his son Capt. George- of Stough- 
ton, and also according to a deposition in Middlesex Co. Court 
Records^ first appears in New England in 1675, being on the tax 
list of Dorchester, Mass., for that year. He was born probably 
not far from 1655. The writer has made great efforts to learn his 
fincestry and the unusual and curious results are incorporated in 
^ typewritten ''Talbot Family" genealogy deposited with the 
New England Historic Genealogical Society as suggestions for fur- 
ther research. 

142 V Emigrants before 1700 of the name oj Talbot. [August 

Peteri Talbot arrived in New England at the outbreak of King 
Philip's War and entered the military service, taking part in tlie 
Narragansett campaign (his son Capt. George'^ inheriting a Narra- 
gansett claim). In 1679 he removed to Milton where he remained 
till 1684 when he moved to Chelmsford. There his first wife died and 
he married again and resided there until 1693, being on the rolls 
of the west regiment of Middlesex for the preceding year. In 1693 
he returned to Milton, being taxed there in 1693 and 1694, although 
he retained his ownership in a land grant in Chelmsford for over 
ten years longer. About 1695 he probably leased lands in the 
Ponkapoag Indian Reservation (now Canton, Mass.) a-nd after- 
wards revsided there. On May 31, 1704, he and his wife, then 
stated to be of Boston, sold the Chelmsford land which is the last 
record found of him. It is thought that he sailed for England in 
the autumn of that year and was lost at sea. 

He married, first m Dorchester, Jan. 12, 1677-8, Mary,^ born in 
Braintree, Dec. 23, 1651, daughter of Francis^ and Rose Gold, 
and widow of John Wadell of Chelmsford; she died in Chelmsford, 
Aug. 29, 1687, having had five children by Talbot. He married, 
second, on Dec. 29, 1687, Hannah,^ born Feb. 13, 1645-6, daugh- 
ter of Williami and Margery Clark of Woburn, and widow of Wil- 
liam Frizell of Concord, Mass. She had one son b}^ Talbot and 
was living on May 31, 1704, when they sold the Chelmsford land. 

Children by first wife (i to iii recorded in Milton; iv and v in 
Chelmsford) : 

i. Edward, 2 b. Mar. 31, 1679; no further record; stated by 
tradition to have been killed in childhood by the Indians. 

ii. Dorothy,2 b. Feb. 20, 1680-1; m. in 1704 James Cutting of 

iii, Mary,2 b. Jan. 15, 1682-3; no further record; probably 
died young. 

iv. Peter,2 b. Jan. 1, 1684-5; living in 1709; in a deed in Suf- 
folk Co. in 1736 he is spoken of as ''supposed to be deceased"; 
probably died in the military service or was lost at sea. 

v. EHzabeth,2 b. Jan. 13, 1686-7; m., first, Nov. 27,1713, Eleazer 
Puffer of Stoughton; m., second, Aug. 3, 1748, Samuel Rauso of 

Children by second wife : 

vi. George^^ b. Dec. 28, 1688; became a prominent man of 

J 905] Emigrants before 1700 of the name of Tathot. 143 

Stoughton, Mass. ; captain of the local militaiy company and one 
of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace; ra, first on Feb. 18, 170G-7, 
Mary/^b. June 10, 1683, dau. of Danle],2and Anna (J^arrell) Turell 
of Boston; she had nine children and d. April 24, 1736. He m. 
second, on Jul}^ 27, 1737, Elizabeth, b. in June, 1696, dau. of Philip 
and Thankful Withington of Dorchester; she d. April 30, 1774, 
having had no children. Capt. George^ Talbot d. July 31, 1760, 
aged 71. 

vii. (Sarah,2 b. about 1690?) Tradition states that Peteri 
Talbot had a dau. Sarah, and a Sarah Talbot m.. Mar. 17, 1707, 
Robert Mann of Sudbury; she d. Jul3''19, 1710, leaving two children. 

VII. Nicholas Talbot appears in the following record in Ply- 
mouth Colony: ''July 7, 1681, John Doten constable of Plymouth 
coin})lains against Robert Ransom of said tow^n to the damage of 
Lf), for his putting tlie said Doten to unnecessary trouble some 
time the last year past, by the said Ransom's false challenging 
of a saddle of Nicholas Talbot's, attached by said constable for 
satisfaction of a fine of said Talipots, the said Ransom claiming 
the said saddle to be his own property," etc. No other record 
of this Nicholas Talbot appears in Plymouth Colony. The writer 
suggests he is identical with 

Nicholas Tarbot, later of Berwick, Me., who w^as a soldier in 
King Philip's War in 1675, and whose Narragansett right was 
claimed in 1733 by Capt. Thos. Wallingford and Rev. James 
Pike. . 

This Nicholas Tarbot married, about 1688, Elizabeth, ^ dau. of 
Thomasi and Patience (Chadbourne) Spencer, of Kittery, and 
widow of Thomas Chick to whom she had been married in 1674. 
'Ihe connection of this Nicholas Tarbot with others of the name 
does not appear; possibly he was a son of Peteri Qf Wells. 

VIII. Ralpli^ Talbot was a witness in a court case at Salem 
ill 1613. (Essex Court Files.) This is the extent of our knowledge 
of this individual, who was probably merely a transient resident. 

IX. William^ 'Talbot was a mariner on the ship ''Eagle" of 
Colchester, England, William Stevenson, master, and in October, 
1048, being in Boston had Dr. Thomas Oliver give him a certificate 
<»r disability on account of illness, whereupon he obtained a dis- 
charge. He took u[) the occupation of sailmaker and settled in 
Boston, where he was accepted as an inhabitant on July 28, 1651. 

144 " Emigrants before 1700 of the name of Talbot. [August 

In 1659 he bought a house and land on Coney's Lane of Matthew 
Barnes, wliore he afterwards resided until his death in 1679. In- 
ventory of estate £30S. His will, dated Sept. 13, 1671, states 
he is under decays of old age; mentions now wife Cicely ''aged 
and passed labor"; sons James,^ and Joseph;- daughtei's Jane^ 
andMar3^;2 "if son James'^ come not home to his family within 
thtee years from the time of his departure, then the three sons of 
the latter to have his portion." 

His widow Cicely, who was admitted to the Old South Cliurch 
in 1670, was living as late as 1688. 


i. James^of Boston, b. probably about 1610; m. Oct. 14, 1663, 
Martha Barstow and had James,^ b. Aug. 23, 1664; Joseph,-^ b. 
Sept. 21, 1666; and William,:^ b. Dec. 26, 166S. After this last 
date James- appears no further in the records and judging from 
his fatlier's Avill he probably died at sea. 

ii. Judith,2 b. July 24, 1652; d. Jan. 16, 1655-6. 

iii. Mary,2 b. June 21, 1655; m. John Indicott of Boston, b. 
about 1642, d. Dec. 7, 1711 ; she d. in Sept., 1718. 

iv. Joseph," b. Oct. 13, 1657, living in 1671; no further record. 

V. Jane;2 m. hrst Benjamin Bagworth, mariner, who d. in 1699; 
she m., second, Nov. 26, 1702, William Haberfield of Boston. 

■*0n July 13, 1698 John and Mary Indicott and Benjamin and 
Jane Bagworth, (said Mary and Jane being the only two surviving 
daughters of AVilliami Talbot sailmaker of J^oston deceased) for 
£160 convey to Thos. Burrington their father's homestead on 
Coney's lane." [Suffolk Deeds.] From this deed it w^ould seem 
that the sons of William^ Talbot and tlieir issue were extinct. 

In the Registers of St. Dunstan's, Stepney Parish, Middlesex, 
\^ol. 1, p. 236, is the marriage on Sept. 7, 1635, of William Talbot 
of Wapping Wall, mariner, and Cecily Nott. This may be the 
marriage of William and Cecily later of Boston. 


'--■^■^::y^v.v-h:r. 1763-1800. 


:.^:-3;^:;--; ';j-^ historical society. 

Note.— First printing ytrCBB in Georgia was set up in 17G3, and on April 7, 1763 appeared 
the flrst issue of the "Georgia Gazette." 

(Continued from Vol. 1', page 166.) 

*' The Republican & Savannah Evening Ledger. 
Saturday, Dec. 14, 1811." 


All persons haviiifi; dcmaiKls against the estate of General 
Nathaniel Green, will render them to the subscriber for pay- 
ment, previous to the first of November, as a final settlement 
will then take place. Ray Sands. 

Cumberland Island, August 24, 1811. 

Marriages, ISOO. 

Thursday, Jan. 9. 

Married, on the 1st inst., at the seat of William Clark, Esq., 
l^ryan Co., Mr. George M. Walters to Miss Catherine Fife, and 
Mr. Stephen Maxwell to Miss Ehzabeth Fife. 

Thursday, Jan. 16. 

Married, on Thursday last, at Belvidere in Bryan Co., Mr. 
Ebenezer Stark to Mrs. Alethea Call, widow of Col. Richard Call. 

Thursday, Jan. 30. 

Married, on Sunday last, Mr. John Dillon to Miss Sophia Sibler. 

Tliursday, Feb. 6. . 

Married, last Thursday evening at Mrs. Smith's near this city, 
Mr. Robert Mackay, merchant, to Miss Eliza Macqueen, dau. of 
John Macqueen, Esq. 

Same evening, at Augusta, Mr. Robert Wa3aie, Jr., to Miss 
JuHana Smith, dau. of Major Smith. 

Thursday, Feb. 13. 

Married, on Monday, Mr. Segur to Miss Caroline Shad rack, 


146 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony, [August 

Thursday, Feb. 18. 

Married, at Bloody Point, on Thursday evening last, Mr. AVill- 
iam Wright to Mrs. Ann Walker. 

Thursday, Mar. 6. 

Married, on Tuesday evening last, Mr. Ingram M. Monnox, 
merchant, to Miss Kitty Whittendel. 

Thursday, Apr. 3. 

Married, on Monday last, Capt. William Bowman, of the brig 
/'Sally," to Miss Polly Kirk of this city. 

Thursday, April 17. 

Married, on Sunday the Gth inst., Mr. James Clark of this city, 
to Mrs. Mary Harden of South Carolina. '' ■ 

Married, on Thursday evening last, at Greenwich, the seat of 
Dr. Samuel P)eecroft, Mr. AVoodford Mabry of Mcintosh Co., to 
Mrs. Charlotte P. Taylor, relict of the late Mr. John Taylor of the 
same comity. 

Tuesday, May 27. 

Married, on Thursday evening last, Mr. Jonathan Cline to Miss 
Sally Herslunan. 

Married, on Sunday evening, Mr. John William Shaffer to Miss 
Mary Lawrance. 

Tuesday, June 10. 

Married, at St. Mary's, on the 20 ult., Capt. James Chevalier to 
Miss Polly Sleigh. 

Thursday, June 12. 

Married, last Thursday, Mr. Joseph Stutz to Mrs. Ann Scott, 
widow of Mr. Hugh Scott. 

On Tuesday, Capt. Henry Putnam, of this city, to Mrs. Salters 
of South Carohna. 

Thursday, June 19. 

Married, on Thursday last, in Liberty Co., Mr. Charles Walker 
to Miss Eliza Baker. ■ ■: 

Mr. W^illiam Shepard to Miss Ann Macteer. 

7'hursday, Aug. 28. 

Married, on Wednesday evening, the 20 inst., by the Rev. Mr, 
'Donald, in St. Luke's Parish, S. C, Mr. Archibald Longworth 

iii05] Marriages and Deatlis in Georgia Colony. 147 

of Newark^ N. J., to Miss Elizabeth Ritch, niece of James Garvey, 

Tliursday, Sept. 18. 

Married, on Sunday last, Capt. Benjamin Webly to Mrs. Hub. 
bard, widow of Mr. John Hubbard. 

Thursday, Oct. 23. 

Married, on Sunday last, Mr. John H. Ueubell, to Miss Ann 
Margaret Susannah Swan. 

Thursday, Nov. 6. 

Married, last Thursday evening, Mr. James Marshall, merchant, 
to Miss Polly Leaven, dau. of Mr. Gabriel Leaven, deceased. 

Tiiursday, Dec. 11. 

Married, on Thursday last, Bryan Morel, Esq., to Miss Harriet 
Macqueen, dau. of Alexander Macqueen, Esq. 

Thursday, Dec. 25. 

Married, last Thursday evening, in Charleston, by the Rev. Mr. 
Jenkins, Mr. John Turnbull, merchant, of this city, to Miss Henri- 
etta Guerin. . 

Yesterda)^ evening, Mr. Joseph Arnold, merchant, to Miss Eliza 
Dennis. • 

Deaths, 1800. - 

Thursday, Jan. 23. I • 

Died, on St. Simon's Island, Mr. William John Graves. 
Last Wednesday, in this city, Mrs. Mary Ann Gugel, widow, in 

the 6Sth year of her age. . - 

Thursday, Jan. 30. 

Died yesterday, in this city, Capt. Edward Cowan. 

Thursday, Mar. 20. 

Died, last Saturday, John C. Smith, Esq. 

On Monday, Mrs. Margaret Farics, widow of George Faries, Esq. 

'i"hiirsday, April 3. 

Saturday last, died, in this city, Mr. Robert Woodhouse. 
On Monday, near town. Dr. Benjamin Tetard. 

Tiiursday, April lO.' 

Died on the 2nd inst., at Great Ogechee, William Clark, Esq. 
Last week, in Libert}^ Co., Mr. Joseph Stevens. 

148 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [August 

Died, on the Island of St. Simons, Saturday March 15, ISOO, Mr, 
Donald IMcIntosh, son of Col. William Mcintosh, just entered his 
thirtieth year. 

Thursday, May 1. 

Died, on Thursday last, Mrs. Rosina Spencer, wife of Capt. John 

Capt. Benjamin Howard. 

On Saturday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Whittendel, wife of Mr. John 
T. Whittendel. 

Mr. John Krieger. 

Thursday, June 5. ^ ' ; 

Died last Friday, in this city, Mrs. Harriet Machim, wife of 
Mr. Joseph Machim. 

On Monday, in M'lntnsh Co., Major William M'Intosh, son of 
Col. Wilham M'Intosh. 

Thursda}^, June 12. 

Died, yesterday se 'night, Mr. Joshua Gugel, shoemaker. 

Thursday, June 19. 

, Died, on Sunday last, in Bryan Co., Luke Mann, Esq. 

Thursday, July 10. 

Died, on Friday last, Mr. John Cunningham, aged 37 years. 

Augusta, July 12. 

Died, last evening, Commodore Oliver Bowen. 

*Tuesda3^, July 15. 

Died, at Augusta, on the 11th inst.. Commodore Oliver Bowen. 

Thursday, July 17. 

Died, on Thursda}- last, aged 28 years, ^Tr. William Black, mill- 
wright, a native of Scotland. 

Yesterday morning, at his plantation, near tovvn, Mr. Nicholas 

Miller. .-- >.,_ ■■■ ;. . ■■•;-:^-:: 

Thursday, July 31. 

Col. James Armstrong, died at plantation of Col. Ferdinand 
O'Neal, in M'Intosh Co., 28 June last. 

Notice of death of child of Rev. Wm. II. Ilolcombe. 

Notice of death of child of Major Thos. PcjUiill, Esq. 

* All notices j)rior to this date are fioin tlie Georgia Gazette. Herealter an aeterisk 
will denote that entries so designated are taken from tlie Columbian Museum and 
Savannah Advertiser. 

1905] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. . 149 

Louisville, Aug. 19. ^^^^^^^^ -v . , 

Died yesterday morning, Miss Charlotte Jackson, only daughter 
of Governor Jackson. 

Thursday, Aug. 21. - ':, ..i^ /■/■:::; :^\:''h-\-^ - 

Died on IGth of November last, at Inverness in Scotland, Lach- 
lan M'Gilliray, Esq., formerly of this state. 

In this city, on Friday last, Mr. George Outtenside, merchant. 

On Saturday, Mr. John Armour, mason. 

Mr. John Exle3^ 

Augusta, Aug. 27. 

Died, yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Walton, relict of the late Robert 
Walton, Esq. 

Thursday, Aug. 28. ' 

Died in Richmond Co., Wednesday evening, the 20th inst., 
the Honorable Robert Walton, Esq., aged 46 years. 

Died, at Ma}^ River, 8. C, on the 21st inst., Mr. John Howkins, 
in the 55th vear of his age. 

Died, in this city, on Monday last, Mr. John Paisley. 

*Friday, Aug. 22. 

On Thursday night, 1-^th inst., in Sunbury, aged 70 years, Mrs. 
Catherine Wood, widow of Joseph Wood, Esq. 

* Friday, Aug. 29. 

Died, at Hester's Bluff, Liberty Co., Friday, the 22nd inst., in 
the eighty-first year of her age, Mrs. ]x»ckerman. 

Thursday, Sept. 4. 

Died, last Friday, in this city, Capt. William Johnston of the 
brig 'Tamelon." 

*Friday, Sept. 12. 

Died, in Efhngham Co., Mrs. Dasher, aged 80 years. This old 
lady has resided in this state above 50 3^ears. 

Sept. 18. : 

Died, on the 22nd of last month, in New Jersey, Dr. James Box 
Young. By his death this city has lost a skilful physician and a 
worthy member of society. ■ 

Thursday, Sept. 25. 

I)ied, on Friday last, ]\Iiss Helen Beatty, dau. of the late Dr. 
John Beatty. 

150: Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony, [August 

Thursday, Oct. 9. ; , , . 

Died, on Friday last, Mr. Edward Wright. 

^Tuesday, Oct. 15. ^ , 

Died, on Friday last, Capt. Samuel Newell. 

*Friday, Oct. IS. 

In Sunbury, Liberty Co., at half past 4 o'clock in the afternoon 
of Saturday the 5th of October^ i\lrs. Euphemia M'lntosh, the 
wife of Lachlan M'lntosh, Jr. 

Thursday, Oct. 23. . 

Died, on Saturday 27th of Sept. in Rhode Island, in the 51st 
year of his age, the Hon. William Gibbons, Esq., one of the assis- 
tant Judges of the Supreme Court of this state. 

Died in Sunbur};, Liberty Co., IMrs. Esther Alexander, wife of 
Dr. Adam Alexander of that place. 

Died last Thursday, in this city, Capt. George Clarke of the 
brig "Independent." 
. Died, yesterday morning, Justus H. Scheuber. 

Thursday, Nov. 6. 

Died, on Tuesday night last, Mrs. Sarah Frances Brown, wife of 
Major William Brown. 

Thursday, Nov. 13. 

Died last week, in Mcintosh Co., Mrs. Sarah Woodruff, wife of 
Mr. Georii;e Woodruff . 


Thursday^ Nov. 20. 

Died, at Augusta, on Sunday, the 9th inst., Peter Johnson 
Carnes, Esq., vSolicitor General of this state, aged 28 years. 

Thursday, Dec. 4. 

Died, on Thursday last, Mr. George R. Hoist, son of Capt. George 
Hoist. .. 

Thursday, Dec. 18. 

Died, last Saturday, in this city, Mr. Joseph Gibbons, Sr., planter 

Thursday, Dec. 25. 

Died, on Sunday last, John Bartholomew Waldburger, Esq. 
aged 37 years. 

1905] Marriages and DeatJis hi Georgia Colony. 151 

'->''->.^ ■■,■■■■ ■' ■ Marriages, 1801. . : r^-X;:; ^;: -/'';'::■■'. 

Thursday, Jan. 29. : 

Married, last Tuesday se 'night, Mr. Arthur ]\I. Charlton to Miss 

Frances Mann, dau. of the late Luke Mann, Esq., of Bryan Co. 

;:-';:'vL-' --■■■-■?^ ■ -V- Deaths, 1801. '■■ 

Thursday, Jan. 

Died, last Sunday morning, at his plantation near Savannah, 
George Threadcraft, Sr., Esq. 

Thursday, Jan. 8. 

Died, last Friday, at his plantation, near town, Hampton Filli- 
bridge, JCsq. 

On Saturday, at White Bluff, Benjamin Lloyd, Esq. 


, Collected bv Charles M. Tiiatchek. 

{Coiitiniicd from Vol. 7, The Genealogical Monthly ^ jmge SS.) 

Miller, Jeremiah, son of Jedediah and Betsey, died July 3, 1778 
aged 3 years 6 months 25 days. 
. Isaac, born April 20, N. 8., 1743, died April 26, 1827. 
Miss Marcy T., died June 9, 1810, aged 20 years. 
Miss Mary, died March 11, 1812, aged 76 years. 
liUcy, died March 19, 1833, in her 86 year. 
Alden, died Nov. 25, 1827, in his 43 year. 
Samuel, son of Alden and MiUison, died Jan. 26, 1822, 
aged 2 years 6 months 10 days. 


Julia Ann Sparrow, born Jan. 30, 1809, 
died Oct. 29, 1840. 

Merrill, Eliza] )eth, wife of Amasa, born April 5, 1821, died Aug. 8, 
''"'■■■:- 1847, aged 26 years. 

Abby Aldora, daughter of Amasa and Elizabeth, died 
Aug. 20, 1847, aged 4 weeks. 

Morey, John, died June 25, 1800, in his 64 yesir. 

Morse, Isaac, died Oct. 10, 1850, aged 81 years. 

Miss Zilpah, died May 19, 1800, aged 25 years. 
Sanuiel, died Oct. 25, 1836, aged 57 years. 
.- Elijah, son of Samuel, died Dec. 26, 1831, in his 17 year. 
Louisa, daughter of Samuel, died March 26, 1832, aged 
- ' 23 3^ears. 

' . Charles S., son of Samuel and Jemima, died July 22, 1814, 
aged 16 months 22 davs. 
Jolm B., died May 15, 1836, in his 29 year. 
Isaac, died Sept. 5, 1826, aged 25 years 9 months 7 days. 
.■:.,:. iMary, wife of Samuel, died April 11, 1837, aged 28 years. 
:.;,... ^' ...; (1-52) ;■•..., ..■;■ ^ •../ . ^■/.- 

1905] Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. 153 

Morse, Darius T., son of Darius T. and Rachel E., died April 13, 
1836, aged 1 year 2 months. 
Charles S,, son of Charles S. and Nancy W., died Aug. 9, 
1846, aged 1 year 5 months. 
::\-^:V ■ Charles A., son of Charles S. and Nancy W., died Aug, 22, 
V: r ' 1845, aged 1 year 9 months. 

Charles S., son of Charles S. and Nancy W., died Oct. 1, 

1848, aged 1 year 9 months. . . 

Betsey L. wife of Charles, died Oct. 17, 1835, aged 28 

Ann P., wife of Ohver E., died Oct. 13, 1849, aged 28 

Morton, Elizabeth, daughter of Ichabod and Deborah, died Jan. 15, 
1760, aged 5 years 3 months 16 days. . 
. Deborah, daughter of Ichabod and Deborah, died Oct. 10^ 
1775, aged 2 years 7 months. 
A son of Ichabod and Deborah, died Oct. 5, 1775, aged 
5 months 4 days. 
:^ ' ' Capt. Ebenezer, died May 12, 1750, aged 53 years 6 months 
23 days. 
Mary, widow of Capt. Ebenezer, died April 4, 1782, in 

her 84 year. 
Ebenezer, died Nov. 1, 1775, aged 49 years 2 months. 
Sarah, wife of Ebenezer, died Nov. 22, 1781, in her 53 
'.;■'": year. 

: ' ■'' Caleb, died April 11, 1822, aged 63 years. 
':'":■'■'.'■ John, died March 20, 1784, in his 60 year. 

Elizabeth, wife of John, died Jan. 6, 1782, in her 51 year. 
Martha, wife of Ebenezer, died Aug. 4, 1782, in her 22 

Deacon Ichabod, died May 16, 1809, in his 85 year. 
Deborah, wife of Deacon Ichabod, died Nov. 17,1789, in 

her 60 year. 
Joshua, died Oct. 11, 1789, in his 36 year. 
Sarah, wife of Joshua, died Sept. 19, 1844, in her 88 year. 
Ebenezer, died Nov. 5, 1828, aged 32 years. 
Seth, died Dec. 3, 1805, in his 50 year. 
Priscilla, widow of Seth, died Feb. 19, 1847, in her 84 year. 
■ Ehas, died Nov. 2, 1801, in his 18 year. 

154 .;, : , Records jrom Old Cemetery^ Middlehoro, Mass. ■•' 

Morton, Seth, died Jan. 30, 1810, in his 78 year. 

Ilepzibah, widow of Seth, died Nov. 25, 1820, aged 88 
' . ''Remember Death" 

Here Heth the body of IMaster John Morton aged 
. . ; . 67 years died March 20, A.N.O.D. 1718. 

Mary, widow of John, died Oct. 13, 1731, in her 74 year. 
Livy, died July 19, 1838, in his 79 year. 
Hannah, wife of Livy, died Sept. 4, 1807, in her 47 year 
Catliarine, wife of Livy, died Sept. 6, 1819, in lier 79 year. 
John, died Dec. 8, 1833, aged 68 years. 
Abigail, wife of John, died July 11, 1849, in her 80 year. 
Thomas, died March 29, 1853, aged 91 years. 
Samuel, died Sept. 2, 1843, aged 53 years. 
Lendall P., died Jan. 11, 1843, aged 47 years. 
Eliza S., wife of Lendall P., died Jan. 12, 1843, aged 
38 years. 

Both buried in one grave. 

Elizabeth, wife of Joseph, born March 5, 1770, died March 
19, 1840. 

"Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, born Aug. 
11, 1807, and lost in explosion of Steamer I^ulaski off 
the Coast of North Carolina, June 14, 1836." 

Nelson, William, died March 22, 1718, aged 73 years. 
Ruth, died Sept. 7, 1726, aged 86 years. 

Nevens, Charles M., son of William L. and Betsey r\, died Aug. 22, 
1846, aged 2 months 19 days. 
William E., son of William L. and Betsey ¥., died Feb. 23, 
1849, aged 9 months 8 days. 

Nichols, Charles Gilbert, son of Charles G. and Lucia M., died 
Aug. 5, 1844, aged 5 years 9 months 21 days. 

Paddock, Ichabod, died Aug. 26, 1750, in his 64 year. 

Joanna, widow of Ichabod, died May 4, 1758, in her 69 

Bethiah, daughter of Ichabod and Joanna, died Sept. 4, 
1731, in her 18 year. 
. John, died Dec. 28, 1824, in his 62 year. 

{To he continued.) 



(Vital Statistics.) ;:; >-: r-^^ 

^ . ■ ■' ■■'■■■'■.'■■■■ 


-.■■-^-r^-fh./-.--^^ , Volume I. .; ^'■'■. ■■:.:,■ :':.-^^\:y0-:,..^ ■ ■ 

Note.- — The folios in the old Record are completely obliter- 
ated; hence, the word — page — is inserted in this manuscript at 
the beginning of each of the Record. 

.;:T ^- r!;^>"/ 7 ' {Continued from Vol. 1, page 114.) \ 

■■'"■^^■''-■:- "■-. Births. 

Siifannah Woodberrie the Daughter of Jolm and Elizabeth Wood- 

horrie born on the Eight Day of Januarie in the year of on'' Lord 

1 0S2 

i'.lizabeth Cue the Daughter of Robert and Sary Cue born on the 

fiift Day of march in the 3^ear of ou Lord God 1682/3 

Freeborn AVilliams the fon of Anthony and Mary Williams bc)rn 

on the Eight and Twentieth Day of Aprill Anno 1683: 

Jonathan Biles the fonn of Jonathan and P]lizabeth Biles born on 

the firft Day of may in the year of ou"" Lord God 16S3 

Al.iigaile Hafkall the Daughter of Jofiah and Sarah Hafkall born 

on the fixteenth Day of Auguft Anno: Doniine 1683 

J)auid Williams the fon of John and Martha Williams born on the: 

15'^ Day of September in the year of o"" Lord 1683 

Ihmnah Butman the Daughter of Jerimiah and Mehitable Butman 

!jorn on the nine and Twentieth Day of Sepiember 1683 

Sarah Balch the Daughter of John and Hannah Batch born on the 

one and Twentieth Day of march Anno: Domine 1683 

John Trask the fonn of John and Christian Trask born on the: 27*'^ 

Day of October in the year of o\v Lord 1683 

Hiifus Herrick the fonn of Josc])h and Mary Plerrick born on the 

'i'weiitieth Day of Nouember Anno Domine 1683 

Ctu'istian Trask the Daughter of John and Christian Trask born 

on the Twentieth Day of Januarie Anno: Domine 1680 

Niary Coy the Daughter of John and Elizabeth Coy born on the 

one and Twentieth Day of December 1683 

-^lary Gyles the Daughter of John and Elizabeth Gyles born on the 

liine and T\\entieth Day of ffebruarie 1681 

♦Copyright 1905 by Eben Putnam. 


156 Early Records of iJie Town of Beverly. [August 

Brid^ctt Gyles the Daughter of John and Ehzabeth Gyles born on 

the firrit Day of Januarie Anno Doniine 1G83 

ffreeborn Lagroe the son of Nicholas and Hannah Lagroe born on 

the Eleaucnth Day of ffcbruarie Anno : Domine 16S3 

Andrew Elliott Quartus y^ fonn of And^ and Mercy Elliott borne 

on ye Eleuenth of y*^ Seuenth month Anno dom : 1 683 

page — Margery Dodg the Daughter of William and Elizaljeth 

Dodg born on the nineteenth Day of Januarie Anno: Domine 1683 

Jonah Dodg the fon of Jofeph and Sarah Dodg born on the one and 

Twentieth Day of August Anno : Domine : 1 683 

Jael the Daughter of Richard and Sarah Woodberie born on the 

Twentieth Da}-' of Januarie Anno: Domine 1683 

Mark Haskall the fonn of Mark and Mary Ilaskall born on the 

fifth Day of ffcbruarie in the year of ou^ Lord God: 1683 

Dorathy Standly the Daughter of George and Bethia Standly 

born on the Second Day of March Anno: Domine 16834 

Sarah Clarke the Daughter of John and Sarah Clarke born on the 

one and Twentieth Day of August Anno: Domine: 1683: 

Elizabeth Bond the Daughter of John and Emma Bond born on 

the T^ast Day of ffcbruarie Anno: Domine 1683 

Jeremiah Hebbert the fon of Joseph and Elizabeth Hebbcrt born 

on the nineth Day of Agust Anno Domine 1683 

Abigaile Ilaskall the Daughter of Roger and Hannali Haskeall 

born on the thirtieth Day of March Anno: Domine 1684 

Ruth Hebbert born on the fixth Day of August the Daughter of 

John Hebbert and Ruth his wife Anno: Domine 1683 

Richard Ober the fonn of Richard and Abigaile Ober born on the 

first Day of March Anno : Domine : 1683 : 84 

Hester Clark the Daughter of William and Elizal^eth Clark born 

on the Eleauenth Day of June Anno: Domine 1684 

Rachell Bradford the Daughter of William and Rachell Bradford 

born on the thirteenth Day of July Anno: Domine 1684 

Joseph Drinker the son of Joseph and Ruth Drinker born on the 

nine and Twentieth Day^ of July Anno Domine 1684 

Mary Williams the Daughter of Anthony and Mary Williams born 

on the fourth Day of August Anno Domine 1684 

Michaell Sallows the fonn of John and Elizabeth Sallows bo]"]i on 

the Twentieth Day of August Anno: Domine 1684 

1905] Early Records of the Town of Beverly. 157 

John Loiiett the fonn of Joseph and llllizabeth Louett born on the 
Eight and Twentieth Day of Auoust Anno: Doniine 1684 
Rebeckah Woodberie the Daughter of Peter and Sarah Wood])erie 
born on the fiue and Twentieth Day of December Anno : ] )omine 
1684 ■ . /. 

Ruth tlie Daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth West born on the 
Eiglitenth Day of May Anno Domine 1684 (Interhned — ''Down 
in Hardys recording") 

Josuah Woodberie the fonn of Isaack and mary Woodbcrrie born 
on the nine and Twentieth Day of Januarie A: Domine 1684 
Bethia Conant the Daughter of Nathaniel! and Hannah Conant 
born on the Eight Day of Nouembcr in the year of ou'" Lord 1677 
Nathaniell Conant the fonn of Nathaniell and Hannah Conant 
born on the third Dav of Januarie Anno: Domine 1671> 
Josiah Conant the fonn of Nathaniell and Hannah Conant born on 
the fix and Twentieth Day of Nouember Anno: Do: 1681 
Hannah Conant the Daughter of Nathaniell and Hannah Coiiant 
born on the fiue and Twentieth Day of Januarie Aimo 1683 
William Thistle the fonn of Richard and Elizabeth Thistle born on 
the Twentieth Day of ffebruarie Anno: Domine 1681 
Tryphena Herrick the Daughter of Joseph and mary Herrick 
born on the Tenth Day of Aprill in the year of ou^ Lord 1685 
Zachariah Stone the fonn of Samuell Stone and Elizabeth his wife 
born on the three and Tw^entieth Day of may Anno: Domine 1685 
William Whittridg the fonn of Thomas and Chartie Whittridg 
born on the Twelfth Day of June in the year of ou'" Lord 1683 
Charitie Whittridg the Daughter of Thomas and Charitie Whittridg 
born on the tenth Day of march Anno: Domine 1684: 5 
Hebeckah Woodbcrrie the Daughter of William and Hannah 
Woodbcrrie born on the fecond Day of July Anno: Domine 1684 
(Interlined — Ruth Drinker y^ Daughter of Jofe])h' Drinker of 
Rcuerly and Abigail his wife was Borne on y firft Day of June in 
y^ year of ou^ Lord God 1695) 

Leter Balch the fonn of Samuell and i\Iartha: Balch born on the 
fixth Day of May Anno: Domine 1685 

fiagc — Mary Hai'iLs the Daugliter of Joseph and Dorcas Harris 
born on the nine and Twentieth Day of July Anno: Domine 1685 
Samuell Harris y*-' fon of Jofeph and Dorcas Harris Borne on y« 

158 : Early Records of the Town of Beverly. [August 

one and Twentieth Day of Nouember in y^ year of ou'' Lord God 

William Hathern the fonn of William and Joane Hathern born 
on the fine and Twentieth Da}^ of June Anno: 1GS5 
William Woodburie the fonn of Nicholas and JMary Woodbury his 
wife born on the nine and Twentieth Day of March Anno : Doiiiine 
1G85 • 

Richard and Josiah Woodbin*ie the fonns and Twins of Richard 
and Sarah Woodburie born on the Eighth Day of August in the 
year of ou^ Lord 1685 

Sarah Dodg the Daughter of Joseph and Sarah Dodg born on the 
Eleauenth Day of August in the year of ou'" Lord 1G85 
Josiah Haskall the fonn of Roger and Hannali Haskall born on 
the fixteenth Day of August Anno: Domine 1685 
Ruth Dodg the Daughter of Edward and Mary Dodg born on the 
fifteenth Day of August in the year of ou^" Lord 1685 
James the sonn of John and Sarah Hale born tlie foureteenth Day 
of October in the year of ou'' I>ord God 1685 

Anna the Daughter of Robert and Mary Cue born on the nine and 
Twentieth Day of September Anno: Do: 1685 
Michaell the fonn of William Dodg tcrtius and Elizabeth his wife 
born 0)1 the Eleauenth Day of October Anno: Domine 1685 
Edward Trask the fonn of John and Christian Trask born on the 
fourteenth Day of Nouember Anno: Domine 1685 
John the fonn of John and Elizabeth Coy born on the fix and Twen- 
tieth Day of December Anno: Domine 1685 

Nicholas the fonn of John and Martha Williams born on the Eight 
and Twentieth Day of October Anno: Domine 1685 
Rebeckah the Daughter of Samuell and Elizabeth Curtize born on 
the ninth Day of Aprill in the year of oii^ Lord 1686 
Deborah the Daughter of John and Deborah Bennit born on the 
third Day of Aprill Anno: Domine 1683 -■■ 
Samuell the son of John and Deborah Bennit born on the three 
and Twentieth Day of Aprill 1686 

page — Samuell Elliott y^ Sonn of Andrew Elliott and Mercy 
Elliott born on v« Eio-hteenth of Twelfth month Armo : Domine 16 — 


Elhner Griggs the Daughter of Jacob and Elliner Griggs born on 
the three and Twentieth Da}- of September Anno: Do: 1686 

1905] / Early Records of the Town of Beverly. 159 

Abigail Elathorp the Daiighler of John and Mary Elathorp ])orn 
on the Eight eentli Day of October Anno: Dom: IGSG ■ 
WilHam Cleans the sonn of William & Margrett Cleans born on 
the three and Twentieth Day of Jnly in the yeare of ou' Lord 16S6 
Nathaniell Clark the son of William and EHzabeth Clark born on 
the thirteenth Day of September Anno: Dom: 1686 
Martha the Danc;hter of John and Amie Bond born on the fine and 
Twentieth Day of Angnst Anno : Domine 1686 
Daniell the son of Samnell and Hannah Cornino- born on the feanen- 
teenth Day of September = Anno: Domine 1686 
John Stone the son of John and Hester Stone born on the feauen 
and Twentieth Day of Angnst Anno Domi 1686 
Richard the sonn of Jonathan and Elizabeth Biles born on tlie 
Eighth Day of nouember Anno: Domine 1675 
Robert and Rebeckah sonn and Danghter Twins of William Dodg 
secnndns and Johannah his wife, born on the ninth Day of October 
in the year of on^ Lord God : 1686 

Elizabeth the Danghter of Mark and Mary Haskali born on the 
Tenth Day of nonember Anno: Domine 1686 ■ 

Hazadiah Smith the sonn of Hazadiah and Hannah smith born 
on the fine and I'wentieth Day of ffebrnarie Anno: Dom: 1681 
Mary the Danghter of Tobias and Mary Trow born on the four- 
teenth Day of September in the 3^ear of on"" l^ord 1685 
John the sonn of Tobias and Mary Trow born on the first Day of 
December in the year of on^ Lord God: 1686 

Mary the Danghter of Joseph and Mary Herri ck born on the fFif- 
teenth Day of may in the year of ou^ Lord God 1686 
Phillip the sonn of Phillip and Deborah White born on the six- 
teenth Day of nonember in the 3^ear of on^ Lord 1686 
Georg the sonn of Georg and Sarah Trow born on the third Day 
of December in the year of ou^ Lord God 1686 
John the fon of Jofepli and Rnth Drinker was Borne In feptember 
abont the midle of fd month in the year of on'' Lord God 1688 
page — Elizabeth the illigitemate Danghter of Beniamin Trask 
and Dinah Nowell born on the Twentieth Day of December Anno : 
Domine 1686 

Judeth Woodbnric the Danghter of Nicholas and Marj^ Woodl)nrie 
born on the Last Day of March in the yeare of ou^ Lord God 168G 

160 Early Records of the Town of Beverly. \ [AugUfSt 

Josepli Knight the sonn of John and Elizabeth Knight born on 
the four and Twentieth Day of December Anno: Doniine 1GS6 
Ehzabeth the Daughter of Joseph Herrick senio^and j\Iary his wife 
borii on the ninth Day of December Anno: Domine 1686 
Philhp the sonn of Joseph and Ruth Drinker born on the Twelfth 
Day of Januarie in the year of ou'' Lord God 1686-87 
John the sonn of John and Rebeckah Waltham born on the nine 
and Twentieth Day of Januarie Anno: Domine 1686: 87 
Samuell the sonn of Georg and Jk^thia Standly born on the nine and 
Twentieth Day of October Anno: Domine 1686 
Mary the Daughter of Beniamin and Katherine Deland born on 
the seauen and Twentieth Day of Nouember Anno Doniine 1683 
Beniamin the sonn of Beniamin and Katherine Deland born on the 
Last Day of Ma}^ in the year of ou^" Lord 1686 
Nicholas Ober the fonn of Richard and Abigaile Ober born on the 
seauenteenth Day of September Anno: Do: 1686 
Martha Conant the Daughter of Nathaniell and Hannah Conant 
' born on the foure and Twentieth Da}^ of ffebruarie 1 68f 
Roger the son of Roger and Ruth Iloskins born on the Last Day 
of August in the year of ou^" Lord God 1683 

Samuell the sonn of Roger and Ruth Iloskins born on the Twelfth 
Day of March in the year of ou' Lord God 1686-87 
Abigaile the Daughter of Humphry and Abigaile ffrench born on 
the foure and Twentieth Da}^ of Nouember Anno: 1686 
Samuell Conant the sonn of Lott and Abigaile Conant born on 
the lliirtieth Day of march in the year of ou^" Lord God 1687 
Samuell the sonn of Samuell Stone born on the fifteenth Day of 
Aprill (and son of Elizabeth stone the wife of said Samuell stone) 
in the yeare of ou^ Lord God 1687 ■ 

j)age ■ — Thomas Whittridg the son of Thomas and Charlie Whit- 
tridg born on the third Day of May in the year of ou^ Lord God 1687 
Christian the Daughter of John Touy and Mary his wife born on 
tlie Twentieth Day of may in the year of ou^ Lord God 1687 
Bridgett the Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Hebberd born on 
the Elcauenth Day of may Anno: Domine: 1687 
Susannah the ])aughter of Richard and Sarah Woodbuiie born 
on the Eleauenth Day of may Anno: Domine 1687 
Priscilla the Daughter of Peter and Sarah Woodburie born on the 
three and Twentieth Day of June Anno: Do: 1687 

1905] ■^' Early Records of . the Toum of Beverly. 161 

Deborah the Daughter of Samiiell and jMary Hebbert born on tlie 
Eighteenth Day of July Anno: Domine 1GS7 

Josiah the sonn of Joseph and EHzabeth Louett born on the six 
and Twentieth Day of July Anno: 1687: 

Samuell the sonn of John and Sarah Hale born on the thirteenth 
Day of August in the year of ou^ Lord 1687 

William Sikes the &onn of William and Susana Sikes born on the 
Eighteenth Day of July Anno: Domine 1687 

Elizabeth the Daughter of John and Christian Trask born on the 
fiue and Twentieth Day of August in the year of ou"" Lord God 1687 
[torn] the sonn of William and Joane Hawthird [Haw- 

thorn?] born on the thirteenth Day of September Anno: Domine 
1687 ' 

Ruth the Daughter of John and Hannah Balch born on the sixth 
Day of October Anno: Doijiine 1687 

John the fonn of John and Sarah Clark born on the seauenth Day 
of October Anno: Domine 1687 

John the sonn of John and Elizabeth Ellenw^ood born on the second 
Day of March Anno : Do : 1685 

Simon the sonn of Thomas and Abigaile Woodburie born on the 
sixteenth Day of Januarie Anno: Do: 168|-: 

Elizabeth the Daughter of Isaak and Mary Woodburie born on 
theseauenteenth Day of Januarie in the year of ou'" Lord God 168J : 
page — Abigaile the Daughter of Anthony & ]\lary Williams born 
on the seauenth Day of March 1687/8 

Hannah the Daughter of William &: Ma:-gret Cleans born on the 
one &: thirtieth Day of March Anno: Domine 1688 ., 

Elizabeth the Daughter of JoshuahOt: Martha Baason born on the 
thirtieth Day of March in the year of ou^' Lord 1688 
1heo})hylus the son of John and Elizabeth Sallow^s born on the 
tenth Day of Aprill Anno: Domine 1688 

•Hannah the Daughter of Roger and Hannah Haskall born on the 
three and Twentieth Day of Januarie Anno 1687: 
Samuell the son of Azadlali Smith and Hannah his wife born on 
the one and Twentieth Da}^ of Aprill Anno: 1688: 
Ruth the Daughter of Joseph ct : Mary Derrick born on the nine & : 
Twentieth Day of A})rill Anno 1688 

i\!ary the Daughter of William &:: 'Mary Raiment borne on the 
sixteenth Day of may in the year of ou^" Lord 1688 

162 Early Records of the Town of Beverly. 

Deborah the Daughter of Philhp and Deborah White born on the 
six & Twentieth Day of May Anno: Domino IGSS 
Elizabeth the Daughter of Beniamin and Ehzabeth Balch born 
on the sixth Day of July Anno: Dom : 1688 

Elizabeth the Daughter of Thomas and Mercy Chubb born on the 
fine and Twentieth Day of June Anno: 1688 

Jane the Daughter of Samuell and Elizabeth Curtize born on the 
fourth Day of August Anno: Domine 1688 

John the son of John & IClizabeth Richards born on the Twentieth 
Day of June Anno: Domine 1682 

Elizabeth the Daughter of John: &: Elizabeth Richards born on 
the Eighteenth Day of may Anno: Domine 1684 
William the son of John & Elizabeth Richards born on the six- 
teenth Day of Nouendjer Anno: Domine 1685 
Nathaniell the son of Jolm it Elizabeth Richards born on the 
seauenth Day of August Anno: Domine 1688 
page — Sarah the Daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Biles born 
on the one and thirtieth Day of August Anno: Do: 1688 
John the son of Beniamin and Katherine Deland born on the four- 
teenth Day of Se])tember Anno: Domine 1688 
Hester the Daughter of William and Hannah Woodburie born on 
the feauenth Day of September Anno: Domine 1688 
Hemy the son of Henry and Mary Herrick bo]-n on the ninth Day 
of September in the year of ou^ Lord God 1688 
Sarah the Daughter of John and Sarah Grouer born on the fourth 
Day of October in the 3'ear of ou^" Lord God 1688 
Jacob the son of Jacob and Elinor Griggs born on the Eleauenth 
Day of October Anno: Domine 1688 

Andrew the son of Nicholas and Mary Woodburie born on the 
hue and Twentieth Day of May Anno: Domine 1688 
Abell Woodburie the son of Humphry Woodburie and Ann his 
wife born on the seauenth Day of October 1688 
Solomon the son of Tobias and mary Trow born on the Eleauenth 
Day of September Anno: Domine 1688 

Sarah the Daugliter of Georg: & Sarah Trow born on tlie two cV: 
Twentieth Day of februarif Anno: 1689 

Edward the son of John ]5 and Amy Bond born on the fourth Day 
of march in the year of ou^" Lord 168| 

(7'o be continued.) 





■;"'■■ {Contimied from Y-l. 1, page 122.) 

1776. April 21. Samuel Butterfield 

Augustll .Jonathan Ireland : -" 

- Oct'""20. Thomas Prentifs. \'-^ -'■''' ^''''. '^'r^r^'-:^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Nov. John Warland. 

John Rice & Mary his wife. 

1777. Feb. 2. Snfannah Morse. 

9. Isaiah Dickson 

April27. Beniamin Mirick ), ^ .\ 
: T -,. , - ... yoy President Lan^-don. 

Lydia his wife. j '^ ® 

June 22. Henry Coolidge 

July 20. Jefse Putnam B.A. 

1778 April 12. Sam" Phipps. 

April 19. Daniel Swan . 

May 17. Ebenezer A\^yeth Jun*" 

June 7. Samuel Manning. , ' 

June 14. Jofhua Gammao-e 

August9. Jonathan Temple 

August23. George Geyer & Mar}^ his wife. 

V Oct'*'' 25. William Gammage Jun'" Doctor. 

Sept. 19. Joseph Flolden. 

Oct. 3. Thomas Fillebrown 

1780 Dec'' 17 W" Watfon att my house. 

March 18 John Hastings 

1782 July 21 Jabez Frothingham 

Amos Briant V 

Sept. 1. John Palmer 

Dec. 8. William Honeywell and Sarah Honeywell his wife. 

1783. Jan>' 3. Richard Cutter Jun'' by Rev'^ M' Reed of Bridgewater 
Sept. Thomas Warland 

1784. July 18. Jos'' Stacey Reed 

Nov. 14. JNIajor .John Ilaftings. :=,.;. 

June 19. M*" Samuel Babcock. 
■■•:•■■■ .;,.'■ ' ■ ■ '"^ ";'•■'■■ ^'-'- (103) 

164 : ■ ., Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [August 

(114) Pkrsons admitted to own The Covenant by T. II. 

1786 Ap. 5). Samuel Townsend owned the Coveimnt. 

Feh"^' 4. M"" Ebeuezer Stedman owned the Covenant. 
18. Widows Elizabeth Frost. 

1787. Nov. 11. Thomas Rand owned the Covenant. 

1788. Jan> 13. John Shed owned the Covenant. 
Dec*" 7. Elisha {3oane owned the Covenant. 

1789. Feb^> 8. Betsey Nelson owned the Covenant. 
March 29. Andrew Lopans owned the Covenant. 
May 24. Jonathan Wyatt owned the Covenant. 
Oct. 25. Katherine Smith owned the Covenant. 

(115) Some Minutes relating to y*^ Sale of y*^ Miuifterial Farm att 
Lexington and y^ Improvement of y^ Monies procured by y*^' 
Sale thereof for y*^ nfe of y^ M in if try which I think proper to 
Enter in y'' Church Book, for tiie Information of my Succef- 

ji: - sors in y*" Miuiftry. 

r But not having any Authentick Copies of y^ Votes which 

have been pafsed relating to Said affair. I Shall only mention 
Several tilings according to my own knowledge or Remem- 
brance of them. The Authentick votes being to be found in 
y*' Town Records ory*^ Proprietors Records, or Parifh R( cords. 
I'he Farm was att y*^ farther End of Lexington towards 
Bedford Containing 500 acres. Given in former time by y*^ 

/ . Proprietors of y'^' Towm for y^ ufe ofy^ Miniftry In tJiis Town 
& Place (according to y*^ beft of my Remembrance) JMy Prcd- 
ecefsor y'' Rev^^ M^ Brattle hrcl Leafed out y^ Said Farm and 
there were Several years of y^ Leafe to run att his Death 
, , which Leafe did not reftrain y*^Tennants from Cuttini]'' & Car- 
rying off y*^ AYood & Timber. So y* it was thought great 
Strip & waste would l)e Committed, y*' Timber cut oil' & y^ 
Farm but little Cultivated. Accordingly after my Settlement 
in y*^ Miniftry in this place (which was Oct'^'" 9, old ftile 1717) 
It was thought beft to Sell y" Farm & put y*" money out to In- 
terest, till Lands more convenient for y"" ufe of y^ Miniftry 
Could be purchafed. Accordingly in or about y'' year 1719 or 
1 720. The I'own voted to Sell and did Sell y^ S^' Furm for £900 
of y*" Province I^ills, y'' Currency of that Day. One hnndredc^' 
Twenty Pounds of y^ money y"" Town Improved towards re- 
pairing y*" Farfonage Houfe. Sixtij Pounds were Expended in 
Law Suits, &c. by y** Committee Imployed to manage y*" affair. 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 165 

So y* y*" original Sum y* was to put to Iiilcreft was Seven . 
hundred & l^wenty J*ounds. Now my Agreement with y^Town 
relating to this Money procured by y*" Sale of S'^ Farm was yt 
I & 1 think my Succefsors Should Nominate a Treasurer for 
receiving and Improving Said Monies : and y*^ Town to give 
y"^ Approbation of 8'^ Clioice, or if not I to Choose one or 
another till v^ Concurred and that I should draw Tivo thirds of 
y* Interest & y" other third to he added yearly to y' Princijwl : 
which was Indeed my own Propofal Choofing to forego that 
third of y*' Interest that y^ Principal might be a gi'owiug Es- 
tate as y*^ Farm was. Accordingly I have Conftantly ivceived 
Two thirds of y*^ whole Intereft and as y*' Principal was yearly 
increafed by y^ addition of one third of y*' Interest so my In- 
tereft Increafed proportionally from year to year. I nominated 
Andrew Bordman Ef^i'Tli*' College Stov/ard for Treasurer and 
the Town Concurred therewith and he Continued in Said office 
& Trust untill y" Day of his Death wliich was May 30, 1747. 
after which 1 nominated his Son y*^ prefent Andrew Bordman 
Efq'' which Nomination y" Parifh Concurred with, who con- 
tinues in S^ Trust to this Day. 
- ■ . The Late M' Bordman y*^ Winter before_he died viz, Jan. 

27. 1746/7 gave me a Lift of all y*' Bonds Containing y*" Said 
Monies under his hand as Treafurer which Paper together with 
a Paper of y*^ like Import from his Son y*^ prefent Ti'easurer, 
baring Date June 18, 1752 may be found in a Drawer of my 
Scriptore where are my Deeds & other valuable Papers. 
(116) By y" Lift of Bonds given in by M'" Bordman y*' first Treaf- 
urer of Jan>' 27, 1746/7 It appears y* y*' Principal of y*" Bonds 
amounted to y*" Sum of £1052 old Tenor. 

Interest due upon y*" Bonds Jan^ 22, 
1746/7 as belonging to y'' Principal £68.6.4 - 

And what he charges himself with alltho 
he never charged nor received nuylhing V 

; during y^ whole time of his Service & Trust, £14.7.0 


So y* in y*^ Space of about 27 years y'" Nominal Sum In- 
creased £414.3.4. I vSay y'" Nominal Sum, For 1)y y'' Unhappy 
State of our I\redium Viz. Province Bills, during thofe years 

1G6 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [August 

y>' depreciated to Such a degree & no remedy provided m y 

■•^ loss to help y*^ Creditors to y*" just value of y'" liouds. 

7 It was but nominal, for alltlio y"" Nominal Sum was So much 

Increafed yet y"^^ real value was much diminifhed y'' addition 

of y*" third of y*" Intereft did by no means make up for y'' Sink- 

■ '■ ing of y"" Bills. 

But about y*" year 17o0 The Medium was Exchanged, y*" ]3ills 
called in Lawful Money 6/8 Established and a Law niado 
' y : obliging all Debtors upon Bond to pay in y^ Debts accordin<j; 
to y'' value of y^ Bills when y^ Del)t was Contracted. By 
which means there was a Considerable Saving to this Estate; 
allthough by no means Sufhcient to make up for y'' Lofs 
during 30 years of depreciating Bills. 

But upon y"' Exchange of y'" Bonds into Lawful Silver money 
& according to y'' value of y"" Bills when y'' Bond was given. 
The Nominal Sum in old Tenor was Confiderably Increased. 
For upon Reckoning & Settling y*^ Intereft with Andrew Bord- 
man Efq"" y*^ Prefent Treafifier June 18, 1752. He gave me 
in a Lift of y"" Bonds then in his hands (whicli Paper is l)e- 
pofited with y^ former in my Scriptore) which amounted in y' 
Principal to £288.15.1. Lawful money, which makes in old 
Tenor £2165.13.1 and att y'' Same time y^ was of Interest 
due upon Said Bonds, to y^ value of £170 old tenor to that day 
And 1 then received full two thirds of y'' Intereft of all y'' Bonds 
as I have from y*" Begining. 

And now we See y*^ att y* day, viz, 1752. There is added 
to y^ Pi'incipal above £40 old Tenor Every ycai-, whereby it 
becomes a growing Estate, and it was my defign inConfeuting 
to y*" Sale & y^' defign of y*" pple in Selling y* it Should be a 
growing Estate, and therefore I hope No Successor of mine in 
y^ Ministry will ever defire or demand more than two thirds 
of y^ Intereft of this money. ... - 

And I defire you let me Solemnly Charge y*^ People of this 
Parifh to abide ftrictly b}^ this Rule of adding one third 
of y"" Intereft conftantly to y*" Principal and not from any Bi»r- 
fimonious Spirit apply it to any other ufe then to y'' Increafing 
y* Fund. Which is y" only way to havey^ pious Defignsof our 
fore Fathers in giving y*" Farm & of y*^ Children in selling it, 
(117) Most effectually answered, For you may Easily See y*^ by 
Such a constant addition to y*' Principal it will att length 

IlKV')] ^^^ : ,. Records of iJic First Church, Cainhridge. 167 

afford an Income equal to what we may Supose y*' Farm 
under good Improvement would be likely to Kent for. Na}^ 
let me add what Some of you may Easily compute, that by 
keeping this vote & agreement of adding one third of y® 
Intereft to Piincipal Sacred & Inviolable tliat by y*" 3'' & 4'^ 
Generation It will of itself afford a Comfortable & Decent 
Support for a Minister without any Tax upon y*" pplc. 

Mem'^"^ 1 would further Say y^ as it was Propofed att y*" time 
of Selling s'* Farm y* y'' money Should be laid out in Lands 
more Convenient for y*" IMiniftr}^ And as it was necefsary for 
me y'' Incumbent to manifef t my confent to y'' Sale of S'^ Lands, 
under my ILand. So in y*^ Several Deeds which were made of 
y^ Land I Signified my Confent with this Condition provided 
iheij purchafed other Lands vjHlt if money more Convenient for f 
Mhnftrn^ wliicli is nut done. However if y'' money be Effect- 
ually Secured & y*^ prefent regulation it is under Carefully 
obferved it may anfwer as good if not better purpofes, 

Natii^' Applktun. • 

In y^ year 1768 AndrcAV Bordman Efq^'refigned his olTice as 
Treafurer of y*^ above mentioned money, and att a Parifh 
Meeting I Nominated Dr. William Kneeland Efq^' for Treafurer 
to which the Parifh Contented. 

Marclj 1769. I settled accounts with D*" Kneeland who paid 

me y*^ full of my Two thirds of y'' Interest to February laft 

paft and gave me an account of the Bonds & Monies (pro- 

, cured by y*^ Sale of the INIinistry- Farm att Lexington) then 

in his hands, viz. 

Bonds in lawfull money. £137. 2. 1| 

26.13. A 

. ■ \ ■ : : _ ■..'/•:..' :" 80 

\c-:.' :' f ' 16.16. 

. : ;■ . ■ ■ ; i ■' :V,''' - ^^ ■■-' 26.10. 7| 

:./:;' ■■ :• :^ ,■ I ' - .' 26.10. 7i 

■ V ■ ^ ;■ '■:■■■' ■ 53. 1. 3 

/■.'••"--;.■■ " :'"■' "■■•>''^" ■• ■■ .,:.;•, ,■:■.;- ■ '',•'■':' ^ ' ■:; '" 20. 
■■ ;••■; ' - 20. 

Cafh in hand to be let out Immediately In old 


Tenor £3221. 4. 9^- - 22.16 

429. 9.114 

, 168 Records 0} the First Church , Cambridge. [August 

- ^^ ' - The annual Interest of £429. 9. lU is £25.14.9. Tiie two 
thiids of which is £17,3.4 and will be y" Minister's due 
February next. 

;> (118) October 20, 1771. Compleated 54 years of my Ministry 
■ within which time there have been as I gave y^ account to my 

- ;C- pple upon y"" day above in a Sermon as follows, viz.' 

: V V Children Baptized in this Congregation 1747 

' '■'■:'y:h'- Adult Perfons who owned y*" Covenant & were Baptized 90 

Perfons who owned y'' Covenant not to full Communion 214 

Perfons Admitted to full Communion 714 

Children baptized by Dr. Appleton 
: . >V from 1717 to 1771 1747 

from 1771 to his death 301 

Adults baptized 

from 1717 to 1771 90 

from 1771 to his death 13 

"\:...'" ■■■■'::;; ^- ^^^■%■ ■:■';-;./' ■ 2048 

Total baptisms 2151 during 

:• Dr. Appleton's ministry. 

(119) Children Baptizei) by Nath''- Appleton. 

1770 Oct'" 14. Hannah of Jofiah Moore. 
Nov. 4. John of John Walton 

18. Elizjdjcth of AValter Cox. 
Hannah of Thomas Phillips. 
- 25. Joel of Joel Fisk 

Dec. 23. William of Jofepii Read 
1771. Jan> C. John of Edward Hastings. 
20 Sarah of James Kettle 
Feb. 3. Jofeph of Jofeph Read 

; 10 IMary of y' widow Mary Froft her Husband D^ Froft 
died about six months paft. 
: ; ; Feb. 24. Isaac of Mansfield Tai)pley. 
. . March 10. Thomas of Edward Prentifs 

.24. Elizabeth of Sam" Tbacher Jun^ 

1905] Records oj the First ClivrcJi, Cambridge. 169 

1771 April U. Tabitlm of John Kidder - • , 

May 12. Benjamin of W" Rand. 

John of Stcplien Goddard 
June 16. Jofepb of Jofiah ]\Iafon. 
• Lydia of I{)dward Fillebrovvn V>y D^' Haven 

July 14. Rebekah of y'' Widow Rebeccab Pratt. 

28. Hannah r Twin children of D'" John Wriglit Baptized 
''■'■:■■; ';\:-:- '■■■•:■& ^. l att his lioufe after meeting, being poor & 

Mary V weak & not fit to be brought into Public. 
>v • Augnstl 1. Elizabeth of Jofepli Smith. 
; Octo'^"^ G. Mary of John Hicks. 

Elizabeth of Richard Honey well. 

Abigail of Nath" Prentifs. 

Sufannah of Sam" Norcrofs. John of Jolm Caldwell. 

Edward Stephen of the Rev'' Edward AVMgglesworth 

S. T. P. 
Sarah Williams of Nath" Thwing 
Rofe a negro Child of Jack & Anne a negro woman 

of M^' Haf tings. ■ . : ; >' : 

Rebekah Parkman of Nath" Jarvis. 
Thomas of Jonathan Cook 
Catherine of Abraham Watfon Jun'". 
19 Lucy of Ilubbart Rufsell 

Isaac, Elizabeth, Sarah, children of Isaac Trafk. 
26 Robert of Robert Twodale. 
Feb. 16. William of William Tufts 

Elizabeth of Ebenezer Wyeth 
Isaac of Tiniothy Tufts 

James of James Miller. : 

Mar. 8. Hannah of Jofiah I^foore. 

29. Hannah of Aaron Tufts. 
May 24. Lydia of James Munroe. 

June 7. Mary of Mofes Griggs. . ■ : ■ 

August 2. Mary of Ebenezer Shedd. 
Sept. 13. Elizabeth of Benaiah Davenpon v" 

20. Edward of Edward Fillebrowr :- 

Edmund of Jofepb Read 
October 4. Jofepb of Jofepb Bates. 
25. Jofepb of Daniel Watson. 

Hannah of Thomas Fillebrown 
Nov. 1. Efther of Edward Hastings. 

:' Oct'" 

' 13 

V; : Oct'" 


' ;._ Nov'' 





>■ 1. 




1772 Jau> 



170 Records of tlte First Church, Cambridge. 

1772 Nov. 15. Thomas of Thomas Barrett. 
.;'y.22. Abigail of John Bulterfield 

Dec'^'-20. Edmimd of George Daua. 58 Ch. Verte p. (120) 
1773. Jan> 10. Sarah of Mansfield Tapley. 

24. Hannah of Jofeph Smith. 
• '^ 31: Mary of Jolm Prentifs. 

March 21 Mary of D'W" Kneeland Efff. 

Elijah of Sam" Norcrofs. 
April 18 Jofiah, John, Sam", Benjatniii, children of Jofiah 

Morse. - 

Api'il 25. John of Edward Prentifs. 
May 2. Hannah of John Kidder. 
23. Lncv of Jofeph Adams. 
June 6. Walter of Walter Cox. 
Joseph of Jofhua I-ee. 
Jofiah of Jofiah Temple 
13. Peggy of Nathan Watson 

27. William of Sam" Champney Baptized on y*" South 
August 1 . Thomas of Profefsor Wigglesvvorth. 
Jonathan of Jonathan Butterfield. 
15. James of James Peed. 
. 29. Elizabeth of Capt. Thomas Gardner. 
Samuel of John Caldwell 
Oet^'^31. Edward of Nath" Thwing. 
Nov'"" 21. William Tyng of Al)raham Watson Jun^ 
' Dec'"''. 12. Leonard of Richard Honeywell. 
. Hanah of Caleb Rand. 
Sarah of Jofiah Eefsenden. 
1774Jan> 10. Elizabeth of Thomas Barrett. 

Feb. 5. Jotham of Jotham Walton. ' . 

5. Cato of Anne Negro Servant of Jon-' Haftings Efq'". 
12. Thomas of Jofeph Miller. 
/ : 27 Lydia & Hannah Twins of Capt W" Angier. 
Nath" of Nath" Jarvis. 
March 13. Jofeph of Jofeph Bates. 
Jofiah of Jofiah Moore. 
April 10. John of Mansfield Tapley. 

2-1. George Hubbard of George Duglafs. 

{To be continued.) 

The Genealogical Magazine 


Vol. I. Septembek, 1905. No. 6 


By Norman M. Isham. '■■.. — ''i'''^'-' 

The ownership of meadows, the only source of hay in the earUest 
years of the Providence Plantation, was a subject of grave import- 
ance to the early settlers. They were to be found along the shores 
of the fresh rivers and this, condjining with the rockiness of much 
of the high land, caused the line of settlement to follow tlie course 
of these streams. 

The country north of Providence, the valley of the Moshassuck, 
possessed a large share of meadow, not only along the river itself 
but in its tributary brooks where the clearings made by the beavers 
had grown up to ''wild" or ''meadow" hay as distinguished from 
''English" hay. 

What is now Olney's Pond, in the present town of lincoln, was 
once famous as "Observation Meadow," through which flowed 
a stream called Observation River or Brook, while the hill to the 
south, now Stump Hill, crowned by the Pawtucket Reservoir, 
wa; once Observation Hill, from which meadow and brook took 
the name, and formed, in Observation Rock blown up when the 
reservoir was built, one of the original bound marks of Providence. 

After King Philip's War, the owners of these various meadows 
settled down on the uplands which rose from them and quite a 
population gathered around "Observation," "World's End," 
and other quaintly named places in the south, and "AVansoket, " 
the Branch River, etc., on the north, with "Locuscussuck" in be- 
tween. In 1731, this w^hole territory was set off as Smithfield. 

On the northeast slope of Observation Hill, a quarter of a mile 
south of Ol)servation l^rook, stands the building lately known 
fis the Israel Sayles house, which the illustrations set foi'th. The 
two separate houses of which it consists face south on a spur of the 
hill above the present mill-pond, formerly a meadow, on the Mos- 


An old house at Saijlesville, R. I. [September 

"» \\j^ 

1 •••. . -•'ji?a/ 





«?S* I 

k / 








!'li . 

1905] All old house at Saylcsville, R. I. 



hassuck River. It is very well placed, commands a fine view up 
the valley to the north, and is clearly to be seen from the Eleazer 
Arnold house on the old north road a mile away across the river. 
It was this view of it that first made Mr. Brown and mvself sus- 

afgafeerawBttanB^'^^SS lMwaw! 





t«awM^ • « 


pect that it was an old house, a view amply confirmed when, some 
'■■ vea'rs later, we l>ad a chance to measure it. 

The brick liouse, while old, is not tlie first part of the structure 
in interest. That place is easily taken by the battered wooden 


An old house at Saylesville, R. I. 

affair which stands at the west of the group. This is unique, for 
it is a story-and-a-half house, two rooms wide, framed in the ancient 
manner. A story-and-a-half house of the earhest time existed in 
Providence in the Roger Mowry house, but we had, till now, no ex- 
ample to show that the single-room house developed into one which 
was two rooms deep in plan, exactly as did the two-story houses. 

The stone chimney of the house has long since gone. The hearth, 
or part of it, is still in place. The framing is good and studs 
appear in the outer walls. 

The house was built, probably, by Peter Ballou (John^ IMaturin) 
in 1714, the year of his marriage to Rebecca Esten. With this 
date the house readily agrees. It could be older. Plow Ballou 
obtained the land is at present unknown to me. Perhaps the 
transfer appeared only in the Proprietors' Records, now destroyed- 

In 1734, William Brown bought the old house and fifty acres 
of land, and erected the brick house which is a gaml>rel of an early 
type, with which the bond of the brick agrees. 

Eleazer Brown, William 's son, sold, Aug. 16, 1770, to Ichabod 
Comstock, ''Written Practitioner in Phyfick," and the doctor's 
grandson, Benjamin Comstock, sold to Israel Sayles, May 23, 18G0- 




V»E^ P^y^A 5c)v^r^H 

■ . ■'■■f-f , > 


-^^•.,fv-:y -. IN ENGLAND. ^ :.\. ■ / 

Letter from Gilbert Cope to the West Chester, Pa., News. 

The principal object of our visit to this place was to copy some 
of the earliest Friends' records for the benefit of the Genealogical 
Society of Pennsylvania. By an Act of Assembly, passed in 1837, 
tlie government took possession of what w^ere termed the Non- 
l\arochial Registers, or those outside of the Church of England, 
and they are now^ in that vast storehouse of records known by the 
name of Somerset House, where it is said 1600 ofiicials are em- 
ployed. The object was, no doubt, to place them where tliey 
w^ould be secure from loss, yet the act was somewhat tyrannical in 
its nature. The Friends' records so taken were those of marriages, 
births and deaths, which had been recorded by the various Monthly 
Meetings of the Society throughout the kingdom. The Society 
was permitted, howe^'er, to make copies for their own use, and 
two were made, of which one is to be found at Devonshire House 
and the otlier in possession of the several Quarterly ^leetings, 
each having its own part. These registers have been digested 
somewLiat alphabetically b}' Quarterly I^I^etings which may include 
the Monthly Meetings of one or two counties each. The registers 
of the Quarterly Meeting of London and Middlesex fill se\'era] large 
volumes, while those of Buckinghamshire are comparatively very 
small. It would be more desirable to copy from the original books 
but the conveniences for so doing are limited and the restrictions 
of the Government such as to be almost prohibitive. A day here 
in the record office is from 10 to 4, a great waste of life. i\ty wife 
and I have been copying the digested registers at Devonshire 
House for some wxeks, and have also emplo3"ed some assistants 
in the w'ork. There are likewise minutes of some of the business 
meetings, which contain a great deal of interesting infonnation. 
From one of these books, dating back to 1G69, I have co])ied more 
than one hundred pages. It is aimed to get full details of those 


176 . ;: An American Genealogist in England. [September 

who subsequent!}^ removed to America. There is so much here in 
London that it will be useless at present to visit the other counties. 

There are other records which possess great attractions for the 
genealogist, of which the wills and parish registers are the most 
important. The latter antedate Quakerism by more than 100 
years, but, as they are kept in their own localities, they are not so 
accessible as some other records. The wills in some parts of 
England date back near 700 years, and there are few persons in 
America who appreciate the enormous accumulations of these 
documents. I have not mastered the subject, but believe I am 
safe in making the following statements: 

The probate of wills and granting letters of administration 
were for long ages under ecclesiastical jurisdiction, and the Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, as head of the church, either directly or by 
his deputies, exercised this authority. The Prerogative Court of 
Canterbury, or P. C. C, as it is styled for short, contains the wills 
of London and Middlesex and of persons elsewhere who owned 
property in more than one diocese. Aside from this it was optional 
with those interested whether the will was brought here or to some 
of the local courts, of which there were several in some counties. 
A reminiscence of the oversight of the church may be noticed in 
the original form of letters of administration in our own Chester 
County where a care is expressed that the estate should be disposed 
of 'Ho pious uses." Soon after reaching London, through a letter 
of recommendation from a friend, addressed to the Registrar Gen- 
eral, I was granted a searcher's ticket, permitting me to examine 
the wills in Somerset House, or in any other part of the kingdom, 
but with the limitation here of not more than two days in a week, 
and not to have more than eight books in one day. This is based 
on the pretext that there is not room for all the searchers who 
would avail themselves of the opportunity, but it is simply an 
instance of the well defined policy of ''how not to do it," often 
found in government red tape. With the hope of extending my 
ancestral lore, I visited the search room at Somerset House on a 
certain day by previous appointment. 

It must be explained that the will books are not numbered but 
the register for each year takes the name of the person whose will 
stands first on the list for that year, and, by the way, one is named 
Cope. A separate index is made for each year and bears also the 


1905] p:^^^;':An'^A7nerican Genealogist in England. Ill 

same name. In my innocence, I thought of a plan to circumvent 
the restriction as to immber of vokmies examined in one da}', and 
selecting a year near the date of tlie first settlement of Pennsylva- 
nia, I went through the index and selected a considerable number 
of familiar and promising names, then filled \\\\ a. search blank 
with the name of the register and the page of the first reference, 
to which, I signed my own name and handed it to an attendant. 
Then my education began. The will books are of velhnn, like 
the deeds of our fathers. They are huge volumes, with brass or 
iron clasps to keep them closed, and so heavy that a leather band 
is placed loosely around the back, by which they can be carried. 
The desired volinne was brought from another room, the clasps 
released, and I soon discovered that this was but one of several 
volumes bearing the same name, paged consecutively, so that only 
one or two of my references were in one of them. For example, 
the register named Wootcm covers fourteen volumes. Then only 
one leaf in ten, ])erhaps, is numbered, and it takes some time to 
locate the desired will. 

The zeal and enthusiasm for which genealogists are noted has 
led to a vast amount of generous labor for mutual benefit. The 
accumulations of many centuries have been attacked by record 
societies and individuals, who have published many volumes of 
indices and abstracts of wills, but much more remains to be done. 
I suspect that this effort is largely stimulated by the Government 
restrictions already mentioned. 

Two days of searching, with the result of finding the promising 
names to be of testators in no way connected with my ancestry, 
was somewhat discouraging, and I turned my attention to the 
Friends' records. It was suggested that my people, being persons 
of moderate means, might be found in other registries than the 
P. C. C. Some of these have been brought to Somerset House, 
and to-day I had a try at the wills of Berkshire, whence came the 
Carters, Passmores,Puseys, Taylors (Abiah and Josej)h), Thatchers, 
Townsends and other settlers in Chester County. Thousands of 
these wills were not recorded and from the index to these I selected 
several names, but because the oflicials did not have two or three 
days in which to look them up, I had to appoint another day. I 
was allowed, however, to examine two volumes of recorded wills, 
dating from 1596 to 1G09, in which I was much interested to find 


An American Genealogist in England. 

the names of Passmore, Piisey and Thatcher, presumably ances- 
tors of our settlors, but tJio gap was too great to conuect them 
certainly. In the unrecorded wills I hope to find the intermediate 
links. The writing was generally very neat, but the characters 
so different from the modern shapes and the abbreviations so 
numerous that it was tedious reading. A new expression of rela- 
tionship occurred in the will of Jane Thatcher, of Uffington, widow, 
dated the xxiiiith day of March, 1598, in which she gives her 
**nephue Richard Thatcher the middle brass pott, and to Alice 
his sister my new peece of redd cloth, and to the rest of my son 
Richard's children xii£" each to be paid by their father. John 
Passmore, of the parish of Bray, 1596, had sons Thomas and John, 
and brothers William and Henry. John Pusey, of South Dench- 
worth, 1598, had wife Jane, and children Richard, John, Thomas 
and Mary. Thomas Carter, of Bucklebery, 1G07, had son Richard, 
and daughter Annie. George Carter, from Bucklebury, settled 
at Jefferis's Ford, on the Brandy wine. How my friend, Caleb 
M. Taylor, would enjoy looking over these records. 



ft; f '-Itv^ :^^ {Continued from Vol. 7, page 170.) 

1774 May 8. William of Gideon Froft. 

Prifcilla of James Kettle. 
June 6. Hannah of Ephraim Hancock 1 baptized on y^ South 

19. Edmund Trowbridge of Mr. Francis Dana. 

26, Moses of Mofes Gricf2:s. 
July 24. James of Notb" Prentice. 
August 21 John of Jofiah Temple. 
Sept. 11. Ilebekah of William Manning Jun"". 

26. Hcpzibah of John Wyman. 
Dec^"" 18. Mary of Jonathan Eutterfield. 

1775 Jauy 22. Sarah of Stephen Goddard 
March 12. Jofeph of Jofcph Adams. 

19. Anna of Jofiah Morse. 

Elizabeth of John Kidder. 

Francis of Nath^^ Thwing ■ 

Thankfull of Stephen Palmer Jun''. 

Nathan of Nathan Watfon. 

Rebecca of John Prentice. 

John of Torrv Hancock. 

Jofeph of Nath" Clark. 

Thomas Gardner of Nath" Sparhawk. 

David of David Comee 

William of Vfilliam Manning Jun^. 

Mary of W™ Smith Larned, By M' Leonard 

61 Children. 
(121)Children Baptized by Nath" Appleton. Some few by M'' Leonard 

Nov. 26 John of John Butterfield by I\P Leonard. 

Dec. 3 Seth Haftings of Jofiah IMorse By M^ Leonard. 

10 Thomas of Thomas Green of Bofton. 

177C Feb. 11. Abigail of Sam" Rand by M' Leonard 

March 24 Mary of Jofeph Bates by M"^ Leonard. 











1775 Nov. 




180 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [September 


1776 April 14 Lydia of Josepli Reed. ,§ 

• Jofcpli of Jofeph Koed Jun^'. ^ 

^%' 21 Martha of Richard Tloiieywell # 

^ Samuel of Sam" Biitterfield "% 

May 19 Sufannah of Nath'^ Jarvis. ;f 

JuuelG Job of Noah Wyeth. | 

June 23 Sibyl of Cap* Sam" Henly t 

July 7 Samuel of Col. Sam" Tbacher. f 

Jofiah of Jofiah FeCseuden. ^ 

:_ . 14 Solomon of Torrv Hancock 1 

• ■"■-■ »/ ■ ' ■ . >.-■ 

.:\.. - 28 Joel of Jonathan Hunt. i 

Sarah of Tho^ Barrett | 

Chriftian of John Phillips Jun*" i 

August 11 Jonathan of Jonathan Ireland -^ 

.. ' • ■ ■ •■| 

August 25 Elizabeth of Moles Grio;o:s. 

Thomas of Jofeph Parfons ;^ 

Sept. 22 Bartholomew of Bartholomew Raymond. | 

Oct. 20. Ruth of Thomas Prentifs ; | 

Nov^^ 3. Hannah of John Warland. I 

■ ■ ■ ■-■.;•_.■.■- . i 

Sarah of John Rice | 

10. Francis of James Winfhip 1 

Hannah of Ebenezer Breed I 

24. Anna of Sam" Chandler. • 
Dec. 22. Ebenezer of Nath" Auftin. 

1777. Jan. 5. Mar}^ of Benjamin Butterfield 
Feb. 2. Leonard of Sufanua Morse 
9. Hannah of Zechariah Larkin 

Sufannah of Fillebrown. 

John Eliot of Jsaiah Dickfon 
IQ. Mar}^ of Violet a Negro woman of M'' Funneuil 
Mar. 16. William of William Froth iugham Jun^ 
April 13. Mercy of John Prentice 

20. Rebekah of John Goodwin. 
27. Sarah of Sam" Farrer. 

Abraham of Abraham Mirick by Prefident Laugdou. 
May 4. Lydia of James Munroe. 
Samuel of Jofeph Adams. 
Mary of Caleb Rand. 
May 18. Stephen, of Stephen Goddard 

25. Francis of the Ilon'''^ Francis Dana 
"" Elizabeth of Nathan Watfou 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 181 

1777. June 15. Sarah of Robert Twodale ; . 

22. Jiilianna of Nath'' Tbwiiig ; ^ , 

V Leonard of Jotham Walton 

, Jonas of Edward Fillebrown V 

Henry of Jofeph Smith. 

July 20 Catherine of Jefse Putnam 

Henry of John Boit : - 

James of John Butterfield • 

August 10. Samuel of Torrey Hancock 

August 21. Sall}^ of Thomas Farrington M. A. 

August 31. Thomas \ 

& > Twins of Capt. Samuel Henley. ^ 

Charles ) 

Sulannah of Hobart Rufsell 

William of Walter Cox. 

I'homas of Thomas Phillips 

Artenatus Sonof Eiifign Jofiah Moore byy^ Prefident. 

Thomas of Thomas Robbins of Charleftown. • 

Edward of Benjamin Mirick of Charleftown. 

Isaiah Barrett of Capt. Blifs by Prefident Langdon. 

65 Children. 
VerteP: (122) 

Sufannah Hill of Jofeph Bates. 

Benjamin Bennett of James Foster by y*^ Prefident. 

Samuel of Samuel Butterfield 

Eunice of Jofeph Reed 
April 12. Mary of Sam^' Phipps. . 

John Butterfield of Jofeph Swan 
April PJ. Daniel of Daniel Swan 
April 20. PoUey of William Frothingham 
May 17. Eunice Cook of Henry Dickson. 

Ebenezer of Ebcnezer Wyeth Jun*" 
May 24. Hart Balch of John Phillips Jun"- 
May 31 Jofeph of Timothy Tufts 

Lydia of Sam" Tufts. 
June 7. Samuel of Sam" Manning 

Charles of Richard Honeywell, 
June 14 Jofhua of Joshua Gammage. 
June 21 Nathaniel of Jonathan Ireland 

Hannah of John Warland 
June 28 Polly of Stephen Palmer 










1778. Feb 

. 15 

(122) Mai 

■. 1. 







;. Oct^^ 







' 15 

1779 Jjin. 









182 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [September 

1778 August 9 Jiiiues of Jofiah Fefseuden, 

Rebecca of Jonatliau Temple 
Aug. 23 Samuel of George Ge3^er 
August 30. Elizabeth of John Kidder 
Sept. 13 Sufannah Brown of Jonas Prentice 

Mary of Capt. Sam'^ Chandler. 

Ebenezer of Col. Sam'* Thacher. 

William of Doctor William Gammage 

Thomas of Mofes Griggs 

Torry of y^ Widow Sarah Hancock, whofe Husband 

died of Small Pox a few months ago 

Leonard of NathanielJarvis ] _^ ^^ . -, 
T-i- 1 .1 ^ Tvr /- AT ^ MJyPresidentLangdoD. 
Elizabeth of IMofes Norton J * ^ 

James of Robert Twadel by President Lai>gdon 

Lvdia of James AVinfliip ] , 

t' 4- t 1 ti ,■ \ ^y Prefident. 

Lucy ol John Prentice ) ^ 

James of John Rice by y*" President, byy^' President 

Lydia of Nath^' Prentice by y<^ Prefident. 
March 7 Nathaniel of Lieu* Jotham Walton by y*= Prefident. 
March 21 John of Joseph Reed by y^ Prefident. 
April 11 John of Theodore Blifs by y*^ Prefident. 
May 9. Charles of Nath'' Thwing 

Elizabeth of John Chriftian Fricke a German 
June 13. Polly of M'' John Boit ^ 

John of John Goodwin > Baptized b}^ my self. 

Eliza])eth of Jofeph Reed ) 
Jaly 4 Thomas of Thomas Prentifs 
August 22. David of Stephen Goddard 
Sept. 19. Hannah of Jofeph Holden 

Hannah of William Frothingham 
Oct'''' 3. Edmund Trowbridge of Hon''''" Francis Dana. 

Thomas of Thomas Plllebrown 
Dec'"" 12 Betsey of Hobart Russell By y^- Prefident 
Dec^'' 26 Lydia of Thomas Bates by y^' Prefident. 
1780. Jan. 23. Sarah of Ebenezer Shed. Williamof Ebenezer Wyelhi 

John of John W^arland, Polly of Jofhua Gammage, 

Elizabeth of Mofes Norton by M*" Gushing. 
Feb. 20. Rebecca of Jofeph Adams by y'' PreHdent. 

58 children verte (123) 
(123) March 19. Sally Prefton of Francis IMoorc | , ^ ^.^ q , ^ i 

David Graham of William Prentice J 

19()5] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 183 

1780 April 2. Sally of Jonas Prentice 

V - Eunice of L' Jothani Walton. These J Baptized att 
my own houfe after y*' publick Exercife was over 
not being able to attend at y'^ meeting houfe. 
April 16. Abel of Jofiah Moore 

William of Thomas Phillips Baptized att my houfe. 
April 23. Daniel Waters of W'" Goodwin 

Betfy of Stephen Palmer Baptized att my houfe. 
May 7. Lydia of Nathan W^atson att y*" meeting houfe 
June 11. Nancy of y*^ wndow Eunice Quincy. Her Husband 
Josiah Quincy died about a fortnight. Y*" Child 
was given up in Baptism by its Grandfather 
Edmund Quincy Efq^'. 
July 2. Samuel of James W^infhip 
Aug. 13. Ebcnezer of Richard Honeywell 
' Charles of Widow IMary Durrant 

Angst 27. Kebecca of John Kidder 
Sept. 10. Betfey of Capt. Samuel Chandler 
<.»ct. 22. Hannah of Tliomas Barrett. 
Nov''' 26. William of Dr. Wm. Gammage att my houfe. 
Dec^'^' 10. Isaac of Joseph Holden att my houfe. 
■ Dec^M7. Sufanna of Sam" Tufts 

Sukee of W^" AVatfon at my houfe. 

1781 Jan> 28. Hannah of John Prentice att my houfe. 
March 18. Sally of Goodwin 

Lucretia of John Haf tings at' my houfe I 
April 1. Francis of Francis Moor Juu*" 

James of Nath" Prentifs att y*^ meeting houfe. 
April 8. Mary of Nath'' Auftin att y^" meeting houfe. 
■ April 15 William of W'» Colson ; 

May 20. Dolly AVilliams of Mofes Griggs. 
June 24. Thomas of Major Thomas Farrington 
July 8. Seth of John Phillips 
August 26. Thomas of W" Frothingham Jun*" 
Sept. 8. Saturday Timothy Pain of P^ben'' Biaddifh Jun*" att 

his own houfe y*^ Child dangerously HI. 
Sept. 16. Sally of Thomas Phillips 
Oct, 1.5. elohn & Martha children of Jonathan Ireland by 

Rev^ M' Mellen. 
Nov. 10. William of James Winfhip 

Judith of Isaiah Dickson by Mr. Foster of Littleton. 

\ by M'- Mellen. 

184 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [Septeni!)i'i- 

1781 Nov. 18. Polly Tufts of John Stone by J\F Eliot. 
Dec. 9. Betsey of Thomas Prentice. 

Eunice of AVidow Mary Palmer, her husband Stephen 
Palmer was drowned, by Rev^* M' IMellen. 
- Dec. 30 Charles of Capt. John Walton, by M' Mellen 

1782 Jan. 12. Royal of Katlieriue Morse by M'" Mellen. 

42 Childreu. Vid. P. (124). 

(124) Infant Children Baptized by Natii^^ Appleton 


1782 Jan>' 27. Charles Kilborn of M^' Samuel Williams Piofefsor in 

Harv*^ College. Sarah of Jofeph Bates, Isaac of 

Stephen Goddard by M^ Mellen 

March 10. William of John Warlaud by INP' jMcllen. 

April 7. James of Nath" Thwing 

John Hobbs of Walter Cox. 

April 21. Dorcas ) .„ . , .,..,, , 

-, „ , f I wins of Ihomas IiUebrown. 
bufannah ) 

Polly of Jofeph Iloldeu by M'" Mellen 

■ April 28. Samuel of Rev'^ Jofeph Willard, Prefident 

John of Zechariah Shed by myself. 

jNIay 12. Nathaniel of Liet Jotham Walton. 

Sally of Doctor William Gammage. 

June 16. Katherine Brattle of M'' Caleb Gannet 

July 21. Becca Watfou of Jabez Frothingham 

Sarah & Amos children of Amos Briant 

Sept. 1. Sukey of John Palmer 

Oct. 13. James of Ammi Cutter 

27. Naucey of William AYatfon 

Dec. 8. Polly of Samuel Tufts 

William of William Honeywell att my houfe. 

1783. Jan>' 5. Hannah of Richard Cutter 

Elizabeth of Rebecca Kent. By Rev'' M' Reed of 

Bridge water. 

Feb, 16. Sarah Shepherd of Jonathan Ireland 

Sufannah Wallis of Williauj Frothingham by M' 


March 2, Lucy of John Goodwin by Rcv^ RP Osgood 

Aj)ril 6. Sally of Joseph Ilolden. 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 185 

1783 April G. Robert of John Ilaftiiigs, ntt my hoiife. 

April 20. Sully of Francis Moore by M'" Adams of Limcnburgh. 
April 27 Samuel of Saiii'^ Preutice by myself att y*" Meet- 
ing houfe. 
May 4. John of John Prentice by M' Turner. 
May 11. Betsey of John Stone by M*" Turner. 
May 25 Sally of Mofes Griggs. 

Thomas of John Kidder by myself in Public. 
June 29. Nancy of John Frothingham by myself in Public 
. Aug. 17. William of 'I'homas Phillips. 

Sally Warland of Lt. Jofiah Moore 
August 31 John of Thomas Barrett att my houfe. 
: Sept. 7. Owen of Thomas AVarland 

Sept. 21. Jotham of Jotham Walton deceased by. M^ Eliot of 
John of John Palmer by M*" Ililliard 
Abigail Atkins of Nath" Jarvis. 
Benjamin of Reuben Ball by }\V Ililliard 

43 Children. 
Jonathan Cooper of Nathaniel Prentice 
Thomas Hollis of Kev'^ President Willard 
Thomas of Zecliar'' Shed I baptized 
Feby 29. Polly of John Warland 
March 14. Nathaniel of I)'" James Munro 
Betsy of Joseph Bates 
21. Judah Symmes of 'i'homas Prentice 
John Miro of Caleb Gannet. 
Betsy of D^ Gammage 

Seepage (126). 

(125) Persons Admitticd to full Communion by Natk^^^' 


from p. (63) 

1774 Mar. 27. ReV^ M^' [Edward] Wigglesworth Profefsor of Di- 
vinity By difmifsion from Uev^ D' Cooper's Chh. 
May 15. Sam'MIaven B. A. • 

IMary y^' wife of Stephen Greenleaf. 
Martha Brandon 
Mary Pitts. • , 










186 ■ Records of the First Church, Camhridge. 

1774 Sept. 4. Samuel Fillebrowu 

Mary Appleton 
Oct, 30. Katherine Wendell 
Rebecca Haftiiigs. 

1775 Jan. 1. Rev^ D'* Sam*' Langdon Prefident by Difmifsion 

from y*^ P^ Chh in Portsmouth, who had been y"" 
-^'' / ^^' Pastor for many years. . 

1776 Sept. 8. Martha Wright • :^ " ^^^^^^i^',^^ 
Dec^*" 29. Benjamin Butterfield 

Mary Butterfield his wife. 

1777 Feb, 23. Ruth Jones wife of James Jones. 

April 20. Sufannah Bowman Dgf of Noah Bowman 

Anna Shed Do;^'' of Eben^ Shed 
Nov^^ 2. James Freeman B. A. • 

Elizabeth Flucker 

1778 Mar. 1. Jonathan Fames B.. A. 
August 9. Eiifha Parmele B. A. 

1779 Aug. 1. William Prentice Jun^ 

1780 May 13. M'' Caleb Gannett by difmifsion first from Pembroke 

& then by y^ Congregation at Cumberland in Nova 

August 13 Widow Mary Durrant 
Oct. 22. Thomas Hubbard Townfend (July 6, 1798 Difmifsed 

Recom'' to Chh in Norton). 

1781 April 8 Elizabeth wife of Thomas Barrett. 

Mary Daughter of John Kidder. 
April 15. Deacon Thomas Marrett by difmifsion from y^ 3rd 
Chh in Gloucefter. 
• Sept. 30 Stephen Goddard & Mary his wife by M"^ Osgood- 
Nov. 18 Martha Fitch Wendell by M' Eliot. 
1782Jan>'12 Katherine Morse by M^" Mellen 
June 30 Samuel Kendall Sen^ Sophifter 

Sarah wife of Jofeph Holdei). U 

Aug''^ 25 Beulah Prentice a young woman. f 

1783 Feb, 16 Rachel Crosbie admitted by M'' Thacher. 
June 1 . Bethiah Iluchiusou, Widow by myself. 
Aug, 3 M'^^ Mary Mellen daughter of Rev^ W Mellen admit- 
ted by Rev'^ M'' Hilliard. 

(To be continued.) 



• - (Vital Statistics.) 


Volume I. 

Note. — The folios in the old Record are completely obliter- 
ated; hence, the word — page — is inserted in this manuscript at 
the beginning of each of the Record. 

{Co7itiKued from Vol. 1, page 162.) 

Nicholas the sonn of John and Rcbeckah Waltham born on the 
scaiien & Twentieth Day of Janiiarie in the year of ou^ Lord : God 


Dauid the fonne of Richard and Sarah Woodburie born on the 

fifteenth Day of March Anno: Domine 168f 

Mary Clark the Daughter of William and Elizabeth Clark Born 

on ye fifteenth Day of Aprill Anno: 1689 

Mary the Daughter of John and Hester Stone born on the sixteenth 

Day of Aprill Anno: Domine 1689 

Mary the Daughter of Mark and Mary Haskall born on the three 

and Twentieth Day of Aprill 1689 - 

page — 

Samuell the sonn of Thomas & Abigaile Woodburie born on the 

seauenth Day of may Anno Do: 1689 

Beniamin the sonn of Richard and Abigaile Ober born on the 

fourteenth Day of Aprill Anno: Domine 1689 

John the sonn of Samuell and Elizabeth Stone born on the three 

find Twentieth Day of may Anno: 1689 

Joanna the Daughter of M^ John Hale Minister of y^ Gospell & of 

Sarah his wife born on the fifteenth Day of June Anno: Domine 


Sarah the Daughter of Simeon & Agnis Louett born second Day 
of July Anno: Do 1689 

Ann the Daughter of Isaack and Ehzabeth Woodburie born on the 
twentyeth & ninth Day of June in the year of ou*" Lord God 1689 

* Copyright 1905 by Ebcn Putuani. 


188 Early Records of the Toxcn of Beverly, [September 

Elizabeth the Daughter of Thoiuas & Hannah Cox born on the 
sixteenth Da}- of August Anno: Domine 16S9 
Mary the Daughter of Joseph & Ehzabeth Louett born on the six 
& Twentieth Day of July Anno: Do: 1689 

Rebekah the Daughter of Thomas and Charitie Whittridg born on 
the foure & Twentieth Day of may in the year of ou^ Lord God 
1689 ,.-,-; 

Ruth y*' Daughter of Thomas And Elizabeth West born on the 
Eighteenth Day of may Anno: Do: 1672 

Samuell the son of Thomas & Elizabeth West born on the two & 
Twentieth Day of may Anno : Do : 1674 

Mary the Daughter of Thomas W and Elizabeth West born on y® 
fourth Day of may Anno: Do: 1676 

Hannah the Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth West born on y^ 
fourteenth Day of Aprill in the year of ou'" Lord God 1678 
page — Thomas the son of Thomas & Elizabeth West born on y- 
one & thirtieth Day of August Aimo: 1683 

Mary the Daughter of Nicholas & Mary Woodburie born on y^ 
three & Twentieth Day of August Anno: Do: 1689 
Johanna y^ Daughter of Andrew & Emma Woodburie born on the 
thirteenth Day of September Anno : 1689 

Andrew y* sonn of William & Mary Elliott born on the third Day 
of March in the year of ou'" Lord God 1682 

Andrew ye sonn of William & Mary Elliott & Brother to the next 
aboue sd Andrew, born on }^ fourteenth Day of march in the 
year of ou^ Lord God 1683 

William y^ sonn of William & Mary Elliott born on the fourteenth 
Day of September Anno: 1685 

Judith the Daughter of William & Mary Elliott born on y*' foure 
& Twentieth Day of March Anno: 1688 

Caleb the sonn of John & Hannah Balch was born y^ ffourteneth 
day of October 1689 

Elizabeth Conant daughter of Exercife & Sarah his wife born on 
the Eightenth day of June in the yeare of our Lord 1677 
. Josiah the sonn of Exercife & Sarah Conant born y^ twentieth 
Eighteth of May in the yeare of our Lord 1680 
Caleb the sonn of Exercife & Sarah Conant borne the Eight of De- 
cember in the yeare of our Lord 1682 

1905] Early Records of the Town of Bevaiy. 189 

Samuell Rayment the sonn of Joliii & Martha Rayment born About 
the Eigli tenth day of May in 1G79 

William the sonn of John <& Martha Rayment born the month o^ 
May Anodom 1G85 

'page — Thomas the sonn of John & Martha Rayment born the 
twentie third day of June Anodom 1687 

James the sonn of John & Martha Rayment born the firft da}^ of 
June in the yeare of our Lord 1G89 

William the sonn of John & Chriftian Trask born the firft day of 
January in the yeare of our Lord 1689 

John the fonn of Luke & Martha Perkins born the ffirft of Aprill 
in the yeare of our Lord god 16S9 

Rachell the daughter of Jonathan & Sarah Rayment born the 
twenty sixt day of January in the yeare 1689 
]>cnjeman the sonii of Lenjeman A: Mary ElUnwood born the 
twentie seaventli day of January in the yeare 1689 
Elliiier the Daughter of Benjaman and Mary Ellinwood born the 
seaventh of July 1688 

Mary the daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Parler born the third 
day of Aprill in the 3^ear 1679 

Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas et Elizabeth Parler borne the 
second day of March in y^ year 1680 

Suzana the daftcr of Thomas & Elizabeth Parler born the Eighth 
day of August in the yeare of our Lord 1682 

Martha the daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Parler born the last 
<i ly of March in the yeare of our Lord 1684 

Thomas the sonn of Thomas & Elizabeth Parler born the Eighth 
day of Aprill in the yeare of our Lord 1689 

John the sonn of William & Rachell Bradford borne the twentie 
sixt of ffebruary in the yeare 168Tny 

William the fonn of William & I\Iary Rayment born the elleventh 
day of february Aboute two hours before day in. the yeare 168cfo 
purjc — Charitie the daughter of Jofeph & Sarah Dodg born the 
fceaventh day of March in the yeare 168^ 

I'liillip the sonn of Phillip & Deborah Whight borne the twentieth 
^lay of March in the yeare 168/(y 

Marj^the daughter of Humphrey k Abigaill ffrench born the twen- 
tie Seaventh day of march 1690 

Jonathan the son of John & ]\Iary Wheler born the twentie firft of 
1 December in the yeare 1671 

190 .^^ Early Records of the Town of Beverly. . 1;; 

'■-■':- :■■'■■■::: ■' ' ^ 

]\Iary the daughter of John & Mary Wheeler born toward the latter f 

end of March in y^ year 1685 | 

Hester the dauditer of John & Mary Wheeler born the Second I 

day of July in the ycare 1688 1 
Abigaill the daughter of Lott & Abigaill Conant born the sixt day 


of ffebruary in the yeare of our Lord 168^ | 

Daniell the sonn of William & Elizabeth Clark borne the Eiirht ti 

day of June in the yeare of our Lord 1690 | 

Dorrithy the daughter of John & Elizabeth Ellinwood born the | 

second day of June in the yeare of our Lord 1690 | 

Jofeph the sonn of John & Elizabeth Ellinwood born the twentieth ; 

day of July in the yeare 1688 I 

Judeth Haskill the daughter of Roger & Hanah Hafkill born y® 
last of May in y*" yeare 1690 • | 

Judelli the Daughter of Epherini c^ Judeth Herri ck born the twen- 
tieth ninth of June Ano'" 1690 

Elizabeth the daughter of John & Ruth Hebard born the nine- 
tenth day of June in the year of our Lord 1686 
page — Martha the daughter of John & Ruth Hebard born the 
ninetenth of november 1688 

Samuel Trask the sonn of Samuell & Suzana Trask born the twen- 
tie sixt day of Aprill Ano 1690 

Joanna the Daughter of Thomas and Sarah Gage Was born the 
three and twentieth day of December Anno Do 1689 
Sarah tlie daughter of John and Sarah Dauifs Was born the Sixth 
day of July Anno Domo 1681 

Dorcas the daughter of John and Sarah Dauifs Was born the firft 
day of December Anno Domo 1682- 

(To be continued.) 

, ,. , GAZETTE, 1765-1800. 

Collected and arranged by Otis G. Hammond. 

{Continued from Vol. 1, page 96 .) ^ 

1774, Feb. 11. ' ^• 

Nathaniel Guild, in his 96th year, died in Dedham, Mass. He had 
10 children, 69 grandchildren, 96 great-grandchildren, 3 of the 
fifth generation, 12 sons and daughters-in-law, and 51 grand- 
; children by marriage. 
A son of Capt. Daniel Eldredge, about 7 years old, was burned to 
death in Gorham, Me., Jan. 15, 1774. Mentions Benjamin Snow 
who inoved there the last fall, with his mother, wife, and seven 

1784, Feb. 18. 
Anthony Henry, aged 30, and Mrs. Barbary Springhoff, aged 96, 

were married in Halifax, N. S. 
John Kneeland, aged 80, died in Boston, Mass. 
Major Samuel Hobart of HoUis, N. H., and Elizabeth, widow of 
^ . Stephen March of Portsmouth, N. H., were married Feb. 10, 

1774, Feb. 25 (Friday). 
A child of James Haughton of the north parish, New London, Conn., 

was fatally scalded last week (dated Feb. 11). 
Gideon Tompkins of Little Compton, R. L, was drowned in the 
Coacquet river Jan. 19, 1774. 

1774, March 4. 
Joshua Wentworth and Miss Sally Peirce, both of Portsmouth, 

N. H., were married March 3, 1774. 
Andrew Wiggin, aged 55, died in Stratham, N. H., March 2, 1774. 

1774, March 11. " 

Joseph Roberts, aged 80, died in Boston, Mass., Feb. 26, 1774. 
He descended from a branch of an ancient family long seated in 
the county of Cornwall in England. His great-grandfather was 
brother to Sir Richard Roberts of Truro, Knight Baronet, created 
Baron of Truro by James I. His grandfather, who came to New 
England about 1649, was Simon Roberts, youngest brother of 
John, Marmaduke, and Arnold Roberts, one of whom (or one of 

192 From t/ielSfew Hampshire Gazette^ 1 765-1800. [September 

their uncles) was one of King Charles's generals. Simon Eoberta M 

was cousin to Lady Jane Roberts, who married Charles Lumbert, j 

Earl of Cavan in Ireland, and to Lord John Roberts of Truro, f 

who was Lord Privy Seal to Charles II, Lord Lieutenant of Ire- k 

land, created Viscount of Bodmin and Earl of Radnor by Charles |; 

II, 1679. A grandfather of Joseph Roberts was Alexander J 

Baker, one of the first settlers of Boston. He left a widow, two i! 

sons, and a daughter. His oldest son graduated at Harvard, " | 

' 1741. I 

Joshua Richardson, aged 28, and George Felt aged 16, died in | 

Salem, Mass. . I 

Capt. Thomas Porter died in Danvers, Mass., March 8, 1774. | 

Hon. Andrew Oliver, aged 68, Lieutenant Governor, died in Boston, 

Mrs. Susannah \^'^heatley, aged 65, died in Boston, Mass. 

Thomas Taylor, aged 80, died in Northborough, Mass. 

Rev. Joseph Willard of Beverly, Mass., and Poll3% fourth daughter 
of Jacob Sheaf e of Portsmouth, N. H., were married March 7, 

1774, March 18. 

Hon. Joseph Sayer, in his 68th year, died in Wells, Me., March 

Sarah, widow^ of ]3enjamin Libbey, died in Berwick, Me., March 
9, 1774, aged 88. He died Nov. 9, 1768. They were mar- 
ried Dec. 25, 1707, and had 10 children, 92 grandchildren, 
and 152 great-grandchildren. 

1774, March25. . 

Samuel Blyth, aged 52, died in Salem, Mass. 
Hon. Nathaniel Hopes, in his 48th year, died in Salem, Mass., 
March 18, 1774. ,, ... 

1774, Aprils. ' • : . 

John Huntington of Tolland, Conn., was killed by accident in 
East Windsor, Conn., March 23, 1774. 

1774, April 15. 

Mrs. Deborah Duty, in her 89th year, died in Beverly, Mass., 
March 25, 1774. On the 23d of Oct., 1692, her father, mother, 
and two of her sisters were killed by Indians, and she was 
taken captive. 

1905] From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 193 

1774, April 22. 
Dr. William Lee Perkins, of Boston, Mass., and Mrs. Rogers, 
second daughter of Samuel Wentworth, late of Boston, Mass., 
' .■ were married at Portsmouth, N. H., April 21, 1774. 
The wife of Capt. Gate died in Portsmouth, N. H., April 21, 1774. 

1774, April 29. 
Mary, wife of Rev. John Fairfield, died in Pepperelborough, Me., 
:; ;« April 16, 1774, aged 37. Her mother, the wife of Ichabod 
%■■' Goodwin of Berwick, Me., died Feb. 8, 1774. 

1774, May 13. 
Abraham Brooks, widower, aged about 30, and Mary Bradley, 
widow, aged about 70, were married in Saddleworth, Me., 
Feb. 1, 1774. 

1774, Juiy 1. 

John Penhallow of Portsmouth, N. H., and Nancy, daughter of 
the late Plon. Jacob Wendell of Boston, Mass., were married. 

Jacob Sheaf e of Portsmouth, N. H., and Mrs. Hamilton of Bos- 
ton, Mass., were married. 

1774, July 22. 
Sir William Johnson died at Johnson Hall, Albany county, N. Y. 

Mr. ■• Yeamans of Antigua, in his 20th year, died on the 

passage to New York. ' . . 

Josiah Stover died in York, Me. V 

The wife of Mr. Gouch died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
The wife of Clement March died in Greenland, N. H., July 18, 
• 1774. : 

1774, July 29. : ^ 

Rev. John Emerson died in Topsfield, Mass., July 11, 1774. 
Dr. M. B. Goldthwait of Boston, Mass., and Abigail, daughter 

of Capt. John Langdon of Portsmouth, N. II., were married. 
Henry Veasey, aged about 22, was drowned at Stratham, N. H., 

July 23, 1774. 
Olive, widow of Waldo Emerson, and only daughter of Rev. 

Samuel Hill, late of Rochester, N. H., died in Wells, ^le., June 

23, 1774, aged 32. Her husband died about twelve weeks 


194 From the JSFew Ha77ipshire Gazette^ 1765-1800. 

1774,Aug.5. ■■■;■■■■■■■■•; ^ - 

James McGee was killed by accident in Boston, Mass., July 26, 

Samuel Mather and Miss Peggy Gerrish of Salem, Mass., were 

married in Hampton, N. H. 
Hon. Thomas Fitch, aged 75, died in Norw^alk, Conn. 

1774, Aug. 12. ^.■.-:: V. . 

Sir William Johnson, in his 60th year, died at Johnson Hall, 

N. Y., July 11, 1774. 
Thomas Bragdon, in his 73d year, died in York, Me., June 28, 
1774. . . 
. Gains Talcott committed suicide in New Milford, Conn., July 
6, 1774. He w^as about 37 years old, and was grandson of 
Governor Talcott. He left a widow and 2 children. 
Benjamin Chadbourn and Miss Polly Walker, both of Ports- 
mouth, N. H., w^ere married there Aug. 7, 1774. 
, Capt. John Hay and Catherine, third daughter of Daniel Farn- 
ham of Newburyport, Mass., w^ere married in Hampton, N.H., 
Aug. 6, 1774. 
':, Samuel Gooding and Widow Mary Jones were married in Fal- 
mouth, Me. 
• Mrs. Cullom died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1774, Aug. 26. ■ : ,.;;.-•::■-,:...„ r---.^:;>. V.;;-A>^^ \ 

Ebenezer Hall of Salem, Mass., printer, and Poll)^, daughter of 
Capt. Orne, late of Salem, Mass., w^ere married at Hampton, 

1774, Sept. 9. .■:^:;:-..-;^ ^: ...;- ^ 

George Peverly died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1774, Sept. 16. .,'•.;.:,. :„..v .-• ^.-.-- v:.^':- 

A child was born to '41ie famous personage Mrs. Fox" of Lon- 
don, Sept. 10, 1774, in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1774, Sept. 23. ^ . . 

Mr. Henry was killed by accident in Roxburj^, Mass., Sept. 

12, 1774. 
Capt. Spring and daughter, Rebecca, aged 24, were drowned at 
. Sanderfield, Aug. 29, 1774. 

(To he continued.) 

.t>T '':■.>■': -vVrv,*:.;; 

?n i^^iv^'H■ 

. r-. 


Collected by Charles M. Thatcher. 

(Continued from Vol. 1, The Genealogical Monthly^ -page 154.) 

Paddock, Lydia A., widow of John, died May 30, 1826, in her 60 
Joanna, daughter of John and Lydia, died June 9, 1810, 
aged 3 j^ears. 
':'{'"f^'-: Zechariah, died June 24, 1795, in his 71 year. 

Joanna, daughter of Zechariah and Martha, died March 12, 
>v 1769, in her 19 year. 

EHsha, son of Zechariah and Martha, died Sept. 15, 1777 

in his 24 )^ear. 
Peter, son of Zechariah and Martha, died Dec. 3, 1767 

aged 2 years 3 months. 
JuHa, died June 7, 1849, in her 50 year. 

Paine, Sarah B., child of Emerson and Lydia R., died Aug. 30, 
1832, aged 1 year 11 months. 

Palmer, Doctor Thomas, died June 17, 1743, aged 78 years. 

Ehzabeth, wife of Doctor Thomas, died April 17, 1740, 

in her 64 year. 
Job, son of Doctor Thomas, died Jan. 1, 1746, aged 26 

Thomas, son of Doctor Thomas, died July 18, 1719, in 

his 20 year. 
Zurishaddat, son of Doctor Thomas, died Oct. 18, 1719, 
aged 18 years. 
^. Sarah, daughter of Doctor Thomas, died Sept. 1, 1719, 

in her 2 year. 
James, died Oct. 28, 1778, in his 67 year. 
A daughter of James and Meribah, still-born, March 20, 
"':'-ty^^^ 1768. ^^ 

196 ^ Records from Old Cemetery, Middleboro, Mass. [September 

Palmer, A*daughter of James and Meribah, still-born, Oct. 2, 17G-. 
Thomas, son of James and Meribah, died Jan. 25, 1769, 
in his 12 year. • 

Peirce, Lois, wife of Ephraim, and daughter of John and Joanna 
Harlow, died Nov. 20, 1793, in her 27 year. 
Mary, wife of Ephraim and relict of Josiah Harlow, died 
May 13, 1815, in her 56 year. 

Perkins, Mercy, wife of Lothrop, died April 30, 1815, aged 38 
years 4 months 18 days. 
Abigail Cushman, daughter of Lothrop and Mercy, died 
April 11, 1809, aged 12 months 11 days. 

Phillips, Oakes Laforest, son of Dexter and Irena M., died Aug. 31, 
1845, aged 6 months 14 days. 
Infant, son of Dexter and Irena M., died Sept. 13, 1841. 

Porter, Jonathan, died June 11, 1791, in his 59 year. 

Mercy, wife of Jonathan, died July 22, 1833, aged 93 years. 
William, died Dec. 28, 1840, in his 78 year. 
Isaac, died Feb. 28, 1809, aged 44 years. , < 

Pratt, Ebenezer, died Oct. 26, 1778, in his 48 3^ear. 

Abiel, widow of Ebenezer, died Sept. 13, 1800, in her 65 

Benaiah, died March 21, 1771, aged 61 years 11 months 
11 days. 

"An Honest Man is the Noblest work of God." 

Phebe, reUct of Benaiah, died March 3, 1800, in her 89 

Content, daughter of Benaiah and Phebe, died Sept. 27, 

1773, in her 35 year. 
Phebe, daughter of Benaiah, and Phebe, died May 26, 

1748, aged 11 years 10 months 6 days. 
Eleazer, died June 2, 1795, in his 90 year. 
Hannah, wife of Eleazer, died Sept. 4, 1793, aged 82 years 

5 days. 
Noah, son of Eleazer and Hannah, died Aug. 2, 1775, 

aged 29 years 6 months 4 days. 
Sullivan, son of Joseph and Susanna, died July 15, 1758, 
:i , aged 1 year 25 days. ; ; 

1905] Records from Old Cemetery, MiddlehorOj Mass, 197 

Pratt, Olive, daughter of Ebenezer and Abiel, died Sept. 27, 

1778, in her 17 year. 
Miss Margaret, died Sept. 8, 1800, in her 42 year. 
Olive, daughter of Thomas and Lydia, died Sept. 4, 1800 

aged 10 months 6 days. 
Thomas, son of Thomas and Lydia, died Dec. 4, 1807, 

in his 5 year. 
Abby B., wife of Benjamin F., died July 14, 1844, aged 

25 years 21 days. 
Everline T., daughter of Benjamin F. and Abby B., died 

Jan. 16, 1843, aged 1 year 11 months 19 da3^s. 

Prince, Samuel, Esq. (In Tomb.) 
Enoch (In Tomb.) 

Putnam, Harriet, wife of Rev. I. W. Putnam, born j 
'^ ; :' March 28, 1791, died June 10, 1832, in [ Monument. 

Portsmouth, N. II., the place of her burial. / 

Purinton, Hezekiah, died May 30, 1765, in his 50 year. 

Rajmient, Mercy, died April 1, 1728, aged 31 years. 

Raymond, John, died June 5, 1725, in his 77 year. 
Samuel, died Nov. 29, 1809, in his 77 year. 
I ,; Dinah, wife of Samuel, died March 25, 1786, in her 34 

Joanna, wife of Samuel, died Nov. 10, 1803, in her 64 

Samuel, Jr., son of Samuel and Joanna, died March 22, 
. 1795, in her 20 year. •• 

■ Noah, son of Samuel and Dinah, died Feb. 4, 1764, in his 
;;-*;'■■'. ,^ 2 year. ~ - ■ 

: " Noah, son of John and Elizabeth, died Nov. 2, 1778, aged 

7 years 8 months 2 days. 
Levi, died Dec. 13, 1810, aged 73 years. 

Ransom, Lemuel, died Aug. 23, 1804, in his 73 year. 
v.; Mary, wife of Lemuel, died Feb. 26, 1784, in her 50 year. 

Mary, daughter of Lemuel and Mary, died May 8, 1760, 
aged 2 months 8 days. 

Redden, Deborah, died May 15, 1772, in her 15 year. 

198 Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass, 

Redding, Marcy, died March 31, 1728, in her 43 year. 

Ebenezer, died March 5, 1751, aged about 72 years. 
John, died Aug. 14, 1750, aged about 31 years. 
Moses, died Oct. 14, 1773, in his 56 year. 
Hannah, daughter of Moses and Joanna, died May 8, 1774, 

in her 29 year. 
Calvin, son of Moses and Joanna, died Feb. 23, 1771, in 
, y \ his 22 year. - 

Ebenezer, son of Thomas and Sarah, died Aug. 2, 1772, 
in his 11 year. 

Richmond, Lydia, daughter of Ehas and Lydia, died July 26, 
1832, aged 18 years. 

Rider, Isaac, died March 4, 1776, in his 42 year. 

Caroline, daughter of Jesse and Jail, died May 27, 1808, 
in her 3 year. 

Ripley, Tilson, died June 16, 1785, in his 67 year. 

Mary, daughter of Tilson and Rebekah, died June 30, 

1753, aged 1 year 5 months. 
Zenas, son of Tilson and Rebekah, died July 24, 1753, 
aged 3 years 11 months 2 days. 

Robbins, Charity S., daughter of James and Mary, died April 12, 
1834, aged 1 year 6 months 26 days. 

Samson, Ephraim, died April , aged 88 years. 

Abigail, wife of Ephraim, died March 29, 1777, in her 

69 year. 
WilUam, died Feb. 5, 1744, in his 50 year. 
Joanna, widow of William, died July 5, 1784, in her 83 

William, son of William and Joanna, died Nov. 20, 1750, 

in his 23 year. 

Savory, John, died June 17, 1778, in his 72 year. 

Mary, wife of John, died July 20, 1778, in her 71 year. 
Mary, daughter of John and Mary, died May 18, 1794, 

in her 61 year. 
John, Jr., died July 17, 1770, in his 35 year. 

(Tobe coniinued.) 


John and William Ford of Marshfield. — John Ford of Marsh- 
field, and his brother WilHam Ford, who were of the first settlers 
of Marshfield, were sons of ''widow Ford." 

The hst of passengers in the Fortune includes" Widow Ford 4." 

In the division of lands in 1624, thirt3^-three acres were granted 
to those who came in the Fortune. Most of the grantees received 
one acre, a few two acres, but William Ford received four acres. 
Does not this signify that AVilliam Ford was the oldest son and 
received land for the famil}^? The town records of Marshfield say 
that he died Sept. 23, 1676, aged seventy-two. He w.^s, therefore, 
born in 1604, and was seventeen when he came in ''Widow Ford's" 
family, and about twenty-one when the land was assigned to him. 
He was authorized b}' the town of Marshfield to "build a suffi- 
cient mill to grind the corn of the town in 1654." His wife's 

name was Anna . She died in 1684= They had William,^ 

married Sarah Dingley, daughter of John,^ and had John,^ Mercy, ^ 
Josias,^ Bathsheba,-^ who died in infancy. Michael,^ married Abi- 
gail Snow, daughter of Anthony and AbigaiP (daughter of Rich- 
ard* "Warren) Snow, and had six children (Marshfield Records). 
His first wife died in 1682, and in 1683 he married Bethiah 
Hatch, daughter of Walter^ (William) Hatch. The twelve chil- 
dren are given in the Transcript, Oct. 19, 1903. 

John Ford evidently settled in Marshfield, as the records have 
the birth of his children, and when the tract of land called "Two- 
miles" was granted to Scituate, Vv^hich tract was on the Marshfield 
Bide of North River, it was bounded on the North by the Ford 
farm. Deane supposed it to be owned by William Ford, whose 
house lot is well known at South Marshfield. I. H. H. 

[See Genealogical Bulletin, p. 174.] 

Putnam. — Micah Putnam emigrated to Oneida Co., N. Y., from 
Massachusetts, probably about ISOO. He is supposed to have 
returned to Massachusetts. Information leading to the discovery 
of his burial place or date of death will be welcome. He may 
have died in western Connecticut. 



200 ;. Notes and Queries. [September 

Welsh in Pennsylvania. — A look at the map of southeastern 
Pennsylvania reveals a number of unusual names. Most of these 
are unfamiliar to English speaking persons, but they serve to indi- 
»cate who were the first permanent settlers of this part of the 
state. These names are of Welsh origin. In most cases the Welsh 
names have been adopted without change. On the main line of the 
Pennsylvania Railroad, the first station in Montgomery County 
is Merion. The next station is Narberth, from Narbcrth in south- 
western Wales. The ground on which the town of Narberth is 
built was for many years owned by the Price family, who were 
called Rees when they came from Wales, but Edward Rces's son 
was Rees ap Rees, which his English neighbors soon converted 
into Rees Prees and then into Reese Price. These old Welshmen, 
unlike the New England sfittlers, took great pride in their ancestors 
and many of them brought with them attested pedigrees which are 
still in existence. For instance, Edward Rees's ancestors are 
readily traced back to the time of Henry II and Ricliard I of 
England. Just beyond Narljerth is the station called Wynnewood, 
from Doctor Thomas Wynne, who came over with William Penn 
in the Welcome. A little further west, in the township of Haver- 
ford, is Bryn Mawr. 

Bryn Mawr, south of Dolgelly, in Wales, was the birthplace of 
Rowland Ellis, and when he bought six hundred acres in the Welsh 
tract, he gave his purchase the name of his birthplace. This 
name was afterwards changed to Harriton, but when the college 
was established the ancient name was revived. Just beyond 
Haverford is Radnor, and still further in Chester County are the 
townships of Uwchlan and Tredyffrin, all bearing testimony of their 
Welsh origin. North from Philadelphia we have other Welsh 
places, Bala and Gwynned for instance. I'hese Welsh quakers 
were a sturdy race, and have furnished many prominent men to 
the state and nation. . .: vS. P. S. 

Dun WOODY. — In a communication made to the Chester Co., Pa., 
Hist. Soc, W. 8. Long, of Haddonfield, N. J., gives the following 
information: ''Several times in the past five years I have seen 
in the newspapers the statement that our President is descended 
from a Chester County famil}^ by the name of Dunv/oody. This 
is an error. About 1740, John Dunwoody and his wife, Susanna 

1905] -^^^ 201 

(7ice Cres\vell) , lived in Chester County. They had several children, 
one of whom, James, studied medicine and tlien removed to Geor- 
gia. He married a Mrs. Esther Splatt (??ec Dean). Their daugh- 
ter Esther married John Elliot, who became United States Senator 
from Georgia. They had Hetty, who married James Stephens 
Bullock. Caroline and Jane died unmarried. Corrine married 
Robert Hutchinson. She and her two children were lost at sea 
when the steamship Pulaski went down between Savannah and 
New York. Her tragic end made such an impression in the family 
that her name has been perpetuated in several of the family not 
related by blood, notably President Roosevelt's youngest sister, 
Corinne Robinson. Hetty Bullock had one son, James Dunwoody 
Bullock, w'ho became a,gent of the Confederate government in 
England, and who superintended the building of the Alabama. 
His children reside in the British Isles and arc the only survivors of 
the Elliot-Dunwoody marriage. Hetty (Elliot) Bullock died, and 
her husband married, second, Martha Stewart, who was younger 
than some of his daughters. If I am not greatly mistaken her 
portrait was presented in the Ladies' Home Journal about two 
years ago, in an article on President Roosevelt's ancestry in the 
South; by her he had Anna, who married James K. Gracie, 
Martha, who married Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., and Irvine, who 
married Sayre." S. P. S. 

Irrigation in Southern Pennsylvania. — Fifty or sixty years 
ago, there were on some farms in southern Pennsjdvania, about 
thirty miles from Philadelphia, quite extensive systems of irriga- 
tion. Before the introduction of timothy and clover as hay crops, 
meadows were considered very valuable, as they furnished the 
best grass for making hay. A number of farmers in the southern 
part of Chester County sought to extend their meadow land by 
watering the meadow banks. For this purpose the small streams, 
which are very rapid, were dammed as high above the meadow as 
was possible, the dam generally being a temporary affair made of 
sod and stones, just sufficient to divert the course of the stream. 
Then from one or both ends of the dam a furrow was ploughed 
around the hillside below the dam. This furrow followed a line 
of stakes that had been previously driven and was made in such a 
manner that it had a very gentle slope in the direction in which it 
was intended to lead the water, this slope being much less than 

202 Notes and Queries. ;. ; rr 

the natural fall of the stream. The entire stream was thus diverted 
around the side of the hill. When the meadow bank was reached 
temporary dams were placed in the ditch so that it was forced to 
overflow the lower bank and the water trickled down through the 
grass. These dams were shifted every few daj'-s so as to keep the 
whole bank moist. These meadow banks yielded two or three 
times as much hav as the unwatered banks. The onlv labor involved 
was shifting the temporary dams, and keeping a watch upon the 
crawfish which had a habit of letting the water out of the main 
dam. As a boy I had the charge of such a system for several years 
near Chadd's Ford. S. P. S. 

Richard Clarke and the Line of Timothy Clark, 1638 to 
1904, by Thomas Bellows Peck. 8vo, cloth, pp. 93. Illustrated. 

In 1638 Rev. Ezekiel Rogers broup;ht his church-members from 
Rowley, in Yorkshire, England, and they founded the town of 
Rowley, Mass., between Ipswich and Newbury. Among the set- 
tlers was Richard Clarke. Some of his descendants resided in 
Rowle}^ as late as 1900, but most of them spread over the north- 
ern and western States. This book is devoted to the line of 
Timothy Clark (backward and forward), a soldier of the Revolu- 
tion, who was fifth in descent from Richard, and was born in 
Mansfield, Conn., in 1745; was during most of his life a resident 
of Rockingham, Vt., who died while on a visit at Hancock, Vt., 
in Februar}^, 1813, and was buried among kindred in Rochester, 
Vt. Many well-known men are of this line. Mr. Peck, the 
author, is an expert genealogist and has long been known for his 
historical studies. The price of the book is SI. 50. 

-" Vital Records of Rhode Island, vol xiv. Providence 
Gazette— Deaths, K-Z; Marriages, A-C; 1762-1825. Edited by 
James N. Arnold. Providence, 1905. 

Mr. Arnold's work is now too well known to need any descrip- 
tion. The General Assembly authorizes this series published 
under the direction of Mr. Arnold. The plan of publishing the 
various town records, then taking up other sources of informa- 
tion for vital records, publishing these in one of several volumes 
for the whole state, is far preferable to the mistaken and some- 
time-to-be-regretted method countenanced — in fact demanded — 
by the Massachusetts Commission. 

The Genealogical Magazine 

-:M:--'^:^^-r:- PUBLISHED MONTHLY. 

Vol. I. • October, 1905. No. 7 



(Continued froin Vol. 1, page 190.) 


John the Son of John and Sarah Dauifs Was born the twenty 

Eight day of June Anno Domo 1684 

Wilham the Son of John and Sarah Dauifs Was born the eleuenth 

day of Auguft Anno Domo 16S9 

Siluanus Davis the Son of John and Sarah Dauifs Was born the 

Sixth day of Auguft Anno Domo 1679 

Martha Pickworth y^ daughter of EHas & Anna pickworth Was 

born the one and twentieth day of December: Anno Domo 1683 

]\Iary Pickworth y^ daughter of EUas & Anna Pickworth was born 

the Second day of Februarie Anno Domo 16S5 

Anna Pickworth y^ daughter of Ehas and Anna Pickworth Was 

born the thirteenth day of Nouember: Anno Domo 1687 

Anna Pickworth the daughter of Ehas and Anna Pickworth W^as 

born the twentie fifth day of Nouember: Anno Domo 1688 

Eiias Pickworth the Son of Elias and Anna Pickworth Was born 

the twentieth day of Aprill : Anno Domo 1690 

Samuel the Son of Samuel & Mary Hebard born the tenth day of 
March In the year 1680 

Abigil the daughter of Samuel & Mary Hebard born the twenty 
forth of ffebruary 1683" ' ■ '--' .-•;..•, 

page — Bcthiah Dike y^ Daughter of Jonathan & Bethiah Dike 
was Born y® Ninth day of fcbruary in y<^ year of our Lord 170| 
Jofiah Louit y^" fon of Thomas Louit by Bethiah his wife was born 
y^ twentictli da}^ of November in y^ year of our Lord 1693 
Abigail Louit y^ Daughter of Thomas Louit by Bcthiah his wife y« 
twenty fil^ day of July in y^ year of our Lord 1695 

* Copyright 1905 by Eben Putuani. 


204 Early Records of the Town of Beverly. [October 

Lidia Louit y^ Daughter of Thomas Louit by Bethiah his wife was 
born y*' tliirty firft day of October in y« year of our Lord 1697 
Thomas Louit y^ fon of Thomas Louit by Bethiah his wife was 
born y^ feuententh day of Nouember in y^ yeare of our Lord 1699 
Bethiah Louit y^ Daughter of Thomas Louit by Bethiah his wife 
was born y^ twenty ninth day of december in y^ year of our Lord 

1701 ,_ , :'\,..^:.v::;.^^:'--^:; 

Margreat Wood y^ Daughter of Gabrel Wood by Mercy his wife was 
Born yc twentyninth day of March in y^ year of our Lord 1703 
Hue Woodbery y^ fon of WiUiam Woodbery by Joanah his wife 
was born y^ Eighteen day of March in y^ year of our Lord 1703 
Martha Trow y^ Daughter of George Trow by Sarah his wife was 
Born ye fourtenth day of march in ye year of our Lord 1 703 
Ifrael Ober y^ fon of John Ober by Hanah his wife was Born y^ 
fourth day of September in y® year of our Lord 1702 
Elezebeth Horrell y^ daughter of Homphry Horrell b}^ Ehzebeth 
his wife was Born y« fixth day of Janewary in y^ year of our Lord 

Georg Gray y^ fon of Georg Gray by Briget his wife was Born y^ 
twentyninth day of march in y^ year of our Lord 1703 
Ehzebeth Wheeler y^^ Daughter of John Wheeler by Mary his wife 
was Born y^ tenth day of June in y^ year of our J^ord 1702 
Elizeabeth Baker y^ Daughter of John Baker by Deborah liis wife 
was Born y^ twenty feuenth day of Nouember in y^ year of our 
Lord 1702 

Beniamin Louit y^ fon of Beniamin Louit by Anah his wife was 
Bornye twenty fifth day of September in y^year of our Lord 1702 
Elezabetli Heris y^ Daughter of Jofeph Heris by Rebecca his wife 
was Born y^ twenty day of Auguft in y^ year of our Lord 1693 
Rebecca Butman y^^ Daughter of Jofeph Butman by Rebecca hi'^ 
wife was Born y^ fifteenth day of October in y® year of our Lord 1699 
Efther T3utman ye Daughter of Jofeph Butman by Rebecca his 
wife was Born y^ fixtenth day of Auguft in y^ year of our Lord 1701 
Rebecca Pearce y^ Daughter of Georg Pearcc by Rebecca his wife 
was Born y^ feuententh day of Aprill in y® year of our Lord 1703 
page — Sufanah y® Daughter of Nehemiah Wood by Siifanah his 
wife was born ye Eighteenth day of October in ye year of o^" Lord 

1905] Early Records of the Town of Beverly. 205 

Abigail y® Daughter of Caleb Wallis by Sarah his wife was born ye 

18*^ day of November in y^ year of our Lord 1702 

Hannah y^ Daughter of George Rayment by Jerufha his Wife was 

born on y^ four & twentieth day of February in y^ year of our 

Ix)rd 169| 

Judith ye Daughter of Nathanel Rayment by Rebekah his Wife 

born on y^ one & twentieth of November in y^ year 1702 

Paul y^ fon of Paul Thorndik by Mary his Wife was born on ye 

fifth day of February in ye year of our Lord 170f 

Jonathan Trafk ye fon of John Trafk of Salem by Elizabeth his 

Wife was born ye fifth day of June in ye year of o^ Lord 1692 

Mary ye Daughter of y^ fd Trafk by Elizabeth his Wife was born 

ye third day of July in ye year of our J^ord 1697 

Chriftian ye Daughter of ye above fd John Trafk by Ehzabeth his 

Wife vras born ye twenty fifth day of May in ye year of our Lord 

1701 . . 

the next vnder Written are y^ children of Samuell Trafk of Salem 

by Sufanah his wife Jofiah Trafk born ye fixteenth day of March 

in ye year of our Lord 169f ' 

Abigail Trafk born ye fecond day of April in ye year of our Lord 


Sarah Trafk born ye feuenth of Januar}^ in ye year of our Lord 170*^ 

Dauid and Jonathan twins of ye fd Samuell Trafk by Suzanah his 

wife was born ye twentieth and fourth Day of October in ye year of 

our Lord 1702 

Anah Elinwood ye Daughter of John Elinwood by Sarah his wife 

was Born ye twenty fourth day of January in ye year of our Lord 


Robert ye fon of Mr Robert Hale Efq by Elizabeth his Wife was 

born ye twelfth day of February in ye year of our Lord God one 

Thoufand feuen Hundred & two three 

Abigail y^ Daughter of Samuell Corning Juni by Sufanah his wife 

was born on ye 30^^ Day of January in ye year of our Lord 170|- 

Abigail ye Daughter of George Rayment by Jerufha his wife was 

born ye tenth Day of ]\Iarch in ye year of our Lord 170J 

Ruth ye Daughter of Lott Connant by Elizabeth his wife was born 

y^ Eighteenth Day of Nouember in ye year of our Lord 1702 

Lydia ye Daughter of Samuell Herick by Sarah his wife was born 

on ye 2Q^^ Day of June in ye year of our Lord 169J 

206 . ■ Early Records of the Town oj Beverly. [October 

Abigail y^ Daughter of Samuell Herik by Sarah his wife was born 
on y^ 13th of Noueni in y^ year of our Lord 1697 
Samuell y® fon of Samuell Herrik by Sarah his wife was born on y^ 
fixteenth day of November in y^ year of our Lord 1702 
yage — Beniamin Lercom y^ fon of Corneles Lercom by Abigal his 
wife was born y« fixth day of february in y® year of our Lord IGOii 
Dauid Lercom y^ fon of Corneles Lercom by Aljigal his wife was 
Born y ninth day of October in y^ year of our Lord 1701 
Nehemiah Grouer 3^^^ fon of Edmond Grouer b}^ mary his wife was 
Born y^ ninth da}^ of auguft in ye year of our Lord 1703 
Sarah Woodin y^ Daughter of Peter Woodin by Elezebeth his wife 
was Born y<^ twenty fecond day of July in y© year 1703 
Mary Baker y© daughter of Jonathan Baker by. ^lary his wife was 
Born ye tenth day of Auguft in ye year of our J^ord 1703 
O'liomas AVoodbery ye Son of Robert Woodbery by I\Iary his wife 
Born ye twenty firft Day of June in ye year of our Lord 1703 
Hanah Corning ye Daughter of Jofeph Corning by Rebekah his 
wife was Born ye fixth daj^ of October in y^ year of our Lord 1703 
Efther Dodg ye daughter of Jonathan Dodg iun by Efther his wife 
was Born ye nineteenth day of March in ye year of our Lord 1703 
William Standly y^ fon of John Standly b}^ Rel^ekah his "\\ lie was 
Born ye thirty furft day of Auguft in ye year of our J^ord 1700 
Rebekah Standly ye Daughter of John Standly b}'^ Rebekah his 
wife was Born ye thirtieth day of September in ye year of our Lord 

Jofhua Corning ye fon of John Corning bj^ Elizabeth his was Born 
ye fifth day of Nouember in ye year of ou^ Lord 1703 
ffrancis Dodg ye fon of Jonathan Dodg by Elezebeth his wdfe was 
Born ye feuenth day of merch in y^ year of our Lord 1703 
Samuell Morgin ye fon of Samuell Morgin by Sarah his wife was 
Born ye twenty third day of Aprill in ye year of our Lord 1700 . 
Liuermor AVitrig ye fon of Thomas Witrig b}" Sarali his wife was 
Born ye thirty eth day of October in ye year of our Lord 1703 
Jonathan Morgin ye fon of Jofeph Morgin by Sarah his wife was 
Born ye fifth day of September in ye year of our Lord God 1703 
Eunice Griggs y^ Daughter of Jacob Griggs by Jilllinor his wife 
was Born ye fecond day of february in ye year of oui* lord God 170 J 
Liddea Trafk y^ daughter of Edward Trafk by Deborah his wife 
was Born ye tenth day of december in ye year of om-: Lord God 

1905] Early Records of the Town of Beverly. 207 

Sarah y® Daughter of Edward Trafk by Deborah his wife was Born 
\'^ twentyeth day of december in ye year of our Lord God 1703 
Humphry Horil y^ fon of Humphry Horil by EHzebeth his wife 
was Born y^ Eightenth day of September in y^ year of our Lord 
.Elizabeth Prid y^ Daughter of Jofeph Prid by Ehzabeth his wife 
was Born y^ twenty fifth day of february in y^ year 170 J 
Robert Conant y^ fon of Lot Conant Jun^" by Martha his Wife was 
; Borne on the Twenty fixth Day of Aprill in y^ year of o^ Lord God 

Johanah Woodbory ye Daughter of John Woodbery by. This Rec- 
ord for Berths is here in the Rong place 

page — Ptemember Ston y^ Daughter of John Ston by Sarah his 
wife Was Born on : ye nine day of May in ye year of our Lord God 

Eliazer ye fon of Eliazer Giles by : Lidia his wife was Born on ye 
18 day of October In ye year of our Lord God 1704 
Zechariah Herik ye fon of Henery Llerick : by Susanah his wife was 
Born Sepbi" ye : 4: In: ye year 1699 

Unis Herick ye Daughter of Henery Herick by Sufanah : His Wife 
was Born ye 5 day of octber In ye year of our L. G. 1701 
Ix)is Herick ye Daughter of Henery : & Sufanah Herick Waf Born 
y: 10: day of Octbr In ye year of our Lord God 1704 
John Darby ye fon of John Darby by Deberah His Wife was Born 
Decb'-. ye 27: anno Dom 1704 

page — Sarah Wallis ye Daughter of Caleb Yv allis by Sarah his wife 
was Born ye twenty Eight day of Auguft in ye year of our Lord 1694 
Caleb Wallis ye fon of Caleb Wallis by Sarah his wife was Born on 
y fourtenth day of October in ye year of our Lord 1695 
Jofhua Wallis ye fon of Caleb Wallis by Sarah his wife was Bom 
>'^' fifth day of March in ye year of our Lord God 169| 
Nathaniel Wallis ye fon of Caleb Wallis by Sarah his v/ife was Born 
oil the thirtyeth day of December in ye year of our Lord 1699 
Dajieil Wallis ye fon of Caleb Wallis by Sarah his wife was Born 
on ye firft day of July in ye year of our Lord 1701 
Abigaill Wallis ye Daughter of Caleb Wallis by Sarah his wife was 
Born on y^ Eighteenth day of November in ye 3^ear of our Lord 1 702 
Martha Cleaues the Daughter of John Cleaues by IMercy : his Wife 
was Born on the 20 day of October 1703 • 

208 , > , Early Records of the Toxim. of Beverly. [October 

Rebeckah the Daughter of Ifrael and Ann Wood was Born the 10 

day of feptember In y^ year of our Lord God 1703 

Mary the Daughter of Samucll and Mary Weft was Born on the 

fixtenth day of May in ye year of our Lord God 1702 

Judeth Hafkal ye Daughter of Roger Hafkal by lianah his wife v/as 

Born on y® twenty third day of Aprill in y^ year of our Lord 1703 

Nicholes Grous ye fon of Peter Grous by LTanah his wife was Born 

on ye furft day of Janewary in ye year of our Lord 170 J 

Joanah Woodbery ye Daughter of Andrew Woodbery by Emey 

his wife was Born on ye fiftenth day of September in ye year of our 

Lord God 1689 

Andrew Woodbery ye fon of Andrew Woodbery by Emey his wife 

was Born on ye forthtenth Day of Nouember in ye year of our Lord 

God 1691 

Pyam Blower ye fon of M^" Thomas Blower Paftur of ye Church in 

Beuerly By Emey His wife was Born ye twelfth day of Janu^ in ye 

year of our Lord 170f 

Sarah Dodg ye Daughter of Jofeph Dodg iun by Rebekah his wife 

was Born on ye twenty firft day of July in ye year of our Lord 1703 

Jane Louit ye Daughter of John Louit By Mary his wife was Born 

on ye thirtyeth day of July in ye year of our Lord 1700 

Marcy ye Daughter of Peter Woodbery by Mar}^ his Wife was Born 

ye 2: day of Augft in ye year 1703 

Jonathan Prid ye fon of Peter Prid by Hannah his Wife was Born 

on ye 8 day of April in ye year of our L. G. 1702 

John the Son of Samuell and Mary Weft was Born on ye 21 day of 

June in ye year of our Lord God 1702 

page — Martha Balch ye Daughter of Samuel Balch by Martha his 

Wife Was Borne on ye thirteenth day of September in ye year of o^ 

Lord God 1676 

Samuel Balch ye fonn of Samuel Balch by Martha his Wife was 

Borne on ye fixteenth da}^ of may in the year of ou'^ Lord God 167S 

Benjamin and John Balch Twins & fons of Samuel Balch by IMartha 

his Wife ware Borne on ye nine & twentieth day of March in ye year 

of our Lord God 1682 

Phebe Balch ye Daughter of Samuel Balch by Martha his Wife was 

Borne on ye in Aprill neere the bcgining of fd month in ye year of 

ou*- Lord God 1684 \ 

Cornelius Balch ye fon of Samuel Balch by Martha his wife was 

1905] Early Records of the Town of Beverhj. ; 209 

Borne in May neere the begining of fd month in y^ year of ou^ Lord 
God 1687 

Abigail Balch y^ Daughter of Samuel Balch by his Wife Martha 
was Borne y^ Twenty fourth day of May in the year of ou^ Lord God 

1689 .. . : .^: ,„; . 

Thomas Balch y^ fon of Samuel Balch by Martha his Wife was 
Borne on y^ firft day of Aprill in ye year of ou^ Lord God 1692 
Elizabeth Black the Daughter of John Black by Deborah his Wife 
was Borne on y^ thirty firft day of May in the year of our Lord 
God 1686 

Jofhua Balch the fon of John Balch by Hanah his Wife was Borne 
on y^ fixth day of November in ye year of o'" Lord God 1688 
David Balch the fon of John ]3alch by Hannah his Wife was Borne 
ye firft day of October in ye year of our Lord God 1691 
Roger Balch the fon of John Balch by Hannah his Wife was Borne 
on ye ffourteenth day Juely in the year of our Lord God 1693 
Martha Rayment ye Daughter of John Rayment by Martha his 
Wife was Borne on the Eleventh day of Auguft in ye year of our 
Lord God 1692 

Thcfe vnderwritten are ye Children Whome God hath graciously 

given unto Jonathan & Sarah Rayment of ye town of Beverly 

Rachel Rayment born ye twentieth & fixth of January in ye year 

of our Lord God 1689 

Anah Rayment born ye fixth day of March in ye year of our Lord 

Cod 1692 

Jcruflia Rayment born ye twentieth and fixth day of September in 

y^ year of our Lord God 1694 ^ 

Benerges Rayment born y® fowrtenth in ye of May in ye year of our 

I^ord God 1695 

Barnabas Rayment born ye thirtieth clay of March in ye year of our 

Lord God 1701 

Noah Louitye fon of Samuell and Prudence Louit Borne: ye twenty 

and fixt day of April in ye year: of our Lord God : 1704 

Mary the Daughter of Thomas and Criftian Weft was Born the 

fixteenth day of March in ye year 170J 

jxige — Jeremiah the son of Mathew & Elizabeth Buttman born 

tlie Eighth day of ffcbruary 1691 

^"'bonezer the son of Richard & Elizabeth Thissell born the Eight 

^ay of november Anodom 1690 


210 Early Records of the Town of Beverly. 


Jonathan the Son of Samuel & mary Hebbard born the twont}^ 
forth day of May Anodom 1689 | 

Prefilla the daughter of John & Sarah Stone born the twenty | 

feauenth day of October Anodom 1690 . | 

Samuel the Son of Roger & Ruth Haskins born the Seavententh | 

day of October Anodom 1690 I 

Kezia the daughter of Georg & bathiah Stanly born the Seaven- | 

tenth day of August Anodom 1690 - - I 

Roda the daughter of George & Bathia Stanly born tho day | 

of August Ano-dom 1688 I 

Sarah the daughter of William & Joana Woodbery born the fore- ^ 

tenth day of december Anodom 1690 ^ ; 

Samuell the Son of M^ Thomas & Elizabeth Woodbery born the ; 

second day of ffebruary: An 1691 - 

George the Son of Benieman & Katherine Deland born the sixtenth 

day of ffebruary : Ano 169J 

Nathan the Son of humphrey & Ann woodbery born the Aight day 

of march Anodom 169|J 

Sarah the daughter of Nathanill & Mary Stone born the ffirft day 

of fi'ebruary Ano Dom 1690 

Hanah the daughter of Ebinezer & Hanah woodbery born the 

twenty seaventh day of ffebruary Anodom 16^ J 

Rebecka the daughter of Jacob & Elliner griges born the third day 

of June Anodom 1691 

Patients the daughter of John and Ales Woodbery born the Eight- 

enth day of May: 1691 

Sarah the daughter of John & Sarah Grover born the twentie & 

Eight 28th day of Aprill 1690 

Hanah the daughter of Azadiah & Hanah Smith born the twentie 

Eighth day of October Anodom 1690 

Jonathan the sonn of Robert and Ehzabeth: Cue born the fhrst 

day of August Anodom 1691 ' " ■ 

Hmnphrey the sonn of Humphry and Elizabeth Plarrald Born y^ 

second day of Septimber 1691 

Martha the daughter of Luke & martha Perkins Born the ninetenth 

day of September Anodom: 1691 

(To he continued.) 

;. .i IN CAMBRIDGE. , . 




si; {Continued from Vol. 1, page 186.) - 

1783 Sept. 28 Walter Dickson & Anne his wife alfo Anne bis 

' ^ rji , ^ daughter all belonging to y'' 2^^ Chh in Cambridge 

^ S. < ^ were difmifsed & recommended to y® first Chh in 

" -^ ^^ L§ Cambridge & were accordingly accepted & admitted 

m^-^ by M'- Hilliard. ' . 

f^^""r> IS % 714 + 70 — 874 Total. 

«^ *- H -§ u - • , ;^;' 

Persons admitted by M^ Hilliard. 

1783 Oct. 16. Mary Austin admitted by T. Hilliard 

1784 Feb>' 29 Elizabeth & Tabitha Howe admitted. 

Oct. 24. Amos Briant admitted, difm*^ & Recom^^ to Chh in 
Pccherfl^^. N. H. Nov, 2. 1804. 
wife of A. B. dismifsed & rec*^ as above 5 July 1805. 

1785 Jan. 30. Rebecca Hicks admitted 

April 3, ^yid. Martha Chapel admitted, dismiss*^ rec^^ to Chh 

inPecherfl*^ 1805. 
Ap. 10. Samuel Webber A. B. admitted. 
Sept. 19. Samuel Chandler & Wid. Eunice AYalton admitted. 

1786 Jau>' 15. Thomas Payson K. B. 1792 dism^ & rec^^ to 2^^ 

y Chh. in Worcester. 

■ ,^ Sarah Frost admitted. 

Feb. 23. John Sawin & Hephzibah his wife admitted at tlieir 

own house he being in a low state. 
April 30. Mary Payson wife of Thomas Payson A. B. ad- 
mitted, 1792 dism*^ & rec^' to 2^ Chli in Wor- 
""^ '■':/■' ■ ,. . ■. cester. . . '■'■ : :■ . . ..-, 

Sept. 13. Benjamin Piper admitted. 
Sept. 20. Henry Ware. A. B. admitted. • ■ 

1787 May. 29. John Andrews &) ^ , , , , . n ... -, 

-.-.r-i,. TT . I Bachelors of Arts Admitted 
William Harris j 

212 '., Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 

1787 July 22. Widow Mary Stratton 
Nov. 18 M^- Thomas Lee 

1788 Oct. 12. Hezeldah Packard A. B. 1783 dlsm** & rccom^ to 

Chh. ill Chelmsford. 
Dec. 14. Mrs. Mary Thacher. 

1789 March 23 James Wiuthrop Efq^ Page (133) 

Children baptized by T. ITilliakd 

Benjamin of Stephen Goddard. 

Ruthy of AVilliam Frothingham, 

John of Thomas Fillebrown 

Katharine of John Walton 

Sarah of Jos. Stacey Reed 

Lucy of Jolm Stone. 

Phebe Preston of Francis Moore 

Nathaniel of Amos Briant i 

Charles son of John Rice ■ 

Martha Remington of lion''"" Francis Dana 

Joseph of John Palmer. 

Elizabeth Miriam of Richard Cutter 

Harriet of JNIajor John Hastings. 

Joseph son of Samuel Hunt. 

Frances of Rev'^ T. Hilliard. 

Esther of Ammi Cutter 

Clarifsa of Rebecca Hicks. 

Jonathan Upham of Walter Cox. 

Polly Tufts of Timothy Tufts Jun^ 
March 13. Sufanna of Dutton 

ISIarch 20 Isaac Bradifh of John Goodwin. 
May 15. Sarah of William Colfon. 
May 29. Sarah Kent of M^' Hawkins 
June 5. Polly of Josiah Moore. 
June 19. William of AVilliam Watfon. 

William Hormby of Jonathan Ireland 

Betsey Bell of Thomas Warland 

Samuel of vSamuel Babcock . 

July 3. Thomas Son of William Hunnewell 
July 10 Abraham Watfon of Doc' William Gamage. 

Anna of John Prentice 
Aug. 21. Sarah Tapley of D^ Munro. 



1784 Apr. 
























1785 Jan. 


*- • 


March G 

1905] Records of the First Churchj Cambridge. 213 

1785 Sept. 18. Horatio of Rev*^ President Willard 

"" Sally of Samuel Cliaudler - 

Oct. 30. Esther of Jos. Stacey Reed. - ^ 

Nov. 6. Betsey of Edward Downing. 

Nov. 13. Reuben of Joseph Reed. .i- 

1786 Jan^ 1. Persis of Joseph Bates. 

Jan. 28. Timothy Paine of Eben'' Bradish Esq. 
(127 Feb. 12. Sally of Thomas Phillips. 

Matthew of James Cox. 
Ebenezer of John Warland 
John & Sallv children of John Sawin at his own 

Susanna of .John Palmer. 
John of John Choate. 
Polly of Thomas Pay son. 
Samuel of Samuel Townsend. 
William Crosby of Richard Hunnewell 
Amelia of Maj^ John Hastings 

of Gershom Teel. 
Fanny of Thomas Prentifs 
John Tyng of Doct AVilliam Gamage 
Susanna of D". James Munro 
AYilliam of Bartholomew Raymond 
Marfhall son of Zechariah Shed. 
James of Thomas Fillebrown. 
John of Samuel Kent. 
Timotliy of Timothy Tufts. 
Ezra of John Choate 
Esther of Ammi Cutter 
Harriot of Nath*' Prentice , 

of Richard Cutter 
William, of Francis INIoore. "^ 

Lydia of Ebcnezer Stedman ' 

James ^ ^^ ^^^ Widow Elizabeth Frost. 

Betsy Robie 

Mar. 18. Stephen of John Palmer 
April 29. William of Thomas Warland 



March 5. 

March 26. 



April 16. 























1787 Jany 






214 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 

1787 May 29. Polly of William Watson 

July 22. Sarah Shepard of Jonathan Ireland. 
. Aug. 26. Joseph Stacey of Joseph Stacey Read. 
Oct. 7. Joseph of William Hunnewell. 
Oct. 28. Charles of John Prentifs 
Daniel of Samuel Prentifs. 

See page (162) 

(128) Persons Married by Nath^^^ Appleton. 

- from p. (112) 

1776 June 28. Nath" Pierce & Mary Plfk 
July 14. Richard Welch <Sc Sarah Coats 
Sept. 18. John Henly and Sarah Pullen 

(Samuel Phipps and Mary Maxfield 
1 Ebenezer Perry and Abigail Learned 
October 1 6 Abel Moore and Sarah Warland 
Dec^^'. 24 William Reed Jun'". and Lydia Ranks 
George Brown aud Elizabeth Coolidge 
John Green & Mary Reed. 
David Froft and Elizabeth Allen 
Nevingfton Greenwood and Elizabeth Kenderic 
John Hobbs and Phoebe Cox. 
Jofhua Gammage and Mary Beatonflat. 
■ i— July 29. 1777 Thus far I have delivered in y« 

: ; Names of the Persons married by me to Andrew 

Bordman, Town Clerk from y^ year 1773. 
August 24. Samuel Manning and Mary Woods 
October 30. John Trask & Elizabeth Gould. 
Nov*^^ 4. Capt. Samuel Chandler and Mary Dickson. 
Nov*''' 12. Jonas Prentifs and Sarah Prentifs. 
Dec. 4. Noah Parker and Hannah Livermore 
Dec'"" 11. Thomas Goddard and Hepzibah Prentifs. 
1778 Jan^' 1. Jonathan Lawrence and Mary Fillebrown 

Jan^ 6. Rev'' M^' Edward Wigglesworth Prefident & Mifs 

Dorothy Sparhawk. 
March 19. Lie^ JoIju Brown and Abigail Bemus 
V May 8. Charleftown a negro freed by M'' Soley and Jenny a 

negro lately of IM'. Denute. 
]\lay 14. James Philips and Agnis Cox 
August 18. John Chriftian Fricke a German and Jemima Cox. 

1777 April 23. 










1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 215 

1778 Nov^'" 9. Jofeph Hodfon and Maiy Boynton 

Nov*'^' 10. Elijah Mead and Abigail Barnard of Watertown. 

Dec'^^' 1 Thomas Fillebrou and Hannah Brown. 

Dec^^ 24 Joseph Holden & Sarah Holden. 

1779 Feb. 25. Thomas Bumford and Anne Rofs. 
March 15. Jabez Weftcott and Mary Bennett 
June 2. Jofeph Draper and Mary Robbins. 
Sept. 14. Jofeph Beach and Mary Read 
Ocf^^ 21 AVilliam Colfon and Sarah Hancock 
Nov^*" 25 William Cox and Mary Sawin 

Dec^'^' 6. William Watfon and Sufannah Wyeth 

1780 Mar. 30. James Robbins and Lydia Capen 

(129) Verte (129) 

April 13. Peter Richardfon and Hannah I^ond. 

, April 20. John Haftings and Elizabeth Prentice. 

June 9. Oliver Whitney and Hannah Chace 

Ocf^^' 30. Ilon"'^ Edward Cutts and M^'^ Sarah Kent. 

1781 Jau^' 17. M»- Caleb Gannett and M^^^ Katherine Wendell. 

Mar. 21, 1781. Thus far 1 have delivered in y« 
Names of y*^ Persons Married by me to Major 
Farrington Town Clerk from y^ year 1777. 
April 26 Isaac Tibbett and Ruth Welfh 
May 25. Richard Cutter and Mirriam Brown 
Nov. 28. John Palmer and Sufannah Stratton. 

1782 June 13. Samuel Prentice and Polly Todd. 
July 15. Benjamin Hill and Maiy Winfhip 

. July 25. William Honeywell and Sarah Frothingham. 
August 22. L* Jofiah Moore and Nanc}^ Warland 
October29. Amos Winfhip and Mary AVyman 
October 31. Jofiah Dana and Rachel Leverett. 

1783 Feb. 7. Phineas Child and Martha Pendigrafs 
Feb. 13. Ebenezer Day and ISEary Palmer. 

Feb. 14. 1783. I sent y^ above account of Mar- 
riages to M"^ William Winthrop Town Clerk to be 
Entered in y^ Town Records. 
. • . March 25. Zechariah Hill and Abigail Blodgett 
Jujie 16. Thomas Wright and Mary Sprague 
. July 23. Deacon James Munroc and AVidow Sarah Hancock 
Aug. 24. Jonathan Barrett and Sufannah Robbins 

216 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 

Jofeph Stacey Reed and P^fther Good wine 

M"" Hilliard made y^ 2 Pra3^ers. 

Frederick Johnson and Khoda Reed. I 

William Whittemore and Elizabeth Cutler | 

per T. Hilliard. . . I 

■ ■ ■ I:-- 

Thomas Whittemore and Sukey Cutter. i 

Rev^ Samuel Kendall & ]\liis Mary Austen. | 

Cap* John Hastings & IMifs Lydia Dana. I 

William AV^ebber & Isabella Cutter Charlestown. | 

William Bordman & Sarah McCleary | 

-John Choate & Eunice Welsh, Charleftown. | 

1783 Sept 

. 25. 











1 78 d Marc 





(130) Persons Married by T. Hilliard. 

1784 Mar. 30. William Symmes & Mary IMallet at Charlestown. 
May 9. Timothy Tufts Jun^' & Bculah Prentice. 

^-: May 27. Rev^ John Mellen of Barnstable & Mifs Martha 

Fitch Wendell. 
June 13. Isaac Sparhawk Gardner & Mifs Mary Sparhawk. 
-, June 20. Ebenezer Thomas Adams & Mifs Polly Goodwin at 

July 8. Isaac Learned & Elizabeth Winship. 
July 18. Josiah Mason & Lois Rufsell , 

Sept. 9. Abraham Hill & Ruth Blodget. 
- Oct. 21. ly William Gamage & Mifs Lucy Watfon 
M"" Richard Pierce & Mifs Anna Dickfon. 
Nov. 5. John Vose & Mercy Fosdick Charlestown 
Nov. 16. Henrv Gardner & I\rartha Cutter. 

1785 Feb>' 10. Jonathan Hunnewell & Lucy Warland. 
Feby 13. York Ruggles & Jenny Prescutt. 

Feb>' 14. Andrew Newell & Elizabeth Wyeth 
March 6. Benjamin Cutter & Elizabeth Wyeth 

Jofeph AVilfon & Elizabeth Caldwell. 
April 20. M'' P^benezer Simonds of Lexington & Mifs Anna 
' ' Bradbury of Maiden. 

May 12 M"^ Thomas Payfon & Mifs ]\Iary Thacher 
•^ June 15. M^ Asa Dutton & Mifs Polly Tarbell 

M"" Amos Bryant & M''^ Martha Chaple 
July 28. William Bucknam & Margaret Bucknam of Medford. 
Aug. 21. James Cutter & [Anna] Harrington Rufsell. 

1785 Aug. 
















1786. FebJ 


March 26. 








1783 April 


1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge.. 217 

John Liiman & Martha Millar at Charleftown. 

Joel Sanders & Dinah Swan. 

M'" Thomas Frothingham & Mifs Elizabeth Froft. 

Thomas Hopping of Charlestown & Dorcas Cluley 
of ]\Ialden. 

D'" Eph"^ Ware of Groton & M'"^ Abigail Gamage. 

Rev^ Profefsor AVigglesworth and Mifs Sarah Wig- 
gles worth. * 

Ebenezer Prentice & Experience Williams. 

Jonas Prentice & Hannah Goddard. 

Samuel Woodward & Lois Hooper of Charlestown. 

Ebenezer Hall & Esther Raluimah Cutter. 

Joseph Perry & Ruhamah Johnson. 

James Frothingham & Sally Fosdick Charlestown 

EdAvard Rufsell & Lydia Adams. 

' Page (156). 

Persons adult y^ were Baptized att my housci [by 

N. Appleton] 
Abigail Tufts 

(132) Nov. 13. This day the Church Book was delivered to me by 

1783. the Rev"^ D'" Appleton. He being altogether unable 
to keep the records of the Church thro' age & bodily 
infirmities. T. Hilliard. 

1784 Feb. 9*^. The Rev^ D'' Nath' Appleton departed this life in the 

9 P* year of his age & 67^^^ of his ministry. 

Feb^ To. This day his funeral folemnity was attended. The 

body was carried to the meeting house. Rev*^ M^ 

Gushing of AYaltham prayed. The surviviug 

: ;.: , Pastor of this Church delivered a funeral ad- 

,. drefs. A funeral anthem was sung, after which 

the procefsion advanced to the burying place and 
the body was committed to the tomb. 

(133) (From P. 125) Persons admitted to Communion by 

T. Hilliard 

1789 May 3. Thaddeus Mason Harris A. B. admitted to Com- 
V • munion. 

Oct. 6. 1793. Difmifsed & recom^ to the Chh in 
June 7. M" Elizabeth Hunt admitted to Communion. 

218 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 

1790 Aug. 22. Polly 11 ill iard by Prefident Willard. 
1701 Aug. 7. Pitt Ckirk by M'' Foster of Littleton Juuc 17. 1793. 

Difm-^ & recom"^ to Cbb iu Norton 

(134^ Brought from P. (110) ^ 

The following votes were paft att y*^ S"^ Chh meeting which 
was by adjournment. 

After y^ unanimous acceptance of y^ foregoing Report. 

2. Deacon Whittemore brought in his account of Extraordinary 
Expenses in providing for y^' Communion Table from y^" year 
1741 to this day amounting to thirteen Pounds nine pence two 
farthings, which was allowed to him to be taken out of y^ 
Stocic in y*^ hands of y*^ Deacons. 

3. That thirty Shillings Lawful mony be allowed to Each of y^ 
three Deacons, to be taken out of y*" mony in their hands for 
y^ care, trouble 6c Expense they have been att, in selling y^ 
wood & then y^ land of y^ Chh Lot at Newton. 

4. That y^' Committee which Shall be appointed to Infpect y^ 
above Said Fund Shall do y^ Same annually in y^ month of 

5. That y^ whole of y^ Report of y*^ Committee or so much 
of it as our Reverend Paftor Shall think proper, be read to y^ 

■ , Chh, after y^ next Communion Service is over. 

Att a meeting of y^ Brethren of y« Chh May 20. 1774. 

1. Voted that Deacon Whittemore, Capt. Stedman, Capt. Mar- 
rett. Deacon Prentice, M^ Peter Tufts, Capt. Gardner, Capt. 
Robbins be a Committee to Infpect y^ manners of profefs- 
ing Christians &c. for this year. 

2. Voted that Doctor W"^ Kneeland Efq^ M^ Abraham TVatfon, 
Jun'". Captain Gardner, & Capt. Stedman be a committee to 
Inquire into y® State of y^ Chh Stock of Monies Bonds or 

: ■ Notes in y^ Deacons Hands, to report to y'^ Chh y^' State 
thereof, and how y*^ produce is applied and that ye Committee 
Infpect y^ Same Some time in y^ Month of June next 

3. God, in his holy Providence having taken away by Death on 
April 4^^^ laft paft y'^ worthy faithfull & highly Efteemed 
Deacon Sam'' Sparhawk, voted that on y^ next Lecture Day, 
viz : on y^ 15^'^ of July next to proceed to y^ choice of a 


,-..,, ; . \ {To he continued. ) 


rp:cords from the old cemetery at the 
.; *^ green," middleboro, mass. 

Collected bt Charles M. Thatcher, 

■ (Continued from Vol. 1, The Genealogical Magazine, page 198.) 

Savory, Solomon, son of Thomas and Mary, born Aug. 17, 1742, 

■. died Dec. 14, 1747. 

- Daniel, died Sept. 21, 1836, aged 32 years. 
., Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Jr., died Nov. 13, 1825, in her 

24 year. 

Scolley, Miss Rebecca, died Nov. 15, 1801, in her 68 year. 

Scars, Phebe, wiic of David, died Oct. 9, 1779, in her 67 yeSiY. 
^^'' Benjamin W., died Feb. 27, 1849, aged 22 years. 

Shaw, Capt. William, died March 7, 1807, in his 69 year. 

Lydia, wife of Capt. William, died June 10, 1826, in her 

85 year. 
Nancy B., wife of Elkanah, died July 4, 1836, aged 28 

Abigail, wife of George, died Feb. 23, 1844, aged 62 years 
Josiah C., son of Ehjah and Deborah, died April 8, 1822 

aged 22 years 11 months. 
Grin, son of Elijah, Jr. and Susan, died March 9, 1837, 

aged 11 montlis 11 daj^s. 
Joseph, son of Joseph and Abigail T., died May 12, 1841, 

aged 1 year 1 month 7 days. 
Abby S., daughter of Joseph and Abigail T., died March 

12, 1843, aged 2 months 13 days. 
James A., son of A. and A. Shaw, died Sept.' 18, 1833, 

aged 19 months 23 days. 
EHzabeth, daughter of A. and A. Shaw, died Oct. 4, 1831, 

aged 13 months 9 days. ; . 

Allen, died April 3, 1848, aged 49 years. 

Sherman, Capt. Jabez, died Sept. 18, 1835, aged 57 years. 

; V Hannah, daughter of Jabez and Mary, died May 19, 1833, 

aged 10 years 15 days. , , 

:• " . -•■ . ' (219) 

220 Records from Old Cemetery, Middlchoro, Mass. [October 

Simmons, Aaron, died Feb. G, 1757, in his 85 year. 

Martha, widow of Aaron, died Aug. 8, 1775, in her 85 

Martha, daughter of Edward and Priscilla, died Jan. 13 

1771, in her 17 year. 

Smith, Capt. Jonathan, died Sept. 6, 1761, in his 79 year. 

Sarah, wife of Mr. Jonathan, died June 5, 1744, in her 

49 year. 
Susanna, daughter of Lieut. Jonathan and Sarah, died 

Oct. 8, 1736, in her 11 year. 
John, died with small-pox, Nov. 14, 1777, in his 48 year, 
f Betty, wife of John, died March 12, 1758, in her 22 year. 
John, died Dec. 13, 1748, in his 46 year. 
Del:)orah, widow of John, died Jan. 9, 1801, in her 93 3^car. 
. ' John, died May 16, 1727, in his 69 year. 

Mary, wife of John, died April 4, 1750, in her 90 year. 
Susanna, wife of Jonathan, died May 11, 1724, in her 

30 year. 
James, died Sept. 9, 1763, in his 72 year. 
Hannah, wife of James, died April 5, 1750, in her 48 year. 
Timothy, son of James and Hannah, died Aug. 8, 1750,' 

aged 6 years. 
Jabez, died Dec. 9, 1768, in his 22 year. 
Jabez, died March 12, 1826, aged 56 years. 
Lieut. James, died April 29, 1815, in his 78 year. 
Merc3% daughter of Lieut. James and Patience, died Oct. 

21, 1812, in her 28 year. ' 

Patience, daughter of Lieut. James and Patience, died 
-■- - Aug. 2, 1793, in her 20 year, ' 

Lydia, daughter of Lieut. James and Patience, died Dec. 

2, 1785, in her 6 year. 
A son of Jabez and Hannah, died June 4, 1808, aged 3 

months 13 days. 
Sarah Bennett, wife of Zenas, died Aug. 15, 1800, in her 

26 year. 


Zerviah, wife of Timothy, died Oct. 2, 1843, aged 59 years. 
; ■ John, son of Timothy and Zerviah, died Jan. 11, 1822, in 

' • his 10 year. 
"' ' Irene, died Sept. 21, 1842, aged 28 years. 

1905] Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. 221 

Smith, Earl, died Oct. 21^ 1842, aged 42 years, r . ' 

Abigail, wife of Joseph, died July 20, 1788, in her 50 year. 
Miss Mary, died April 24, 1809, in her 78 year. 
Joseph, died Aug. 26, 1824, aged 24 years. 

f ' ■''■': ; " Behold & see as you pass by, 

r As you are now — so once was I, 'V 

V As I am now — so you must be, 
' ' - ' prepare for death and follow me." 

.' Melaney, daughter of Samuel and Persis, died Jan. 4, 

■ 1831, aged 18 years. 

Catharine, daughter of Samuel and Persis, died July 12, 
---. 1833, aged 4 years 4 months 4 days. 

Henry E., son of Samuel and Persis, died Nov. 2, 1826, 
aged 3 yccivs 3 iiionths. ^ . 

• Henr}^ L., son of Samuel and Persis, died June 10, 1828 
aged 1 year 5 months. 
Capt. Samuel, died Dec. 16, 1781, in his 68 year. 
• Rachel, wife of Lieut. Samuel, died March 2, 1767, in her 
48 year. 
Susanna, widow of Capt. Samuel, died Sept. 24, 1786, 
in her 63 year. 
>, ■ Hannah, daughter of Lieut. Samuel and Rachel, died 
-"; Jan. 14, 1768, in her 15 year. 

:Jv:w;v Lucy, daughter of Capt. Samuel and Rachel, died 

;Mr^- 1 

0; V - i Joanna, daughter of Capt. Samuel and Susanna, died Nov. 

>: ; ^ — , 1785, aged 16 years 5 months. 

Snow, Sarah, wife of Jonathan, died April 12, 1743, aged 39 years 

. , 8 months 4 days, 

v: v^-: ;' Aaron, son of Jonathan and Sarah, died Jan. 4, 1741-2, 

^^ S . aged near 12 years. 

Sparrow, Col. Edward, died Jan. 29, 1817, in his 73 year. 

... Rhoda, wife of Col. Edward, died Jan. 10, 1816, in her 

68 year. 
1* A son of Edward and Bathsheba, stillborn, Dec, 7, 1804. 

A son of Edward Jr. and Bathsheba, stillborn, April 8, 

Sv-';: 1799. ■; ■ 


222 Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. 

Sparrow, Cordelia, daughter of Edward H. and Cordelia, died 
• ' April 22, 1847, aged 2 years 8 months. 

Francena, daughter of James P. and Persis L., died Oct. 
3, 1846, aged 2 years 2 months 20 days. 
■;':r 'i Marcena S., daughter of James P. and Persis L., died 
rv'-yy, Sept. 17, 1848, aged 1 year 11 months 4 days. 
' , .; J. Almedia, daughter of James P. and Persis L., died Sept. 
16, 1842, aged 2 years 1 month 7 days. 

Stetson, Mary Clarke, wife of Edward, born Nov. 9, 1799^" 
died Oct. 13, 1836. 

Stevens, Isaac B., son of Isaac and Eunice B., died Sept. 28, 1827, 
aged 5 years 5 days. 

Soule, Johii, died May 19, 1743, in his 69 year. 

Martha, widow of John, died Feb. 16, 1758, in her 80 year. 
William, son of John and Martha, died Dec. 8, 1731-2, in 
r : ^ his 15 year. 

Jacob, died Aug. 20, 1744, in his 42 year. 
. • • Mary, widow of Jacob, died March 1, 1749, in her 49 3^ear. 

. :; James, son of Jacob and Mary, died Aug. 28, 1744, aged 
: >^i;5- 4 months. 

Mary, daughter of Jacob and Mary, died June 25, 1737, 

in her 4 year. 
James, died Aug. 27, 1744, in his 85 year. 
Lydia, wife of James, died March 14, 1741-2, in her 83 

Rebekah, daughter of James and Lydia, died June 21, 

1747, in her 48 year. 
Isaac, died Sept. 13, 1808, in his 77 year. 
Lydia, wife of Isaac, died Aug. 29, 1771, in her 42 year. 
Isaac, died Dec. 20, 1849, aged 73 years. 
Abigail, wife of Isaac, died Nov. 10, 1825, aged 34 years. 
Ruth, wife of Isaac, died Sept. 30, 1849, aged 68 years 

11 months. 
Lydia, wife of Isaac, died Jan. 14, 1827, aged 86 years. 
Faith, daughter of Isaac and Lydia, died Dec. 26, 1773, 
aged 3 months 20 days. 

'.0;; :.:'■• • ■ {To be conlinued.) 

■'■■■ «;':V- 


GAZETTE, 1765-1800. 


{Continued from Vol. 1^ page 194, ) 

1774, Sept. 30. 
Eleazer Moses, Jr., was killed by accident in Salem, Mass., Sept. 
24, 1774. 

1774, Oct. 7. 
Capt. John Hazzen died in Haverhill, N. H., Sept. 23, 1774. 

1774, Oct. 28. 
William Molineaux, in his 58th year, died in Boston, Mass., 
Oct. 22, 1774. , 

1774, Nuv. IS. ' ••- ■' - 

Richard Whitridge of Salem, Mass., died the first of last week 

(dated Nov. 15, Tuesday). 
Thomas Nelson, in his 104th year, died in Dan vers, Mass. He 

was born in Norwich, England, in June, 1671. 
Daniel, aged 23, Hezekiah, aged 20, Sarah, aged 15, Comfort, 

aged 10, and Esther, aged 1 year and 4 months, children of 

Daniel Bliss, died in Rehoboth, Mass. 

1774, Nov. 25. 
Nathaniel Folsom of Newmarket, N. H., was frozen to death, 
Nov. 21, 1774. 

1774, Dec. 2. 
Miss Elizabeth Rogers was drowned at New London, Conn. 
Nov. 14, 1774. 

1774, Dec. 9. 
Nathaniel Kendrick was killed by accident in Hanover, N. H. 
before Nov. 22, 1774. 

1774, Dec. 16. V : 

Ebenezer Davis, aged about 30, was killed by accident in Groton 
Conn., Nov. 28, 1774. He left a widow and 2 children. 

1774, Dec. 30. 
Christopher Pottle died in Rochester, N. H., Dec. 12, 1774. He 
left a widow and 5 children. 


224 J^rom the JSTew Harnpiihire Gazette^ 1765-1800, [October 

Asa Ricker was killed by accident in Rochester, N. H., Dec. 23, 
V 1774. He left a widow and 1 child. 

^ Aaron Drew was killed by accident in Middleton, N. H. He 
; left a widow and 3 children. .: 

1775, Jan. 6. 

Jacob Sheaf e, Jr., and Miss Polly Quincy were married in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 

Thomas Sheafe and Miss Polly Bell were married in Portsmouth, 
N. H. 

Mrs. Lear, aged 103, Deacon Daniel Jackson, aged 78, a child of 
Nathaniel S. Griffith, aged 2, Joseph Abbott, aged 70, Mrs. 
Clark, aged 60, died in Salem, Mass., before Jan. 3, 1775. 

1775, Jan. 13. 

Ebenezer Martin, aged G3, died in Rye, N. H. 
Deacon Samuel Fifield died in Kingston, N. H., Jan. 5, 1776. 
He left a number of children. ..■ 

1775, Jan. 20. 

Winthrop Hilton of Ne,wmarket, N. H., was killed by accident 

in Northwood, N. H., Jan. 11, 1774. 
Sally, daughter of Jose})h Flint of Salem, Mass., was drowned 
• in the Ipswich river, Jan. 14, 1774. 

1775, March 17. 

John Moore and James Giles, sailors, were lost at sea, Feb. 26, 

" ':■ . 1775. .,„ ..,v...-.--- •.-•.. 

1775, April 14. ■ . - 

Rev. Samuel Chandler, aged 62, died in Gloucester, ]\Iass. 
Rev. John Chipman, aged 85, died in Beverly, Mass. 

1775, April 28. 

Deacon Samuel Deane, aged 77, died in Norton, Me., before 
i April 20, 1775. , . • 

1775, May 5.- 

Josiah Quincy, Jr., died in Gloucester, Mass., April 25, 1775, a 
few hours after his arrival from London. 
! Samuel Deane, aged 77, died in Norton, Me. 
1775, May 12. 

A^ Col. Jeremiah Lee of Marblehead, Mass., died in Newtown, near 
Newbury, Mass., May 10, 1775. 
Rev. Mr. Rogers of Ipswich, Mass., died May 10, 1775. 


1905] From the JSfew Hampshire Gazette, 1 765-1800. 225 

1775, June 2. 

. Peter Harrison died in New Haven, Conn., April 30, 1775. He 
was born in York, England. 
Jacob Goodsdel of East Haven, Conn., was burned to death, 
- April 29, 1775. ; -, , . 

1775, July 4. 
Gen. Joseph Warren was killed in action June 17, 1775. 
Robert Avery of Norwich, Conn., was Idlled in action at Machias, 

/ • Me. ; ■ • 

1775, July 11. 

The wife of Jabez Hice, Jr., of Marlborough, Mass., gave birth 
to a son and a daughter in the week ending July 1, 1775, who 
were immediately named John Hancock and Dorothy Quincy. 

Col. Tliomas Gardner died in Canibridge, Mass., July 2, 1775, of 
wounds received at Bunker Hill. 

1775, July 18. 
The wife of Capt. Thomas Colony of Manchester, Mass., gave 
birth to three daughters June 2, 1775, who were named Han- 
nah, Lydia, and Nancy. 

"List of the Enemy's Officers killed and wounded at the Battle 

of Charlestown. 


4th Regiment. Captains Balfour and West, Lieutenants Barron 
and Brown. 

5th Regiment. Major ]\Iitchel, Captains Jackson and jMarsden, 
Lieutenants Croker and M'Clintock, Ensigns Charlton and Bala- 

10th Regiment. Captains Fitzgerald and Parsons, Lieutenants 
Pettigrew, Hamilton, and Vernor. ' 

14th Regiment. Ensign Ilesket. 

18th Regiment. Lieutenant Richardson. 

23d Regiment. Captain Blackney, Lieutenants Cochran, Beck- 
with, and Leuthall. 

35th Regiment. Captain Drew, Lieutenants Campbell and 

38th Regiment. Major Bonde, Captains Boyd and Coker, 
Lieutenants Christie, House, Myers, and Swiney, Quartermaster 
Mitchell, Ensign Sargent. 

226 From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1 765-1800. 


s. t 

43d Regiment. Major Spendlove, Lieutenants Robertson and 

47th Regiment. Major Smelt, Captains England, Craig, and 

:;C^-'\'-. Alcock, Lieutenant England. f 

; ,;: 52d Regiment. Captains Nelson, Thompson and Crawford, -1 

Ensign Chetwynd and Grame. I 

^M-i , 59th Regiment. Lieutenant Haynes. | 

Mid- 63d Regiment. Captains Horsford and Foiller. I 

' '" 65th Regiment. Captain Sinclair, Lieutenants Paxton, Smith, | 

-V and Hales. v I 

i;r. r.; Marines. Captains Lemoine, Huddleston, Logan, Chudleigh, | 

and Johnson, Lieutenants Pitcairn,Shutworth, Campbell, Brisbain, \ 

Averne, Rag and Dyer, Engineer Page, Lieutenant Jardin, Secre- ] 

5'- tary to General Howe. _ ''\ 

Killed. ; 

5th Regiment. Captain Downes. .:::v; 

14th Regiment. Lieutenant Bruere. 

22d Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel Abercrombie. 

35th^Regiment. Captain Lyon, Lieutenant Bard. ' 

38th Regiment. Lieutenant Button. 

43d Regiment. Captain M'Kenzie. ' 

47th Regiment. Lieutenants Gold, Williard and Hillier. 

52d Regiment. Major Williams, Captains Eddison, Davison, 
Smith and Higgins, -- : . 

63d Regiment. Lieutenant Dalrymple. . <. 

65th Regiment. Captain Hudson. 

67th Regiment. Captain Sherwin, Aid-de-Camp to General 

Marines. Major Piteairn, Captains Campbell and Ellis, Lieu- 
tenants Finney, Gardner and Shea. 
■ ,:...--:--^- -,-■- Major Spendlove, Lieutenant Vernor, and Lieutenant Jardin, 
Secretary to General Howe, with many others, we hear, have 
already died of their wounds." 

Col. Parker of Chelmsford, Mass., died in Boston, Mass., July 
yXr:'':. 7, 1775, of wounds received at Charlestown. 

:S-?- -^ 1775, Sept. 5. 

Andrew Sparhawk and Polly, daughter of Capt. George Turner, 
f :; were married in Portsmouth, N. H. 

';•..,. {To he continued.) -. : 


Chelimsford. — Samuel Wigglesworth agreed with the Select- 
men of Chelmsford to keep grammar-school there until the 10 
March 1713-4, from about August 1713. Sessioiis files. 

Mallot. — Andrew Mallot in 1710 had a windmill in Charles- 
town near the Maiden line. 

McNeil. — Mass. Archives, Vol. 15, fo. 255 contains a letter 
addressed to Mr. Hugh McNeill, care of Robert Brown Esq., New 
Plymouth, N. A., from Alexander McNeil or McNeily, urging 
him, his son, to return home. The father was sad to hear of his 
afflicted condition. The letter is dated Donnough Adee, 11 
March 1755. 

; Sabbath. — An early court case presents the following phrase: 

• ^Svould go to church where the quart pot stood for the hour 

^; glass.'' At a later date, 1713, a boy is presented for fishing on 

;.j Sunday. The witness against him is careful to state that though 

^7 driving home a cow, he had but just got her out of the mire. 

:■ ■ This was in June and it lacked 45 minutes to sunset at the hour 

;;;; the boy was seen on the rock, thougli not actually engaged in 

^V fishing. The Sabbath was rarely profaned in this manner. 

■;::_■ Wright. — Sarah the daughter of John Wright of Woburn, 
vf who died 21 June 1G88, married (1) Samuel, son of Luke Potter 
^■■s of Concord. Sanmel Potter was killed in the Sudbury Fight, 
■;i: 31 March 1676 (Concord records). He was born l-2mo., 1648, 
g of Luke and Mary, and married, 8 Jan. 1673, Sarah Right, who 

married (2) at Concord, 2 Jan. 1677, Joshua Saire. 

Will of John Wright (son of John), called Sr., of Woburn, dated 
; 24 May 1701, proved by wife Abigail and son Josiah 11 Nov. 

1714. Testator is ''aged" and ''3^eoman." To sons John, 


228 ;/; JSIotes and Queries. [October 

,'r Joseph and Ebenezer all of Chelmsford, 5 sh., they having had 
;V |v: lands by deed. Son Josiali who lives in Woburn in a house ad- 
:: joining my own, has had lands by deed. To wife Abigail residue 

■ of estate for her life, to go to my four daughters after her death; 
5 rv viz., Ruth Butterfield, Priscilla Wright, Deborah Wright, Lydia 

; Wright. Son Josiah to have option to purchase any lands they 
.. may sell, at inventory price. Youngest daughter Lydia Wright. 
] i: Son Josiah £5. 

Witnessed by James Converse, who drew the will, and whose 
( seal, a lion rampant, is attached to signature of Wright. 

Ebenezer Knight signs a certificate that Mousal Wright is 
.', non-compos, 1734-5 (Middlesex Probate). For a genealogy of 
this family see Putnam's Historical Magazine (1895), Vol. Ill, 
p. 230. . r 

Vital Records. — Additional misconceptions of what the 

record says, from reliance on the printed ' ' Vital Records, ' ' have 

come to our knowledge and confirm our opinion of the vital 

mistake which is being carried out in the publication of the 

y. : Massachusetts births, marriages and deaths in the manner adopted 

. by the several publishers who have received the approval of the 

;3r;; Commission. The article in our issue of last April has been re~ 

' . ■ printed, and will be forwarded to any person interested who 

u-; encloses a two cent stamp with request. : , 

As supporting our position in this matter, we reprint brief 
V remarks from the Nation, and the New York Genealogical and 
; /: Biographical Record. 

i From the Nation, New York, April, 1905: 
,:N ''The Genealogical Magazine for April (Boston: Eben Putnam) 
>;;; contains some weighty censure, by the editor-publisher, of the 
f, • mode in which the vital records of Massachusetts are being printed 
. i under the laudable act of 1902, 'to provide for the preservation 
• of town records of births, marriages, and deaths previous to 1850.' 
Up to. date, the Commonwealth lias accepted forty-one volumes 
, of vital records, representing forty towns — to the profit, it is said, 

■ ' of the parties piinting them, but this is a small matter in com- 

parison with the mode adopted. One form of arrangement, says 

l^Or)] . , JSToles and Queries, * , ■ 229 

Mr. Putnam, has been followed, but it ^does not provide for all 
the information which the records contain/ as he convincingly 
proves. Hence it is not safe to dispense with independent exami- 
nation of the originals, to which, for the searcher's vexation, 
there are no references in the several printed editions. Finally, 
the attesting of the transcripts has been almost universally dis- 

From the New York Genealogical and Biographical 
Record, July, 1905: - 

' ' The author makes a strong and well-founded plea for a literal 
transcript of the Massachusetts vital records, as against the form 
in use by the four societies now publishing these records at the 
expense of the Commonwealth. 

The value of phraseology and context is so well known to prac- 
tical workers, that it has been a source of wonder that the Massa- 
chusetts societies should be content with hashed-up records. In 
difficult cases one nmst still go to the original records, a course 
wholly unnecessary when a literal and attested copy is made." 

Smitii-Mellows. — See article in July number, p. 123, by Mr. 
J. Gardner Bartlett. Tavo w^ills of Nathaniel Smith were pre- 
sented for probate; one, that allowed because already probated 
in England [20 March 1G50], the other presented by Joseph Hills 
This last was dated 1 Jan. 1648, and is not in the formal style of 
a will. It recites that the goods testator brought with him out of 
England which amounted to £1180 belonged to himself and his 
brother Halfords in the proportion of one third to himself; except 
that £38.7.6. belonged to Mr. John Wade. Also Smith was to 
have one third the gains. He gives two parts of Jiis share to 
brother Mellows, one part to William, his brother Andrew^ Hal- 
ford's son and in case of William's death to his sister Ruth Hal- 
ford, and the other part to cousin Nathaniel Wandle}^ Of the 
linen, books, etc., which he left in New England his '^ cousin 
Hanna Mellows" shall have the linen, and Abraham Mellows 
the books; the other part to be divided between sister Fisher 
and sister Walford. The books he left in England to Nathaniel 

230 Notes and Queries. [October 

Wandley. ^ ^ If it please God to restore anything of the pknidcred 
estate, my part which is half, to be divided between my sisters.'' 

- ' : -' Brothers Edward ^lellows and Samuel Wandley executors. 

vf^v ,. This will was presented by Joseph Hills, 16-8-1651. George % 

Bunker testified to the will before the General Court. % 

:'■''■'-■''':' 7- '■'':■':. '. ; ' , Arcliivcs, 69: 7. I 

'DiLLixGHAM. — The proposed departure for England, ''by the | 

next passage, ' ' of Richard Saltonstall in 1645, led to his demand- 
ing, 15-8-1645, an examination of his accounts as administrator 
of the estates of John Dillingham and his wife Sarah. Edward 
Dillingham, brother of John was not entirely satisfied with the 
administration. A number of interesting items are found in the 
papers. We learn that John Bell and John Butler were under 
indenture to Dillingham and their time was sold by the estate. 
Also that Thomas Downes had been a good servant and his master 
had not kept his covenant with him, hence he receives £2. So 
too, that £5 was paid to Ann Fowle who had been a diligent 
servant to the estate although discharged by her mistress a little 
before her time was out. There was due from William Giles of 
Salem £3 in part of his wife's passage. That there w^as paid 
out £5 for Ann Fowtcr's passage; and to John Andrews 12sh. 
6d. for * ' ye ship at Graves End. " 

Other items were paid for Robert Crane lOsh.; for Pj-octer 
for looking at a sick calfe; allowance on rent of Newberr}^ due 
to Mr. Dillingham: to Mr. Cartwright; to Satchwell for eight 
years' board of Sarah Dillingham, and to John Andrews for Sarah 
Dillingham, '^as an addition to his wages;" paid for Sarah's 
schooling to Goody Symonds £1; for pigs killed by wolves at 
Plum Island; abated William Cartwright in the price of John 
Andrews' time £4. 

' The inventory of Sarah Dillingham amounted to £385. 14. 5, ' 
and that of John Dillingham to £932. 12. 6, out of which Salton- 
stall was allowed £604.3.11 for his adventure in the ship Sea- 
flower. " Archives, B 15: 59 ct seq. 

John Dillingham's estate was presented for administration 
6 Sept. 1636. He had come in 1630. His widow Sarah's will 


1905] Notes and Queries. 231 

was dated 14 Jiil}^ 1636. Their only child was Sarah. Edward 
Dillingham tlie brother removed to Sandwich, but had been of 

■ X - - . . . ■ 

Historic Houses. — A committee of the Mayflower Society 
has undertaken the preservation of the house in Kingston, Mass., 
built b}^ Major John Bradford in 1674, about the time of his mar- 
riage to Mercy Warren. John Bradford was a grandson of Gov. 
AVilliam Bradford, and it was from this house that Rev. Thomas 
Prince, the annalist, obtained the manuscript of Bradford's 
''History of Plimoth Plantation. '^ 

The first step is the purchase of the property. Two thousand 
dollars at least will be needed for the purposes of the committee. 

Another building, of fully as much importance for preservation 
as the Bradford house, is tlie old Fairbanks house at Dedham, of 
which we have printed an account. 

The Fairbanks Association owns tlie property, but has not the 
means to put it in proper shape for preservation. Probably 
$3000 is needed to make the necessary restorations. Contribu- 
tions to either fund will be a patriotic service. 

A house probably doomed to destruction before many years 
is the Old Bakery on Washington Street, Salem. In itself of no 
historic importance except that ])ortion forming the end on 
Washington Street, it is nevertheless one of the few landmarks 
left in Salem. The end toward Washington Street dates from 
about 1685. This has the overhang so common in Salem houses 
of that period, but what is of the most interest are the posts in the 
room on the ground floor. These formed part of the timbers of a 
much older building. There is good reason to suppose these 
timbers may have been taken from the frame of the house occu- 
pied by Gov. John Endicott. Endicott's house stood within a 
few feet of the present building, which is on part of the Endicott 
estate. • 

Salem has in the Ward house a specimen of a house of the better 
class built during the last half of the 17th century. This house 
is preserved very nearly in its original condition, and is well 
worth a visit to Salem. The entire house is open for inspection 


Notes and Queries. 


and is bare of objects which interfere with a realization of the 
conditions of two centuries ago. 


; V Membeks of 

Joseph Jones 
Joseph Safford 
BHss Willoughby 
John Burnham 
Jeremiah Tracy 
Andrew Tracy 
John Smith 
Joseph Jones Jr. 
Joseph Head Jim. 
. John Ashbo 
Isaac Lamphare 
Ebenezer Hunter 
Atwood Hales 
Nathaniel Kingsley 
' Joseph Corliss 
Joseph King 
Jonathan More 
David Adams 
Simon Brewster 
Samuel Bishop 
Amos Jackson 
Ezra Freeman 
Jonathan Waldin 
Nathaniel Clark 
Benaziah Rude 
Byithia Burnham 
Elenor Smith 

THE Separatist Church at Neavent 
(Lisbon), Conn. 

Elizabeth Jones 
^ ' Hannah Willoughby 

: Ann Safford 
Ruth Tracy 
Abigail Tracy 
Mary Smith 
Esther Smith 
Mary Jones 
• Elizabeth Safford 
. Mary Smith Jr. 
Abigaile Haggit 
Lois Haggit 
Hannah Hunter 
Lydia Eames 

Hannah Hunter (daughter 
to Ebenezer Hunter) 
; ■ > Mary Corliss 
Ann Tracy 
Mercy Hale 
: ' : - Abigail Hales 
V •■ ' Esther Lovett 

Berthya Lamphare 
Ann Williams 
/^■'■^'\'\-i^ Thankful King 
Rachel Craft 
Ann Bruster 
Margaret Tracy 
Esther Read 

' This list of Separatist names was copied from the Boston 
Transcript published in a Saturday's issue, about the last of Maj^, 
or first of June, 1905. The article liad an introductory heading 

1905] ^'^^-^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ i^^ Queries, " 233 

speaking of a few Separatist baptisms of children. The sect 
wasquite popular for a short period in that locality; in Canterbury 
as well as in Lisbon it flourished for a while, but eventually it 
was absorbed into other denominations, and became extinct. 

H. F. B. 

Welchman family and the Banbury Cake. — The originator 
of the ^ ' Banbury Cake ' ' is found on the ' ' Pedigree of the Welch- 
man Family of Oxfordshire'^ compiled by Arthur Reginold 
Welchman, and privately printed. 

Thomas Welchman of Deddington, Co. Oxon, living 1544 had 
three sons, John a baker of Deddington, died 1591, Roger and 
George, both living 1593, and a daughter Agnes married to Mercer. 

John had two sons, Edward, a yeoman of Deddington, who 
married Isabella Gardner of Adderbury, and died 1593, and 
Robert, born 1568, died 1577, and two daughters Prudence, mar- 
ried Maund, and Johannes,* married Parker. Edward and 
Isabella had two sons John, a yeoman of Deddington, and Tho- 
mas, and two daughters, Ehzabeth and Alice. 

John had two sons Samuel and Edward, a baker of Banbury, 
Co, Oxon, the originator of the celebrated cakes, married first to 
Katherine who died in 1664, and second to Dorcas who survived 
him. He died 16S5. 

• Edward by his first wife had five sons, Samuel, John, an apothe- 
cary and alderman of Banbury, married, 1661, Millicent Hill and 
died 1713, the Rev. Thomas, Rector of Gilmorton, and Vicar of 
Wellingboro, born 1641, married Elizabeth died 1722, Edward 
born 1644, died 1679, and Henry born 1650. Edward by his 
second wife had a son John, a surgeon and alderman of Banbury, 
married first to Susannah who died 1714, and second to Anne 
who died 1752, and a daughter Elizabeth. 

John and Millicent had three sons, the Rev. Edward, Vicar of 
Lap worth and Solihull, and Archdeacon of Cardigan, a well- 
known writer on the thirty-nine articles, born 1664, died 1739, 

-. -. ^Johannes, probably Johanna. , 


234 Notes and Queries. . 

married Mary Roberts, John born 16G8, died 1745, an attorney of i 

Brackley, married first Mary Fremantle who died 1718 aged 50, | 

and second, Hannah Groves, who died 1747, aged 36, and the | 

Rev. WilUam, Vicar of Dodford, born 1678, died 1749, married J 

Elizabeth, who died 1734, aged 52, and four daughters, Mary f 

married Sanderson, Susannah born and died 1676, Catherine | 

married Penn, and Anne born and died 1670. I 

The descendants of the Rev. Edward, and of his brother, the | 

Rev. WilHam, have been traced to the present day, and two of I 

them, Edward born 1788, and Frederick Whateley born 1824, ;; 

emigrated to the United States, the latter about 1841. • 

The Pedigree has been compiled from Parish Registers, AY ills, 
County Histories, title and other deeds, and can be proved with 
two exceptions, namely, it is not certain that Thomas of Dedding- 
ton was the father of John, but he was the only person of the 
name mentioned in the Subsidy Roll for that place in 1544, when 
John was about 24. Then Edward (died 1685) may have been 
the son of Thomas and not his nephew. 

Probably the painstaking and skilful researcli of the compiler 
will in time clear up these two doubtful points. | 

Arms: Or, two bars gules, over all on a bend azure, three mul- | 

lets argent. Crest, a goat's head erased. 

These arms were borne by John (died 1713) and are found in 

the parish churches of Kineton, Brackley and Dodford. The 

tinctures have varied in some branches of the family. 

Henry W. Pook, Colonel. 
121 Hither Green Lane, 

. ; Lcwisham, London, England. > ,:i 






■ '■ ■ '^' ^' ■■■•■■■■ "■^^s;^^^^'^'*'^^*^*^*'^ - w 


■ ^ 

The genealogical Magazine 


Vol. I. 


No. 8 

r, 'X 


Contributp:d by George F. Tudor Sherwood. 

Rated for lands : 

Thomas Fowens, merchant. 
John Sparke, Esquire. 
Robert Trelawny, merchant. 
John iScobblc, merchant. 
Nicholas Blake, merchant. 
John Heale, gent. 

George Barnes, gent. 
Francis Trelawny, gent. 
Samuel Berry, gent. ' 
John Smart, fcenior. 
Thomas Glanvile. 
William Tartly. 

Thomas Ceely, maior. 
Leonard Pomery, merchant. 
John Wartyn, merchant. 
Thomas Sherwill. 
Abraham Colmer, merchant. 
Nicholas Sherwill, merchant. 
Robert Rawlyn, merchant, 
John Bonde, merchant.. 
John Fowell, P^j^ciuire. 
Thomas Reynardson. 
William Cann. 
Roland Bransford. 
Joseph Gubbes. 
Thomas Wolridge. 
William Hill. 
Richard Brendon. 
Philip Andrew. 
Richard Morehouse. 
William Heale. 
John Jope. 
William Birch, 
Thomas Cramparne. 
John Cause. 

Rated for goods: 

Moyses Goodyer. 

Edward Cocke. 

Richard Gayre. 

Hugh Gayer. 

John Martyn. 

William Curtenie, Esquire. 

James Bagg, Esquire. 

Thomas Winnigton, gent. 

William Elford, gent. 

Richard Trevill. 

Abraham Jennyngs. 

Stephen Trevill. 

John Prowse, gent. 

Nicholas Oj)ye, gent, 

John Harris. 

Humfrey Thomas. 

Walter Cerket. 

Nicholas How. 

John Page. 

Thamesine Symons, widow 

John White. 

Edward Buckham. 

Nicholas Elliot. 

Public Record Office, London, Long Subsidies 102/4G3, mem. 78. 


236 Inhabitants of Plymouth, England, A. D. 1625. 


Rated for goods ; 

Alice Wadden, widow, 
Richard Raddeii. 
John Gey. 
William Bligh. 
Robert Giibbes. 
Richard Wilcocke. 
John Davis. 
John M viler. 
Jerome Roche. 
Renold Stremer. 
Digory Hoi man. 
James Stephens. 

Peter JohnbOn. 
James Jonson. 
John Mouyon. 
Oliver Coton. 


Thomas Diiford. 
Richard Stremer. 
Humfrey Gay re. 
William Hync. 
Walter Heale. 
Christopher Shorte. 
George Searel . 
George Christian. 
Robert Tosher. 
William Gayre. 
James Waddon. 
Phliip PVauncis. 

Leonard Frauncis. 
Gerrard Clawson. 
Mary Stephens. 
Barnard Lucas. 


Through the courtesy of a subscriber we are enabled to present in this 
number a reduced reproduction of the map of the county of Essex, England, 
made by John Xorderi in 1594. 




GAZETTE, 1765-1800. 

Collected and akkanged bv Otis G. Uahmond. 


{Continued from Vol. 1, page 226. ) 

1775, Sept. 5. 
John Raynes and Elizabeth, oldest daughter of Capt. Nathaniel 

Adams, were married in Portsmouth, N. H. 
William Berry of Greenland, N. H., died in Portsmouth; N. H. 

1775, Sept. 19. 
Samuel Fisk, aged 73, and Miss Eunice Gislon [Gilson?] aged 21, 
were married in Pepperell, Mass. He had, living, 10 children, 
31 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. 

1775, Sept. 26. 

James Tj'ng, aged 44, died in Dunstable, Mass. 

Abigail, wife of John Codman, formerly of Charlestown, Mass., 

died in Haverhill, Mass. 
Sarah, wife of Hon. Jonathan Say ward, in her 57th year, died 

in York, Me., Sept. 12, 1775. ; >: ' 

1775, Oct. 3. 

..Abigail, wife of Col. Jonathan Moulton, in her 48th year, dicul 

in Hampton, N. H., Sept. 21, 1775. 
/; A son of Moses Woodward of Portsmouth, N. H., was christened 
V Joseph Warren. v^ r ■ 

1775, Oct. 10. 

The wife of Hon. William Parker died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1776, June 1. 

; John, oldest son of the late Rev. John Newmarch of Kittery, 
Me., died May 1, 1776, aged 76. He was married three times, 
and left a widow, two daughters, and several grandchildren. 

1776, June 15. 

Nathaniel Jackson, in his 74th year, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1776, June 29. 

The wife of Benjamin Quint died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1776, July 27. 

Capt. Richard Shortridge of Portsmouth, N. H,, died at Crown 

Point, July S, 1776. 


238 From JSTew Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. [Xovember 

Benjamin, son of Richard Trusdell of Portsmouth, N. H., died 
at Crown Point. 
. The wife of George Trefcthen died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

The wife of Nathaniel Sheafe Griffith died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

Nathaniel Muchamore died in Portsmouth, N. li. 

A child of Nathaniel Dennett died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1776, Aug. 17. 

Nathaniel Wells, aged 72, died in Wells, Me., Aug. 7, 1776. He 

left a widow and 4 children. 
Mrs. Robbins died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A child of Mr. Day died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
The wife of Jacob Gushing died in Hingham, Mass. 
Mrs. Susanna Jayne died in Marblehead, Mass. 

1776, Aug. 31. > 

Three sons of James Watson were born in Nottingham, N. II., 
Aug. 25, 1776. 

1776, Sept. 21. 

Col. Jonathan Moulton and Sarah, only daughter of Anthony 
Emery, all of Hampton, N. H., were married. 

1776, Nov. 26. 
The wddow of David Mendum died in Portsmouth, N.H.,agcd 64. 
Capt. Jacob Tilton, in his 40th year, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Nov. 8, 1776. He left a widow and 6 children. 

1776, Dec. 1(3. ' ' 

Rev. Samuel Parker and Nancy, daughter of John Cutler, were 

1776, Dec. 17. " - 

John Griffith, aged 74, died in Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 15, 1776. 

1776, Dec. 31. 

Hon. Nathaniel Sparhawk,in his 62d year, died in Kittery, Me., 
Dec. 21, 1776. He was son-in-law of Sir William l^epperell. 

Elizabeth, wife of William Ham, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 
aged 56. , ' 

A child of Joseph Ayers died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

A child of Woodbury Langdon died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1905 From New Hamjpsliire Gazeite, 1 765-1800. 239 

1777, Feb. 4. 

Hon. Joliii Langdon and Mrs. Elizabeth Sherburne were mar- 
, ried in rurtsmouth, N. H. 

1777, Feb. 18. 

Mrs. Abigail White, aged 82, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

The wife of Ephraim Ham died in Portsmoutli, N. H., aged 41. ■ 

A child of Solomon Cotton died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1777, April 5. 
Jonathan Doekam of Greenhmd, N. H., was drowned in tlie 
river opposite Newmarket, N. H., March 30, 1777. 

1777, April 2G. 

John ^larsh of Portsmouth, X. H., died on the island of Antigua , 
March 3, 1777. 

1778, Sept. 22. 

Rev. Andrew Elliot, D.D., died in Boston, Mass., Sept. 13, 

1778, Oct. 6. 

Lieutenant ]\Ietcalf was killed by the enemy in Bedford. ]\lass.* 
. Sept. 23. 1778. 

1778, Dec. 22. , 
Rev. Mr. Chase of Kittery, Me., died Dec. 10, 1778. 

1779, Jan. 26. • 

Daniel Sherburne, in his 36th year, died in Portsmouth, X. H., 
Jan. 17, 1779. 

1779, Feb. 2. ;;■■ r'" -^ -, ^ ^ '- .; :>;^- ;'-_ v'"x. ,; "; 

Miss Elhs Sherburne, in her 18th year, died in Portsmouth, X^. H. , 
Jan. 28, 1779. . 

1779, Feb. 16. 

David Griffith died in Exeter, X. H., Feb. 2, 1779. He left a 
■vsdfe and children. 

1779, May 25. 

Rev. Eleazcr Wheelock, D.D., in his 69ih year, died in Hanover, 
N. H., April 24, 1779. / 


240 From New Hampshire Gazette^ 1765-1800. [November 

1779, June 1. - ■■■■■• k^'..-: - ^•^^•: " 

■ The only son of Robert Jenkins of Boston, Mass., was drowned 

May 24, 1779. . . ,;■: :.,.,.„-. 

1779, June 8. ^ ' 

James Stoodly died in Portsmouth, N. H., June 6, 1779. 

1779, Sept. 28. 

Hon. Theodore Atkinson, in his 82d year, died in Portsmouth, 
N. H., Sept. 22, 1779. 

I779, Nov. 30. ' ^^- " '^'"'""■■; ' ■;•" ■"-■'■ ^ 

Capt. Samuel Lan^don, in his 58th year, died in Portsmouth 

: N. H., Nov. 14, 1779. He left a widow and 6 children. 

Joseph Simes, in his 47th year, died in Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 
",;,,, 24, 1779. _ 

1779, Dec. 7. ■"- ' ■■■■■---■ 
Lieutenant Col. Maitland of the 71st regiment, died in Savannah 

Ga., Oct. 25, 1779. 

1780, April 22. 

Sarah, widow of David Griffith, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 
■ ,:, March 22, 1780. She left children. 
Mary, wife of George Gains, and daughter of Col. Theophilus 
• v > Dame, in her 33d year, died in Portsmouth, N. H., April IG, 

i 1780. .,- :v ;-■..;.:;. . \;\;...; 

1780, May 20. " -■ ', ' ;'';''-"';' y- ''■''■-'■. 

Samuel Page of Salem, Mass., merchant, and Mrs. Elizabeth 
Langdon of Portsmouth, N. H., were married in Exeter, N. H., 
May 18, 1780. 

1780, Aug. 5. '""' ■ '■■ '■-•^^■^■--^— ■■■^■--■ 

M. de Velerunais, first lieutenant of the frigate Hermoine, died 
of wounds in Newport, R. I., July 17, 1780. 

1780, Sept. 30. 

[Gen. Gates's return of casualties among Continental officers at 
Camden, Aug. 10 and 18, 1780.] 

1905] From Kew Hampshire Gazette, I765-1S00, 241 

Killed. • ' 

• ^ The Honorable Major General the Baron de Kail). 
' Captain Williams, 6th Maryland regiment. ^^^^i • v: 

Captain Duvall, 2d Maryland regiment. 
Lieutenant Donovan, 6th Maryland regiment. v 

Lieutenant and Adjutant Coleman, artillery. 

■ ■ Wounded. ■■-:/:.:■;../-: tr,' ■.■-, 

Captain Somervvell, 6th Maryland regiment. 
Captain Gibson, 5th Maryland regiment. 
Captain Roun, Virginia State Artillery. ■■ - 

Lieutenant Duvall, 3d Maryland regiment. 
. Lieutenant Sears, 2d Maryland regiment. 
Ensign Fickle, 7th Maryland regiment. 


Lieutenant Colonel Woodford, 5th Maryland regiment, wounded. 
Lieutenant Colonel Vaughan, Delaware. 

Lieutenant Colonel Potterfield, Virginia State regiment, wounded. 
Lieutenant Colonel De Buson, Aid-de-Camp to General de Kalb, 

Major Winder, 1st Maryland regiment. 
Major Patton, Delaware regiment. 

Major Pinckney, Aid-de-Camp to General Gates, wounded. 
Captain Brice, 3d Maryland regiment. 
Captain PIoops, 4th Maryland regiment. • 

Captain Lynch, 5th Maryland regiment. ■ 

Captain Hamilton, 5th Maryland regiment. v ^, 

Captain Hardman, 2d Maryland, wounded, c, :.: .; 

Captain Smith, 3d regiment, wounded. 
Captain Dorsey, artillery, wounded. 
Captain La Brune, legion, wounded. : . ; '. 

Captain Rhoads, Delaware regiment. ... .;d ;>>;;. „■' 
Captain Lamouth, Delaware regiment. ; ; ; ^ v . ; 

Captain Lieutenant Waters, artillery. 

Lieutenant Shoemaker, 4th Maryland regiment, wounded. 
Lieutenant Hanson, 4th Maryland regiment, wounded. 
Lieutenant Read, 5th Maryland regiment, wounded. 

■• v^ {To he continued.) : . 






{Continued from Vol. 1, page 218.) 

Such was y^ Dark & gloomy afpect with refpect to our 
Public & Political affairs, that it was y^ General agreement 
of y^ Towns in y*^ Province, by y^ recommendation of y^ Re- 
prefentatives, before y'' difsolution, to have & keep a day of 
humiliation & Prayer, and 14^'^ of July was Generally agreed 
upon for that purpofe. Accordingly we had a Chh meeting 
on 14 July after y^ afternoon Exercife. 

Att a meeting of y»- Brethren of y« Chh July. 14. 1774. 

1. The Brethren brought in y"" written votes for a Deacon and 
Capt. Thomas Gardner was Chofen. 

2. Deacon Prentice having by a Paper given in this day, re- 
figned his office of a Deacon, by reason of age & Infirmities 
y^ Chh accepted y*^ Same and voted y^ Thanks of y*^ Chh to 
him for his faithfull »Service in that office. 

(135) Brought from y^ other Side. 

3. The Brethren proceeded to choofe a Deacon Inftead of 
Deacon Prentice who had refigned & bringing in their written 
votes M^ Aaron Hill was Chofen into that office. 

Att a Meeting of y« Brethren of y^ Chh Sept. 8, 1774. 

Capt Thomas Gardner declined from Serving in y*" office of a 
Deacon from y^ Multiplicity of other business he was Engaged 
in. M'" Aaron Hill accepted y^ office of a Deacon to which 
he was chofen. 
1 . Vote The Committee of y'^ Chh Exhibited a complaint againf t 
the widow P^lizabeth Champney a member of this Chh, which 
was read, and alltho She had a copy of y*^ Complaint Sent to her, 
with a notification of y*-' Chh meeting this day, defiring her 
attendance, yet did not appear. However y^ Chh willing to 
Exercise all forbearance, Sufpended reading y^ Evidences 
in Support of y^ Complaint and adjourned y^' Confideration of 
y® Complaint for 8 weeks, that is till y*' next Lecture day and 

■■::'-^-:x\yr-r::- Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 243 

. : tbat she withdraw from y^ Communion till y^ matter shall be 
heai'tl att foreappointed meeting. :. . . 

2. That y^ Evidences be desired to attend att y^ Said Meeting. 

3. A report of y^' Committee to inquire into y*^ State of y*^CIih. 
Stock of Monies <fe Bonds, or Notes in y<^ Deacons Hands 
was read & accepted, by which it Appears there was £210.14.1 

. L. M. att Intereft and allso in Deacon AVhittemores hands 
& upon Interest £39,5.5|^ befides forty Shillings in Said Dea- 
con hands for any Emergencies. 

4. Voted, agreeable to y"^^ report of S'' Committee y^ y*" Bonds & 
other Securities of monies in y*^* Deacons hands, Should be so 
managed, y^ y^ Intereft of y^* whole Should be payable att y^ 
Same time viz : on y^ first day of April yearly. 

Att a Meeting of y"^" Brethren of y*^ Chh Nov'^^' 4. 1774. 
. The Widow Elizabeth Champney was notified to attend att 
this Meeting to Make Answer to y^' Complaint Exhibited 
againft her b}' y*' Chh Committee for lufpectingy^- manners of 
Profefsing Chriftians &c. as mentioned in y^' votes of y*^ 
foregoing Meeting but she still declined attending upon y'^ 
meeting, without giving any Sufficient reafon for her neglect 
or refufall. Therefore Voted that She the S'^ Elizabeth 
Champney be Suspended from Communion in all Special 
Ordinances, uutill she Appear before y^ Church and gives 
Chriftian Satisfaction to y*^ Chh, with respect to y*" heinous 
Crimes She is Charged with in y® Complaint Exhibited 
against her by Said Committee. 

N. B. The Coinphiint is among y^ Papers in this Book. 

Nov. 10. I with 3 of y*^ Clih Committee viz: Deacon Whittemore, 

Deacon Prentice, & Capt. Stedman went to y*^ Widow 

; . Champney houfe & delivered to her y*^ Vote of y*' Chh 

:; ' with a Solemn admonition having first read y*^ Same to her 

^^ with Such further admonitions, Counsels & Exhortations as I 

thought proper. 

(136) Att a Meeting of y*^ Brethren of y^ Chh April 25. 1777. 

Att my houfe after Lecture. 
1, Agreed by handy votes toChoofe a Committee to Infpect y^ 
Manners of Profefsing Chriftians &c. according to our ufiial 

244 .'l- Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [November 

2. Deacon Whlttemore, Capt. Stedinan, Capt. Marrett, Dea- 
cou Hill. M"" Timothy Tufts, Capt. Robbius & M"^ Jackson 
were cliofen a committee for y^ aforefaid Service. 

3. Whereas our Rev^ & very aged Paftor is att Prefent under 
Such bodily Infirmities as to render it doubtful] whether he 
will be able to adminifter y*" Sacraments on y^ Approaching 

Voted in Such Case it is agreeable & is y^ Defire of this 
Chh that y'' llon*^ & Rev'^ Prefident Langdon Sliould adminifter 
y^ Same, and att any other times when necefsary occafion calls 
for it. 

4. That Doctor W" Kneeland Efq'" Abraham Watfon Efq*' 
' Capt. Stedman & Capt, Marret be a committee to Inquire into 

y® Chii Stock of Monies Bonds or Notes in y^ Deacons Hands 
(^ to report y^ state y^'of to y* Chh & how y^ Pioduce is Ap- 
plied, and that y^ Committee inspect y*^ Same in y*^ Month of 
June Next. 

5. The Chh voted to Choofe a third Deacon And Voted to Come 
to a Choice on Thursday next (the day appointed for Public 
Fasting & Prayer) in y^ afternoon when y^ Public Service 
Shall be over : to which time y^ Meeting of y^ Brethren is ad- 

Mem'^"* The aged Paftor thro bodily diforders was unable to carry 

on y^ Services of y*^ Fast neither could any help be obtained, 

, BO that there was no public Service on y^ Fast & Consequently 

y^ Chh meeting failed. 

May 11. After y^ afternoon Services y^ Chh met and voted y* on y^ 

next Lord's day after y^ Exercise was over y> would proceed 

^ to choofe a Deacon. 

May 18. The Chh accordingly met & brought in their writ- 
ten votes for a Deacon and M^' Stephen Sewall, Profefsor of 
Hebrew &c. was Chofen into that oOice. 

, And after Some time for Confideration He was pleafed to 
accept S'^ oflice. 

Att a meeting of y*" Brethren of y*^ Chh August 15, after 
Lecture / ^ 

The Committee appointed April 25 to Inquire into y^' Chh 
Stock of Monies, Bonds &c. in y^' Deacon's Hands brought in 
'i^ their Report. Dated June 30. 1777. which was read & ac- 
; \ cepted, and by y^ Account it appears as follows, viz : 








, 7. 








1005] Records oj the First Church, Cambridge. .. 245 

By Securities in y^ Deacons Hands & by y"^ put 
; ';; to Intereft £210.14. 1 

By Intereft due on Securities & out Standing £ 27.16. 9| 

By Expences for Bread & wine since June 30, 
l[:r>trip- 1774. .^ £ 27. 7. 9 

By Ballance in y^ hands of y^ Deacons 

,•, • . To be kept in Bank by y^ Deacons for 

To Deacon Wliittemore for his trouble 
The Remainder of y*^ Ballance viz : 
Deacon Whitteruore gives his note to pay 

with lawfull Intereft from June 30. 1777. 

April 1778. Memorandum, Deacon Bewail Informed me that Deacon 
Whittemore has delivered up y*^ Plate & other utenfils of y*^ 
Communion Table to Deacon Hill and y*^ Baptifmal Bafin to 
Deacon Sewall. Vid. p. (137) 

(137) Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y« Chh, April 22, 1778. 
after y^ afternoon Service on y^ Fast day. 
♦ 1. A letter was read from a Committee of y^ Chh in Watertown 
defiling our Prefence and afsiftance by Paftor & Delegates 
att y^ Ordination of M'" Daniel Adams y*^ next Week y^ Chh 
Confented to Send & Chofe the Prefident [Samuel Langdon], 
D'' Winthrop, M'" Wigglesworth, Deacon Hill & Abraham 
Watfon Efq"^ for Delegates. 
2. Agreed to Choofe a Committee as ufiial for Infpecting y® 
Manners of Profefsing Chriftians &c. and by handy votes. 
- - Deacon Whittemore, Capt. Stedman Capt. Marrett, Deacon 

'-' ■ Hill, M"^ Timothy Tufts, Capt. Robbins &. M"" Jackson were 
chofen for that Service. Deacon Whittemore by reafon of his 
great age & Infirmities Defired to be Excufed from y^ Service 
and Deacon Sewall was Chofen in his Stead. 
8. Voted, that Doctor W"^ Kneeland Efq^ Abraham Watfon 
Efq% Capt. Stedman & Capt. Marrett be a Committee to In- 
quire into y^ Chh Stock of Monies, Bonds or Notes in y^" Dea- 
cons Hands & to report y^ State thereof to y^ Chh. and how 
y*^ Produce is Applied & y^ y*^ Committee Infpect y^' Same in 
y^ Month of June next 

246 r Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [November 

Att a Meeting of y<^ Brethren of y^ Chh June 7. 1779. 
1 Agreed by handy vote to chofe a Committee to Infpeet y*^ 
manners of Profefsing Chriftians according to y^' ufual Prac- 

2. Capt. Stedman Captain Marrett, Deacon Sewall, Deacon 
Hill, & M"" Timothy Tufts were by handy votes Chofen a Com- 
mittee for y^ aforefaid Service. 

Mem^'" The pple on y*^ South Side being set off for a diftinct 
Parifh the Chh. thought it not proper to Choofe any oii that 
Side of y^ River as was Ufual them to do. 

3. Tiie Committe Appointed April 22. 1778. to Inquire into y*^ 
Chh Stock of Monies, Bonds or Notes in y*^ Deacons Hands 
& to report y*" State thereof &c. to y*^ Clih, brought in y'' 

• report Dated June 30, 1778. which was read & accepted by 

y« Chh. 

4. That y*^ Same Committee viz : Docf W" Kneeland Efq^' 
Abraham Watfon Esq^' Capt. Stedman, Capt Marrett be a 
Committee to Inquire into y*' Chh Stock of Monies, Bonds, or 
Notes in y^ Deacon's Hands and to report y^- State y*of to 
the Chh. & how y^ Produce is Applied and that y'' Committee 
Infpeet y^' Same in this Current Month of June. 

According to y*^ Report of y^' Committee Dated June 30, 
1778. The account Stands thus, viz : 

The Securities in y^' Deacon's Hands & by y™ 

put to intereft £264.16.0 

"' The Counterfeit Bill received by ]\iiftalve 5. 

The Expense for Bread &c Since June 30, laft S3. 8.0 
By Ballance in y^ hands of y*^ Deacons 55.15.10| 


£355. 4.10} 

' - Mem^"^ Part of y^ above BaUance to be kept 

in y*^ Deacons hands for contingencies £2. 0. 

The remaining part of y^' BaUance in Deacon 
Whittemores Hands he paying Intereft therefore £ 53.15.10J 


(138) Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y^ Chh, May 12, 1780. 
There being so small a meeting of y*^ Brethren voted. 
1. That y^ former Committee for Tnfpecting y*" manners of 

1905] -:''■:■ Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 247 

Profefsing Chriftians amowg us be Coiitioned till further order 
of y*^ Brethren. 
. 2. The Report of y^ Committee Appointed to Inquire into \^ 
Chh Stock of Monies, Bonds, or Notes in y^ Deacons Hands, 
dated June 30. 1779. was read & accepted, and it appears by 
y^ account viz : 

Securities in y^ Deacons Hands for money by 
them put to Intereft, £264.16. 

By Expence for Bread &c. Since 30 of June laft £ 53.14. 
By. Ballance in y^' hands of y*^ Deacons £ 58. 2. d^ 

£53,15. lO} part of y^' Ballance to continue in Deacon 
Wliittemores hands he paying Intereft therefore. 

£2.0.0 further part of S^ Ballance to be kept in Bank by y^ 
Deacon for Contingencies. 

£2.6.11 y^ remaining part of S'' Ballance is to reft in y*^ Dea- 
cons Hands till y^' Same be Increafed. Deacon Whittemore 
, gave his Promifsory Note for £53,15,10| att y*^ Bottom of y^ 

o. A Petition of y^ Brethren & Sifters on y'' South Side of y^ 
River Signifying y'' Defu'e to be Difmifsed & recommended to 
y^ bufinefs of being Incorporated into a diftiuct Chh. for En- 
joying y^ Special ordinances of y^ Gospel more Conveniently 
by tfiemfelves. Upon which y*^ Chh Voted that y^ Within 
named Thomas Sparhawk, Mary Sparhawk, Eliphalet Robbins, 
John Stratton, Mercy Stratton, Chriftian P\iller, Mervial 
Dana, Samuel Smith Larned, Mary Larned, Sufannah Jackson, 
Anna Dana, Hannah Sparhawk who are now Members of this 
Chh and in good Standing tlierewith. And this Chh fully Con- 
fents y' y*" S*^ Brethren & Sifters b^ Embodied into a diftinct 
Clih whenever y^ Providence of God Shall Call them Thereunto 
and heartily recommend them to his Gracious Guidance and 
Protection . n 

IMem'J™ Mrs Mary Sparhawk who is a very blamelefs & Exemplary 
c^. Christian who Signed y^ Petition with y^ reft Aprehensive of 
::;''J;' •; Some difliculties defired y*^ her dif mifsion might be Sufpended 
■ for y^ present, But she Some time after Confented to be dif- 

■: mifsed & was accordingly difmifsed. 

: 4. That y*^ Same Committee be Continued to Inquire &c into 
y® Chh Stock in y^' Deacons hands & m : 1 » ] t 



-. ,■•■•"■■■■ ■ ■■ ' 3^' 

248 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [Novemhcr f 

And it is Exi)ecled y>' Inspect y'" Said account in y^ month 
of June according to former reports 

Att a meeting of y*^ Brethren of Chh June 11, 1781 

Voted that Capt. Stedman, Deacon Sewall, Deacon Hill. M*" 
Timothy Tufts & M^" Munroe be a committee for inspecting y^ 
manners of Profefsing Chfiftians &c. 

Voted that D^ Kneeland, Abraham Watfon Efqr^ Capt. 

Stedman and M^ Gaunet be a Committee to Inquire into y*^ 

\^ Chh. Stoclv in 3^^' Deacons Hands and that they look two years 

back there having been no report y^ year paft, & make return 

to y^' Brethren of y'' Same afsoon as may be. 

(139) Att a meeting of y« Brethren of y*^ Chh Aug. 19, 1781. 

Voted as follows viz : 

Whereas y^ Committee appointed to Examine y*' Deacons 
accounts this year Apprehend y^ weve According to vote of y*^ 
Chh to have done it in y*^ month of June paft, but by some 
means omitted So to do. Therefore voted that y^ Said Com- 
mittee be directed to Examine the Deacons accounts this year 
& report to y^ Chh afsoon as may be. 

Att a meeting of the Brethren of y*^ Chh June 24. 1782. 

Voted 1'^ That Capt. Stedman, Deacon Sewall, Deacon Hill, Timothy 
Tufts Efq"* & M^ James Munroe be a Coumiittee for Infpecting 
y^ manners of Profefsing Chriftians &c. 

Voted 2d That William Kneeland Efq"" M' Caleb Gannett, & Capt. 
Eben*" Stedman be a Committee to Inquire into y^ Chh Stock 
in y^ Deacons Hands and to report y*^^ State thereof to y^ 
Brethren afsoon as may be. 

Voted 3'"> That it be a Special Inftruction to y^ above named Commit- 
tee y* they inquire & report as aforefaid concerning y^ mony in 
y<^ hands of y*^ Deacons appropriated to y^ ufe of y*" poor. 

Voted 4^'^'> That y"" abovef'^ Committee be allso Directed to Inquire 
in what manner y^ Chh may be moft benefitted by y^ State 
Notes now in y^ Deacons hands & report att y*^ next meeting. 

- Att a meeting of the Chh Feb. 23. 1783. 

M" Mary Sparhawk, wife of Thomas Sparhawk Efq^'&Lucy 
y*^ wife of Jonas White members of this Chh defired to be dis- 
mil'sed & recommended with their Brethren & Sifters on y*^ 
South Side of y^ River, for their being Incorporated with them 

■.-.;: / 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 249 

ioto a diftiiict Chh for y^ Enjoying Special ordinances among 
Themfelves. The Chh upon y' Requeft freely confented to 
their being difmifsed & recommended Them to that Sacred 
& Solemn Service with their Brethren & Sisters who were dif- 
^ mifsed on May V2^ 1780, as on other Side. 

Mem''"' 1 was thro Age & Infirmity detained from y^ Chh Services 
on that so I committed y*^ Conduct of y*' affair to M^ Howard 
who Carried on y^ Publick Services of y*" day. 

Mem'"'^' The above Lucy \Yhite upon further Confide ration declined 
to be joined to y® New Chh accordingl}^ She Still remains a 
member of this Chh. 

Att a meeting of the Chh. Mh. 5. 1783. 

The Pastor being unable to attend W"^ Kneeland was chosen 

Moderator. A Kept of a Comttee appointed to examine the 

Deacon's Acc^' was read & accepted <fe the Deacons ordered 

^ ^ - to conform thereto. Said Rep^ contains that the Deacons have 

in their hand Securities for the Sum of £264.16.0 
(140) That the balance in their hands (exclusive of the Poor's 
Money) was on 30*^ June last £68.7.5f-. £63.17. If part of 
said balance is to continue in Deacon Whittemore's hands upon 
j^ Interest. £4.10.4 the remainder of s'^ balance to rest in the 

Deacon's hands. 

That Deacon Hill has rec'^ of Chh Money appropriated to 
the use of the Poor £3.7.7. I 

That Deacon Whittemore had in his hand of such money. 
on 28 Dec' 1751 £ 7. 4 upon Interest, 
on 8. Dec^ 1767 7.18.10 upon Interest 

on 10 Sept. 1770 3.10.11^ 

That the State Notes in the hands of the Deacons be con- 

Then the Chh appointed a Coiiittee of three persons to 
make further Inquiry concerning money in the hands of the 
Deacons appropriated to the use of the poor. D"" Kneeland, 
M"" Gannett and M^" Rowe are S'^ Cointee. 
" Then the Chh entered upon a Conference relating to a more 
fixed & settled provision for the preaching & administering 
the Gospel Ordinances among them, and after conferring some 
time Voted. That it will be agreable to the Chh presently to 
settle a Minister provided one can be found agreable to the 

Chh. . 

(^To be continued.) 


.: Collected by Chakles M. Thatcher. 

. {Continued from Vol. 1, page 222.) 

Soule, Mary, daughter of Isaac and Lydia, died Jan. 26, 1772, 
in her 6 year. 
Miss Esther, died May 15, 1793, in lier 87 year. 
; Jacob, died Aug. 19, 1823, in his 87 year. 

Sarah, wife of Jacob, died Oct. 11, 1792, in her 50 year. 
Roxanna, daughter of Jacob and Sarah, died April 16, 

1802, in her 20 year. 
John, died Feb. 19, 1750, in his 46 year. 
James, died June 1, 1793, in his 83 year. 
Capt. John, died Jan. 29, 1815, aged 66 years. 
Miss Rachel, daughter of James and Deborah, died Dec. 

13, 1811, in her 57 year. 
Miss Mary, died April 19, 1815, in her 40 year. 
Miss Lydia, died Nov. 29, 1817, in her 47 year. 
:;^t >; :^'' Thomas, died Jan. 24, 1849, aged 74 years. 
; -^ :;-;;^ Lydia, wife of Thomas, died May 9, 1821, aged 38 years. 
V^X ■:■ Betsey, wife of Thomas, died Nov. 18, 1842, aged 58 years. 
; . Capt. WilHam, died June 18, 1821, aged 31 years. 

Alfred, died April 13, 1833, aged 36 years. 
y . Mrs. Rebekah, died Jan. 24, 1759, in her 46 year. 

: • ) Joanna, daughter of John and Joanna, died March 12, 
'm:-::i-Xi--- 1792, aged 3 years 6 months. 

■! : - . A son of Capt. John and Joanna, died July 10, 1800, aged 
':"''z;::/'^::/^-<-[ 2 years 10 months."^' 
;;.;•■;',, James, died June 3, 1828, in his 71 year. 
V: \ James, died Feb. 2, 1845, aged 83 years. 

y ■ Elizabeth, wife of James, died Oct. 9, 1843, aged 74 years. 
Eunice, wife of James, died Aug. 18, 1811, in her 46 year. 
Josiah T., son of James and Eunice, died April 3, 1812, 
aged 8 months 25 days. 
SjX::':^'[_ James, son of James and Eunice, died July 16, 1791, in 
:'::::''■'■■-'■- his 5 year. , ._ ■ 

'l::':::t-:^S, (250> ■,.;,.^: 

^iR^ from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. 251 

Soule, Sabina, daughter of James and Eunice, died Feb. 21, 1797, 

in her 5 year. 
. Polly, daughter of James and Eunice, died March 10, 

1797, in her 3 year. 
Ira, son of James and Eunice, died Dec. 16, 1805, in his 

4 year. ^ 

Edward Everett, son of Otis and Irene, died Feb. 24, 

1837, aged 1 year 10 months. 
Thomas Wood, son of George and Mary, died June 3, 

1837, aged 3 weeks. 

Sproat, Lieut. Ebenezer, died Sept. 20, 1726, in his 52 year. 

Experience, widow of Francis 'Miller and formerl}^ wife of 

Lieut. Ebenezer Sproutt, died Nov. 9, 1758, in her 

74 year. 
Col. Ebenezer, died Jan 23, 1786, in his 69 year. 
Bathsheba, relict of Col. Ebenezer, died June 28, 1798, 

in her 75 year. 
Abigail, daughter of Col. Ebenezer, died Jan. 19, 1763, 

aged 1 j^ear 2 months 21 days. 
Thomas, died Feb. 3, 1833, aged 73 years. 
Mary, wife of Thomas, died Sept. 3, 1834, aged 75 years. 
Thomas B., died Jan. 26, 1824, in his 26 year. 
Lucy, daughter of James and Lucy, died May 3, 1813, 

aged 1 month 3 days. 
Sally, daughter of James and Nancy, died Jan. 28, 1792, 
" aged 2 years 3 months 4 days. 
Judith, daughter of Thomas and Mary, died Sept. 10, 

1807, in her 16 year. ^ 

Harriett, daughter of Thomas and Mary, died Nov. 2, 
1814, in her 21 year. 

Deacon James, died April 15, 1837, aged 62 years. 

Lucy, wife of Deacon James, died Dec. 7, 1849, aged 69 


Standish, Mary, relict of Moses, died in 1796, in her 56 year. 
John C, died April 10, 1826, aged 35 years. 
; . Joshua, died Dec. 4, 1817, aged 50 years. 
-ji:: :>:•: Priscllla, daughter of Joshua and Susanna, died Oct. 15, 
■|^^^^^''^ 1789, aged 20 days. 

252 Records from Old Ceinetery, Middlehoro, Mass. [November 

Standish, Jonathan, died Jan. 22, 1837, aged 61 years 8 months. 
• Jonatlian, died July 22, 1849, aged 51 years. 

Phebe Maria, daughter of Simeon R. and Phebe M., born 
' March 8 and died Sept. 15, 1847. 
Miles B., died Aug. 28, 1849, aged 23 years. 
Sarah C, wife of JMiles B., died Aug. 28, 1849, aged 25 
years. ' . • . /-"l/-- 

(both buried in one grave) 

," Tlie voice at midniglit came 
They started up to hear — 
A Mortal Arrow pierced their frame — 
They fell — they sKimber here." ■ 

Stebbins, Eunice, relict of William, of Longmeadow and daughter 
of Rev. Stephen Wilhams, D.D., died Oct. 31, 1805, 
aged 82 years 1 month. 
Eunice, daughter of William and Eunice of Longmeadow 
and wife of Rev. Joseph Backus, died Oct. 6, 1809, 
aged 48 years 10 months 19 days. 

Sturtevant, Doctor Thomas, born Feb. 6, 1750, died Nov. 14, 
- t- Sarah, wife of Doctor Thomas, died March 11, 1839, in 
her 84 year. 
Eunice, daughter of Doctor Thomas and Sarah, died May 

14, 1815, in her 23 year. 
Zechariah, son of Doctor Thomas and Sarah, died Sept. 

29, 1800, in his 10 year. 
A son of Doctor Thomas and Sarah, born Jan. 2, 1788, 
died Jan. 5, 1788. 
, Croade, died Nov. 5, 1845, in his 57 year. 
«. Lucinda, wife of Croade, died April 1 1 , 1843, aged 51 years. 

.'- '• Abigail, died Dec. 30, 1834, aged 50 years. 

Fanny D., died Dec. 22, 1845, in her 49 year. 

Swift, Joseph, died June 16, 1830, aged 55 years. 
Joseph, died Oct. 9, 1829, aged 21 years. 

Thacher, Theodora (in tomb) (stone broken). 
Thomas, Jeremiah, died Jan. 8, 1763, in his 75 year. 

1905] Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. 253 

Thomas, Miriam, wife of Jeremiah, died Jan. 10, 1758, in her 63 

year. ■■ .■■ ;. ••■■;• . ■ ■ 

Deborah, daughter of Jeremiah and Miriam, died Jan. 3, 

1747, in her 11 year. 
Jeremiah, died Feb. 2, 1736, in his 77 year, 
Lydia, wife of Jeremiah, died July 6, 1717, in her 52 year. 

"She was the first person buried in this place." 
Mary, widow of Jeremiah,- died Nov. 15, 1749, in her 85 

William, died April 5, 1734, in his 70 year. 
Sarah, wife of William, died May 9, 1743, in her 62 3'ear. 
Jabez, died Nov. 8, 1784, in his 74 3'ear. 
Phebe, wife of Jabez, died Feb. 21, 1772, in her 59 year. 
Jabez, son of Jabez and Phebe, died July 6, 1753, aged 

5 years 10 months 24 days. 

Lucy, daughter of Jabez and Phebe, died Jan. 24, 1748-9 

aged 7 years 6 months. 
David, son of William and Sarah, died Sept. 9, 1742, in 

his 38 year. 
Elisha, son of William and Sarah, died May 15, 1726, 

aged 5 years. 
Edward, died Sept. 9, 1726, in his 57 3^ear. 
Mary, died Sept. 20, 1719, in her 19 year. 
Noah, died Dec. 20, 1758, in his 50 year. 
Mary, wife of Noah, died Aug. 1, 1787, in her 75 year 
Noah, son of Noah and Mary, died Nov. 26, 1758, in his 

20 year. 
Ransom, died Jan. 3, 1779, in his 29 year. 
Barzillai, died Nov. 5, 1813, in his 84 year. 
Abial, son of Noah and Mary, died Feb. 1, 1759, in his 

18 year. 
Enoch, son of Noah and Mary, died Dec. 16, 1758, in his 

6 year. . 
Daniel, died May 14, 1789, in his 46 year. 

• Thankful, wife of Daniel, died Oct. 13, 1778, in her 37 
Elias, son of Daniel and Thankful, died Nov. 26, 1786, 

in his 12 year. 
James, died April 17, 1826, in his 73 year. 


254 Records jrom Old Cemetery, Middleboro, Mass. [November 

Thomas, Martha, wife of James, died Oct. 11, 1825, in her 73 j^ear. 
, ;^ Polly, daughter of James and Martha, died Nov. 14, 1822, 
;•;• ; r^ in her 40 year. ■ .; . 

" She was sick 19 years. " , 

f Jedidiah, died Dec. 27, 1777, in his 80 year. 
■ Capt. Jacob, died March 21, 1796, in his 47 year. 

Jacob, died March 22, 1851, aged 78 years. 
Lucy, first wife of Jacob, died July 10, 1815, aged 40 years. 
Silas, died Aug. 10, 1834, aged 69 years 
Mary, wife of Silas, died Jan. 24, 1859, aged 79 years. 
Caroline, daughter of Silas and Mary, died Feb. 5, 1827, 

aged 22 years. 
Mary S., daughter of Silas and Mary, died Feb. 22, 1831, 

aged 22 years. 
George, son of Silas and Mary, died Feb. 3, 1830, aged 
■ 16 years. 
Martin, son of Silas and Mary, died June 12, 1808, in his 

2 year. 
Silas, son of Silas and Mary, died July 4, 1814, aged 15 

Francis S., son of Silas and Mary, died July 30, 1814, 

aged 16 years. 
Eveline, daughter of Silas and Mary, died March 28, 1808, 

in her 4 year. 
Abraham, died Feb. 3, 1848, aged 78 years 11 months. 
Jeremiah, died Aug. 13, 1846, aged 82 years. 
Zilpha W., wife of Jeremiah, died March 15, 1825, aged 

56 years. 
A son of Jeremiah and Zilpha, died June 23, 1805, aged 

4 years 4 months 20 days. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Jeremiah and Zilpha, died July 4, 

1807, aged 1 year 6 months. 
Mary E., daughter of Col. Lothrop and Betsey D., died 

April 28, 1838, aged 3 years 5 months. 
William Lyman, son of Levi and Martha, died Sept. 10, 

1836, in his 16 year. 
Betsey M., daughter of Levi and Martha, died Nov. 10, 

1834, in her 11 year. 

1905] Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass, 255 

Thomas, Abigail, died Sept. 25, 1834, in her 49 3^ear. 
Israel, died Sept. 1, 1809, in his 64 year. 
Abigail, wife of Israel, died Feb. 6, 1829, in her 77 year. 
Finney, died Sept. 12, 1843, aged 62 years. 
Susannah, died Sept. 3, 1830, aged 40 years. 
Martin, son of Amos and Patty, died Nov. 2, 1820, aged 
2 years 4 months 9 days. 
■ Keziah, wife of Jedediah, died June 21, 1800, in her 67 
Jeddidiah, son of Jeddidiah and Keziah, died July 2, 1773, 

aged 1 year 11 months 14 days. 
Lemuel, died Jan. 26, 1776, in his 53 year. 
Elizabeth, wife of Lemuel, died Sept. 8, 1791, in her 31 
. Deborah, daughter of Lemuel and Elizabeth, died Dec. 17, 

1791, aged 4 months 18 days. 
Nehemiah, son of Ebenezer and Joanna, died June 11, 
■ - 1794, in her 23 year. - ^ - 

Elisha, died Jan. 30, 1814, in his 36 year. 
Caroline B., daughter of Elisha and Betsey C, died Aug. 
Wi:C. 11, 1820, in her 17 year. 
■:0MW Israel, died June 22, 1778, aged 65 years 5 months 2 days. 

Phebe, \vife of Israel, died May 27, 1795, in her 72 year. 
:;i.. - ;n-.: Betty, daughter of Israel and Phebe, died June 29, 1767, 

"■ "^ : in her 17 year. 

: - - -Bette, daughter of Israel and Phebe, born Oct. 27, 1747, 
'm--;:--- died Jan. 23, 1747-8. 

:|;^^^-. L son of Israel and Phebe, died Jan. 14, 1748, aged 
iS: -^ - 2 months 4 days. 
>0 I A son of Israel and Phebe. 
hp^ijv A son of Israel and Phebe. 

i;||;:, Rachel, wife of Ehphalet, died Dec. 25, 1796, aged 42 
'■'■^i^iS&'' years 2 months 7 days. 

;lf :•: '' Molly, wife of Solomon, died Sept. 6, 1807, in her 46 year. 
Azel, died March 31, 1844, in his 47 year. 
David, died Feb. 9, 1825, in his 83 year. 
::^3.:. Rebecca, wife of David, died June 3, 1828, aged 88 years. 
e4M: : A daughter of David and Rebecca, died Feb. 8, 1782. 
/ ^^1^;:;;. ''who remained in this world for the space of an hour." 

256 Records from- Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. 

Thomas. William, son of David and Rebecca, died March 1, 180G, 

in his 31 year. 
Gamahel, son of David and Rebecca, died Dec. 3, 1790, 

aged 13 years 7 months 14 days. 
David, son of David and Rebecca, died in Braintree with 

the small-pox, Dec. 5, 1792, in his 20 year. 
Jeremiah, died Dec. 12, 1798, in his 63 year. 
Levi, died Aug. 12, 1824, in his 66 year. : 

Hannah, wife of Levi, died Dec. 3, 1847, in her 87 year. 
Bathsheba, daughter of Levi and Hannah, died June 6, 

1800, aged 10 years 3 months 9 days. 
A daughter of Levi and Hannah, died Nov. 17, 1797, 

aged 2 days. 
Ezra, died Jan. 3, 1811, in his 52 year. 
Mrs. Lucy F., died vSept. 1, 1817, in her 60 year. 
Ezra, died July 13, 1825, in his 40 year. 
John, died July 9, 1829, aged 35 years. 
Ephraim, died March 29, 1814, aged 73 years. 
Sarah, wife of Ephraim, died Feb. 20, 1810, aged 89 years. 
Capt. Azel, died Aug. 21, 1821, in his 54 year. 
Israel, died Jan. 1, 1814, aged 36 years. 
, . . • William, died Oct. 10, 1844, in his 39 year, 
f,, Zilpha, wife of James, died April 25, 1842, in her 53 year. 

Churchill, died Dec. 31, 1809, aged 48 years 1 month. 
Hannah, wife of Churchill, died Nov. 30, 1825, aged 64 

years 22 days. 
Alfred, son of Churchill and Hannah, died July 5, 1840, 

aged 35 years. 

Tomson, John, died Nov. 25, 1725, in his 77 year. 

Mary, widow of John, died in 1731, aged 67 years. 
Andrew, son of Thomas, died Jan. 19, 1728-9, in his 5 

Shubael, died July 7, 1733, in his 48 year. 
Susanna, wife of Shubael, died June 9, 1734, in her 47 year. 
Shubael, son of Shubael and Susanna, died June 18, 1734, 

in his 19 year. 
Jacob, Esq., died Sept. 1, 1726, in his 65 year. 
Abigail, widow of Esq. Jacob, died Jan. 15, 1744, in her 

75 year. 

■ {To be continued.) 



{Continued from Vol. 1 , page 210.) 

/ Births. 

Josiah the sonn of Nathanill S: ]\Lary Stone Born the twenty seav- 
enth day of August : 1691 • 

Ruth the daughter of Benieman and Ehzabeth Balch born the 
twentie ninth day of August Anodom 1G91 

CaUb the sonn of WilUam & Ehzabeth Clarke born y^ tenth day of 
August Anodom 1G91 

John the Sonn of Thomas & Sarah gage Born y^ twentie sixt day 
of november Ano^^: 1691 \ 

Dannill the sonn of William & Mar}^ Rayment Born the fHue & 
twentieth day of November being wends day About one of tlie 
Clock in the Afternoon in the yeare of our Lord Anodom 1691 
Robert y^ sonn of Joseph & Deborah Morgan born the twelth day 
of January Anodom 16S1 

page — Benjeman the son of Joseph & Deborah Morgan born the 
twelth day of March Anodom 1683 

Meriam the daughtter of Joseph & Deborah Morgan born the twelth 
day of July Anodom 1685 

Abigaill the daughter of Joseph & Deborah Morgan born in Sep- 
tember 1687 

Moses the sonn of Sargant Joseph morgan and Deborah his wife 
born y^ sixt day of septem^^^ 1688 

Sarah the daughter of Sargant Joseph Morgan & Deborah his wife 
born y^ ffortenth day of October in the yeare of our Lord 1691 

William the sonn of Bcniamin &: Mary Ellinwood born y^ fFirst day 
of november Anodom 1691 

* Copyright 1905 by Eben Putnam. 



258 1 ^ :;• Early Records of the Toum of Beverly. [November 

Sarah the daiiohter of John Doclg Jim'' Sz Mary his wife born tho 

twelue day of november 1690 

Josiah the sonn of John & Mary Trask Uuing in the bounds of 

Salem born the tenth of december 1691 

David the sonn of Nathanill & Rebeckah Rayment born y^ thir- 

tenth day of January 169^ 

Danniell the sonn of Roger & Hanah Haskill borne y^ eleventh 

day of January Anodom 169^ 

Lidia the daughter of Isaack Sc Elizabeth Woodbery born the 

ffifteneth day of ffebruary 169^ 

Daniell the Sonn of Daniell & Mary Collins born the twentye ffirst 

day of March Ano 1694 

Samuell the fon of Samuell and Abiel Stone born the firft day of 

Apriell Ano Dom 1691 

page — Elizabeth the Daughter of William c^ Ruth Haskill: born 

the 22th day of July Anodom 1688 

William y« Sonn of William <t Ruth Haskill born y^ twentie fforth 

day of May Anodom: 1690 

Robert the sonn of Samuel & Elizabeth Ston born the twentie 

Eight day of Aprill 1692 

Return the daughter of Ralph & Martha Ellinwood born y« twenty 

second day of may 1692 

Rebecka & Joseph the twins of Joseph & Elizabeth Hebard born 

ye thirtenth day of July 1692 

Bathia y^ Daughter of William & Ratchell Bradford born y^ twen- 

tieeth day of June 1692 

Abigell the daughter of Ebenezer & Hanah Woodbery born y^ first 

day of July Anodom 1692 

Hanah the Daughter of John And Katharen Sallos born the twentie 

Eight of december Anodom in the year of our lord 1690 

Thomas the Sonn of Robert & Elizabeth Cue born 3^ thirtieth day 

of August Anodom 1692 

John the sonn of John & Elizabeth Deland born the ninetenth 

day of August Anodom 1685 

Phillip the sonn of John & Elizabeth Deland born y* seaventh da}^ 

of May Anodom 1687 . 

William the sonn of John & Elizabeth Deland born y^ seaventinth 

day of March 1689 Vv . 

1905] --'■■ Early Records of the Town of Beverly. |^?;' 259 

Elizabeth the daughter of Jolin & Elizabeth Deland born the ffirst 
day of July Anodom 1692 

John Louit y^ fon of Benjam and Annah Louit Born on the 22 day 

of April In y^ year of our Lord God 1704 

fage — John sonn of John Grover Juner & Sarah his wife born y* 

seaventh day of June 1692 

Elizabeth the daughter of Corporall Thomas Whitteridg & Charitie 

his wife born the twentieth day of May Anodom 1691 

Joseph the sonn of Mark & mary Haskill born the third day of 

november at nine of y*' Clock at night Anodom 1692 

Joseph the sonn of Elias & Anah Pick worth born the Eleventh 

day of September Anodom 1692 

Anah the daughter of Phillip & Hanah Babson born y^ twenty 

second day of August Anodom 1690 . 

'page — Rebecka the daughter of Jacob & Elliner Griggs born y« 

thirtenth day of December Anodom 1692 

John the sonn of M^ John Hale Minister of the gospele In beverly 

In y^ Countie of Essex <fe Sarah his wife born y^ twentie fforth day 

of December Anodom 1692 / / 

John the sonn of John& Ales Woodbery born 3^ sixt day of ITebruary 

Anodom 169f 

Samuel the sonn of Hazadia Smith & hana his wife born the Sixt 

of November Anodom 1692 

Jofeph Trafk y^ fomi of Samuel Trafk of falem by fufanah his 

Wife Was Born the ninth Day of Aprill in y^ year of oiF Lord God 


William the fon of ffreeborn and Elizabeth Balch Was Born on 

the 30 day of fep'^r Anno Domini 1704 

fage — Hanah the daughter of William & Joana Woodbery born 

ye fforetenth day of January Anodom 169J . . 

Debora the daughter of Benjamin & Grace Balch born y^ sixt day 

of June Anodom 1693 

Sarah the daughter of Samuel & Sarah Herrick born the Eight day 

of December Anodom 1692 

Matthew the fonn of Matthew Butman of Beverly by his Wife 

Elizabeth was Born y^ twenty Eighth Day of Aprill in y® yeare 

of our Lord God 1693 

Abigail Sallowes the Daughter of Thomas Sallowes by his wife 

,.'' •■■ :■ ^:-\;; 

.: i. 

260 :: Early Records of the Town of Beverly. [November 

■ Abigal was' Borne on the Eighth da}^ of Auguft in y® yeare of ou^ 
Lord God 1693 

Mark Woodbery y^ fonn of Peter Woodbery of }3everly by his 
Wife Mary was Born the Twenty firft da}^ of October in y^ yeare of 
• our Lord God 1693 
John the fonn of Samuell .Morgan of Beverl}^ by Sarah His Wife 
was Borne on y^ thirtieth day of September in y«' yeare of oiif 
Lord God 1693 

Sarah the Daughter of Lott Conant of Beverly by Al)igai] his Wife 
was Borne on the fecond of November in y^ year of o'" Lord God 

WilHam Trow fonn of George Trow of Beverly by farah his Wife 
was Borne on y^ Twenty fourth day of October in y^ yeare of ou'" 
Lord God 1691 

Mary Smith y^ Daugliter of John Smith of Beverly by Mary his 
Wife was Borne on y^ fifth day of feptember in the yeare of on"' 
Lord God 16S6 

Jonathan Smith y« fonn of John Smith of Beverly by Mary his 
Wife was Born on y^ Twenty fourth Day of feptember in y^ yeare 
of our Lord God 16S8 

James Smith y^ fonn of John Smith of Beverly by Mary his Wife 
was Borne on y*^ Thirty firft Day of May in y^ yeare of ou'* Lord 
God 1692 

; page — Samuel Corning tlie fonn of Samuel Corning by Sufanah 

; his Wife was Borne on y^ nintenth Day of December in y^ year of 
ou'- Lord God 1693 

Sarah the Daughter of Thomas Whitridge by Charitie his Wife 
was Borne on y^ feaventeenth day of auguft in y^ year of o^ Lord 

' God 1693 ■ 

Mary Cue the Daughter of Roberd Cue by Elizabeth his Wife was 
Borne on y^ tenth day of December in y<^ yeare of ou'' Lord God 

; 1693 

Sufanah Geage the Daughter of Thomas Geage by Sarah his AA'ife 

, was Borne on the tweluth Day of January in y^ yeare of ou'' Lord 

r God 169i V 

Nathaniel wood y^ fonn of Gabral & Marcy wood was Borne on 
the third Day of feptember in y^ year of ou'" Lord God 1690 
Ilebekah wood y^ Daughter of Gabral & Marcy wood was Borne 
on y« Thirty firft day of January in y^ yeare of ou'" Jjord God 169J 

1905] Early Records oj ilie Town oj Beverly. 261 

Sarah Geage the Daughter of Mofes Geage by farah his Wife was 
Borne on the third Day of April in the yeare of ou^ Lord God 1G92 
Samuel Ober fonn of Richard Ober by Abigaill His Wife was Borne 
on the thirteenth Day of June in y^ yeare of ou^ Lord God 1693 
Prifciila morgan y^ Daughter of Roberd morgan by Ann his Wife 
was Borne on the Eighteenth day of June in y^ yeare of out" Lord 
God 1693 

Calab Dodg y^ fonn of William Dodg by Mary his Wife Was Borne 
on the nintenth Day of ffebruary in y^ year of ou'" Lord God 169} 
Jonathan Larcom fonn of Cornelius Larcom by Abigail his Wife was 
Borne y^ Eighth day of march in y^ year of ou^ Lord God 16|f 
Abigaill fmith Daughter of John fmith by Mary his wife was Born 
yc Tentli Day of ffebruar}^ in ye yeare of ou^ Lord God 169f 

Robert Cleaues the fon of Wiliam Cleaucs hv MarpTcct his Vufe 

was Borne on the one and twentieth day of July in y^ yea'' of o'" 

lod 1689 

Ebenezer Cleaues y^ fonn of William Cleaues by margreet his Wife 

was Borne on y^ thirteenth day of October in y^ yeare of ou'' Lord 


Benjamin Cleaues ye fonn of WilUam Cleaues by Margreet his Wife 

was Born on y^ Twentithird Day of October in y^ year of oui" Lord 

1693 . 

Mary ye Daughter of George ftandley fen'" by Bethiah his wife 

was Borne on y* fixteenth day of may in y® year of ou'" Lord God 


Patiance Elenwood the daughter of Benjamin Elenwood by Mary 

his Wife was Borng on the nineteenth day of June in the yeare 

of our Lord God 1693 

Nathaniel Cole y^ fon of Solomon cole by Mary his Wife was Born 

on y* Twentie ninth day of Juely in y^ year of o'" Lord 1694 

page — Mary Conant the Daughter of William Conant by mary 

his Wife WasiBorne on the fourth Day of Aprill Anodom 1694 

Hannah Perkings the Daughter of Luke perkings by Martha his 

Wife was Bore the twelfth Day of March in ye year of ou'" Lord 

God 169J 

Ralph ]i)lenwood ye fonn of Ralph Elenwood by Martlia his wife 

was Born on ye Eighteenth da}^ of April in ye year of o'" Lord God 


262 Early Records oj the Town of Beverly. 

Bartholomew Trow fonn of George Trow of Beverly by Sarah his 

Wife was l3orne on y^ ninth day of April in y^ year of o'" Lord God 


Nathaniel Dodg y^ fonn of Jofeph Dodg by Sarah his Wife was 

Borne on the fevententh day of Aprill in the yeare of ou^" Lord God 

Mary Collins the Daughter of Daniel Collins of Beverly by 

Mary his^wife was Borne on y^ fixth day of feptember in y^ yeare 

of ou'- Lord God 1694 

Meriam Balch the Daughter of ffreeborn Balch of Beverly by Mer- 

riam his Wife was Borne on y^ fecond Day of Auguft in y^ year of 

ou^ Lord God 16S3 

ffreeborne Balch y'' fonn of ffreeborne Balch of Beverly by Merriam 

his Wife was Borne on y^ twenty fifth Da}- of noveniber in the 

yeare of ou^ Lord God 1685 

Benjamin Balch 3^ fonn of ffreeborne Balch of Beverly by Merrain 

his Wife Wafe Borne on y^ feventeenth of Aprill in ye yeare of ou^ 

Lord God 1688 

Skeper Balch y^ fonn of ffreeborne Balch of Beverly by Elizabeth 

his wife was Borne on y^ twenty fifth Day of July in the year of ou^ 

Lord God 1692 ^ . 

Elizabeth Elenwood y^ Daughter of John Elenwood of Beverly 

b}'^ Elizabeth his Wife was Borne on y^ fecond Day of ffebruary 

in the yeare of ou*" Lord God 169 J 

Mary Walles the Daughter of Jofhua Walles of Beverly by Abiah 

his Wife Was Borne y^ fourth Day of September in the year of 

our Lord God 1694 

Abigaill Woodbery y® Daughter of peter Woodbery of Beverly by 

Mary his Wife was Borne on y^ fourteenth Day of September in 

ye year of ou^ Lord God 1694 

Roberd Woodbery the fonn of Roberd Woodbery of Beverly by 

Mary his Wife Was Borne on ftourth Day of September in ye yeart* 

of our Lord God 1694 

Jerufha Rayment the Daughter of Jonathan Rayment of Beverly 

by Sarah his Wife was Borne the Twenty fifth Day of September 

in ye year of o^" Lord God 1694 

Jofhua Dodg ye fonn of Jofhua Dodg of Beverly by Johannah His 

Wife Was Borne on ye Twentieth Day of Septembr in ye year of 

our Lord God 1694 

{To he continued.) ^j 


From 19 July 1692 to 1700: from the Court Records. 
(Additional cautions allowed will be found in the files.*) 

Bonanwell Davis residing with Elizabeth Underwood, from Watcrtown : 
19 July 1G92. 

Samuel Streeter and his wife from Watertown: 3 Jan. 1692-3. 

John Stacy and Joseph Lovewell, from Watertown: 21 Mar. 1692-3. 

Samuel Barton and family, from Watertown: 13 June 1693. 

Objections of Watertown to Henry Reinolds being an inhabitant: 9 Oct. 

John Larthorn and family from Charlestown: 9 Oct. 1694. He came last 
from Concord or Groton. 

Thomas Hastings late of Watertown, from Newton: 12 Mar. 1694-5. 

Samuel Sterns of Billerica, objections by Watertown selectmen as to his 
being an inhabitant of Watertown, placed, on file, 12 Mar. 1694-5. [These 
are not on file.] 

William Hobkins of Salem, from Reading: 9 July 1695. 

Richard Virgin and Joshua Barrows, from Chelmsford: 23 Jun€ 1696. 

James Adams and wife Kathcrine, and Mary Barron, from Concord: 
14 Dec. 1697. 

Thomas Dean and family and Sarah White from Charlestown : 14 Dec. 
i Hannah Dov/ning of Boston, from Maiden: 20 Dec. 1698. 

John Pellham, wife and four children, from ^^'obu^n: 14 Mar. 1698-9. 

Gershom Davis formerly of Rumney Marsh, from Cambridge: 14 Mar. 
?' 1698-9. 
Thomas Decreechy and wife, from Maiden: 12 Mar. 1699-1700. 

♦Henrey Reiner, an antient man taken into employ of Mrs. Hooper, 
cautioned: 9 Oct. 1694. Files. 

> . (263) 



■'S '':•' 

JoxvERsE. — A new work, in two volumes, on the Converse and 
Allen and allied families is entitled : Some of the Ancestors and 
Descendants of Samuel Converse, Jr., of Thompson Parish, Kill- 
ingly, Conn., Major James Converse, of Woburn, Mass., Hon. 
Heman Allen, M. C, of Milton and Burlington, Vermont, Captain 
Jonathan Bixby, Sr., of Killingly, Conn. The compiler and 
editor is Col. Charles Allen Converse of Philadelphia. 

Nearly seven hundred pa,i£es are devoted to descendants of 
Deacon Edward Converse of Woburn, the founder and head of 
the family in America, and nearly three hundred pages to alhed 

" The author purposed to record the life history of all bearing 
the name descended in the lines selected. Through persistent 
effort, nearly 500 portraits of members of the family were secured 
and appear in the book, some of which are reproductions of an 
only existing likeness. Such a collection of family portraits will 
be at once recognized as of great value and interest. 

Descendants of Edward Converse will find this a standard ref- 
erence book ; one which will pertain to every line and family, not 
only to a few individuals who may have acquired national promi- 
nence. The record of the family is an astonishingly proud one; 
hardly any branch has failed to furnish some member of promi- 
nence in count}', state, or national affairs, or to the business or 
professional world. The church has claimed an unusual number; 
nevertheless, as if in contrast, the military record of the family 
is notable. Many of the descendants of Deacon Edward Con- 
verse sought their fortunes in the West and South in the first 
quarter of the last century, and have helped to develop the re- 
sources of those parts of the Union. These branches of the 
family are fully represented in the book. 

An important feature of this great work is the presentation of 
ancestral hnes brought in through the connection with the Allen 
family which originated in Ipswich, ^lass., and for several genera- 
tions was settled in the Connecticut and Champlain valleys. 
The founder of this family was Corporal Edward Allen. He re- 
moved from Ipswich to Sufheld, Conn., in 1678. A son, Edward 
Allen, was a prominent resident of Deerfield, and was engaged in 
the Indian wars. In this section of the woik Colonel Converse 
has included interesting, valuable, and comprehensive notices of 

... ; (264) 


, ' Book Notes . - - 265 

the more important families with wliom the Aliens of his line 
i?itermarried. One, of these families is that descended from 
Thomas Painter, of Hingham, Mass., and of Rhode Island. The 
wife of Shubael Painter was Mercy Lamberton, daughter of 
George Lamberton, the master of the famous ''phantom ship," 
the strange story of which is fully told. 

Another family which finds a prominent place in these an- 
cestral records is the Edgecomb family, of the different branches 
of which there is a very extensive account, including the history 
of the Edgecombs of Plymouth, Eng., from whom the New Lon- 
don Edgecombs descend. Important and hitherto unpublished 
information concerning the early settlement of Maine appears in 
connection with the extensive proprietorship in that province of 
Sir Ricliard Edgecoml), of Mount Edgecomb, in Devonshire. 

Other families more or less extensively noticed as the occasion 
requires, are Hawkes, Smead, Bates, Belden, Waite, Nash, Stone, 
Coleman, Porter, J^eld, Baldwin, Prentis, Rogers, Griswold, Wol- 
cott, Gilbert, Lord, Stanton, Underwood, Bishop, Perkins, and 
numerous c|uotations from early records and from authentic 
printed sources concerning the military and civil services of 
members of these families are incorporated in these sketches. 
Another ancestral 1 ne* is that of the Bixbys, a well known Con- 
necticut family. // 

The appendix includes a roster of persons bearing the name of 
Converse who served in the Indian and French wars, with refer- 
ences to original records; also some results of attempts to locate 
the English home and ancestry of the American family, and an 
historical sketch of Winchester, that part of Woburn in which tlie 
famil}^ was first seated. 

The letter press is attractive, new type having been used, and 
the paper upon which the book is printed was made especially for 
the book regardless of expense, the intention being to obtain a 
paper which should endure for all time. 

^ Published by Eben Putnam. 20 Broad Street, Boston, in two 
volumes, royal octavo, pp. xxviii, 961, strongly bound in cloth; 
prioe $10. 

Minutes of the Committee of Safety. — Dodd, Mead cl- Co. 
announce the publication of The Minute Book of the Cominittee 
of Safety, of Tryon County, the Old New York Frontier, now 
printed verbatim for the first time, with an introduction by 
J. Howard Flanson and notes by Samuel I-udlow Frey. 

These Minutes commence with the record of a meeting in the 
Balatine district in August, 1774, and from this t me on, for nine 
years, the county Imew no peace. Raids, with fire and blood- 
shed, all the horrors of border warfare with the Indians, and later 
the awful carnage of Oriskany, followed in quick succession. 


Booh Notes. 

Two thirds of the mhabitants of the county were killed, hundreds 
of buildings were burned or destroyed in this terrible strife. 
Surely, "if blood be the price" of liberty, the patriots of Tryon 
County paid in full measure and running over. 

Although unfortunatel}^ the last pages of the manuscript are 
apparently forever lost, still the most interesting portion remains, 
the portion which deals with the preparations, civil and military, 
for the conflict in the county. The record is not history so much 
as.'[it is the bare recital of facts from which history and romance 
are made. 

The work is attractively illustrated with prints of scenery, old 
historic buildings, etc., and is published in one volume, octavo, 

The Allen Memorial. First Series. — Descendants of Ed- 
ward Allen of Nantucket, Mass., 1690-1905. By Orrin Peer 
Allen, Palmer, Mass., 1905. 8vo. clo., pp. 123, Portraits. 

This is the first of series of Allen genealogies comtemplated by 
the author, who has been engaged in collecting materials for a 
genealogy of the various All(m families for many years. The de- 
struction of his MSS. collections by fire in 1894, obliged Mr. Allen 
to cover'the!field twice and his courao;e and devotion to this work 
should be suitably acknowledged. The present volume contains, 
beside the historj^ of the Nantucket Aliens, much of interest to 
persons of the names, in those pages devoted to the origin of the 
name Allen, and its distribution. 

Edward Allen of Nantucket is said to have left London about 
1690, and to have suffered capture by pirates from whom he 
escaped off the New Hampshire coast. He married in 1692 Ann 
Coleman, daughter of Joseph and Ann (Bunker) Coleman, who 
died 1 July 1739. He died 1 Feb. 1741, aet. about 71. He is 
known to have had a cousin Benjamin Allen living in London in 
1717, but no other information regarding his connections has been 
obtained. The book is well gotten up and sells for $2.50. 




Vol. I. December, 1905. No. 9 


GAZETTE, 1765-1800. 

Collected and aiikaxged by Otis G. Hammond. 

(Continued from Vol. 1, page 241.) 

Lieutenant Norris, 6th Maryland regiment, wounded. 

Lieutenant Wallace, artillery. 

Lieutenant Foot, legion. 

Lieutenant Mossly, artillery. - ^^' ■ ' . ■ V 

lieutenant Duff, Delaware regiment. 

■ Lieuten'ant Skillington, Delaware regiment. 

■ Lieutenant and Adjutant Purvis, Delaware regiment. 
Ensign Burgiss, 4th ]\Iaryland regiment. . •. 
Ensign Roach, Delaware regiment. 

Volunteer Nelson, 6th Maryland regiment, wounded. 
Volunteer Rutledge, 4th Maryland regiment, wounded. 


Captain Morris, 7th ^laryland regiment, wounded. 
Captain Gassaway, 2d ]\Iaryland regiment, wounded. 
Lieutenant Gassaway, 2d IMaryland regiment, wounded. 

Captain Maridith, artillery. -■ ■ 

Captain Lieutenant Blair, artillery. 

17S0, Dec. 11. 

Dr. William Parker and Polly Tilton, both of Exeter, N. H., 

were married there Dec. 5, 1780. 
Three daughters of Jacob Low of Stratham, N. H., were married 

there Dec. 10, 1780. 


.268 From New Hamjjshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 

1781, March 19. ■.. 

John Foster, in his 29th year, died in Portsmouth, N. H., March 

::' 1781, April 9. v., ,.■,;,;:,:••:;■:.:.; .^ 

CoL Joseph Smith, in his 80th year, died in Newmarket, N. 11. , 
March 29, 1781. He left a widow and several children. 

1781, May 7. ... ^"■'-^ 

Hon. William Parker died in Portsmouth, N. H., April 29, 1791. 

1781, Sept. 22. 

[List of Americans killed and wounded at the burning of New- 
London, Conn., Sept. 6, 1781.] 

;^'^\^'v:::.-''^' "■ ;" '^-z Killed. ■/.^ ' ■._ 

Col. William Lcdyard; Captains Amos Stanton, Simeon Allen, 
S. Allen, Peter Richards, Elisha Avery, John Williams; Lieu- 
tenants Richard Chapman, Henry Williams, Ebenezer Avery. 

James Comstock, Lewis; Ensign John Stedman; David 

Avery, Esq., Ezekiel Bailey and two sons, Thomas Williams, Ston- 
ington; David Palmer, two sons of Captain Phineas Stanton, 

. Stonington; Fox, New London; Elnathan Perkins and three 

sons, Samuel Billings, John Billings, Preston; Henrj^ Woodbridge, 

■ Woodbridge, Nelson, New London; Nathaniel Beebe, 

ditto (aged 75 years), Daniel Avery, Patrick Ward, Daniel Ches- 
ter, Thomas Miner, Nicholas Starr, Thomas Starr, John Clark, John 
Holt, New London; Christopher Avery, Adam Allen, Bolton Allen, 
Ruf us Hallebert ; two negroes. 

; - ' Wounded. 

Captains William Latham, Edward Latham, Solomon Perkin-. 
Nathan Moore, since dead, Youngs Ledyard, since dead, Adan\ 
Shapley, Lieutenant Charles Eldridge, Jr., William Seymonr. 
Jonathan Ledyard, David Sebury, since dead, Elijah Richards. 
New London; William Starr, John Starr, James Bailey, Peter 
Lester, Car}^ Leeds, Ziba Woodworth, Norwich; Azcl Wood worth. 
Norwich. • v 

1782, Jan. 5. 

. Col. Alexander Scammel died Oct. 6, 1781, of wounds received 

after being captured. 

, {To he continued.) 


Collected by Charles M. Thatcher. 

(Continued from Vol. 1, page 256.) .._ - 

Tomson, Shubael, son of Shiibael and Ruth, died May 1, 1770, 

aged 9 months 2 days. 
." Isaac, died April 30, 1740, in his 26 year. 

Lieut. Jacob, died March 10, 1789, aged 93 years 10 

EHzabeth, wife of Lieut. Jacob, died Aug. 8, 1773, in her 

74 year. 
EUzabeth, daugiiter of Lieut. Jacob and EHzabeth, died 

Dec. 4, 1747, aged 6 years 5 months 5 days. 
John, died June 22, 1766, in hisM9 5^ear. 
Lydia, wife of John, died Jan. 28, 1761, in her 39 year. 
Uzza, son of John and Lydia, died June 11, 1758, aged 

18 months 1 day. • : 

Caleb, died Jan, 19, 1787, in his 75 year. 

'^I was the youngest of my father's ten, 
before me, three a pray to death hav ben, -■ 

and O, my brothers & my sisters too, 
- ' ' ' ■ , the grave is soon to be a home for you." 

Abigail, widow of Caleb, died Nov. 23, 1791, in her 77 

Lucia, daughter of Caleb and Abigail, born July 12, 1741, 
■ , died Oct. 13, 1747, in her 7 year. 

Hannah, daughter of Caleb and Abigail, died Sept. 21, 

1737, aged 2 months, . ..r'^vj;; 

Shubael, died Feb. 3, 1770, in his 28 year. 
. • Mrs. Sarah, died Nov. 10, 1777, aged 23 years 1 month 
4 days. 
Molly, daughter of Caleb and Molly, died June S, 17SS, 

aged 1 year 2 months. 
Nathan, son of Caleb and Molly, died Sept. 17, 1782, aged 
9 months 22 days. ^ - ... ;. .\. ,i,,- 
^ . ,. (209) 

270 Records from Old Cemetery, Middlchoro, Mass. [December 

Tomson, Ansil, son of Caleb and Molly, died Sept. 29, 1782, aged 
2 years 24 days. 
Sabina, daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah, died Sept. 7, 

1791, aged 3 years 4 months. 
Mrs. Martha, died March 18, 1772, in her 70 year. 

Thompson, Francis, died Dec. 17, 1798, aged 63 years. 

Rebekah, wife of Francis, died Aug. 27, 1766, in her 32 

Martha, daughter of Francis and Rebekah, died Feb. 26 • 

1771, aged 9 years 3 months 21 days. 
Francis, died Dec. 17, 1798, in his 85 year. 
Francis, son of Francis and Mary, died April 9, 1787, aged 

2 years 5 months 25 days. 
Thomas, died Dec. 9, 1806, in his 37 year. 
Weitiia, wife of Thomas, died April 16, 1848, aged 76 

Olivia, wife of Cephas, and daughter of David Leonard of 
Bridgewater, born Oct. 12, 1780, died May 22, 1819, 
aged 38 years. 
William H., son of Cephas and Olivia, born Nov. 17, 1807, 

died July 4, 1837. 
Charles F., son of Cephas and Olivia, born June 2, 1816, 
•' ■ died Sept. 3, 1839. 

Deborah H., daughter of Eliab and Sophia, died March 12. 

1813, aged 3 years 5 months. 
Capt. Jacob, die.d Nov. 30, 1805, in his 68 3'ear. 
Freelove, widow of Capt. Jacob, died Nov. 7, 1826, in her 

87 year. 
William, Esq., died March 14, 1816, in his 69 year. 
t;^::'-; Deborah, widow of William, Esq., died Dec. 25, 1842, 
•^ ' aged 95 years. 

Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Mary, died June 1, 1795, 
j ;;, aged 21 days. 

]M::':c Benjamin, Jr., born Nov. 25, 1803, died Feb. 26, 1846. 

Edward William, son of Col. Abner B. and Eliza, died Oct. 
':":iy}-:: :.^.. 27, 1828, aged 4 years. _ ,■ ' . ' 

i^; Abigail W., died Jan. 17, 1838, aged 41 years. 
;JJ^;, ■ Mercy F., died March 25, 1842, aged 26 years. 
' rMi-I'M Gains, drowned, May 19, 1786, aged 30 years. 

1905] Records jrom Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. 271 

Thompson, Hon. Isaac, died Dec. 21, 1S19, in his 74 year. 

Lucy, wife of Hon. Isaac, died Nov. 4, 1834, in her 81 

. Susanna, wife of Galen, died Jan. 16, 1808, in her 20 year. 
Evehne P., daughter of Alfred and Fear, died Jan. 17, 

1843, aged 20 ye"ars 3 months. ' 

I^ucy, daughter of Alfred and Fear, died Jan. 26, 1833, 

in her 15 year. -^ 

Doctor Arad, died April 22, 1843, aged 56 years. 
Mercy, wife of Doctor Arad, died June 5, 1843, aged 47 

Mary W., daughter of Doctor Arad and Mercy, died Oct. 

20, 1848, aged 31 years. 
Thankful, wife of Reucl, died March 27, 1843, in her 66 

year. . 

Jacob, died Dec. 23, 1848, aged 77 years. 
Deacon Solomon, died Jan. 4, 1844, in his 82 year. 
Sarah J., daughter of Reuel and Sarah T., born Sept. 15, 

1840, died Oct. 7, 1841. 
Catharine L., daughter of Philander and Eliza Giles, born 

Oct. 12, 1846, died Sept. 9, 1847. 
George Edward, only child of George and Deborah P., 
- born Dec. 15, 1820, died Sept. 19, 1848. 
Betsey W., wife of Israel W., died Feb. 18, 1848, aged 

36 years. 
Leander W., son of Israel W. and Betsey W., died Aug. 26, 

1842, aged 5 years 8 months 11 days. 

Tinkham, Patience, wife of Samuel, died Nov. 4, 1727, in her 35 
v?-;;^0; . year. "■''■■■■■■';'— ■■-:- ;'. - ■ 

f ;:;, Moses, died April 27, 1730, in his 21 year. 
• Samuel, died March 16, 1775, aged 87 years. 

Malatiah, wife of Samuel, died Oct. 16, 1798, in her 94 
''^f :'■■'■;. year. 

Hope, wife of Samuel, died June 3, 1760, in her 33 year. 
■ ':'•■■".■/-':: Lazarus, son of Samuel, died Nov. — , 1762, in his 17 year. 
;. Isaac, died Oct. 28, 1779, in his 60 year. 
' Hannah, wife of Isaac, died Jan. 11, 1780, in her 51 year. 
Sarah, wife of James, died April 2, 1774, in her 22 year. 

272 Records from Old Cemetery, Middleboro, Mass. 

Tinkham,Ephraim, son of Deacon Isaac and Abiah, died Jan. 10, 
. 1734-5, in his 17 year. 

Silas, died Jan. 22, 1816, aged 77 years. 
Lydia, wife of Silas, died Nov. 6, 1801, in her 54 year. 
Ephraim, died Nov. 5, 1769, in his 37 year. 
. John, died Feb. 1, 1845, aged 70 years. 
Sophia, wife of John, died June 10, 1842, aged 49 years. 
Elizabeth, died March 27, 1846, aged 74 years. 
Mary, wife of Otis, died July 28, 1845, aged 62 years. 

Tilson, Joanna, wife of Deacon Calvin, died Oct. 16, 1822, in her 
57 year. 
Calvin, Jr., died June 19, 1817, in his 24 year. 
Judith, died Jan. 22, 1836, aged 30 years. 

George Cobb, son of Calvin and Joanna, died Aug. 23, 

-' ■ aged 1 year 7 months. ■ 

William, son of Calvin and Joanna, died Sept. 1, 1804, 
in his 8 year. 

Torrey, William, died July 17, 1781, in his 64 year. 

Deborah, wife of William. - - 

Mrs. Fear, died Aug. 5, 1792, in her 49 year. 

Totman, Samuel, son of Samuel and Sarah, died Jan. 16, 1755, 
in his 3 year. , . . 

Vaughan, Desire, wife of Hinksman, died^Sept. 10, 1784, in her 
89 year. 
Daniel, died April 13, 1736, aged 76 years. 
Hephzibah, wife of Daniel, died July 7, 1726, aged about 

60 years. ■ 

Rebekah, died Feb. 28, 1718, in her 24 year. ^ 

. : George, died Aug. 11, 1766, in his 83 year. 

Faithful, wife of George, died April 5, 1753, in her 66 
_^ ^ year. 

{^ylHyy:r':r: Capt. Jabez, died April 13, 1773, aged 90 years 11 months 
lh!':% \ ■. 1 day. 

x..>:-. 5 Deborah, wife of Capt. Jabez, died April 26, 1761, in her 
y- ,:-'v-:-, :;•■' 79 year. . ■ ■■■■ 

. V . ■; : Josiah, died Aug. 3, 1790, in his 67 year. 

■S? Lydia, wife of Josiah, died July 24, 1815, in her 90 year. 
'^■'■' ■ ^■^:>'.- .;■''"'■. -y-^' '/:.:'. ..y: {To be continued.) 





.f: vL " ■ {Continued from Vol.1, page 249.) 

That the Parish Cointee be desired and they are hereby de- 
sired to insert in their next Warrant for calling a Parish Meei- 
ing, a Clause for the purpose of knowing the minds of the 
(141) Parish whether it will be agreable to the Parish presently to 
settle a Minister provided one can be found agreable to the 

■ ;: Att a Meeting of y^ Brethren of y^^ Chh June 13, 1783. 

P* Voted y* y^ Same Committee for Infpectiug y^ manners of 
Profefsing Chriftians &c. be continued for this year. 

2. That a committee for Examining y^ Deacons account, to 
confist of five and three to be a quorum. The Brethren Cho- 
fen were viz D"" Kneeland, M^' Caleb Gannett, Gideon Fro ft. 
James Munroe, Owen Warlaud. 

3. That y*^ S'^' Committee render their Account to y* Chh on y^ 
laft Monday of this Inftant June viz 30th day. 

4. That y^ Brethren choofe a Deacon on y® S*^ laft Monday in 

The Moderator is defired to Notifie a Chh Meeting to be 
held y^ S*^ last Monday in June to choofe a Deacon if y*' Chh 
Shall think proper So to do and to receive y^ Report of y^ Com- 
mittee to Examine y*" Deacon's accounts. 

: Att a meeting of y« Brethren of y« Chh June 30. 1783. 

1. The. Committee for Examining y^ Deacons accounts brought 
in their Report which was read & accepted & to be recorded. 

2. Voted to choofe a Deacon and by written votes our Brother 
Gideon Froft was unanimously chofen. 

3. Voted allfo to chofe another Deacon & by written votes 
. Brother James Munroe was cliofeu by a full vote. 

4. Voted that if it Should appear agreable to y'^ Congregation 
that y^ laft Wednesday of July next be Set apart for a day of 
fafting & Prayer to Seek Divine Direction & Afsiftance in y^ 


274 , , . Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [December 

Important affair of procuring a more fixed & Settled Preaching 

■ & adminiftration of y*^ word & ordinances among us confider. 

' i"o y^ '^'^^y advanced age & growing infirmities of our very 

aged Paftor, In y*^ 90^^' year of his age. 

Mem*^™ It was agreed y* y^ Parifh & Chh Committees Should con- 

fult with y® pple of y*" congregation to See ify^' above Propofal 

be agreable to y*^ Congregation & make report thereof to the 

Paftor afsoon as may be. Who reported y^ y^' above Propofal 

was agreable to them. Vide P. (143) 

The Report of y^ Parifh Committee Appointed June 13, 
1783 to Examine the Deacons Accounts was accepted & is as 
follows viz. 
1. 'i'hat y*" Deacons have in their hands Securities for money 
belonging to the Chh & by y^' Deacons put to Intereftviz : for 
y** Summ of One hundred & Eighteen Pounds one shilling ^Sc 
nine pence. Turn over 

(142) 2. The above mentioned Securities Confistof a note given by 
y^ Treafurer of this Parilh, Dated y^ 3^"^ day of April laft in 
Lieu of y^ Parifh Bond y^ Deacons had in their hands laft June, 
and of a confolidation NoteDated y^ 1^^ day of March laft in 
lieu of y^ three State Notes y'' Deacons had in their hands laft 
, 3. The Deacons have not made y^ Intereft of y^ Several Sums 
lent by them payable att y^ Same time. 

4. The ballance of Accounts in y*' hands of y*^ Deacons on this 
thirtieth day of June A. D. 1783. (Exclusive of Appropriated 
to y*^ ufe of y*" Poorj is \^' Sum of Seventy Eight Pounds & 
one half penny according to y*^ annexed account. 

6. Part of S'' Ballance viz. Sixty Pounds four Shillings & ten 
pence 1/4 Principal and two years Intereft thereof now unpaid 
viz Seven Pounds four shillings & Seven pence is to Con- 
tinue in Deacon Whittemores hands upon Intereft. Nine 
Pounds further part of S^ Ballance is to be in Deacon Hills 
hands upon Intereft He having Engaged to pay therefore from 
this day. 

One pound Ten Shillings & seven pence y*^ l/4Remainder of 
S^ Ballance is to reft in y^' hands of the Deacons for Contin- 
gencies 30^^' June 1783. Submitted by 

William Kneeland p Order. 












1905] • Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 275 

The Ace* Annexed to S^' Rep' contains in substance as 

follows viz. 1783 June SO. Deacons D*". 

To money by them put at Int. £118. 1. 9 

To Cash in Deac" Whittemore's hands on Int 60. 4. 10 J 

To 2 ys Int of S^ £60.4.1 1/4 7. 4. 7 

To the Sum which rested in the Deacons hands 

June30"M782. 4.10. 4 

To Sum Total of Contributions since June 30. 
1782. ' 14. 4.11J- 

(143) 1783 Contra. C^ 

June 30. By Securities in their handsffor 

By expense for bread &c since 30 June 1782 

B}^ balance in the hands of the Deacons 

204. 6. 5J 

July 30. 1783 was obferved as a day of Fafting & Prayer by y^ Chh 
& Congregation to Seek of God Divine Direction & Afsiftance 
in y^ Important affair of procuring a more fixed & Settled 
Preaching & adminif tration of y*^ word & ordinances among us 
confidering y^ very advanced age, growing Infirmities of me 
their aged Paftor. The Rev'^^ M^' Eliot began with Prayer, 
Rev'^ M'" Cufhing Preache'' A. M. Rev^ M^ Jackson began 
Prayer. Rev^ M^ Clark Preach^^ P. M. 

Att a meeting of y*^ fiist Chh in Cambridge August 4, 1783 
Twenty one Members Prefent. 
1. Deacon Aaron Hill Moderator. The Rev^' D'' Appleton being 
unable to attend. 
Voted That the Rev^ Edward Wigglesworth W™ Kneeland Efq"" 
& Timothy Tufts Efq^ be a committee to wait on the Prefident 
of the Univerfity &^request Him to Pray with the Brethren on 
ye Prefent occafion. The Prefident Complying with y*' Requeft 
received the Thanks of tlie Brethren by the Moderator. 

The Notification for y^ IMeeting was then read Exprefsive of 
y^ Bufiuefs to be tranf acted as follows, viz. 

Att y^ General defire of the Brethren of the Chh as well as 
in Compliance with my own Inclination & Earnet Wifhcfs I 
Appoint a meeting of the Brethren of this Chh to be holden att 

276 .. Records oj the First Church, Cambridge. [December 

this Place next Monday att 4 o'clock in."?y^ afternoon for y^ 
I'lirpofe of Choofing ,Some lit Perfon to be Settled as a 
Colleague with me in y^ Ministerial office, if the Chh Shall See 
r fit. ■ ..- ,. ,., :. .. 

Camb. August 2. 1783. Nath'^ Appleton Paftor. 

A free Conference & deliberation on y^ Subject Succeeded 
after which the Moderator afked Each Member Present if He 
was difposed that y^ following Question Should be determined 
by a vote. viz. wliether y^ Brethren are ready to proceed to the 
choice of a Colleague with the Rev^ D^ Appleton. A great 
Majority answered in the affirmative. Turnover. 

(144) Whereupon It was voted to Proceed Immediately to y^ 
choice of a Colleague with the Rev'^ D^ Appleton. 

Written votes being brought in. It appeared that the Rev- 
erend Timothy ililiiard was Elected. The votes were as fol- 
lows Sixteen for M''. Hilliard & 5 Blanks. 

Voted. That y^' Parifh Committee be defired to call a Parifh Meeting 
afsooD as Convenient and Lay y® Proceedings of this meeting 
before y^ Inhabitants afsembled at S^ meeting and Defire 
their Concurrence : and that they would Provide a Support for 
the Colleague Paftor Elect. 

Voted. That the Moderator apply to the Parifh Committee for the 
forementioned Purpofe. 

[The above was Rev^^ N. A's last record] 

At a Meeting of the first Church in Cambridge October 8^^ 

The Notification for said Meeting was read as follows. 

Whereas the Rev^ Timothy Hilliard has manifested his 
acceptance of the Call from this Church and Parish to settle 
. ' . with them in the pastoral otfice it will be necefsary that there 
should be a solemn introduction of him into ^ the sacred office 
therefore it is desired that there be a meeting of the Brethren 
of the Church to consider and determine upon the time and 
maner of that important Transaction, and also what Churches 
shall be applied to for afsistance on said Occasion. 1 therefore 
desire and notify a meeting of the Brethren of this Church on 
Wednesday next a 3 oClock in the afternoon, at the meeting 
house, for the afores'^ purposes 

Cambridge Oct. 5. 1783. Signed Nath" Appleton Pastor. 

. 145) Deacon Aaron Hill was then Chosen Moderator. 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 277 

Vote 1. That the TiistallatioD of the Rev'^ Timothy Hilliard be as 
'. private and attended with as little expence as decency will 

Vote 2. That the Installation be in an afternoon. 

Vote 3. That the Installation be on the last monday of this month. 

Vote 4. That the Churches of Waltham, Lexington, Brookline. and 
. ' Watertown be requested to afsist by their respective Pastors 
and Delegates in the Instalation. 

Vote 5. That a Committee be appointed to wait upon the Rev^ D^" 
Appleton to desire him if able to write letters mifsive to the 
Churches aforesaid, but in case the Doctor be unable, the 
Committee are authorized to write and fend them in the name 
of the Church. 

Vote 6. That this Committee consist of Five Brethren. 

Vote 7. That William Kneeland Efq^ Deacon Aaron Hill, M"^ Caleb 
Gannett, Timothy Tufts Esq^' and Capt. Ebenezer Stedman be 
the Committee. 

Vote 8. That it is the Opinion of the Church, that a dinner be pro- 
vided for the Council. 

Vote 9. That the aforementioned Committee with such persons as 
the Parish shall join, be a Committee to wait on the Council 
w^hen convened and confer with them respecting the Installa- 

,r:;-.:.,:,-. tion. 

Vote 10. That a Committee be appointed to wait on the Rev^ Mr 
Hilliard to lay before him the proceedings of this Meeting to 
know if he desire any alteration or addition 

Vote 11. That the Committee consist of three. 

Vote 12. That William Kneeland Esq"". M^ Owen Warland & M'' 
Caleb Gannett be the Committee. 

(146) The Committee having waited upon the Rev'^ M'" Hilliard 

^ , with the preceding votes Reported : That he expressed his sat- 

5 . ■ • ;: isf action with the votes and proposed that the Rev"^ Dr. Cooper's 
;. church and the Rev^ Simeon Howard's be added to the Instal- 
;^ J lation Council. 

Vote 18. That the Churches last mentioned be joined in Counci^ 
with the Churches first mentioned. 

Vote 14. That a committee be appointed to lay the proceedings of 
this Meeting before the Parish at their next Meeting and to 
ask the parish's concurrence with the votes of the Church. 

Vote 15 That this Committee consist of Three. 

278 Records oj the First Church, Cambridge. [December 

-Vote 16. That M'^ Caleb Gannett, William Kneeland Esq^ Deacon 

Aaron Hill be the Committee. 
Vote 17. That this committee apply to the Parish Committee to call 

a Meeting of the Parish for the special purpose of taking 

under consideration the proceedings of the Church at this 

Vote 18. That this Meeting be adjourned to Wednesday the " 22'' 

instant, Then to meet at the Meeting house at 3. o'clock P. M, 
, ; , Attest Aaron Hill Moderator. 

The Rev*^ M^ Hilliard's acceptance of the Call to settle as 
Colleague Pastor with the Rev'' D^' Appletou and which M^" 
Hilliard read to the Church and Congregation after divine 
Services on the Sabbath next succeeding the date thereof was 
as follows, Viz. Cambridge Oct. 4. 1783. 

To the Church & Congregation of the first Parish in Cam- 

(147) Rev*^ Hon^. and Beloved 

I have taken into my most ferious and prayerful 
consideration your call to settle as Colleague Pastor with the 
Rev'' D"^ Appleton in the important work of the Gospel minis- 
try. As I hav€ devoted myself to this Service in preference to 
all other employments and find my health thro' divine good- 
nefs, in a great measure restored I think it my duty to accept 
of your invitation on the terms proposed. And I do now 
declare my readinefs to serve you in your most important in- 
terests, with humble dependence on the great Head of the 
Church, who has graciously promised to be with his ministers 
to the end of the world. At the same time I trust that you 
will exercise a candid benevolent Spirit towards me, and that 
you will implore of God his presence^and blefsing to attend 
me and to crown my labours among you with desired succefs. 
Wishing that Grace mercy and peace may be multiplied to you 
and to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. 
■:■...■ :\.:S.,:.-:. ^r, _^^ ,: I subscribe myself your 

; ; : j ; ;; ■ p Servant for Jesus Sake. 

■'■:,/ \. Timothy Hilliard. 

v; , I ,; The following is a copy of the Letters sent to the several 
; Churches named in the votes of the Meeting of the Church on 
, the 8''' of October 1783. to compose an Installation Council, 

which were signed by the Rev'' D"" Appleton. 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. . 279 

- ^ Cambridge Oct. 21. 1783. 

Uonouied, Reverend aiid Beloved. 
; V Grace & peace from God onr Father 

and from Jesus Christ our Lord, be multiplied. 

(148) It hath pleased our glorious Lord, after our earnest Suppli- 
cations to him to direct this Church of Christ to Choose the 

' Eev*^ M^ Timothy Hi-lliard unto the Pastoral Oirice over them, 
aod to incline him to accept their Call, And we have agreed 
^ • that Monday, the twent}^ seventh of this inst. October (God 
willing) should be the day for his public and solemn separ- 
ation to that office. 

We do therefore humbly ask the presence of your Rev*^ 
Pastor and of such Mefsengers as you shall send to join with 
sundry Elders and Mefsengers of others Churches in such acts 
of Communion as the day of Installment calls for. 

We earnestly desire your prayers, that God would pour out 
his Spirit and blefsing upon us and our Offspring. And we 
commend you to God and ihe word of his Grace which is able 
to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all 
them which are sanctified 

Yours in 

In the Faith & Fellowship of the Gospel. 
Nathaniel Appleton Pastor. 
In the name and at the desire of 
the first Church in Cambridge. 

You are desired to meet at the house of M*" Caleb Gannett 
at ten o'clock in the forenoon. 

To the Church of Christ under the 

pastoral care of 

At a meeting of the first Church of Christ in Cambridge (by 
adjournment) on the 22^ day of October 1783. 

It is voted 
' 1. That the Brethren of this Church will attend between the 
hours of ten and eleven of the day appointed for the Install- 
ation of the Rev'^ M"^ Ililliard at the place where the Install- 
ation Council shall meet. 

(149) 2. That the s'» Brethren will meet at two o'Clock of the same 
da}' at the house where s'' Council shall dine, in order to wait 
on the Council Attest Aaron Hill. Moderator- 


Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 


.■'';'' ':■' ..-'' 

On the 27^^' day of the same month, at ten oClock A. M. the 

six Churches before named for an ecclesiastic Council meet at 

:: , the dwelling house of M^ Caleb Gannett, and being formed 

^ call upon the Committee (appointed by this Church and Parish 

r ^^E?: to Confer with them) for an account of proceedings relative 

> vf ■ to the election of the Rev'' Timothy Hilliard for Colleague 

f ; < Pastor with the Venerable D'" Appleton. An account in writing 

V A- of the proceedings of this church and of the Parish relative to 

,; :; s^ Election and a copy of M^ Hilliard's acceptance of their 

Call, are accordingly laid before the Council. The Papers are 

read to the Council by their Moderator (The Rev^ D"^ Cooper) 

The Moderator makes public proclamation that if any person 

hath any objection to the s'^ Council's installiug the Rev*' Timothy 

> Hilliard as Colleague Pastor with the Rev'' D^' Appleton in the 

first Church in Cambridj?;e, now is the time to offer the same. 

i j: U No objection is offered. The Council desire the Committee of 

the Ciiurch and Parish to withdraw and leave their Papers. 

The Committee do as so desired After dinner the Moderator 

takelh the Church into a room apart and reads to them a paper 

: containing a dismifsion of Rev'' Timothy Hilliard from the 

, Church of Christ in Barnstable and recommendation of him to 

the fellowship and communion of the first Church of Christ 


in Cambridge and puts the question to this Church. " Do you 

(150) receive M"^ Hilliard as a Member of your Church in full Com- 

Voted in the affirmative unanimously. At half past two 
o'clock P. M. the Council, preceeded by the Chui'ch and as 
many of the Parish as are present, pafs from the house where 
they dined (M^ Owen Warland's) to the Meeting house where 
■ the Rev^' Timothy Hilliard is solemnly installed in the office 
of Pastor of the first Church in Cambridge and Colleague with 
the venerable D^ Appleton with the same ceremonies as are 
commonly used at Ordinations, except the laying on of hands 
of the Presbytery. 

{To he continued.) 


RiCHBELL. — Wanted information concerning the ancestry and 
family of Mr. John Richbell who married Ann, widow of John 
Redman; also of Col. Robert Richbell who died in Boston in 1682, 
Both these men were residents of Oyster Bay, L. I. John was for 
many years a merchant in Boston and Charlestown and had an es- 
tate in St. Christophers, and Robert an estate in Barbadoes. X. 

Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in 
New England. — The secretary, Mr. Eben Putnam, 26 Broad 
Street, Boston, will fm'nish copies of the constitution and by-laws 
upon request to descendants of freemen of the original Company. 
Considerable interest is being manifested in this society, to which 
only male descendants of freemen of the Company (1628-1685), 
are eligible. Mr. Walter K. Watkins, Tremont Building, Boston, 
the recorder of the Companj^ can be corresponded with regarding 

Middlesex, Suffolk, and Essex (Mass.) Records. — Copies, 
abstracts, or research in the records of these counties may be ar- 
ranged for by writing to The Genealogical Magazine. 

Middlesex Co., Mass., Probate Records. — The work of list- 
ing all of the papers in the probate files and indexing of the en- 
tries in the volumes of records, is now completed, and it will not 
be long before a complete and proper alphabetical docket to those 
records will be accessible to the public. The index formerly in 
use was very incomplete, as all searchers of the records have good 
reason to know. . . ; . .. ^ • 


■ Vermont.- — The recently published Proceedings of the Vermont 
Historical Society for 1903-4, is one of the most useful and inter- 
esting volumes published by the society in recent years. The 
president of the society. Col. G. G. Benedict of I^urlington, con- 
tributes an account of the Fay records, so called, which after 
many vicissitudes have finally by vote of Congress been deposited 
with the Archives of the State of Vermont. The ''Fay reconls'' 
are the original records, made by Dr. Jonas Fay, the standing 
- (281) 

282 . . Notes and. Queries. 

secretary of the General Conventions, of the proceedings of six 
genera] conventions held between Jan. 16, 177G, and June 4, 1777. 
of which a copy had been made by Judge Phelps, and published § 

by the Society in 1870, probably from' the originals stolen by the & 

late Henry B. Dawson from a private possessor, whose widow § 

has now given the mutilated book from which the records were 
removed, to the State'. 

Col. Benedict traces the history of the records, and mentions 
the early and incomplete printed proceedings of the conventions. 

In this same volume is a list of Revolutionary soldiers resident 
in Vermont in 1818 and 1832, as shown by the i^ension rolls, with 
a list of those whose graves have been discovered. Mr. Walter 
H. Crockett, to whose labor we owe this list, finds that 4,608 
names have been compiled. 

An accou2it of Commodore ivlacdonough by lion. Charles H. 
Darling is also printed in this volume. 

Richardson. — From a petition by Resolved Richardson it is 
learned that he and his father, William Richardson, since de- 
ceased, in 1782 took possession of 200 acres in Hiram, District of 
Maine, built a house thereon and made other improvements. In 
1783, Resolved moved his father's family from Lancaster to Hiram. 
140 miles. Resolved left the farm in 1790, having an understand- 
ing with his brother-in-law, husband of a sister married in the 
house, to support his father; his father died the following year 
and was buried on the premises, when by agreement, the mother 
being dead, the place was to come into possession of said Resolved, 
who now asks for a deed of .the farm from the Eastern Lands 
Commission. Testimony by Joseph Chadbourn, William [Adams], 
Eliab Pendexter, Simon Johnson, Abraham Barrows, Tim. Wint. 
Barrows, James Weymouth, Joseph Thompson. , 

Dyer. — Joseph D3^er and Anne Bumstead were married in Bos- 
ton, 23 Jan. 1766. See page 130. J. E. B. 

Jermy. — Extracts from the parish registers of Wroxham and 
Salehouse, Norfolk, relating to this family, collected by the late 
Rev. T. F. Boddington, have been printed. The earliest dates are 
in 1769. The name appears as Jerm}^ Jermany, Germany, and 

Germy. ,,..,, ...-,.:..■. .. ■ ■ ■ • - 

TsrV'-t ^ i;. fe/S •! 1*itKiJ'*'«AM 


arVFi *rfi»»r "VOi LIT>> w.*1*V.K 

L... .y&Mib^ JT / 

"■y •. 


> i 

/ ' 

1 ^ T H --^ ' I " f ^ - ^<i:-; X ; -:/ yf:^'^,.^ - . , -^ 

^^'- - ^r'' ^.r. /- -. \. -ts >-^, i/</ Sy^ " .," % I ' % " *^ 

'.--^z.^ ' fi T^ gfiT^.. A^£^.^ ^r/^^>^ 

\ , " V ^ ^ -, ' 

J, >> ^ 




i-*^"-. ^-r,-' -%^i.i V^> J r~*-o ^ 



«» * " "^ * ^ 


7 ' 

5" J^ T ^R 




Vol. I. January, 1906. No. 10 


;V Collected BY Charles M. Thatcher. 

: - ^: , {Continued from Vol. 1, 'page 272.) • ^-^ ;--.-^^^, -. . .: 

Vaughan, Peter, died July 25, 1788, in his Gl year. 

Joanna, widow of Peter, died ]\Iay 23, 1815, in her 84 year. 
Nathan, died March 10, 1785, in his 64 year. 
Thomas, died Dec. 1, 1773, in his 44 year. 

• Isaac, son of Peter and Betty, died Nov. 24, 1790, aged 
•^ , . 8 months 7 days. .. ' 

- ; - Susanna, daughter of Joseph and Sarah, died Sept. 25, 

1794, aged 2 months 14 da3^s. 
Ebenezer, died May 28, 1810, in his 88 year. 
Rachel, wife of Ebenezer, died Sept. 4, 1778, in her 59 

Capt. George, died June 21, 1805, in his 54 year. 
Mary, widow of Capt. George, died April G, 1811, in hei 

■ 57 year. ■ -,■ ■ ._ v; •;; ■■■:,- 
Peter, son of Capt. George and Mary, died Oct. 11, 1790' 

■ aged 16 months 1 day. 

'-' / Betty, daughter of Lieut. George and Mary, died April 4, 
1788, aged 1 month 1 day. 

George, died Nov. 27, 1816, in his 35 year. 

Robert, died Dec. 16, 1808, in his 26 year. 

Miss Faithful, died Nov. 1, 1814, in her 29 year. 
' " " Peter, died Jan. 9, 1806, in his 44 year. 

• A son of Peter and Betsey, still-born, March 1799. 

■'" -\;.k.>.;v:,.. V ..-::■. /-^ ..•■; v ' .' (283) 

284 Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. [January 

Vaughan, Susanna, daughter of George and Mercy, died Oct. 7, 
1815, aged 13 months. 
■■•- • Deborah, wife of Elkanah, died Jan. 20, 1837, aged 47 
• ' years. • ■ ^ ■■. 

OUve, wife of Ebenezer, died Oct. 14, 1813, in her 29 year. 
^ John, born Nov. 14, 1774, died Aug. 15, 1821. 1 

Sarah, his widow, born July 11, 1770, died April V 1 Stone 
11, 1861. ; J 

Sarah C, born Aug. 18, 1812, died March 8, 1895. "^ 
Joseph S., born March 7, 1807, died at Mobile, 

Ala., Aug. 20, 1839. . y 1 Stone 

''daughter and son of John and Sarah 
Vaughan'^ f. ; 

Walker, Olney, died Oct. 22, 1840, aged 28 years. 

Ruth G., daughter of Olney and Lydia R., died Aug. 21, 

1849, aged 10 years 6 months. 
Alexander Lyon, son of Olney and Lydia R., died Feb. 2^ 

1844, aged 4 years 4 months. . 

Weld, Mary Juliet, daughter of William F. H. and Sarah, died 
Aug. 26, 1833, aged 4 years 8 months. 
WiUiam Waldo, son of William F. H. and Sarah, died 
Sept. 5, 1833, aged 3 years. 

Weston, Susanna, wife of Edmond, died Nov. 4, 1734, in her 28 
Abner, son of Edmond and Susanna, died Oct. 5, 1741, 

. aged 18 years 8 months 27 days. 
A daughter of Edmond and Susanna, born and died, Oct. 

13, 1734. 
Lieut. Edmond, died April 4, 1814,. in his 83 year. 
Mary, wife of Mr. Edmond, died Aug. 6, 1808, in her 77 
. ■'• ^- ;" Zechariah, died Dec. 15, 1819, in his 58 year. 

/ - Huldah, wife of Zechariah, died Feb. 24, 1838, in her 76 
■-•Elizabeth, wife of Lieut. John and daughter of Elkanah 
; ^ Leonard, Esq., died April 7, 1775, in her 41 year. 

190G] Records from Old Cemetery, Middleboro, Mass. 285 

Weston,, Elizabeth, daughter of Lieut. John and Priscilla, died 

April 28, 1787, aged 1 year 6 months- 20 days. 
Priscilla, wife of John, died March 16, 1834, in her 83 year. 
Henry, son of Esq. Thomas and Abigail, died Jan. 23, 

1813, aged 8 months 10 daj^s. 
Bethania, daughter of Esq. Thomas and Abigail, died Dec. 

4, 1803, aged 13 months 18 days. 
Miss Bethania, died June 5, 1837, aged 78 years. 
Joanna T., daughter of Daniel and Rebecca, died July 30, 

1808, aged 10 years 5 months 7 days. 
Hannah, died Jan. 6, 1840, in her 50 year. 
Zechariah, died April 9, 1794, aged 65 years. 
Rebekah, wife of Zechariah, died July 28, 1769, in her 

38 year. 
, Mrs. Content, died Dec. 12, 1820, in her 33 year. 

Lieut. Abner, Jr., son of Abner and Huldah of Randolph, 

Vt., born March 5, 1772, died Oct. 29, 1825, aged 33 

years. A 

Abner, son of Abner, died Oct. 25, 1839, aged 22 years. 

Whitney, Lucy, wife of Isaac, died Oct. 2, I860, aged 28 years. 

Nancy, daughter of Isaac and Lucy, died Feb. 7, 1821, 
aged 11 months. 

Wilbur, James L., died Feb. 7, 1832, aged 45 years. 

Deborah, wife of James, died Nov. 27, 1849, aged 65 3^ears. 
Bethiah L., daughter of James L. and Deborah, died May 

2, 1840, in her 16 year. 
Hannah D., wife of Horatio N., died July 26, 1846, aged 

36 years. 
Hannah D., daughter of Horatio N. and Hannah D., died 

Jan. 29, 1847, aged 7 months 5 days. 
Gustavus Austin, son of Horatio and Hannah, died May 

11, 1836, aged 6 weeks 1 day. ,. 

Williams, Eunice, relict of William Stebbins of Longmeadow and 
daughter of Rev. Stephen Williams, D.D., died Oct. 31, 
1805, aged 82 years 1 month. 

Williamson, George, died Jan. 24, 1764, in his 54 year. 

;: ^ Fear, wife of George, died Dec. 30, 1746, in her 37 year. 

286 Records from Old Cemetery, Middlehoro, Mass. 

Willis, Hannah, wife of Joshua, died April 9, 1766, in her 68 year. 

Wood, Patience, relict of Elnathan, and formerly \Adfe of Ichabod 

Cushman, died Sept. 8, 1755, in her 65 year. 
Ephraim, died Dec. 4, 1781, in his 66 year. 
Sarah, wife of Deacon Samuel, died April 30, 1756, in her 

68 year. 
Samuel, died July 12, 1750, in his 38 year. 
Susanna, daughter of Samuel and Joanna, died March 2, 

1758, in her 21 year. 
Thankful, daughter of Lieut. Ansel and Ehzabeth, died 

Dec. 29, 1806, aged 1 year 7 months 16 days. 
Safronea, daughter of Lieut. Ansel and Elizabeth, died 

Nov. 15, 1803, aged 11 months 10 days. 
Juha, daughter of Jeremiah and Polly, died Dec. 21, 1827, 

aged 2 years 1 month 19 days. 
Simeon, died July 29, 1819, in his 35 year. 
Polly, wife of Simeon, died May 22, 1859, in her \- 1 Stone 

Wright, Cuffee, died Feb. 22, 1796, in his 44 year. 




(Continued fj-om Vol. i, page 280.) •' . 

Mem. The Rev^^ M^ Jackson of Brookline began with 
Prayer. The Rev*^ M^' Hilliard preached a Sermon from Titus 
2*^ Chapter & 15^^' Verse those words "Let no man despise 
thee." The Rev^' M^' Clarke of Lexington, prayed before the 
Charge. The Rev^ D^' Cooper of Boston gave the Charge. 
The Rev^ M^" Howard of Boston, made the last prayer, and 
the Rev^^ M^ Cushiug of Waltham gave the right hand of Fel- 
lowship. The Fifth hymn in the Rev"' D'' Watts' collection of 
hymns was then sung. The whole Solemnitj^ was closed by a 
Benediction pronounced by the Rev"^ M^' Hilliard. 

The greatest Order, decency and sobriety were observabl" 

through the whole. 

Soli Deo Gloria. 


May 31. A Church Meeting notify'd the Lord's day preceding to 
1784. chuse a Committee to inspect the manners of professing 
Christians & a Committee to enquire into the state of the 
Chh Stock. 

The Church met & after prayer it was voted. 
1 To chuse a Committee of five to inspect the manners of 
profefsing Christians. Cap" Stedman, D" Hill, D" Frost, D^ 
Munro & Tim^ Tufts Esq"" were chosen. 

2. Voted that the Committee to enquire into the state of the c'''^ 
Stock consist of three. Doc'" Kneeland, M^" Gannett & Cap" 
Stedman were chosen. 

3. Voted that the Committee last chosen be directed to enquire 
■ into the state of monies given to the poor of the C''' & to 

settle all accounts -relating to such monies with the heirs of the 

late D" Whittemore & alfo with D" Hill, the treasurer of the 

Chh. The Meeting was dif solved. 
Oct. 24. The Committee appointed to enquire into the state of the 

Chh Stock unanimously find & report. 
U5-.:-. . , . . '■ (287) 

288 ■" '' jRecorc^s of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

1. That the Deacons have in their hands Securities for monies 
belonging to tliis C'^^ & by them put at interest viz. for the 

gum of 118/1/9 of lawful Silver money. 

2. These Securities are a Note of hand given by the Tresurer of 

£ 8 d 

this Parish for 32 9/1 dated the 3*' of Ap. 1783. & a consoli- 
dation Note for 85.12/8 dated the 1^^^ of March 1783. 

3. These Securities, the same the Deacons had in their hands on 
the 30^'^ day of June 1783 & no interest hath been paid on 
either of them. 

4. The Deacons have not made the interest of the several sums 
lent by them payable at the fame time. 

6. The balance of acco^"' on the 30*'' day of June 1784 in the 
hands of the Deacons exclusive of money appropriated to y^ 

£ 8 d 

: :; use of y*^ poor is y*' fum of 75 15 5 according to y*^ annex'd 
; b acco^ 

£ 8 d 

'' G. Part of s<^ ballanoe viz: 60/4/101 with y<^ interest yMiath 
grown thereon fince y^ 30 day of June 1781 is due from D" 


(152) "Whittemore's estate 14 further part of s'' ballance is to be in 
D" Hills hands upon interest (he having engaged to pay in- 
terest for it from this day) 1 .10.6| the remainder of S'' balance 
is to rest in the hands of the Deacons for contingencies. 

7. The Committee have not yet had it in their power to find the 
state of monies given to the poor of the Chh. 

Submitted by order W™ Kneeland. 

30 of June 1784. 

1784 D*-. Deacons of the pt Qh\^ \^ Cambridge to £ s d 
June 30 money by them put at interest 118. 1. 9 

To cash in D" Whittemore's hands for which 

he promised to pay interest GO 4.10 J- 

To cash in D*^ Hills hands for which he 

promis'd to pay interest 9. 0. 

To a year's interest of the same sum 0.10.10 

To the fum which rested in the Deacons' hands 

for Contingencies 1.10. 73- 

The fum total of Contributions paid fince 

June 30*'' 1783 ; :^, v 9.11.10i 

;'^\V^ vvsir"' '^-^ :..,.:■; '•-.::;■■:/ '■^r- ': ■ ' ' 198.19.11 

1906] :!' Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 289 

Mem. No consideration is had in the above acc^ of in- 
terest growing on y^ fecurities in the hands of the Deacons. 
nor of interest growing on the sum in D" Whittemore's iiands, 
nor of the money in the hands of the Deacons appropriated to 
the use of y® poor. 
S^ Chh Contra 
1784 By Securities in their hands for money by 
June 30 them put at interest 118. 1. 9 

By expense for bread and wine fince June 30, 
{-■ 1783 5. 2. 9 

By ballance in y^ hands of the Deacons 75.15. 5 


60. 4.10J of the above baHance with 3^^ interest that hath 
grown thereon since June 30, 1781 is due from D" Whittemore's 

eftate 14 further part of s^ balance is to be in D" Hills hands 
upon interest. 

£ B d 

1.10. 6|- the remainder of s^ ballance is to rest in the Dea- 
con's hands for contingencies. 

This report read & accepted Oct. 22, 1784. 
(153) Voted that Deacon Frost be added to the Committee to 
inquire into the state of monies given to the poor of the 
Church & to settle all accounts relating to fuch monies with 
the heirs of the late D° Whittemore. 
Feb. 10^^' A Ch^' Meeting notified the Lord's day preceding to receive 
some proposals respecting the Legacy given by the late Rev^ 
D** Appleton to the poor of this C^'^\ 
Voted 1. That the Deacons of this C^'^' be authorized to take security 
from the Treasurer of the first Parish in Cambridge for the 
sum of £40 given by the late Rev'' D"* Appleton to the poor 
of this C^'^' with interest from the time of making the transfer 
*' or from fuch earlier period as the Executors of the will of 
the deceased may agree to. 
; -p 2, That a receipt given by the Deacons Shall be a discharge 
to the Executors of the late D'' Appleton for the sum guien 
by him to the poor of this Ch''. 
3. That a Committee of three be chosen to see that this 
: :, i is matter is conducted according to law. 

M*' Gannett, Profefsor Wigglesworth & D'' Knecland were 

290 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

March 21 A Church meeting notified the Lord's day preceeding to 
consider fome further proposals respecting D'^ Appletons 

Vote 1. Tliat the Deacons of this C'*'' be authorized to take M*" 


J r- Nathaniel Prentices obligation for the sum of 40 left by the 
late Rev*' D^" Appleton to the poor of this Ch'' instead of an 
. obligation from the Parish Treas^ the s^ Prentice procuring 
suflicient furities. 

Voted Tliat Cap^^ Walton & M"" Ebeuezer Wyeth be a Committee 
to consult with the Deacons upon the sufficiency of sucli 
furities as may be offer'd. - 


May 30. Church meeting notified the Lord's [day] preceeding to 

1785 chuse a Committee to inspect the manners of profefsing 
Christians & alfo a Committee to enquire into the state of 
the Church ftock. 

Voted. That as few of the brethren are present this meeting be 
adjourned to the next friday being Lecture day. 

June 3. A Church meeting by adjournment. Voted That the choice 
of a Committee to inspect the manners of profefsing Chris- 
tians be put off to the next Lecture day & that the present 
Committee be continued to that time. 

Voted. 'J'hat a Committee of three be chosen to inquire into the 
state of the C'^" Stock, Voted that D^' William Kneeland ]\F 
Caleb Gannett & M"^ Profefsor Wiggleswortii be a Committee 
for that purpose 

July 29. A Chh Meeting by adjournment. 

The report of the Committee to enquire into the state of the 
Church Stock was read & accepted. 

A Committee appointed to Enquire into the state of monies 

, , ., given to the poor of the Church also reported, & their report 
was accepted by the C''' which in substance was as follows. 
That there is in the hands of the Deacons monies to the 

amount of 62.0.2. viz due from the heirs of D" Whittemore 

£ s dF £ 8 d F 

15.0 3.2 of such monies. In the hands of D" Hill 

£ 8 d 

Also a bond of Nath' Prentifs & others for 42.2.8. The Com- 
mittee reported that they find no rules according to which these 
monies are to be applied for the benefit of the poor, Excepting 
the Legacy of the late D^ Appleton. 

1906] V ; Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 291 

Whereupon it was voted, to chuse a Committee to draw up 
.. certain rules respecting tlie disposition of monies given to the 
poor of this C^^^' & report them at the next meeting, the Com- 
mittee to Confist of five. 

D'Kneeland, Profefsor ^Yigglesworth, M"^ Gannett, D" Frost 
& D" Hill were chosen. 
Voted That tlie appointing a Committee to inspect the manners of 
profefsiug Christians be deferred to the next meeting. 
The meeting was adjourned to the next Lecture day. 


Sept. 23. A C'^' Meeting by adjounment. 

The Committee appointed to draw up certain rules respecting 
V y® disposition of monies given for the use of the poor of the 
: Chh made y*' following report, which was accepted exclusive 
of the 4^^^ article. 

1. The Deacons shall put s*' monies at Interest in as few sums 
as may be. 

2. Every security by them taken for monies so lent, shall be 
made payable on y^ first day of Ocf next Ensuing y^ date 
thereof. ^-^1 

3. If the interest be not punctually paid, upon any such security 
the Deacons fhall put s^ security in suit as soon as may be. 

4. That one third of the sums contributed at the annual thanks- 
givings for y^ use of y^ poor shall with leave of y^ contri- 
butors be yearly added to y^ principal of this fund. 

5. That the interest of y*" late ReV^ D^' Appleton's Legacy for 
y^ use of the poor of this C'"'^ together with one third of y^ 
residue of y*^ interest of this fund fhall be annually by the 
Deacons distributed, according to their discretion amongst y^ 
poor of this Chh. 

6. The rest of the interest of y*" fund shall be added to y® prin- 
cipal continually. 

7. The Deacons shall keep an account of the articles''& y'^ value 
of them, by them distributed & of y® persons to whom distri- 
buted, which acc^ they shall annually lay before the committee 
which shall be appointed to examine the D"^ Acc^^. 

W. Kneeland pr Order. 

The Committee chosen this year to enquire into the state of 
the Chh. Stock presented the following. 
Dr^ Deacons of the first Chh in Cambridge to s'* Ch^'. 

292 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

1785. To money by them put at Interest. 118. 1. 9 

To Cash in D" Whittemoie's hand for which 
he promised to pay interest 60. 4.10^ 

To Cash in D" Hills hands for which he prom- 
ised to pay interest 14. 0. 
To one years interest of y^ above sum " 0.16.10 
To the fum which rested in the Deacon's hands 
for Contingencies 1.10. 6J 

To sum total of Contributions fiuce June 30. 
1784. 9.10. 1 

*(154) To cash received for interest on the Consol- 
idation note 3. 17. 10. I 

Total ' 207.11.101 

Con. Cr. 

By fecurities in their hands for monies by 
them put at Interest 118. 1. 9 

By exi)ence for bread & wine f ince 
June 30 1781 6. 0.11 

By balance in the liands of the Deacons 83. 9. 2 |^ 

^^ Total 207.11.10 1 

Sixty pounds 4/10 of y*^ above balance with the interest 
which has grov/n thereon fince June 30^^' 1781 is due from D'^ 
AVhittemore's Eftate. 

Seventy two pounds a further part of s'^ balance is to be in 
D" Hills hands on Interest. 

One pound 4/4 of s^ balance is to remain in y^ D"^ hands 
for Contingencies. 
Maj 29. A Church meeting notified the Lord's day preceding t^ 
; 1786 chuse a Committee to enquire into the C^''\ Stock 
■-'^^^:-^-'..' ■■^^i., Voted to chuse a Committe of three 

^ ^^^ D'^ William Kneeland, M"* Gannett & M^ Profefsor Wiggles- 
worth were chosen 
Kij^i The Committee reported that there is £ s d 

' ; r'N in the hands of the Deacons 237.13.10 

''"- ' '■' '''»■■'■,•■' ..■.■,■■,. 

; Report accepted by the C'''. 

April 13. A C'^'' meeting notified the Sabbath preceding to Chuse a 
1786 Committee to enquire into the state of the C'*' Stock 

♦[Pages (1G4) aud (165) ar« duplicated and page 165 is blank. S. P. S,]. 

1906] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. , ;'. 293 

Voted That the Committee consist of three. D^" Kneeland, Mi- 
Gannett & Rev'' D^' Wiggles worth weve chosen. 

Voted. That this Committee be directed to cojisult with & advise 
the Deacons of the Church ns to the management of the monies 
in their hands so as may be most for the interest of the Ch^'. 

June 1786: Committe reported that there is in 

the Deacons' hands ^^^^^ ^^ ! ■ 274.17. 1| 

;.7 Report accepted. - /' '■C--y'''X '■'■'"''''''■ ^^ ■■ 

(156) Persons Married by T. Hilliard 

from page 130. 
1786. May 17. Jonas Barker & Mary Burns 

July 6*'' John Adams & Hannah Phelps ■ . 

Francis Churchill & Phebe Leathers, Charlestown. 

Charles Frothingham & Lydia Kidder 

Seth Ingersoll Brown & Sarah Goddiu 

Jonas Cutter & Lydia Frost 

Thomas Rand & Sarah Hill 

Ebenezer Austin & Polly Bunker, Charlestown 

Samuel Cutter & Nabbv Cutter 

Thomas Barrett & Mercy Cook .. 

Rev^^ Jonathan Burr & Miss Sarah Cooke 

John Gilmore & Mary Teel. 

Jonas Wyeth & Hepzibah Sawin. 

Benjamin Winship & Mary Adams 

Elisha Doane & Eunice Hunnewell. 

Isaiah Dickson & Sally Cooper 

Simeon Childs & Grace Winship. 

Zealous Colton & Jenny Barber. 

Andrew Lopus & Sarah Kidder. 

Joseph Bird & Ruth Leathers Charlestown. 

Thomas Edes & Mary Ball Charlestown. 

Joseph Millar & Mary Tapley Charlestown. 

Returned to Town Clerk. 
Samuel Hastings & Rebecca Johnson. 
Ebenezer Freeman & Bethiah Hackelton. 
Rev'^ John Andrews & Mifs iNIargaret Wigglesworth 
Edward Winship & Lucy Learned 
Darby Millar & Dinah Bowen. 






; V oct^ 





1787 Jau> 


... Feb. 


f'S July 


yy^- Oof 




1788. Apr 

'. 4. 























294 Records of the First CJuirch, Cambridge. 

(157) Persons Married by A: Holmes. 

1792. April 15. Jonas Wyeth & Elizabeth Smith 

June 21. Walter Frost of Cambridge & Martha Tufts of 

July 8. Jonathan Hearsey & Hannah Hill. 
Jan. 3. Walter T3ickson jan'^ of Cambridge & * 

1793 Anna Tufts of Charlestown. 

See Book II. Part II p. (73.) 

[Pages 158 and 159 Blank. S. P. S.] 

(160) Account of Deaths in the first Parish in 

Cambridge from Oct'" 27. 1783. 
Sukey Foster 

Mrs. Sewall wife of Prof Sewall 
Mrs. Dixon wife of Isai'^ Dixon. 
M^ Dixon's two Children. 
Mr. Berry Dr. Moore | 

Mrs. Stanley ■,;■;;■:' ,;;.•."■. I 

Wid. Bordman ; ^ | 

Mrs. Gammage wife of Dr. I 

Dr. Gammage's infant Child. i 

Mr. Rufsell - ~^'\■:■''('■■\^'■..,.'' ■■:■■: ■ ' j 

Mrs Whitworth, Wid. -; 

[1784] Mrs. [Sally] Prentice wife of Jonas 

. Leonard Walton son of Wid. 
Mr. Frothinojham. 
Mr. Frothingham's daughter 
V - Mifs Kent's Child. 

Mr. Palmer ;,/ ^ 

' " ' Mifs Sparhawk 
Mrs. Griggs 

Mr. Eobbin's Child. M^ Phillips's child. 
Mr. Douglafs 
Mr. Barrett's Child 
MrFowle's Child 
Parfon Smith's Child ^ 
Darinda Vafsall 
Mrs. Briant 

(1*0 be continued.) 


GAZETTE, 1765-1800. 

Collected and areanged by Otis G. Hammond. 

{Continued from Vol. 1^ page 268.) 

1782, Jan. 12. ^ :■' ".' .'■■ ':.... . 

George Lush was found drowned at Boston, Mass., Jan. 6, 1782. 
Capt. ]3arker of the brig Diana, from Salem, Mass., to Virginia, 

was drowned at Nantucket. 
Major Reed of Marblehead, Mass., was killed by accident Jan. 

9, 1782. 

1782, Jan. 19. 
Miss Sarah Kneeland, in her 32d year, died in Portsmouth, N. IL, 
Jan. 15, 1782. . .^^ 

1782,Feb.9. ■ ■ ' ^'■" ' = .y^^ >;..-/ -■:^.- .:■ 

Thomas Penhallow and Miss Hannah Bvmbury, both of Ports- 
mouth, N. H., were married Feb. 7, 1782. 

1782, Feb. 16. 
Henry Sav/tell, his wife, and 5 children were burned to death 
in Newfarre, Vt., Feb. 1, 1782. They had moved there from 
Templeton, Mass. 

1782, Feb. 23. 
Capt. Calfe of Newburyport, Mass., and Capt. James Barr of 
Salem, Mass., were wrecked and drowned at Plum Island. 

1782, March 30. 
Rev. Mr. Buckminster of Portsmouth, N. H., and Sally, only 
daughter of Benjamin vStevens of Kittery, Me., were married 
in Kittery, March 24, 1782. 
Dependence Bickford, aged about 58, died in Newington, N. H., 
March 22, 1782., 

1782, May 4.' ' ^■: '-"':..:■:-:/■ :.:/i/-' ■^^^■ . - 

George Gains of Portsmouth, N. H., and Sarah, daughter of 
Thomas Pickering of Newington, N. H., were married May 2, 
- 1782...... 

/^;S?^';-;v'- '^v-^^^^ ■:■.-'■■ ^ ■ \ -(295) ■■. ^ 

296 From New Ilaiiipshire Gazette, 1765-1800. [January 

1782, June 29. 

Col. Andrew Balfour, formerly of Newport, R. I., was killed })y 
•: ^ Tories in Randolph county, N. C, March 12, 1782. 

Capt. Edward Burbeck, formerly of Boston, Mass., was killetl 
^ by lightning in Newburypon, Mass., June 23, 1782. lie left 
a widow and 7 children. 

1782, July 13. 
A son of Rev. Mr, Macclintoek of Greenland, N. II., aged about 

13, was drowned July 6, 1782. 
James Leach, aged about 19, was drowned in Spruce Creek, July 
" 6, 1782. • , : 

1782, July 20. 
Capt. John Odlin, in his 75th year, died in Exeter, N. H., July 
15, 1782. He left a widow and 5 children. 

1782, July 27. 
Joseph White, in his 80th year, died in Yarmouth, Mass., a few 
weeks before. He was a son of Joseph, and grandson of Pere- 
grine White, both of whom also died in their 80th year, and 
he left a son Joseph in his 40th year. " 

1782, Aug. 31. 
John Morrison, formerly of Peterborough, N. H., died in Charles- 
ton, S. C, about the middle of May, 1782. He was a British 
commissary at that place. 

1782, Sept. 14. ' -- : : 

Hannah Hemenway was found dead by suicide in Boston, Mass., 
Sept. 6, 1782. 

Mark Hunking, in his 83d year, died in Barrington, N. H., Sept. 

, 11, 1782. He was born in Portsmouth, N. H., and, after 
following tlie sea for many 3'ears, removed to Barrington. By 
his first wife he had 6 sons and 5 daughters, of whom only 3 
daughters survived him. He married again late in life. 

1782, Oct. 5. 

Richard Truesdell, formerly of Newton, Mass., in his 52d year, 
died in Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 1, 1782. 

1782, Oct. 19. 
MajorrOen. Charles Lee died in Philadelphia, Pa., before Oct. 10» 

1782. ,.,.: ,. . - 

1906] From New Ilampsh ire Gazette, 1 765-1 SOO. 297 

1782, Dec. 7. ■ 

Capt. Thomas Simpson and Mrs. Patty Langdon both of Ports- 
mouth, N. H., were married Dec. 1, 1782. 

1782, Dec. 21. 

Wilham Beadle killed his wife, 4 children, and himself in Weth- 
ersfield. Conn., Dec. 11, 17S2. He was a native of England, 
and had resided inWethersfield about 10 years, and in America 
about 20 3'ears. He was married in Fairfield, Conn., about 
14 years ago. 

1783, Jan. 4. 

Sarah, v/ife of William Gardner, in her 29th year, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H., Dec. 29, 1782. 

1783, March 22. - . ■ 

Ann, wife of Hon. Nicholas Oilman, and only daughter of Rev- 
John Taylor of Milton, died in Exeter, N. H., March 17, 1783. 
John Oilman of Exeter, N. H., was drowned in Oreat Bay, March 
19, 1783. 

1783, April 12. . ^^ "; 

Hon. Nicholas Oilman, aged 51, died in Exeter, N. H., April 7, 
• ' 1783. ■■ 

1783, May 24. 
John Smith, 4th, in his 34th year, died in Durham, N. H., May 

9, 1783. 
Rev. Joseph Adams, in his 95th year, died in Newington, N. H., 
May 20, 1783. 

1783, Sept. 27. 

Bestey, only daughter of James Hickey, died in Portsmouth, 
.:• N. H., Sept. 18, 1783. 

1783, Oct. 25. ' -'■'^^'■'-■' :■■''■'■■.■■- ..... 

Elias Kreamer died in Coventry, Conn., Aug. 7, 1783. 

Jonathan Beebe, in his 87th year, and Remember Nye, in her 
85th year, were married in Ea«t Haddam, Conn., Oct. 7, 
1783.' ....:,.,..,._, ^.. ,. ...,., ...,..._-:,,^ ..,./. :;:.:^.:, .,.:._... ■ 

1783, Dec. 6. 
Alexander Henderson, aged 27, native of Oreat Britain, died in 

Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 1, 1783. 
Daniel Marshall, aged 24,died in Portsmouth, N. H.,Dec. 2,1783. 

298 From JSfeio HampsJdre Gazette, 1765-1800. 

1784, Feb. 14. ---" -^V. ':■;:; .. ., ---'n/^v-:-- ■/>;■■■ ^: ■y .^- -/-:-. .[':■ 

A daughter of Dr. Walton was drowned at Salisbury, Conn., 

Jan. 23, 1784. ' ;■ : • ^ 

1784, Feb. 28.-: ,■:■■.,■'.'■■.' 

John Pearce, aged 97, died in Marblehead, Mass., Feb. 13, 1784. 
Of his 17 children, 6 were twins. 

Mary, wife of Thomas Sheafe, aged 29, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 
Feb. 20, 1784. 

Abigail, v/ife of Joseph Leach, aged 64, died in Portsmouth, N.H., 
Feb. 20, 1784. 

Esther, wife of Capt. Arnold, aged 43, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 
Feb. 24, 1784. 

AVilliam, son of Joseph Hart, aged 20, was drowned at Ports- 
mouth, N. H., Feb. 25, 1784. 

Temple Knight died in Portsmouth, N. H., Feb. 28, 1784. 

1784, March 6. 

Capt. O. Littlcfield was killed by accident in Wells, Me., Feb. 
26, 1784. 

A child of Mr. Thonias died in Portsmouth, N. H., Feb. 29, 

Deacon John Marshall, aged 69, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 
;,:,^ March, 1784. ■ \,- •;••■ :.:.^ :- ■^-■.- ■,■ -■ • 

1784, March'20. 

Hannah, wife of John Cutts, aged 53, died in Portsmouth, N. II., 
■ , March 10, 1784. 

1784, March 27. 

Lydia, wife of Col. John Peters, and second daughter of Joseph 
Phelps, died in Hebron, Conn., Feb. 15, 17§4, aged 60. She 
was married at 15, and had 15 children,. 13 surviving her, the 
youngest 15 years old. She had 45 grandchildren. 

Henry Cruger, son of Col. George Boyd, aged 11, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 

A child of Joshua Jones died in Portsmouth, N. H. ' 

A child of John Davenport died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

.'■'■'*'^:::.y:l':''f'''::^^:- . {To he Continued.') 



(Continued froiu Vol. 1 , page 262,) 'i 

Births. ■• •/^<:, >:■"-;■;■,...:■;'■••;. ■-':■"• 

page — Paul Rayment the form of William Rayment of Beverly by 
Mary his Wife was Borne Tufe Day y^ Twenty fecond Day of Janu- 
ary about one of the Clock in the After noone in y® yeare of ou^ 
Lord God 169t 

Elizabeth Conant y^ Daughter of John Conant of Beverly by 
Bathiah his Wife was Borne on y^ fourteenth Day of January, 
in ye year of ou^ Lord God 16S1 

Bathiah Conant y^ Daughter of John Conant of Beverly by Bathiah 
his Wife was Borne on y<^ fourteenth day of Octob'" in y^ yeare of 
ou'" Lord God 1GS4 

John Conant y^ fonn of John Conant of Beverly by Bathiah his 
Wife was Borne on y^ feaventh Day of July in y^ year of ou^" Lord 

Debbrah Conant y^ Daughter of John Conant of Beverly by Ba- 
thiah his Wife was Borne on y^ Twentieth Day of february in y^ 
year of o^" Lord 1GS7 

Daniel Conant y^ fonn of John Conant of Beverly by Bathiah his 
Wife Was Borne on y^ ninteenth Day of novemb^ in y^ year of o^ 
Lord God 1694 

Rebecah Ra3anent y^ Daughter of Nathaniel Rayment of Beverly 

by Rebecah his Wife was Borne on y^ Twentieth Day of novemly 

in ye year of ou^" Lord God 1694 

Jonathan Trafke y^ fonn of Jofeph Trafk of Beverly by Elizabeth 

his Wife was Borne on y^ fixteenth Day of September in y^ year 

of ou'- Lord God 1694 

Luke Morgan ye fonn of famuel Morgan of Beverly by Sarrah his 

Wife Was Borne on ye feaventh Day of ffebruary in ye yeare of o^" 

Lord God 169i 

Roger Conant ye fonn of Lott Conant of Beverly by Abigail his Wife 

was Borne on }^ Eighteenth Day of ffebruary in yea^" of o^ lord 169| 

James Smith ye fonn of Hazadiah Smith of Beverly by Hannah 

his wife was Borne on ye fecond Day of ffebruary in ye year of o^" 

Lord God 169t 

* Copyright 1905 by Eben Putnam. 


300 :■-:' -C-: Early Records of the Town of Beverly. [January 

Daniel Wooclbery y^ fonn of John Woodbery of Beverly by Ales 
his Wife was Borne on the feven and twentieth Day of January 
in the year of o'' lord God 169| 

]\Iary Elenwood the Daughter of Benjamin Elenwood by Mar}^ his 
wife was Borne on the Twenty third Day of Aprill in y^ year of ou"" 
Lord God 1695 

Sarrah Stone the Daughter of John Stone of Beverly by Sarah his 
Wife was Borne on the third day of Aprill in the year of our Lord 
God 1693 

Merriam Stone the Daughter of John Stone of Beverly By Sarah 
his Wife was Borne on the twlfth day of Aprill in y^ year of ou"" 
Lord God 1695 

Anna Rich y^ Daughter of Edward Rich of Beverly by Anna his 
Wife was Borne on the ninth Day of January in y^ year of o'" Lord 
God 1691 

page — Ifrael Woodbery y^ fonn of William Woodbery of Beverly 
by Johannah his Wife was Borne on y® fix and Twentieth Day of 
Decemb^ in y^ year of o^ Lord God 1694 

Mary Trow the Daughter of Tobias Trow by Mary his Wife was 
Borne on y^ Twenty fifth Day of merch in y^ year of ou"" Lord God 
169f • 

Hannah Corning y^ Daughter of Sam^^ Corning Jun*" of Beverly by 
fufanah his wife was Borne on y^ fourtenth Day of may in the 
year of ou'" Lord God 1695 

Nathaniel Baker the fonn of Cornelius Baker of Beverly by Abigail 
his Wife was Borne on y^ Thirtieth Day of December in y^ year 
of ou'^ Lord God 1692 

Abigail Baker y^ Daughter of Cornelius Baker of Beverly by Abi- 
gail his Wife was Borne on y^ fecond Day of Aprill in the year 
of our Lord God 1695 

Abigail Weltch y^ Daughter of John Weltch of Beverly by Sarah 
his Wife was Borne on y^ Thirteenth Day of June in the year of ou'' 
Lord God 1695 

Abigail Parlor y^ Daughter of Thomas Parlor of Beverly by Eliza- 
beth his Wife was Borne on y^ Ninteenth Day of miay in y^ year 
of ou'- Lord God 1695 

Abigail Grigs the Daughter of Jacob Grigs of Beverly by Elenor 
his Wife was Borne on the Eighth Day of July in y« year of ou"^ 
Lord God 1695 

1906] Early Records of the Toim of Beverly. : ■: 301 

David Wheeler the fonn of John Wheeler of Beverly by Mary his 

Wife was Borne on y^ one and twentieth Day of Novemb^ in y^ 

year of our Lord God 1694 

Anthony Wood y® fonn of William Wood of Beverly by Elizabeth 

his Wife was Borne on y^ feventh day of January in y^ year of our 

Lord God 169i 

Luke perkings y^ fonn of Luke perkings of Beverly by Martha his 

Wife Was Borne on y^ feventeenth Day of Septemb^ in y^ year of 

ou"- Lord God 1695 ' 

Caleb Wallice y^ fonn of Caleb Wallice of Beverly by Sarah his 

Wife w^as Borne on fourteenth Day of October in y^ year of our 

Lord God 1695 

Jofeph Herrick y^ fonn of Samuel Herrick of Beverly by Sarrah 

his Wife was Borne on y^ fixteenth Day of Novemb^ in the year 

of our Lord God 1695 <i 

Georg Herrick fon of George Herrick late of Salem by Martha his 

wife was Borne on y^ fecond Day of January in the year of ou^' Lord 

God 1695/6 

page — Nathanale Traf k y^ fonn of John Traf k of Beverly By 

Hannah his Wife was Borne on y^ Twentieth Day of January in y« 

yeare of o'* lord God 169| 

Abigail Stone y® Daughter of Samuel Stone of Beverly by Elizabeth 

his Wife was Borne on y^ feventeenth Day of Novemb'' in y^ year 

of ou^ Lord God 1695 

Mary Louet y^ Daughter of John louit of Beverly by Mary his 

wife was Borne on y^ Tw^entyninth day of Novemb^ in y^ year 

of ou^ Lord God 1695 

Lydia Balch y® Daughter of Benjamin Balch fen^ of Beverly by 

Grace his Wife was Borne on the Twenty Eighth Day of Auguft 

in ye year of ou^ Lord God 1695 

John Dodg y® fonn of John Dodg Jun^ of Beverly, by mary his 

Wife was Borne on y« Eighth Da}^ of November in y^ year of ou^ 

Lord God 1694 

Robert Cue the fonn of Robert Cue of Beverly by Elizabeth his 

wife was Borne on y* Thirteenth Day of Decemb^ in y^ year of o"" 

Lord God 1695. 

Annes fmith the Daughter of John fmith of Beverly by Mary his 

Wife was Borne on y^ Eighteenth Day of november in y^ year of ou"" 

Lord God 1695 

302 , ^ Early Records of the Toiim. of Beverly. 

Jane Stone the Daughter of Samuel ftone of Beverly by Abiall his 
Wife was Borne on y^ Ninth Day of february in y*' year of ou*" Lord 
God 169| 

William Conant the fonn of William Conant of Beverlj^ by Mary 
his Wife was Borne on the thirtieth day of January in y^ year of 
ou'- Lord God 169^ 

Abigaill Elenwood y^ daughter of Ralph Elenwood by martha his 
Wife was Born on ye twenty fecond Day of January in y« year of 
lord god 169| 

Elizabeth Morgan the Daughter of Robert Morgan of Beverly by 
Ann His Wife was Born on the ffourth Day of Auguft in the year 
of ou^ Lord God 1695 

William Butman y^ fonn of Matthew Butman of Beverly by Eliza- 
beth his Wife was Borne on y^ fifth Day of March in the year of 
ou'- Lord God 1691-^^^ 

Benerges Rayment the fonn of Jonathan Rayment of Beverly by 
farah his Wife was Borne on the ffourteenth Day of May in the 
yeare of o'' Lord 1096 

Ebenezer Weltch the fonn of John Weltch by Sarah his Wife was 
Borne on the Ninteenth Day of may Anod 1696 
Sarah Pickworth the Daughter of Elias Pickworth by Anna his 
Wife was Borne on the firft Day of May in the year of ou*" Lord God 

yage — Roger Trow y^ fonn of George Trow of Beverly by farah 
his Wife was Borne on the thirteenth day of June in the year of ou'^ 
Lord God 1696 

Richard Woodbery the fon of John Woodbery of Beverly by 
[Alice] his wife was Borne on the feventh day of July in the year 
of our Lord God 1696 

fimon Lovit the fonn of fimon Lovit of Beverly by Annis his Vvife 
was Borne on the tenth Day of Auguft in the year o our Lord 
God 1696 

Rebekah Dodg the Daughter of Jofeph Dodg Jun of Beverly by 
Rebakah his wife was Borne on the feventh Day of feptember in 
the year of our lord God 1696 

Jofeph Woodbery the fonn of Peter Woodbery Junf" of Beverly by 
Mary his Wife was Borne on ye twenty ninth Day of feptember 
in the year of our Lord God 1696 

/:..., {To he continutd.) 

'WWI:M-:-^{-^ n n \^ ■ •■■:■■■■ 



By Du. Charles Edward Banks. 

Instances of the contemporaneous occurrence of the same name, 
borne by two individuals in New England before 1700 are within 
the experience of all students of Colonial genealogies. That this 
is true of the common surnames need not be amplified, but it often 
occurs that an unusual name is found in two distinct persons liv- 
ing at the same time. There were two Richard Foxwells living 
one in Barnstable, Mass., the other in Saco, Maine, who have been 
confounded, and three John Harmons in Maine 1650-1700. These 
instances come to my mind as examples of the latter class. 
Whether there were two John Boults is an interesting question, 
and 1 submit the following problem of a John Boult of Martha's 
Vineyard and a John Boult of Boston: — 





Bought land. 


Witness to deed. 


Elected Ensign of Militia. 


Witness to Will. 




Sold land (bought in 1686). 


>. Plaintiff, action for debt 

1694. Constable. 

[called "of Edgartown"]. 170G-7, Mch. 10. Overseer of Poor. 

1707, October. Plaintiff, action for 1707, June 26. Assessed 1 poll. 

debt. [No further record.] 1707-8, Mch. 8. Overseer of Poor. 

1708-9, Mch. 14. " " 

^" " ": 1709-10, Apr. 25. " " . 

' . . : 1710, June 9. Will made. 

. 1710-11, Jan. 29. Deceased. 

There are really no conflicting dates, and nothing to show they 
were not one and the same person. The election to the office of 
Constable in Boston in 1694 might be construed unfavorably to 
identity, but it is not fatal. The land bought by John of the 
Vineyard in 168G and sold in 1703 is still known as '' Boult 's Farm/' 
a survival of a transient name for two centuries. 



John Boult. 

The will of John Boult of Boston, merchant, conveyed propert)^ 
to his sister Rebecca Bruen of Chester, England, widow of John 
Bruenj'^chirurgeon of the same place, and to three nephews, John, 
Tliomas, and Andrew Bruen, sons of John and Rebecca; also to 
nephew Andrew Boult sometime of London, merchant; to niece 
Elizabeth Sharp widow, daughter of his brother Boult of London, 
"Druggestor;" charitable bequests to the pastors and poor of the 
North and South Churches, Boston, and to friend Jonathan Mount- 
fort and his daughters. 

This will indicates that John Boult was either unmarried or a 
childless widower, and there are no indications that John Boult of 
the Vineyard had a family. The tradition at the Vineyard is to 
the effect that he was a tanner of moleskins and returned to Eng- 
land, but that may be safel}^ ignored. If those two persons are 
the same individual it would be a fair conclusion that he first 
settled on Martha's Vineyard, 1GS6, remained till about 1693 or 4 
when he took up residence in Boston, retaining his farm on the 
island. It would further appear that he was still called '' of 
Edgartown" in 1705-6, though he had sold his land there, but in 
March 1707, till his death he was definitely ''of Boston." 


The Vital Records again. — A valued correspondent, and well 
known contributor to eastern genealogical and historical publi- 
cations, writes : ''lam with you on the Vital Record question. 
The present plan is almost fatal to logical inferences because of 
the removal from the context. Very often the registration of 
a lone child's birth, an orphan, brought up in another family 
is recorded next that of the others and serves to point to 
relationship." This objection to the ''approved" method of 
printing the vital records has been repeatedly presented, in 
various forms, to the editors of this magazine, by those who are 
the best C{ualified to judge of the proper methods of making our 
records accessible. Specific instances have been quoted, which 
taken as found in the original are of great interest and value, 
but arranged as in the printed books of the Vital Records would 
convey either no meaning or give an absolutely wrong impression. 
-.■ It is most regrettable that so much energy and money should be 
expended on a series of publications which in years to come will 
be considered a monument to misdirected effort and anything 
but a memorial to those workers who have allowed themselves 
to be influenced by thep opular demand for foolishly systematized 
handy books, against their own better judgment as we believe to 
be frequently the case. This latter inference is quite justified 
by the very wording of the Act under which this work is subsi- 
dized. The pity of it is that having these poor substitutes in 
print, it will be many years before the records will be printed 
as records. Even the easily inserted references to the page of the 
original records, which could be inserted at practically no expense, 
and which are an absolute necessity to give these alphabetical 
arrangements real value, are missing from the publications of the 
three most important series, the very volumes in which one would 
expect to find every safeguard. A feature of the case which is 
attracting some unfavorable comment is the failure of the com- 
mittees in charge to report the expenses and receipts in detail (if 



JVotes and Queries, 

at all), to the societies who have beeonie responsible for this work. 
The cost of preparation of each book, and the receipts from sale of 
same should be printed in the annual reports. The worst feature 
of the whole business is the well known intention to require con- 
formity to the style already established, by any publisher who 
would participate in the bounty of the State. This is not a re- 
quirement of the Act but a ruling of the Commission. AVe have 
already called attention to the fact that the work of the Mayflower 
Society has been sadly handicapped b}' this unfair ruling.^J 

Babhidge. — August 17, 1757. Petition of LycHa Babbidge, 
John Babbidge, Jonathan Mason and his wife Susannah, all of 
Salem, the said Lydia, John and Susannah being three of the chil- 
dren and heirs of John Babbidge deceased, eldest son of Christo- 
pher Babbidge, late of Salem, cordwainer, deceased intestate, 
Susannah, of Salem, widow, as guardian of Eliza Babbidge, Ben- 
jamin and Christopher B., minors, the other three children and 
heirs of the said John Babbidge deceased, Abigail Babbidge of 
Boston, widow, as guardian of Benjamin and John Babbidge, 
minors, and only survivijig children and heirs of Benjamin Bab- 
bidge late deceased, second son of the said intestate, Anstis 
Babbidge of said Salem, widow, as guardian of Anstis B., junior, 
only child and heir of Christopher Babbidge, junior, late deceased, 
third son of said intestate, Jonathan Lambert of said Salem and 
wife Lydia, one of the daughters of said intestate, Mehetabel 
Babbidge, spinster, of Salem, another daughter of said intestate, 
and Nathaniel Osgood of Salem and wife Hannah, another 
daughter of said intestate. (The children of the said John Bab- 
bidge, of ye said Benjamin Babbidge and of ye said Christopher 
Babbidge jr. before named, with ye said Lydia Lambert, Mehet- 
abel l^abbidge and Hannah Osgood being all ye children and 
grandchildren and co-heirs of ye aforenamed Christopher Bab- 
bidge, deceased.) State House Archives, Vol. 19, jo. 612. 

. H. F. W. 

n,^",^«;''"S'',"'':v.p--.?-'^?'- ' :■:, 

The genealogical Magazine 


Vol. L February, 1906. No. 11 

; : : ' JUNE YE IIth 1759 

Copied by Alice Lee Clark 

June ye 10 Lost my Inkhorn & Book going from Worcester to 
Brookfield Sett out from Marlboro, went to 
Brookfield tfc Lodge there 

11 Went to Persons & Lodge there . . . ^ 

12 Went to Sprinkfield. . . 

13 Must'd att Sprink'd. Something Rainey After 
Noon came over ye River & Came to Westfield 

14 Lodge att Talors from thence to Claps Set out 
twice Returned Back Very Rainey Then came 
over ye Mountains Kill'd Piggions all ye way 
Tar rid Nox's 

15 Came through ye Green Woods Latter part of ye 
way Rainey Came To Chaddock Lodge att Private 
house . 

16 Came to Sherffield fair wether att Cahoone Lay 
att lee's 

17 Something Rainney after Noon Went to meeting 
heard A Sermon Preach 'd from Romans ye 9 <& ye 
18 Sung Psalm 51 Long meter first 51 shorter 
Last Time A Smart Shower in Time of Exercise. . . 

18 Set out from Sheffield Went to Canterhock Lay att 
Christian Rays 

19 Came up within four miles of half way house 

20 Came to Green Bush about Twelve Oclock. . . 
Went over ye River & Saw ye men march off ye 
gravil, View'd ye Town Came Back Lay in Colo' 
Rancebs Barn 

-'•■-^^■■^^■-.•-'^■-^^^"''-,;\:^ (307) 

308 John Woods, His JJooIc. [February 

21 DrawM Stores Stay'd in Albany att Jonath'n Wil- 

22 March to Kings fery & Lay there 

23 Came to half moon Went to Braxfast then to half 
v\ n way house & lay there 

24 Went to Sill water & Lay there. . . 

■■v;.. 25 Went to Sarantoge (Saratoga?) & Lay there. . . 
•: 26 Went to Fort Edward 

27 Went to work one half a Da)^ a Grinding Tools 
July ye 3'd Came from fort Edward to ye Lake (Sc Carding ye 
Artiry. . . 
13 I saw a man Shot for Deserting Belonging to 
Blackney's Reggiment, ye Same Day a Dutchman 
Capt of ye waggoners Whipt l*}iirty Six Lashes att 
ye head of Every Reggiment His back was pretty 
Sore when Don 
20 a man Shot Belonging to Black's Reggiment 
Loaded battoes att ye Lake 
""Sonu^m f 21 Set out for Ticon'a. Cloudy but Pleasant morning, 
"""v^i. u.'"' Lay that Night on ye Lake Tossing to & fro 

22 all Scattered Got together Landed Safe about ten 
oClock MarchST Directly down to ye mills There 
ye Rangers had a Brush. Took one Prisner then 

p'. went towards ye fort on ye west Side of ye Lake tt 
Built a Brest work within aBout half a mile of ye 
fort. . . 

23 went upon Som Ledges of Rocks with Capt I\lay- 
nard to view ye actions of ye french about noon ye 
Regulars Marcht up to ye brest work without aney 
Resistance then Cannon Began to pla}^ on our men 
I lay there & Saw them play with them Can & 
homes (?) till Sun one our high then came up to 3^e 
landing & helpt 13raw one C'annon Down to 3^e mills 
then Back again <S: Campt 

24 Pich't our Tents att Ye laiiding Place S:. went to 
Trenching there to save our Stores Att Night Took 
A back Load Tools to Carj^ up to ye brest Work 
Coming Back I was not well Lay By Several Days. 

25 They Workt a giting up ye artillery to ye brest 

1906] : Jo^^ Woods, His Book. v ■ 309 

work the french kept firing all ye time at our men 
kill more or less Every day our men not loued to 
fire one gun 
July 26 Caried on ye same Stock all Day Long 

27 about one aClock in the morning the french Blew 
up ther magzen k Set ye fort on fire & Took off- 
our men went in about Ten oClock k Took pos- 
session of ye Ruens ... 

28 Iliggiment Lay att ye landing 

29 We lay there Still att ye Landing Doing Duty Every 
Day &c in ye after Noon went a Fishing Some had 
good luck But I Did Not get one. 

30 Draw'd Whale Bots Down to the Mills the mud 
Six Inch Deep Something Raj^ney 

31 Drawed Battoes all Daj^ again in ye mud 
July ye 30th Received a letter from my Brother. . . 
August ye 1st 1759 

Work upon Picket & Clear 'd the Prade. . . 
2/ Rain'd all day on Work ]3ut did nothing 

3 on Work Went out k Cut Two sapiens & Eight- 
Stakes Before Breakfast. . . Then eat Breakfast & 
Then follow 'd Caring fachshens the Resttof ye Day 
to ye Clay fort. . . 

4 freed from Duty <^' a Rare thing that as I Have 
known Some Time 

5 I was on ye Picket garding ye Battoes & Stores att 
ye landing The Rhode islans March't Down to ye 
mills about Twelve o clock In order for Lake Cham- 
plain k Brig'd Ruggles 2 Battal" to Sett out at ye 
Same Time Now att ye mills 

6 I was at work at ye high ways Between ye landing 
/v? ;■ : k ye mills att night went on Quarter gard. . . 

7 on Quarter gard k no Vittles att Tall to eat for En- 
sin Granger would not Lett aney go in to get any- 

S%;;^--- ' to Eatt 

,f;: ■ :. 8 Was off Duty wrote a letter to my Brother — After- 
noon Contrived about building a house — The Night 
Before and morning Very Rainey Set Som on flote 

310 . John Woods J His Bool'. [February 

••.'■• .':9 Was on gard Picket att ye Landing with Tom 
Brooks John Pike on with nie we Cary'd a Kittle 
& Cook't a fine mess of meat & Beans 
August ye 10th Was of Duty & Work't a Building our fone house 
ye Bigest in ye Rigement. . . 

11 Was on Quarter gard the latter part of the Night & 
■ - ' ' morning was Ver}^ AVett. . . 

12 was of Duty/ Capt Jones came over ye Lake k 
: Some men with him/ it was Very nmddy over Shoes 

aney where att Night went on Pickett — 

13 on Picket all Day att the Landing the [Conect] aload- 
ing waggons with Stores to Gary down to mills about 
Three o Clock was order'd to march from Colo 
Willards Rigiinent down to ye mills' from thence to 
Ticonderoga then went on Board for Crownpoiut to 
work as a Carpenter got there about midnight Lay 
Down By Side of ye Lake. . . 

14 a fine morning march A Little West of ye fort <k set 
up our Tents Did Nothing all Day only go about 

15 Began to worke att ye fort k Work't all Da}' 

16 work't ye fornoon onl}^ afternoon Lay by and went 
to ye Doct and got some Bitters and one Quart of 
Wine att Capt Halls in ye Train 

17 Lay by & Did Nothing only Travil from one Rig- 
; ment to ye other k help't Cook a Little So as Keep 

a little Stirring and So Spent ye Time 

18 Lay by k Did Nothing only Travil about kQ. 

19 Lay Still k Did Nothing. . . Colo Whitting \s\X\\ his 
..... Riggiment Came up Last Night Got up about Mid- 

20 Lay By Walked about Little from one place 

21 Lay By / it was Very raney k Last Night it Came in 
by holesale 

22 fore Noon went Down to ye Doct to See Williams k 
Talk of going a hunting and gitting som Blackberies 

23 had orders from Capt Nixon to go down to ye Rig- 
gm't But could not git a chance to go But Expect 
one in Afternoon/ I am Easey about it Set out Sun 
about one our high with Serg't arms got Down to ye 

1906] ^^^ V:^ 311 

mills about Twelve o Clock att Night & Lay By ye 
fire of ye Quarter gard. . . 

24 Come from ye mills to my Respective Company to 
my Sorrow but I Cannot help it 

25 Was on Picket and Work't a Diging out ye Trench 
at the Clay fort had our Stent got don about one 
of ye Clock. . . 

26 was of duty in ye forenoon in ye afternoon was on 
work att ye mills Stopping of ye Water with Clay 
poor biziness 

27 was of Duty a rare thing that as aney I know off I 
mended my Stockings & used all most all my yarn 

28 was on work't a Loading Wagons att ye Landing 
and work^t hard. . . 

29 was on work Down att ye mills a Cutting and car- 
ing poles for mending Road. . . 

30 was on work att ye mills a making ye Road A thro- 
ing gravil 

31 was on gard Quarter and a Very Rainey Day and 
a Bad Chance. , . 

Sept 3 was on work Right off Quarter gard A Cloudy misty 

2 Was on Picket Did Nothing — Died Last Night Sar- 
gent owls of Capt Walkers Bury'd to Day. . . 

3 was on Picket and alas Very Rainey. . . Was at the 
Hospital W^as alarm'd Taken away and put to 3^e 
Quarter gard to Dubel their Senttrys 

4 Was on Batto gard and A Corporals gard to away 
half a mile off To/ and as muddy as you please 
over shoes in Clay morter/ and Showery today to. . . 

5 Game of Batto gard and Right to work unloading 
ye Sloop Work Very hard and at Night right on 

6 Was on Picket And had a Very good Chance for I 
Did nothing att night took a Dose, 

7 Was of Duty But felt Did not tell how But expect 
to feel better soon 

8 Was of Duty and it was Very Rainney Nothing 

312 John Woods, Iff s Book. 

9 Was on Picket hunted Cattle all Day in ye Woof]?. 
Forenoon wet and Rainney 

10 Was on Quarter gard one Shower and as muddy ag 
you please 

11 Came off Quarter gard and help't Draw the alow_ 
ance and cook and Eat 

12 Was on Picket Very Hot Days and Gold Evenings 
The Scow Came in about twelve o Clock Loaded 
with Cattle and horses/ went inabout Two hours to 
to the Fort/ Two Whip there for Stealing 3 hun- 
dred Lash apeas — Sept ye 12 Died Ephraim 

13 Was on work unloading the Sloop hard work I had 
of it too/&c 

14 Was on Batto gard the farthermost gard as much 
as the Corporal gard 

15 Was on Work Down at the mills fournoon Carried 
Nothing Clabords out of ye woods to Cover the mill after- 
Remm'l ye noon Cut poles for Rhod Eat almost 

old Story IG Was on Quarter gard A Very good time I had ont. . . 
17 This was a very Rainney morning it began about 

Day and Rain'd all Day and I was on work a good 

time I had ont as aney at all 
] 8 Was on Picket and escaped the Hospital Next Day 

hunted Cattle good Sporte Enough. . . 

19 Was on work and work't fore Noon at ye mills on 
ye Rhods and in ye afternoon at ye Landing mend- 
ing ye Rhods 

20 Wason Picket at ye hospital then to work and 
:. hurried about hks Desperation — Sun about one 

" - r hour high was ordered to go over ye Lake to Carey 
' ' ' Some Regular officers got over one o Clock at night 
Lay at ye Lime Kills. . . 

21 Lay at Lake George all Day & a pleasant Day it 
it was too. . . r.^^ 

{To he continued.) 


By George F. T. Shkrwood. 

In working upon English records one not infrequently encoun- 
ters references to America, which to Americans, seeking perchance 
the English habitat of their families, would prove of no little 
interest. I have saved many such in the course of some years' 
work at original sources, and propose, with the Editor's permis- 
sion, to contribute a few of them to these pages. The authority 
is given in each case. [We gladly welcome these notes by Mr. 
Sherwood, one of the keenest and most successful English genealo- 
gists. — Editors,] 

Lloyd, otherwise Carter. Elizabeth Lloyd alias Carter, died at 
Richmond in Virginia. Administration of her estate granted 
in 1694 to John Lloyd, gent., her husband. (Prerog. Court of 
Canterbury, fo. 201b.) 

Williams. Daniel Williams of Stepney, Middlesex, died in Vir- 
ginia. Administration of his estate granted in 1721 to Eliz- 
abeth Williams, his relict. (Commissary Court of London.) 

Curtis. The Will of William Winch of London, Virginia mer- 
chant, 1739, refers to '' my present wife Fanny Parke Winch, 
the daughter of John Curtis of Virginia, Esq. (Prerog. Court 
of Canterbury, 56 Browne.) 

Rhodes. The Will of Francis Rhod, otherwise Rhodes, of Little 
Crown Court, Sherrard Street, Golden Square, Westminister, 
working-goldsmith, 1803, refers to his son Francis Rhod, who 
resided with Richard Forster of Newcastle, Hanover County, 
Virginia, his late brother Stephen Rhod, who died at New 
Bordeaux, Long Cane, South Carolina, and his son John Rhod. 

(Consistory of London, fo. 317^.) 

Logan. Wilham Logan of South Carolina, Esq., husband and ad- 
ministrator of the estate of his late wife Margaret (?iee Clark), 
who was sister of Sophia Henrietta Maria Janies, widow, etc., 
1792. (Chancey Proceedings 175S-1800, Bundle 642. 

Wynch i;s. James.) 

liicRTHON. The Will of Isaac Berthon, proved 2 May 1747, men- 
tions ''Michael Berthon my cousin-german and at New York." 

(Prerog. Court of Canterbury, 116 Potter.) 

Bradford. Administration of the estate of Thomas Bradford 


314 Americans in English Records. 

of Batcombe, Somerset, late died at Virginia in America, was 
granted to John Boreman 2 Nov. 1671. (Prcrog. Court of 

CooMBE. Indenture of lease, &c., 1740 Joseph Coombe of Plum- 
sted, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, cordwainer, and Sarah his 
wife. Said Joseph eldest son of" Elizabeth Coombe, who was 
dau. of John Hill and Elizabeth his wife of Paulton, Somerset. 
(Schedule of deeds relating to Paulton, Somerset, 1678-1780, 
penes G. F. T. S.) 

Dickenson. The Will of Nathaniel Dickenson of Westfield in 
the Province of New Brunswick, 1789, mentions Massachu- 
setts Bay. (P. C. C, 355 Machum.) 

Dunbar. M^' William Dunbar of Thurso in Caithness, Scotland. 
'Hhe son of a very reputable clergymen,'' is strongly recom- 
mended for employment on going out to New York, 1765. 
(Historical Manuscripts Commission, Report xxv, App. x, 
p. 95.) 

Gaylard. The Will of George Gaylard of Dorchester, Dorset, 
*^ plummer,'' 1675, refers to ''my daughter Mary Gaylard now 
in Verginia." (Blandford Registry.) 

Hill. Monument to Rowland Hill late of Cheddar, Somerset 
died 7 Jan. 1874, aged 57. Rowland Hill his only son, rests at 
Plattsburgh, Missouri, U. S. A., where he died 4 Dec. 1S70. 
aged 24. (Barnes Cemetery, Surrey, 1893.) 

Joyce.* The Will of Robert Cochet of Mickleover, Derbyshire 
gent., 1657, refers to *' sister Dorothy, wdfe of John Joj^ce of 
New England." (Prerog. Court of Canterbury, 128 Wootten.) 

Lymbrie. George Lymbrie of the precinct of St. Katherine. 
London, sailed to Virginia in July 1636, in the ship '' Tristram 
and Jane" of London, and died there. His wife Katherine 
now wife of WilHam Flye, 1639. (Chancey Bills and Answers, 
Charles I. D. 57/61, Day v. Hopkinson.) 

* John Joyce of Lynn, in Mass., removed 1637 to Sandwich, thence to 
Yarmouth, and died, leaving descendants, 21 Dec. 16G6. His widow Dorothy 
died 12 Jan. 1679/80. 


'rl'W .Vlf^^-: 


■-:■■*■':;■'•'■. By S. P. Sharples. ' .■■ -'■^ ■ ■ •■■■'■^ ^•^;y'- ■;■■.:,./;.■■:■■ 

Diary of a Geological Tour by Dr. Elisha Mitchell in 1827 and 1828 with 
Introduction and Notes by Dr. Kemp P. Battle. The James Sprout Histor- 
ical Monograph No. 6. Published by the University of North Carolina. 

This is an exceedingly interesting account of a trip in 
Western North Carolina in early days. Not the least interest- 
ing part of it is the fine collection of notes by Dr. Battle, in which 
he has identified so far as possible all persons mentioned in the 
narrative, and has given more or less extended biographical 
details regarding them. The diary itself is in the form of 
letters to Dr. Mitchell's wife, and while it contains considerable 
in regard to the geology of the region in question, it also con- 
tains much in regard to the difficulty of traveling and the ac- 
commodations that he had to put up with. This part of the 
narrative has deeply interested the writer who has lately made 
a visit to a region within a few miles of that described by Dr. 
Mitchell, and finds that in the last eighty years it has changed 
but little. At present one can get to the borders of this country 
by rail, but once inside of the bounds of the Blue Ridge you 
must resort to the same conveyances that Dr. Mitchell used, 
for neither the railroad or stage coach has penetrated it. 

A very few bridges have been built, but generally one has to 
ford the rivers, and most of the roads are but little more than 
bridle paths. The notes on the geology of the region travelled 
are interspersed with various directions to his wife as to how 
she was to manage things during his absence. He tells of a 
place near Greensboro were they ''have made an anthill of the 
whole enclosure on which the gold is found." He is contin- 
ually brought pyrites, under the idea that the}^ are gold, a 
belief that has not yet entirely died. 

Dr. Mitchell was a preacher as well as a geologist, and 
preached on Sunday w^ien he had a chance. 


316 ■'ly^r:-;'':/ ':■ JSforth Carolina in 182 S. [February 

He thus describes the view from the top of the mountain 
near Jefferson, ''clambered up the mountain and a long and 
dreary clamber it was of five miles. Near the summit there is a 
very extensive prospect embracing a wide circuit of the com- 
paratively low level country through which I had been travel- 
ing, but there was nevertheless, notwithstanding the extensive- 
ness of the prospect, something wanting. There was no water; 
there were no thriving towns and villages to be seen, inhabited 
by an industrious, frugal and virtuous grown population and a 
body of youth preparing to supply with ability the plans which 
their fathers are shortly to leave. ' ' 

Within the last few years the waiter has stood on many ele- 
vations in this region and has seen similar prospects. This 
vast region running from the center of Pennsylvania to the 
northern part of Georgia is still but sparsely settled and one 
can travel for miles without meeting a person on the roads. 
The population is so thinly scattered that in most places it is 
almost impossible to maintain schools or to even build roads. 
Thousands of acres of it should be taken by the states or by 
the nation as a forest reserve, to protect the head waters of 
the rivers flowing to the east and the west. In the region 
over which Dr. Mitchell traveled are the sources of the I'en- 
nessee, the Catawba and the Yadkin and that most singular 
River has received the name of the New River, whose outlet 
was long a mystery. The river rises east of the Allc- 
ghanies, in the same county in North Carolina that has 
the sources of the Tennesse and the Yadkin, it flows to the 
north into the state of Virginia and then turning westward 
crosses the Alleghanies and Is chief source of the Kanawha, 
having been joined by the Greenbrier which comes from the 
north. Dr. Mitchell speaking of the New River says it is a 
beautiful stream broad but not deep, clear and running i(s 
coui*se among the mountains, which often overhang its banks 
and overshadow its waters. From the'top of another mountain 
he says that "Nearly the whole county of Ashe lay at our feet. 
The meanders of the river could be traced as on a map 

1906] North Carolina in 1828, r- 317 

but oh what an ocean of mountains." The Doctor evidently 
did not approve of Methodist meetings. He speaks of one as 
follows, ** it being the middle of harvest but few people attended, 
and if they had staid away it had, it seems to me, been as well: 
After service a class meeting. I staid and heard a reasonable 
amount of female screaming and vociferation." 

At another place he says he heard an "amusing account of 
an old man who determined the locality of ores by the mineral 
rod, and by his own account is xery busy digging for gold and 
silver taken from the Whites by the Indians, and laid up in 
'subteranium chambers.' Said he greased his boots with dead 
men's tallow, and is prevented from getting tlie treasure out, 
not by the little spirit with head no bigger than his two thumbs 
who come to blow the candle out, but by the great old two 
horned devil himself." 

Speaking of his ascent of the Grandfather Mountain, he says 
*'The Linville and Wautega head up under the mountain and 
from the place v/here we took our dinner we could get water 
from either, within two or three hundred yards. About half 
way up we met with a fir Balsam tree, it is sometimes a foot 
and a half in thickness and pretty tall. The balsam resides in 
small blisters or cavities in the substance of the bark, which 
are cut out, and the precious fluid passed into a vial. Thej^ 
say that the exudation obtained in the same way as common 
turpentine has not the same properties, but I have my doubts. 
It Is the panacea or universal remedy of the mountains cures 
wounds, rheumatism, flux et cetera." This tree is the Abies 
Fraseri, of the botanists, and is now in great demand as its 
wood makes an excellent material for musical instruments and 
is exported to Europe for that purpose. 

The Doctor gets very tired of the story of rich lead mines in 
these mountains and says ' ' I am ready to knock down the man 
who tells me the tale again, " Again he comes in contact with the 
mineral rod man, ''a race of vermin who infest this country 
and share the confidence of the people." This tribe still exists 
in the mountains and are ready to explore the earth for min- 



North Carolina in 1828. 

erals or water, and one now receives detailed accounts of bow 
water had been found by their aid very recently. 

He found on Grandfather Mountain a species of Sambucus 
(pubens) which had red berries and was new to him. 

Singularly the Doctor fails entirely to note the most striking 
feature of the region over which he travelled. That is the 
evidence on every side of the tremendous erosive effect of the 
water. Every where in this region the rocks are much decom- 
posed and every stream flows in a gorge, every road or even 
path leading over the mountains becomes in time of storm a 
raging torrent and all loose material is carried down the 
streams. The most marked instances of this that I have seen 
are on the very ground over which Doctor Mitchell travelled in 
his trip to Rutherford ton. On the road from Marion to Ruth- 
erfordton, I found wash-outs in the road in which a whole 
team might have been buried. The soil is a decomposed 
gneiss and veiy easily washed away. 



{Continued fro7n Vol. J , page 302.) 
. , Births. 

Nathaniel Stone" y^ fonn of Nathaniel ftone Jun'" of Beverly by 

Mary his Wife was Borne on y^ thirtieth Da}^ of Novemb^ in y® 

year of ou^ Lord God 1694 

Sarah Morgan y^ Daughter of Samuel Morgan Jun"" of Beverly by 

farah his wife was Borne on y^ firft Day of Januar in y® year of 

ou^ Lord God 169f 

Rebekah Conant y« Daughter of John Conant of this Towne by 

Bathiah his Wife was Borne on the twenty ninth Day of March in 

ye year of ouf" lord God 1696 , 

Jofiah Wood fonn of Nehcniiali V/ood of this Towne by Sufanah 

his Wife Was Borne on y® Eleventh Day of ffebruary in y^ year 

of ou^ Lord God 169f 

John White fonn of Phillip White of this Towne by Deberah his 

Wife was Borne on y^ fourth Day of ffebruary in y^ j^ear of ou' 

Lord God 169f 

Prif cilia Elenwood y^ Daughter of Benjamin Elenwood by mary 

his' wife was Borne on y« third Day of March in y^ year of our Lord 

God 169| 

Mary Woodbery the Daughter of Robert Woodbery of Beverly 

by Mary his wife was Borne on y^ Eighteenth Day of Aprill in the 

year of our Lord God 1697 

Vnice ftone y*" daughter of John ftone of Beverly by farrah his 

wife was Borne on y® fixteenth day of October in y^ year of ou"" 

Lord God 1696 

Elizabeth Herrick y^ Daughter of Jonathan Herrick of Beverly 

by Elizabeth his Wife was Borne on y^ fixth day of ^lay in y^ year 

of or Lord God 1697 

Mary Turfs ye Daughter of James Turfs by hannah his Wife wag 

Borne on y^ fourteenth day of January in y^ year of ou^ Lord God 


William Woodbery y^ fonn of William Woodbery of Beverly by 

Johannah his Wife was Borne on y^ Eleventh Day of Juely in the 

year of our Lord God 1697 

;^.; :v ;-s * Copyright 1906 by Ebea Putuam. . r; 

320 . Early Records of the Town of Beverly. [February 

- page — Elizabeth Rayment the Daughter of Nathaniel Rayinent 

■ by Rebekah his Wife was Borne on y^ fix and Twenty eth Day of 

ma}^ in the year of ou'^ Lord God 1697 

Ebenezer Elenwood fonn of Ralph Elenwood by Martha his Wife 

was Borne on y^ Nine & Twentieth day of Auguft in y® year of 

our Lord God 1697 

Ifrael Dodg fonn of William Dodg by Mary his Wife Was Borne 

on y^ firft day of feptember in y^ year of our Lord God 1697 

Elizabeth Wood }^ Daughter of William Wood by Elizabet his 

Wife was Borne on y^ fixteenth day of feptember in the year of 

ou^-Lord God 1697 . _^ 

Jonathan fmith fonn of Hazadiah fmith by Hannah his Wife was 

Borne on Twelfth day of Auguft in y« year of ou'' Lord God 1697 

; .: Roger Hafkall fonn of Roger Hafkall by Hannah his Wife was 

V Borne on y^ fixteenth day of October in y^ year of ou"" Lord God 
v 1697 

■Anna Woodbery Daughter of Benjamin Woodbery by Mary his 

. Wife was Borne on y^ three and Twentieth Day of Auguft in y^ 

year of o"^ Lord God 1697 

V ;^ Ozman Trafk fon of Jofeph Trafk by Elizabeth his Wife was Borne 

|.f?u ;/. ■ on ye tenth Day of December in the year of our Lord God 1696 

A#^ - Cornelius Larkum fon of Cornelius Larkum by Abigail his Wife 

':M:&M was Borne on the fifteenth Day of february in the year of our 

-|C:4 Lord God 169J '- ' ""^s^^ >^-;;- - 

-r . 4 Elizabeth Wooding Daughter of Peter Wooding by Elizabeth his 

;:,-•• Wife was Borne on the Twenty firft day of feptember in the year 

i.;%; of oui- Lord God 1697 

; ■ n:;¥ Johannah Lovet y^ Daughter of John Lovet Jun^ by Mary his wife 

■Z^(i0:': was Borne on y^ fixth day of January in the year of our Lord God 

1691-,-: :■■ . : ' ■■--'■ ■ 

J Nicholas Morgan y^ fonn of Robert Morgan by Ann his wife was 

U- Borne on the third day of May in the year of ou'" Lord God 1697 

Jonathan Corning fonn of Samuel Corning Jun'" by fufanah his 

Wife was Borne on y^ firft day of Aprill in y^ year of ou^ Lord God 


): Noah Dodg fon of Jofeph Dodg Jun^- by Rebekah his Wife|was 

■i ■ Borne on y^ feventeenth Day of February in y® year of ou^ I^ord 

God 169| 

Robert Baker y^ fon of Jonathan Baker by Mary his wife was Borne 

"vv'- ■"'■""■ ■■■■- "':.-. ■■■'.'■ 

; '■■.■■ '.--■.:•'';■. 

1906] mZ Early Records of the Town of Beverly. . 321 

on the three and Twentieth day of Aprill in y® year of ou'' Lord 

God 1698 

Humphrey Woodbery the fon of John Woodbery by Ales his Wife 

was Borne on the third da}^ of Juely in y^ year of o'" Lord God 1698 

Dehiierance Parlor the Daughter of Thomas Parlor by Elizabeth 

his wife was Borne on y^ thirteth day of Aprill in y^ year of o*" 

Lord God 1698 

Elizabeth ftone y*^ Daughter of Samuel Stone fen'" by Elizabeth 

his Wife was Borne on y^ firft day of Auguft in y^ year of o»" Lord 

God 1698 ' ' ' 

Ann Trow the Daughter of George Trow by vSarah his wife was 

Borne on the fifth day of feptember in y^ year of our Lord God 1698 

page — Samuel Horrill ye fonn of Humphrey Horrill by Elizabeth 

His Wife was Borne on the feuenth day of June in the year of our 

Lord God 1698 

Emma Taylor y^ Daughter of James Taylor by Emma his Wife 

was Born on y^ fixteenth day of January in y^ year of ou'' Lord 

God 168J 

James Taylor y fon of James Taylor by Emma his Wife was Borne 

on the feventeenth day of may in y^ year of ou'* Lord God 1686 

Mary Taylor y^ Daughter of James Taylor by Emma his Wife 

was Borne on y^ Twenty fixth day of Aprill in y^ year of ou^ Lord 

God 1688 

Mercy Taylor y^ Daughter of James Taylor by Emma his Wife 

was Borne on }^ third day of March in y« year of ou"" Lord God 


Johannah Taylor y^ Daughter of James Taylor by Emma his 

Wife was Borne on y^ Twenty fixth day of may in y^ year of ou^ 

Lord God 1694 

Elizabeth Taylor y*' Daughter of James Taylor by Emma his Wife 

was Borne on the Twenty fixth day of Auguft in y"^ year of ou^ 

our Lord God 1695 

Benjamin Conant y^ fon of John Conant by Bethiah his Wife was 
Borne on y^ Two and Twentieth day of October in y^ year of o"^ 
Lord God 1698 

Elizabeth Turfs Daugter of James Turfs by Hanah his Wife was 
Borne on y^ thirty firft day of Juely in y^ year of ou^ Lord God 1698 
Ebenezer Conant y« fon of Roger Conant by Mary his Wife was 

322 / y' Ea/rly Records of the Town of Beverly. 

Borne on y^' thirtieth day of December in y^ year of o^ Lord God 

God 1698 

Robert Thorndik y^ fonn of John Thorndike by Johana his Wife was 

Borne on y^ fourth Day of ffebruary in y® year of o"^ Lord God 109^ 

Paul Thorndike y® fon of John Thorndike by Johanah his Wife was 

Borne on y^ fifth Day of ffebruary in y^ year of o^ Lord God 1695 

Neliemiah Wood y^ fon of Nehemiah Wood by fufanah his Wife 

was Borne on y® thirteenth day of ffebruary in y® year of o'" lord 

God 169f 

Am])ros Stone y^ fonn of John ftone by Sarrah his Wife was Borne 

on y® third day of October in y® year of o^ Lord God 1698 

Jofeph Dodg y^ fon of Jofeph Dodg by Rebekah his wife was Borne 

on y^ ninth day of January in y^ year of o'' Lord God 169f 

]\Ieriani White v^ Daughter of John White by Meriam his Wife 

was Borne on y^ Twenty firft Day of Novend^'" in the year of o'' 

Lord God 1696 

Mary White y® Daughter of phillip White by Deborah his wife 

was Borne on y^ fixth day of November in the year of o^ Lord God 


John Herrick y^ fon of John Llerrick by Sarah his wife was Borne 

on y® fecond Day of march in y^ year of o'" Lord God 169f 

Benjamin Woodbery y® fon of Peter Woodbery by Mary his Wife 

was Borne on y^ Eighteenth daj^ of Aprill in y^ year of ou'" Lord 

God 1699 

Johanah Herrick y^ Daughter of Jofeph Herrick by Mary his 

Wife was Borne on y^ Twenty ninth day of May in y^ year of our 

Lord God 1695 

Jofhua Herrick y^ fon of Jofeph Herrick by Mary his Wife was 

Borne on y^ hue and Twentieth day of ffebruary in the year of our 

Lord God 169f : 

Mary Morgan y^ Daughter of Jofeph Morgan by Sarah his wife 

was Borne on y^ Eighth day of feptember in y® year of o"" Lord 

God 1696 

page — [torn] Morgan y^ Dau 

w^as Borne on y^ fixteentli Day 
[Edjward Butman fon of Matthew Butman by Elizabeth was 

Borne on y® thirtieth Day of Aprill Lord God 

[Baptized April 30th 1699] 

yv':^:-/' ■-:\:'-:':.. '':-';y:- .' '■■ ' {To be continued.) 







(Continued from Vol. 1, page 294.) 


July 16 









1786 Jan> 



March 20 

March 22 












1787 Jan. 







Mifs Wiggles worth • .; ., 

Mr. Bradish's Child 

Capt. Darant's Child 

April 1785 

Widow Gookins an aged woman 

Mrs. Hawkins wife of Coll. Hawkins 

Mrs. Barrett wife of Thomas Barrett. 

AV^id Wyeth 

Elizabeth Nutting an aged woman. 

Samuel Hastings aged 62. 

Infant Child of Ammi Cutter 

Infant Child of Mr. Gilmore 
Cap. Eben^' Stedman aged 79.. _ . , 

Mr. Eb^" Bradish aged 70 ' / / 

Mr. Sam' Cook aged 83 

Mrs Champney aged 70 

Samuel Chandler aged 42 
. Child of Abigail Bradish aged 6 years. 

John Sawin aged 26 

Jonathan Ireland aged 82 

Francis Hilliard aged 16 m. 

Mrs. Goddard aged 73 

Samuel Thacher Esq"" died June 27 at Boston in an 
extreme sudden manner JEt 50. .. - 

Widow Hasey aged 70 . .- 

William Warland fon of Mr. Owen Warland aged 21' 

Betsey Warland aged 23. 

Mr. Israel Walton aged about 30. 

David Frost aged 30 

Thomas Hastings aged. 70 

Polly Stratton aged 16 

John Stratton aged 56. ' 



Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [Februar 

1787 July 
Aug. 23. 
Aug. 24*^' 
Sept. 17. 
Sept. 23. 
Dec.' 14 

1788 Apr. 



(161) Oct. 



Oct^ ^ 
Dec. 29 
1790 Feb. 24. 

Child of Widow Frost aged 9m 
Mr Heurv Prentifs a<i^ed 82. 

Infaut Child of Mr. Dixon '.■■ /r'^ ^'U'^^^;-' ':'.'■ 

Elizabeth Watfon aged 33 . ;; :- 

Mr. Twaddle aged about 60 * .v 

Child of Mr. Watfons aged 6m ^ 

Mrs. Marrett aged 65 ■'\:r^;:'::^::-- 

John Warland A. B. aged 20. 

Wid. Moore aged about 70 

Wid. Phelps aged 45 

Mr. Edward Dixon aged 86 

Mr. Ralph Inman aged 70 

Emerfon an apprentice aged 20 

Mrs. Twaddle aged about 50 . ;. 

Mifs Dickson Kgeu 5-± : . . 

Mrs. Mary Stedman aged about 65 

Child of Thomas Warland aged 10 months 

Child of John Warland aged 16 months 

Mrs. Anna Morse aged 55 

Mrs. Hannah Marsh aged 66 

Dr. William Kneeland aged 56 

Mrs. Manning aged 46 ' '- 

Mr. Ireland aged 70. 

Infant child of Mr. Dixon Mrs. Coolidge aged 85, 

Cesar a negro man Servant to President Willard aged 

about 40 
Mrs. Locke wife of Locke belonging heretofore 

to Menotomy aged 35. 
PompejM^hillips aged about 40 
Mr. Kidder aged 87 
Mrs. Kidder aged 72 
Mrs. Piper aged 58 

Child of Betsey Norton about 6 months 
Thomas Hastings aged 35 

Mark a Negro man in the service of Judge Lee aged 22 
Mr. Cook aged about 45 

Mrs. Watson wife of William Watson aged 27 
Widow Pientifs aged 76 

Mrs. Mary Holyoke Relict of Rev*' President 
^- Holyoke aged 92 

buried in the same grave 

1906] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. : . 325 

1790 April 24. Dr. Isaac Raud aged 72 

(FollowiDg copied from a Mem''""' of Deacoji Hill) 
[By Dr. A. Holmes.] 
Maj' 9. Rev'' Timothy Hilliard in the 44^'^ year of his age. 
Ma}' 6. Widow Hani] ah Winthiop aged 64. 

Isaac Bradieh . 

; Sept. 22. Wid. Lydia Watson aged 85 

A Wid. Elizabeth Cham[)ney 

Wid Martha Prentifs ^ . i: _ 

O^i. 1. John Gilmore - 

• / ; 7. Polly Wyeth aged 35. -; . . : ' :.■::;: 

24. Lydia Munroe aged 13. 
Nov. 13 Edward Winship's child [Edward] aged 4 months. 

1791 Jan> 30. Julia Hilliard aoed 8 years 
Feb. 12. Wid. Carpenter aged 67 
April 16. William How aged 71 
March Sarah Hill aoed 42 

April 22 Eunice daughter of Ebenezer Bradish aged 3 

(At M^- W°^ Watson's) 
See Book II p. 87 &c. P. II for deaths from A.D. 1792. 

(162) Children baptized by T. Hilliard. 

1787 Nov. 11. filizabeth Cotton of Maj^' John Hastings 

Thomas of Thomas Rand 
- Nov. 18. Richard Henr}' of Hon''^*^ Francis Dana 

Margaret Bromfield of Mr. Profefsor Pearson. 
Dec. 9. Elizabeth of Joseph Read 
Dec. 16. Charles of John Warland 

1788 Jan> 13*1^ John of John Shed 

JanJ' 27. Jacob Sheafe of ReV' President Willard 
Jacob Hill of Joseph Bates 
Lucy of Dr. Gammage 
Nancy of Benjamin Cox 

Betsey of Samuel Tufts : 

George of John Choate ^ 

Harriot of Rev^ T. Hilliard 
Elizabeth of T. Fillebrown " ; 

Joseph of John Palmer - ' - 

Joshua of Mr. Bull at Boston 














Records oj tJie First Church, Cavihridge. 

1788 Aug. 3. 
Aug. 24. 

Sept. 7. 

Sept. 14. 
Sept. 28 
Dec. 14. 
Dec. 21 

1789 Feb> 8. 
March 1. 
March 8. 
March 29. 
Ap. 19. 

May 24. 
June 21. 

June 28. 
July 12. 
(163) July 19, 
Aug. 2. 
Sept. 6. 

Oct. 18. 
Oct. 24. 

Nov. 1. 

Nov. 15. 

'- Nov. 22. 

Dec. 6. 

Dec. 20. 

Dec. 27. 
1790 Feb>^ 21. 
x.fn Feby 28. 

March 7 

Nathaniel of John Goodwin 

Joanna of Richard Gardner 

Lydia Hastings of Jonas Wyeth 3rd. 

William of Samuel Kent 
. Benjamin of Thomas Rand 

Eunice of Ebenezer Bradifh Esq. 

Samuel of Walter Cox. /; ;- : ' ^ 

Mary of William Watson 

Polly of Dea" Munroe. 

Nathaniel Tufts of John Stone. 

Richard & Alexander Sons of Betsy Nelson 

Thomas Brattle of Mr. Caleb Gannett 

Charles of Charles Frothingham 

Andrew of Andrew Lopans 

Ma]'ir. Waisivrright of Mi. Jonathan Hastings 

Moses of Elias Richardson 

Polly of Jonathan Wyatt 

Ebenezer of Ebenezer Stedman. 

Edmund Trowbridge of Maj. John Hastings 

Augustus of Josiah Moore 
Hannah of Zechariah Shed 

Edward Augustus of Profefsor Pearson 
Lucy of Thomas Warland. 
Elizabeth EUery of Hon*^'^^ Francis Dana 
Jonas of Elijah Mead 
Charlotte of Ammi Cutter 
Lucy of Cap" John Palmer 
Katherine of Katherine Smith 
Charles of William Hunnewell 
Jofcph of Thomas Prentifs 
James of Jos'' Stacey Read 
Charles Hohiies Calmady & 

Harriot Lane of John Williams 
Lucinda of Rev*' President Willard 
Sarah of Samuel Townsend 
Henry of Henry Dickson 
James of Dr. William Gammage 
Leonard of Thomas Fillebrown 
Henry of Jonas Wyeth S""^. 

(7'o be continued.) 



m-':i'::u- '■}.■;]. ,: gazette, 1765-1800. 

Collected and arranged by Otis G. Hammond. 

(Continued from Vol. 1, page 298.) 

: 1784, April 3. 

Andrew Orr, in his 38th year, lately from Grenada, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H., April 2, 1784. 
Caleb Currier, aged 44, died in Portsmouth, N, H. 

1784, May 1. / . ' 

Capt. William Knight of Portsmouth, N. H., and Anna, widow 
of John Borland of Camb;^(io;p, Mass., Avere married in Boston, 
' Mass., April 27, 17S4. ' ^; 

Ann, wife of John Ham, aged 78, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 
April 26, 1784. 

1784, Aug. 21. 
Ann, wife of John Lewes, aged 70, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Betse}^, wife of Capt. Sargent, aged 46, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1784, Aug. 28. 

Col. Tobias Fernald died in Kittery, Me. 

John, oldest son of Col. John Hurd, formerly of Portsmouth, N.H., 
■; T died in Boston, Mass., aged 24. • 

" Thomas Currier, aged 73, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1784, Sept. 4. 

; Francis Waldo, formerly collector of customs at Falmouth, Me., 
died in Trowbridge, Eng., June 9, 1784. 

1784, Sept. 11. 

< Rev. John Elliot of Boston, Mass., and Nancy, daughter of Jacob 
■ :.^v Treadwell of Portsmouth, N. H., were married in Portsmouth, 
qQ Sept. 9, 1784. 

;, Mary, widow of Rev. Samuel Drowne, aged 61, died in Ports- 
; mouth, N. H. 

Nathaniel Remick, aged 15, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Joseph Stocker, aged 16, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1784, Sept. 18. 

Mr. Foster, aged about 20, was drowned at Portsmouth, 

, . N. H., Sept. 11, 1784, 


328 From JsFev) Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. [February 

Honor, wife of John Blaisdell,aged 29, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 

also one of her children. 
Thomas, son of John Penhallow, aged 24, died in Portsmouth, 
■■■■*- N. H. ' 

Miss Meriam Simpson, aged 26, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A child of William Ham died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1784, Sept. 25. 

Hunking Wentworth, aged 87, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Joanna, wife of Samuel Beck, aged 48, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Mrs. Priscilla Peavey, aged 38, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Mrs. Susannah Clark, aged 20, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A child of Charles Roberts died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1784, Oct. 9. 
John Swett of York, Me., and Sally, daughter of Brig. Gen. 

Frost, were married in Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 5, 1784. 
Mrs. Joanna Hilton, aged 90, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Elizabeth, wife of Randall Fernald, aged 32, died in Portsmouth, 

N. H. 
Martha, wife of James Haslett, aged 31, died in Portsmouth, 

N. H. She left a husband and 8 children. 

1784, Dec. 10. 
Theodore, only son of Dr. Hall Jackson, in his 19th year, died 

in Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 4, 1784. 
Capt. John Grant, aged 58, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Lucy, daughter of Benjamin Slade, aged 14, died in Portsmouth^ 

:,,, N. H. 

A child of James Melcher, aged 7, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1784, Dec. 17. 
K son of Major James Gray, aged about 16, was probably fatally 
injured in Epsom, N. H., Dec. 13, 1784. 

1784, Dec. 31. 

A child of Capt. Mountford died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

Twin children of Jeremiah Knox died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, Jan. 7. 

Wilham Dryer, in his 100th year, died in Rehoboth, Mass., Dec. 
18, 1784. He was a native of Taunton, Eng., and had been 

1906] From New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 329 

in this country about 80 years. He had 169 descendants to 
the fourth generation, all but 35 surviving him. 

Capt. James Johnson of Newburyport was drowned at sea about 
five hours after leaving that harbor on a voyage to the West 

Indies, Dec. 27, 1784. He left a widow and 4 children. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Wibird, aged 66, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Green, aged 75, died in Portsmouth, N. H. • 

1785, Jan. 14. - 
Mrs. Elizabeth Burden, aged 103 years and 23 days, died in 

Johnston, R. I., Dec. 28, 1785. 
Abigail, wife of Thomas Cotton, aged 59, died in Portsmouth, 

N. H. 
A small child of James Melcher died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, Feb. 4. 
A child of Capt. David Cullum, aged 2, died in Portsmouth, N. H, 
A small child of Rebecca Stevens died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, Feb. 11. 

Nathaniel Cotton, aged 45, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, Feb. 18. / ^'^ 

.. Mrs. Mary Quint, aged 22, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Moses Demeril, aged 21, died in Portsmouth, N. H. x 

1785, Feb. 25. 

A son was born to Amariah Chase of Sutton, Mass., Jan. 20, 1785, 
being of the 5th generation from Isaac Chase of that town, 
aged 97. The child at birth had living 6 grandfathers, 7 grand- 
mothers, 57 uncles, and 63 aunts. 

Esther, daughter of Willard Dean of Windsor, Vt., aged 2 years 
and 20 days, died in that town. Before the age of 2 years 
she weighed more than 70 pounds, and she was the third child 
Mr. Dean had lost, all of extraordinary size, and all of about 
the same age. 

Ehzabeth, wife of William Stanwood, aged 39, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 

Mrs. Abigail Ham, aged 75, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A child of George Waldron died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

330 From New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. [February 

1785, March 4. 
Mrs. Mary Fasset, aged 40, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Mrs. Jane Gentleman, aged 50, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, March ll. 

Mrs. Mary McCarty, aged 74, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, March IS. 

EUsha Purrington of Kittery, Me., was drowned near Ports- 
mouth, N. H., March 14, 1785. He left a wife and 8 small 
children. / 

1785, March 25. 

Abraham Bartlett, aged 93, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A child of Charles Prelly died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, April 1. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hight, aged 48, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Hannah, wife of Samuel Lear, aged 36, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A child of John Libbey, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, April 8. ' 

Capt. John Yeaton, aged 38, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Capt. Thomas Waldron, aged 64, died in Dover, N. H. 

1785, April 15. 

Hon. Thomas Westbrook Waldron, in his 64th year, died in 

Dover, N. H., April 3, 1785. 
Mrs. Mary Stewart, aged 75, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Connor, aged 41, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Mrs. Hannah Maglene, aged 40, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, April 22. ' 

Samuel Kenniston, Thomas Brackett, and Eliphalet Wiggin 

were drowned at Strathram, N. H., April 14, 1785. 
John Seward, aged 88, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, April 29. 

Hannah, wife of Benjamin Chandler, aged 38, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 

1785, May 5 [6]. 

James March, aged 57, died in Portsmouth, N. H. He left a 
- • widow and 10 children. - 

1906] From JSTew Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800, 331 

vS Ami, wife of Nathaniel Shannon, aged 46, died in Portsmouth, 

'-■•-■ N. H. .... -^ ■- :.. ,;• ^ ^. .:- ■;,....^.:.;::: :...•;■; 

■1785, May 13. , ' ' ' ' ■•■■■-'•■■■'a-: 

Wilham Cott and Thomas Archibald were executed for burglary 
in Boston, Mass., May 5, 1785. 
. Capt. John Briard, aged 83, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Elizabeth, wife of Capt. John Stockwell, aged 38, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 
\ Samuel Waters, aged 82, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
i Ehzabeth, wife of Isaac Appleton, died in Ipswich, Mass. 

1785, May 20. 

William Appleton, aged 38, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
• A child of Daniel Pierce, aged 5, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

An infant child of Jeremiah Hill died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

An infant child of Thomas Neal died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, May 27. 

Miss Betsey Simpson died in Boston, Mass., May 18, 1785. 

Joseph Buffum of Salem, Mass., was found dead in the North 
-Fields, May 18, 1785, having committed suicide. 

Capt. James Hickey, aged 49, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, June 3. 

: John Hubbard of Ipswich, Mass., committed suicide May 28, 
;-;^ .; 1785. He left a wife and 8 children, one of them a student 
' : in Harvard. 

Richard Wibrid, oldest son of John Penhallow, aged 35, died in 
Portsmouth, N. H. 
^ Elias Tarleton, aged 95, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
|V A child of Thomas Moses died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1785, June 24. 

Philip Peeble of Frederick county, Md., killed his wife, and 4 
children, the oldest aged 9, while at his mother's house, 8 
miles from Tawneytown, May 7, 1785. He then attempted 

1785, July 1. 

Benjamin, son of Benjamin Slade, aged 18, died in Portsmouth, 

::%■. N. H. .. ^ . . 

332 From New Jlam-pshire Gazette, 1 705-1800. [February 

l^'W/ 1 785, July 8. " ^ '■' ■ ' 

'" "' Timothy O'Brien, aged 114, died in Effingham county, Georgia, 
; : : Dec. 31, 1784. He was a native of Ireland, and had lived 80 
years in America. 
John, son of John Foster, of the west parish was killed b}^ acci_ 
V . ; dent in Templeton, Mass., June 18, 1785. 

; Dr. Samuel Mather, in his 79th year, died in Boston, Mass., 

June 27, 1785. 

^ 1785, July 15. 

Mary, wife of Hon. Pierse Long, aged 42, died in Portsmouth, 
N. H. 

1785, Aug. 5. 

A son of Capt. Joseph Seward, aged 5, was drowned at Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 
A child of John Howe, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

■ 1785, Aug. 12. 

Henry Seward, aged 48, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

A child of William Martin died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

Mary, widow of Capt. Elisha Hill, in her 6Sth year, died in Ber- , 
;i-; wick, Me., Aug. 6, 1785. She had 15 children 12 of whom I 

jjiT - survived her, and 63 grandchildren. 

||: 1785, Aug. 19. 

James Mainold, aged 23, died in New York city, Aug. 3, 1785. 
^v 1785, Aug. 20. 

'•; Mary, wife of Rev. Samuel MacClintock, in her 48th year, died 

'':::$:1:y.U^: in Greenland, N. H., Aug. 4, 1785. 

|r 1785, Sept. 2. 

^ ;^ Hon. Jonathan Trumbull, in his 75th year, died in Lebanon, 

||;'S'--'" Conn., Aug. 17, 1785. 

■I - ; Capt. John Gill, aged 54, died in Boston, Mass., Aug. 26, 1785. 

1;. Capt. Alexander Caldwell, aged 79, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

'%'■:.': A child of Goodhue died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

v;< • A child of Joseph Henderson, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

: 1785, Sept. 23. 

's; Robertson Hidden of Newbury, Mass., was drowned near Plum 
J:IS^ Island, Sept. 18, 1785. 

: 1906] Froy7i JSfeiv Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 333 

Mrs. Sarah Fit.zgerald, ao-ed 75, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
■A child of Miss Ann Spinle died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

\: 1785, Oct. 1. ' V/ ■•■■■- ^ 

Robert Crow, aged 23, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Ehzabeth, wife of Samuel Thompson, Jr., aged 30, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 
' A child of Capt. John Pickering died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

.1785, Oct. 28. r 

Lemuel, son of Lemuel Whittlesey of Wethersfield, Conn., aged 
about 13, was killed by accident at New Hartford, Conn., Oct. 
X 8, 1785. 

1785, Nov. 4. ■•- -■ — • - • . • 

Hon. Samuel Hardy, member of congress from Virginia, died in 
New York city, Oct. 17, 1785. 

1785, Dec. 1, [2] ; v . v 

Hon. William Whipple, in his 55th year, died in Portsmouth, 
N. H., Nov. 28, 1785. 

1785, Dec. 9. 

David Collier, was killed by accident in Newbury port Mass., 
Dec. 6, 1785. 

Dr. John Giddings committed suicide in Exeter, N. H., Nov. 23, 
1785. He left a wife and 5 children. 

1785, Dec. 16. 
A son of Major William Gardner, aged 9, died in Portsmouth 

N. H. 
Mrs. Mary Variel, aged 33, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Hannah, wife of Samuel Penhallow, Jr., aged 2G, died in Ports- 
" mouth, N. H. She was a daughter of Hon. Henry Sherburne. 

1785, Dec. 30. 

James Barton, native of Ireland, was drowned near Glastenbury 

Conn., Dec. 7, 1785. 
Hon. Mark Hunking Wentworth died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

Dec. 28, 1785. 
Rev. Daniel Rogers, in his 79th year, died in Exeter, N. H., Dec. 

10, 1785. 

{To he continued.) 


The announcement of a History of ]\Iarthas Vineyard by Dr. 
Charles E. Banks was welcomed with interest, not only by those 
bound to it by the ties of relationship, but by all who knew and 
loved the island where they had found health and pleasure in their 
vacation days. Dr. Banks* work covers a virgin field, left unfur- 
rowed by the historian and antiquary, except scratched over in 
spots. The island is the County of Dukes County, whereon are 
six towns, Edgartown (1642), Tisbury (1671), Chilmark, incorpor- 
ated as Tisbury Manor (1671), Cottage City (1880), West l^isbury 
(1892), the unique Indian town of Gay Head (1870), while con- 
tiguous thereto lie the Elizabeth Islands, the site of the firet 
English settlement in 1602, and now incorporated by the name of 
Gosnold, all within the scope of the book, as constituting the 
county. The present work will be a county history, as well as a 
history of the six towns, the first printed history of the Vineyard 
with one exception the smallest county in Massachusetts. A mass 
of original documents, mostly unknown hitherto, constitute the 
basis of the historical narrative, representing fifteen years of 
constant accumulations of any and all evidences that would illus- 
trate the beginnings and development of this island settlement 
and tells the story of its mutations of government, under three 
separate jurisdictions, its unique manorial system, the only 
known example in New England; its autocratic family despotism 
and the ''rebellion " following; the famous Indian missions begun 
by Thomas Mayhew, Jr., in 1643, antedating the " Apostle " Eliot; 
its maritime and whaling interests; the part the island played in 
the Colonial wars, the Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil 
War, accompanied by lists of soldiers and sailors, many from 
unpublished muster rolls and crew lists. 

The book contains genealogies of the island families of Adams, 
Allen, Athearn, Arey, Bassett, Baxter, Beetle, Butler, Cathcart, 
Chase, Claghorn, Coffin, Cot-tl.e, Cleveland, Covell, Daggett, Davis 
(2), Dunham, Fisher (2), Hancock, Hammett Harding, Hillman, 
Huxford, Jenkins, Jernegan, Jones, Kelley, Lambert, Look, Luce, 
Manter, Marchant, Mayhew, Merry, Norton, Norris, Osborn, Pease, 
Ripley, Robinson, Rogers, Rotch, Skiff, Steward, Smith (3), Tilton, 
Trapp, Vincent, Waldron, Weeks, Wimpenny and Worth. Ap- 
propriate space will be devoted to those famihes who resided here 

Booh JSloCes. 335 

temporarily, but who may have left descendants in the female lines, 
and will include Bayes, Burcliard, Browning. Codman, Cartwright- 
Eddy, Folgcr, Fisher, Gee, Harlock, Hawes, Homes, Kingsbury, 
Lothrop, Little, Martin, Newcomb, Presbury, Paine, Sarson, 
Tabor, Thaxtcr, Usselton, Wass, Watson, Wheldon and Whitten. 
In many instances the author has been able to carry the line back 
of the immigrant ancestor and show his English connections, or 
to give valuable data pointing to their probable home in England. 
Special labor and expense was given to this feature of the genea- 
logical section. - , / 

Illustration ^ add to the historical value of the text, through the 
reproduction of ancient maps, documents, autographs of nearly 
all the first settlers before 1700, and many of later periods, views 
of ancient hotises and sites, views in Tisbury and Chilmark, Eng- 
land, whose names two of our towns bear, portraits of the Eng- 
lish officers engaged in Lord Grey's Raid (1778), and portraits of 
prominent personages connected with the history of the Vineyard. 

The publisher announces the edition will depend upon] the 
advance subscription at $G, and when the lists are closed the price 
will be S 7. 50 per copy. 

; Jenkins Family Book, being a partial record of the descen- 
dants of David Jenkins, and genealogical notes of families inter- 
married with them, by Robert E. Jenkins, Chicago, 1904, pp. 244. 
This work is creditable to the cojnpiler who has succeeded in 

-compressing within the scope of 213 pages a vast amount of 
family history. The Jenkins family of which the book treats is 
descended from David Jenkins who settled in Chester county, 
Penn., about 1700. The family connections are among both Penn- 
sylvania and New England families, and mention is made of lines 
of descent from the following families : Allen, Baily, Batcheller, 
Blood, Boulware, Boyer, Carrigan, Chase, Cherry, Clark, Cleaver, 
Cock, Colburn, Collins, Cooley, Cowden, Cutler, Dexter, Dick, 
Douglas, Dudley, Dunbar, Plorin, Fordney, Graffen, Griffith, Hal- 
deman, Hamilton, Harry, Hart, Haupt, Henshaw, Hill, Hitchcock, 
Hoar, Houghton, Hoyt, Humphrey, Hutchinson, Irwin, Jackson, 
Johnson, Kellogg, Lapsley, Lane, Linnville, Lockwood, Logan, 
Masters, Matson, McCombs, McKee, Meredith, Morris, Nichol, Pat- 
ten, Piersol, Powers, Putnam, Pyle, Rambo, Raymond, Reigart, 

330 ,\,.::K'- ^\ '■-/'; ^: ■ Notes. • [February 

Robinson, Rush, Russell, Sawyer, Sibley, Simmons, Stoddard, 
Stone, Swinnerton, Tea, Van Wagenen, Walker, Warriner, Was- 
son, Weld, Wilson, Wright. Some of these sketches are brief, 
and in some cases are the first accounts of the family to 
appear in print. There are numerous other mentioiLS of 
emigrant ancestors, all of which tend to make this little 
volume of considerable value as a reference book, and guide 
to more complete sources of information. 

Converse Family and Allied Families, by Col. Charles A. 
Converse. This very important genealogical-historical work has 
been liberally praised. From the many flattering notices we ex- 
tract the followino-. 

Mr, Francis Olcutt Allen of Philadelphia, in a review of Col. Converse's 
woik, states the "live Pohits of a perfect fanjily genealogy," and says, 
"Thus, if the premises are correct, and Col. Converse has squared his work 
to this ideal, he has made a success, and in so far as other works of the kind 
fall short, he has made an unusual success. In my opinion the latter is his 


Mr. John R. Totten, Librarian of the N. Y. Genealogical and Biographical 
Society, "We are in receipt this morning of the very handsome Converse 
Genealogy which as yet I have been unable to critically scrutinize, but if the 
subject matter is up to the standard of appearance it certainly is a most val- 
uable addition to any genealogical library." 

Col. G. G. Benedict, president of the \'ermont Historical Society writes, 
" The copy of the Converse Genealogy is received and pleases me immensely, 
it seems to bo exceedingly elaborate, compiled with utmost care, well indexed, 
full of interesting and valuable personal information, and is typographically 
a very choice and handsome piece of work." 

7Vie Springfield Republican in an appreciative half column review, de- 
scribes the work of Col. Converse, as " a mine of ISew England Genealog}', 
and states that the pictures alone make an interesting exhibit of the evolu- 
tion of atypical New England family. 

The price of the work which is in two volumes, has been ad- 
vanced to SI 5 which does not cover the cost of manufacture. 

Rev. John Eliot.— The article on the ancestry of the ^'apostle' ' 
Eliot in this magazine (i. 37) recalls a note made by me in con- 
nection with his family. In a letter to Henry Ashurst, London, 
dated Dec. 1, 1G71, Eliot mentions ''My Cosin Postlethwait," a 
reference which may serve to confirm findings on his descent, 
already made. : i, ., ;. , C. E. B. 

* 1906] ':y-\\:'f::-''-- Notes. 337 

Vital Records of the town of Halifax, Mass., to the end 
of the year 1849. Literally transcribed under the direction of 
; - George Ernest Bowman, etc. The Massachusetts Society of 
::; Mayflower ^ 8 vo. pp. 211. %2. 

Some years since the Society of Mayflower Descendants deter- 
mined to print in separate volumes, as rapidly as the necessary 
funds could be secured, literal copies of the vital records of the 
^ towns in Plymouth and Barnstable counties. The first volume to 
be issued was tihe vital records of Brewster. The present book is 
the second of the series, and the records of Truro and of Eastham 
are now in press. f\ 

Halifax, Plymouth Co., was Incorporated 14 July 1734, being 
formed from parts of Middleborough, Pembroke and Plympton- 
In 1824 and in 1831 parts of Bridgewater and Plympton respect- 
,:■.. ively were annexed to Halifax. In 1765 the town had a popula- 
tion of ooG and in 1855, 786, since which time the population has 
decreased, until now the town numbers but 500 people within its 
limits, somewhat curtailed in 1857 by a part of Halifax being set 
off to East Bridgewater. 

This volume of vital recoi-ds being a literal transcript is another 

• important step in the preservation of our town records. Only 177 

oK '^^^ . : p are needed to print the entire record of births, marriages, 

■- A^^^^ and publications of intentions of marriage, and but 23 

V ;v3S pages are required to index, separatel}^ every name in the records, 
5;'|;e not only of individuals but of places. What a contrast between 
■ ; this excellently constructed volume and the published vital rec- 
ords of the town of Bedford for instance. Bedford was incorpor- 

; ; 7; : ated in 1729, in 1765 had a population of 457, and in 1855 
:; f v^ f 986 persons, being therefore very nearly of the same age, and size 
A{iA^-:^'% as Halifax. 

WiEv The vital records of Bedford were published by the New Eng- 

' |.;o land Historical Genealogical Society, requiring 142 pages, or a 
'•:f;^''v saving of 69 pages, a saving in money of perhaps $125, but at 

':.'':0M. what cost! 

:;;':/ The Bedford book is done in the ''approved'* style of the Com- 
■ mission, which does not give us a copy of the record. Moreover, 

V ' we are informed on reliable authority that the printed book 
^ omitted, through the fault of the copyist, certain items. Had the 

Bedford book been printed from the copy of the Bedford records 

338 ■ Book JSTotes, 

and the printed proofs compared with the original as the editor of 
the Halifax book has done, there could have been no omission. 
Moreover, the expense of making the abbreviated card entries as 
copy for the book would have been dispensed with. Let any 
person compare these two books; representing the wrong and 
right way of placing our town records at the disposal of the 
student of local history, and decide which is the most sensible 
and the least costly method to follow. Yet the State paid S675 
to the publishers of the Bedford book, probably a clear profit of 
100^;^ on the cost of manufacture of the book. We notice in 
the list of advertised needs of the New England Historic Gen- 
ealogical Society, the sum of $5000 is, " for estimated loss in 
printing Vital Records to 1850 of Massachusetts towns." We 
do not notice that the Mayflower Society, although refused state 
aid so freely accorded other publishers of vital records, has as yet 
made any appeal to make up the estimated loss on their publica- 
tions of vital records, the cost of which is met by sales of the 
books and small private advance subscriptions, which are not 
numerous, and which constitute the Cape Cod Town Record Fund 
and the Old Colony Town Record Fund. 

We have commented before upon the lack of attest by the town 
clerk of the copies of town records deposited with the Secretary of 
State, and although it is with pleasure that we note the statement 
in the preface of the Halifax volume that the greater portion of 
the copy for this volume was the work of the town clerk of Halifax, 
Mr. Thomas D. Morton, who also assisted in the verification of 
the proofs, we cannot but note with regret, that the clerk's attest 
does not appear in the printed book, an oversight which it is 
hoped will be corrected in future publications of this series. 

Another interesting fact is that the Halifax book has been ad- 
mitted to copyright protection. 

^; T Genealogical Magazine 

^ ::: 3 -^ PUBLISHED MONTHLY. " 

Vol. I. March, 1906. No. 12 

^- ■'::'::■'&':'■ john woods, his book _ 

■::}':'■ f^:^^^ ^ JUNE YE 11th 1759 : ^ ■ . : 

: , Copied by Alice Lke Clark . " 

'. (^Continued from Vol. 1, page 312 S) 

Sept 22 Lay at ye Lake till Three oClock in afterNoon then 
set out with mowha^^ for Ticondiroga got up to ye 
:\. : ' v: first Narrows about Sunset went on to a Island & 

- : Lay all Night Sum Rain Latter part of ye Night. . 

23 Set out got in about Two oClock in ye afterNoon — 
Then went over ye Lake with Dunlap & Goodnow 
and Saw Where Lord How had his fite. . . 

24 Was onwork down at ye mills a Cutting Pols for ye 
Rhods had our Stent got done about two oClock 

-;-':■ '^'•i,- 25 Was on Batto gard at ye Rock. . . and wash't and 
... v*; had a grat washing Nothing remarkable all is well 

' ]X::-?':W^^^^^ Was on work and work't a mending ye Rhod against 

;; :-":\?- :!;^^^ ye Camp with Capt Jones a good Capt he Nothing 

?;w ; ■;- ';-^^% Remarkable all IS well 

:•%:;- V^^^ Was on Quarter gard Stod on ye Parade Two ours 

^yr-[--^':y ^'''^-X';^ for the want of an officer for they were very scarce. 

: - ■ - ' .^:^V^^^^ fare wether a good time all is wel 

:■_,. . ,;; ':^^: 2 . Was Oil work and all ye fore Noon after Noon was 

'■'XXX'^^'rC' ordered over ye Lake and No Bread got one 

.:.v^:-^ : Lofe Sot out Two clock in after Noon got fouj- 

:: •4::- :'>^^ Below Sabday point put in to an Island Lay 

'fl-r;'\'';/'X:y:'.'- 29 Sot out Sun Rise Wind against us till got into ye 
*;'■ :' ;/ ■):^^^-- ; -Bay then a Fare wind A fine Time we had for a 
•^ • - a 5 Long the old Shows Got into fort Gorge 

li; ''-:XX--':::-- Three oClock in after Noon. . . 

340 ' John Woods ^ His Boole. [J\larc*h 

Sept 30 Draw'd Som provisions Lay at fort george Very 
Windy and Cold Went out and got vSome Chestnuts 

October 1 1759 Got up Looked like a fine pleas 't morning, 
got ready to Set of at Eleven oClock fore Noon 
heavy loaded, wind a head of us Strong to the Nar- 
rows then calm, got one oClock at Night Brot 20 grin 
stones 41 Bars of Iron 20 log Chains. . . 

2 Was of Duty fine day Not Very Well. . . 

Went to the fort to get my Lock nien'd Latter part 
of the day And it was very hot 

3 Was on Batto Gard at ye Nole felt not well But 
had a prety good gard 

4 Was of duty Not Well Cloudy & Some Rain at 
Night. . . 

5 Was of Duty not well went down to ye mills Tired 
much after Noon 

6 Was of Duty Not well After Noon went down to 
the Fort after my gun Lock Was very much tired 
when got home 

7 Was of Duty Not well Went down to ye mills for a 
file got None/ Got one of the two Carpenters & 
mended my Lock at ye Landing 

9 I went to ye Sloop & fetch 't a load of Settlers 
Stores ' 

Last Night a Draft of 2 hundred men made to go 
to Crown point and six Capt. . . 
From ye Landing 86 men Capt Jones Capt Walker 
; . ■ Capt Fellows Capt Hervy & ye rest from the other 
2 parts of ye Reg'mt 
^ 10 This day set out about Nine OClock — Was on duty 

' ' unloading ye Sloop poor doing Nothing but Six men 
11 Was of Duty Not well I washH my Jacket and 
Shirt (fe Boyled them out to Kill the Lice for I found 
SeveT about me So I gave them a Dressing. . . 
. ■. 12 Was of duty Felt Better Cloudy morning Som Rain 

Fine Warme weather for the season 
13 Was of duty Not well Wind Northeast and Rain 
which is bad for our men that are gon Major Wi'- 
lard is gonafter he came home sun (?) 

1906] v"' John Woods, His Booh, ' -' 341 

October 14 1759 

Was of Duty Not well it is a bad Storm wind & 
Rain. . . 
.. 15 Was of duty Not well Stormy Cold & windy Som 
Rain. . . 

16 Was of Duty Som Better— Cleared off Last night 
A Clear Day But cold ■ 

17 Was on work with a party at ye^Rhod Sarjant Cole 
Commander in Cheife. . . 

18 Was of Duty went over ye Lake after my knife 
with Dunlap Which he left over there the other day 
But did not git it. . . 

19 Was on work at _ye mills a Roleing up Logs for 
Boards At night ye Skow came &I had to keep 
ye Cattle when Landed till one oClock at night. . . 

20 Was on work unloading ye Skow She was Loaded 
with Brick k Settlers Stores & Some Cattle 

21 Was on work unloading ye Sloop went twice & 
work enough. . . 

" ' 22 Was on gard had one Solger under gard for not 

Haling ye Coll. going out of ye Fort/ Nobton of 
Capt Jones Campany was ye man belonging to ye 

\ - ^' old gard. . . .-...„,. .. „.. 

23 Came of gard and it was very Rainey Did Nothing 
at Night Mr. Boyd Came Home & I rec'd him with 
joy but not from my Hart. . . 

24 This Day was on work and it was Very Cold in the 
morninr.-; hal'd up battos then went down to ye mills 
to raising ye Bloclvhouse and was almost froze. . . 

25 Was on work a haleing battoes ^A Cloudy morning 
Some Rain But Cleared cold and windy. . . 

26 Was on gard a Cold Clear Day Like for a Snow at 
Night grew more warme — Nothing Strange. . . 

27 Was on work Down at ye mills Raising ye Block- 
house a fine Day wind South — Nothing Strange a 
great Stir a Bout going home 

October 1759 

28 Was on work at ye mills with Ensine Willise & a 
Fine was he for they Kept him from one thing 

342 John Woods, His Book. 

to a Nother Till he did not know one thing from 
aNother. A warm day Wind in the South. 

29 Was on work at ye Landing rolling Battoes — A Fine 
day wind South Some Rain Last Night. . . 

30 Was on gard & had a Cold Time on't for this morn- 
ing Came in some Reglars & Took up all our fire & 
Tar'd all Day One 'Prisoner Brot under gard 

31 Was on w^ork down at ye mills A Roling up logs all 
day Very Cold Day 

Nov. 1 This morning a Pertiton Caried in to ye Coll Willard 

for a Discharge ye Coll agreed to send to ye Gen- 
eral for one — So then went to work & to our duty 
2 Last night ye Sargent Came Back from ye Genc'l 
with orders we should not go of. . . 

2 This morning Draw'd up to hear what ye Gen. or- 
ders was when heard all agreed to go of all got 
there packs went on to ye perade Leu't French 
march 't us off march 't one mile made a halt, Came 
Three officers and Said they were coming after us to 
bring us back But not minding Kept on our march 
a Bout Twelve miles Then Came Three more offi- 

' cers and w^ould have us come back c^ that ye Coll 

had Sent to Coll Liman & that he had Sent 3 hun- 

. . , dred men & one hundred highlanders Down ye South 

Bay to Stop us But Refused to go back A good 

Day. . . 

3 This morning Cloudy but march't off Soon began 
' . to Rain & held all Day met with nothing worse 

than ye mountains went about twelve then Campt 

4 About three oClock Cle'd of Cold & look Like A fair 
day about Sun Rise set out & made a fine march 
this day and met with Nothing to scare us at all & 

, .,.. then Came to an Encampment. . . 



(Continued from Vol. J , page 322.) 

Sarah Elenwood y'' Daughter of John Elenwood by Sarah his 

v; Wife was Borne on y^ fourth day of may in y® year of o^ Lord God 
David Elenwood y^ fon of Benjamin Elenwood by Mary his Wife 

: was Borne on y^ Eleventh Day of Decemb in y® year of o^ Lord 
God 1698 

David Conant fon of William Conant by Mary his Wife was Borne 
on y^ feventeenth day of Auguft in y^ year of o^ Lord God 1699 
Ruth Ingerfoll y^ Daughter of Richard Ingerfoll by Ruth his 
wife was Borne on y^ Twenty fourth Day of December in y^ year 

''-;-': of o'-Lord God 1698 

Ifaac Griggs y^ fon of Jacob Griggs by Elener his Wife was Borne 

':' on ye Twentieth feventh Day of June in y^ year of o^ lord God 1699 
William Lovet fon of Simon Lovet by Annis his Wife was Borne 
on y^ third day of March in y^ year of o^ Lord God 169f 

: John Corning fon of John Corning by Elizabeth his Wife was 

r f Borne on y^ tenth day of Aprill in ye year of our Lord God 1699 

■i{v Ezekiei Herrick fon of Samuel Herrick by Mahitable his Wife was 

v;^ Borne on the fixth day of Novemb^ in y^ year of ou^ Lord God 1699 
■ Margreet Wallice y« Daughter of Nathaniel Wallice by Anna his 

J > Wife was Borne on ye firft Day of Novemb'" in y^ year of o^ Lord 

l;, God 1699 

: .^ Robert Conant y« fon of Lot Conant Jun'" by Martha his Wife was 

i':: Borne on Twenty fixth day of Aprill in y^ year of o^ Lord God 

I; 1699 . , 

Johanah Woodbery y^ Daughter of John Woodbery by Ales his 

' wife was Borne on y^ fixteenth day of Novemb^ in y^ year of o"" 

^^ Lord God 1699 

Benjamin Woodbery ye fon of Robert Woodbery by Mary his Wife 
was Borne on the firft day of Auguft in the year of our Lord 

.;- God 1699 

Nathaniel WalHce y^ fon of Nathaniel Wallice by Annah his Wife 

'-; was Borne on y^ Eleventh day of November in the year of our 

^- Lord God 1700 

* Copyiightl905 by Eben Putuam. 


344 Early Records of the Town of Beverly. [March 

p'lge — [ torn ] oiiezcv Dodg by Lydia his Wife 

feptember in ye year of o'^ Lord God 
Hannah Dodg of Andrew Dodg by Hannah his Wife was 

Borne on y« feventh day of Juely in y^ year of o"^ Lord 1699 
Benjamin Rayment y® fonn of Nathaniel Uaj^ment by Rebeckah 
his Wife was Borne on the firft Day of December in the year of o'' 
Lord God 1699 

Jonathan Cole}^^ fon of Solomon Cole by Mary his Wife was Borne 
on ye fecond day of feptember in ye year of o^" Lord God 1699 
Samuell Rayment the fon of John Rayment Jun"" by Deberah his 
wife was Borne on ye fifth Day of October in ye year of o^ Lord 
God 1699 

William Parlor ye fon of Thomas Parlor by Elizabeth his wife was 
Borne on ye tliirtenth Day of March in y^ year of o^ Lord God 
1699/70 V 

Jofeph Dodg fon of Jofeph Dodg by Rebeckah his wife was Borne 
on ye fecond day of Aprill in ye year of o'" Lord God 1700 

Hannah Hayward ye Daughter of Nathaniel Hay ward by Hannah 
his Wife was Borne on y^ Twenty firft day of feptember Annoq 
dom 1689 

Nathaniel Hayward ye fon of Nathaniel Hayward by Hannah his 
Wife was Borne on ye f ixteenth Day of March in ye year of o'' Lord 
God 1691/2 

Ebenezer Hayward j^ fon of Nathaniel Hayward by Hannali his 
Wife was Borne on ye fecond Day of feptember Annoq dom 1604 
Elizabeth Hayward ye Daughter of Nathaniel Hayward by Han- 
nah his Wife was Borne on the Eighteenth Day of December 
Annoq dom 1696 

Nehemiah fmith ye fon of Hazadiah fmith by Hannah his Wife 
was Borne on the fifteenth Day of November in the year of o"" 
Lord God 1699 

Joanna Wood ye Daughter of Ifrael Wood by Anna his Wife was 
Borne on the Twenty fixth Day of Decemb^ Anno Dom 1699 
Thomas Woodbery ye fon of William Woodbery by Johanna his 
wife was Borne on ye fifth Day of feptember Annoq Dom 1 700 
Darcos Wood ye Daughter of Nehemiah Wood by fufanah his 
Wife was Borne on ye Eightenth day of October in the year of our 
Lord God 1700 ... ■ 

"''■-[ 1906] ,/-;: Early Records of iJoe Toivn of Beverly. ' ^45 

Mary Wooding the Dangbtor of Peter Wooding b}' Elizabeth his 
-- Wife was Borne on y^ Eighth and Twentieth day of Auguft in y^ 
• : year of o^ Lord God 1700 . . , .. . . . : . ; 

Marriage Intentions. - 

Jofiah Hall of Exeter in the Prouince of new liampfheir and 

Mary Woodbery of Beverly their Intention of • Publifhed 

Mai^h 30th Day 1712 

Wilham Grover and Elizabeth Hull Boath of Beverly their Inten- 
tion of Marriage publifhed may y^ 18^^ 1712 

John ftone Jun"^ of Beverly and Ruth Waldron of Wenham their 
f Intention of Marriage Publifhed May 18^^ Day 1712 

Roger Hafkins and Elizabeth Shaw Boath of Beverly their Inten- 
tion of Marriage Publifhed auguft 10^^ 1752 

Phillip Piles & Return Ellinwood Boath of Beuerly their Intention 
I. of Marriage Publifhed on August 24tM712 

Benjamin Webfter & Ruth Gray Boath of Beuerly there Intention 

of Marriage publifhed on Nouember S^h 1712 

Ifaac Hull Jun^ & Ann Wood Both of Beuerly their Intention of 

marriage publifhed on Nouember 23^ 1712 

Ebenezer Cleues. & Sarah Stone Boath of Beurly their Intention 

\S of Marriage publifhed Nouembr 21ft 1712 

'S'- Samuel Harris and Sarah Biles boath of Beuerly their Intention 
of Marriag publifhed Decemb: 5*^ 1712 

Jonathan Ober and Rebeckah their Intention of Mar- 
riage pu.bUfhed. December 28^^ day 1712 

James Afhby and Abigel Reed Both : of Beuerly their Intention of 
marriage Publifhed april 19^^^ 1713 " 

V \ Samuel Woodbery of Beuerly and hannah Dodge of Salem their 
Intention of marriage publifhed Auguft 22^ 1713 
Matthew Butman & Martha Herri ck both of Beuerly their Inten- 
tion of. Marriage publifhed on October: 10^^ 1713 

?-'i:i Robert Leach Jun^ of manchefter and Elizabeth Hofkins : of Beu- 

■ 'v erly their Intention of Marriage publifhed Nouember: 21: 1713 
Daniel Rayment and abigal Balch who Caled them felues boath 
of Beuerly in their publifhment their Intention of marriage pub- 
r lifhed December 5^1^ 1713 

: ;: Mofes Morgan of Marble Head and A])igel Baker of Beuerly their 

■p;r- Intention of Marriage publifhed January 9^^ 1713/14 

346 ' Early Records of the Toum of Beverly. 

John Conant JupJ of Bcucrly and ]^Jarlha Dodge of Ipfwich their 
Intention of Marriage publifhed January 30^^ 1713/14 
[ torn ] athan Herri ck & Bethia their Intention 

of marriage ; ;■ • : 

page — 

Benjamin Smith of Salem and Mary Roimdey of Beuerly their In- 
tention of marriage pubhfhed September 18^^^ 1714 
Eugean Linch and Martha Ehott both of Beuerly their Intention 
of marriage Pubhfhed October 17^^^ 1714 

Nehemiah Prefson and Abigel Allin both of Beuerly their Inten- 
tion of marriage Publifhed on October 31** 1714 
John Majary of Salem and Kezia Woodbery of Beuerly their In- 
tention of Marriage Publifhed on Nouember 7*^*^ Day 1714 
Douid Wheler of Beuerly and Mary Larcum:of Wenham their 
Intention of Marriage publifhed on Nouember y^ 7^^' Day 1714 
Nicholas Lucas and Mary Standly Both of Beuerly their Intention 
of Marriage publifhed : on Nouember 25*^^ Day Anno Domini : 1714 
Ebenezer Rayment and Joanna Herrick Both of Beuerly ther In- 
tention of Marriage publifhed on Decemb^ 10*^ day Anno : Do : 1714 
William Webfter and fufanah Comer Both of Beuerly their In- 
tention of marriage publifhed on Nouember 14*^ 1714 
Jofeph Pebody of Boxford and Mary Wheler of Beuerly their In- 
tention of Marriage publifhed in Beuerly on December 19^^^ 1714 
Robert Sallows and Elizabeth Larcum both of Beuerly their In- 
tention of marriage publifhed on January 22^^ day anno Domi 1714 
Samuel Clark & Sufanah Morgan both of Beuerly their Intention 
of marriage publifhed February: 13^^ anno Domi 1714/15 
John oufman and anne Fofter Both of Beuerly their Intention of 
marriage Publifhed February 23: anno 1714/15 
John Ehott and Elizabeth Balch both of Beuerly their Intention 
of marriage pubhfhed March 27*^^ 1715 

page — Thomas Lovel of Ipfwich & Martha Herrick of Beuerly their 
Intention of Marriage publifhed in Beuerly on March 27^'^ 1715 
Howett Herrick and Abigel wheler both of Beuerly their Inten- 
tion of marriage publifhed april 2^ 1715 

Jofeph Pickit and Elizabeth Rounded both of Beuerly their In- 
tention of marriage publifhed April 9*^^ 1715 

{To he 






{Continud from Vol. i, 'page 326.) -:">;: 

1790 April 18 Christina Ne\vtoii of ]\F Jon^ Hastings. 

April 24 Polly Elliot of John Goodwin. 145 Hilliard. 

[The following are in D^' Holmes' hand ATritiug.] 
June 20 Jonathan of John & Mary Stone (by M"" Greenough.) 
V 27. John of Richard Gardner (by M'' Kendall.) 

July 25 Edward of Edward & Lucy Winfhip 
(by M^ Hitchcock). 

A\m. 1. William of Josepli & Mary Bates] 

■D 1 f o ^ ^r ^. f by M^' Foster. 

Rebecca of Samuel Kent. J -^ 

Oct. 10 Sally of Thomas Rand ] 

George of Charles & Lydia V by Pres'^ "VVillard 

Frothingham J 

George of Samuel (Profefsor) & Rebekah Webber, 

by Pres^ Willard. 

Sarah of Joseph & Eunice Reed (by M^' Smith 


Luke of John Shed by Prefid^ Willard. 

Eunice of John Choate 1 by Mr. Smith 

Hannah of Thomas Gardner] Librarian. 

Leonard of Richard Cutter by M'" Porter. 

Elizabeth Latham of Caleb & 1 , -r^ ^. -,♦ 
r. ^u • r^ ^^ L>y Prefid* 

Catherme Gannett K^^.^^ 

3 ^n^ss ,, ^ -r-T D Tii- -r.. 1 T Willard. 

- Mary of Elias & Mary Richardson j 

July 24 William Warland of Josiah Moore] 

Jonathan of Jonathan Wyatt ) 

Clary of John Prentice by M'^ Foster of Littleton. 

Sarah Ann of Francis & Elizabeth Dana by M"" Mellec. 

Frederick of Jonathan Hastings. 

Edward of Edward Winship by A. Holmes. 

Amelia of President AVillard by M'" Jackson. 

Samuel of Samuel Kidder by M*' Whitney. ~i 

Nathaniel of William & Lucy Gammage by A. H. 

The next entry is in Book 11. 


















(164) Oct. 9 

V Oct. 


; Nov. 




348 ; f; Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [March 

1788 May 2. A Chh meeting notified the preceding vSabbatli to 
cbuse a Couim*-'^ to enquire into the state of the Chh Stock &c. 

Voted Tliat Dr. Wigglesworth, Mr. Gannett & Cap^ Walton be a 
Comm^^*' for this purpose. 

r - V A request signed b}' 24 brethren desiring that the Practice 

- : of demanding public coufefsions of those who have had chil- 
■ dren within seven mouths after marriage be laid aside, was 
read & after some conversation it was voted that all children 
born in wedlock of parents neither of whom is in full commu- 
nion be admitted to baptism upon one or both the parents 
owning the Covenant. 

Aug®^ 22. A Church Meeting notified the preceding Sabbath to re- 
ceive the Report of the Committee to enquire into the state 
of the Church Stock. 

The Report was read & the Church voted their acceptance 
of it. 

Voted That the Deacons be directed to obtain such monies be 
longing to the Ch^' as are in the hands of publick bodies of 
men & to put them out to private i)ersons, from whom they 
may recover the interest at stated seasons. . 

Voted That thanks be presented to the Deacons & particularly 
to Deacon Hill for their attention & fidelity in taking care 
of the property belonging to tlie Church. It appeared that 
the Deacons have in their hands in securities of all kinds, 

280. 1. 10 J besides 1.15.7 for contingencies, See the report 
on the files. 

A Church Meeting June 5*'^ [1789] notified the Lord's day 
Preceediug to chuse a Committee to enquire into the State of 
' . theCh^ Stock. 

Voted that thia Committee consist of three. 
M''. Gannett, M"". Wintlirop & Captn Walton were chosen. 

A Church Meeting July '24, 

The Committee appointed to inquire into the state of the Ch^. 
Stock reported & it appeared that the 

£ 8 d 

; . Deacons have in their hands 310 2 Of 

The amount of the fund appropriated to i 

, . £ 8 d 

the use of the poor of the Ch^ amounted to 76 4 2 

1906] , Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 349 

(165) Voted That the Report of the Committee be accepted & 
that the thauks of the Chh be giveu to Deacon Hill for his 
generous services in making provision for the Communion & 
. taking care of the property of the Chh. 

N. B. It appeared that the third part of the income of the 
:V Chh Stock to be paid to the Parish Treas'' the first day of April 
next is three pounds thirteen shillings & ten pence, report on 
the files. 

At a Church Meeting June 1790, notified the Lord's day 
Voted 1 . That Deacon Gideon Frost be Moderator. 
Voted 2. That Mr. Caleb Gannett, James Winthrop Esq^ & Timothy 
Tufts Esq^. be a committee to examine the state of the 
Church Stock and the Poors fund in the hands of the Dea- 
cons & make report. Attest Gideon Frost, Moderator. 

Att a Church Meeting, September, y'^ 27, 1790. notified 
the Lord's day preceeding 

Voted 1. That Deacon James Munroe be Moderator of 
this meeting. 
; I The Committee appointed to Enquire into the State of 
the Church fund reported & it appeared that the Deacons 
•;':;! have in tlieir hands in money & Public & private securities 
' : > unappropriated £331 : : 4 : 8|- 

■; ; ■ :' "^ The amount of the fund appropriated to the 

■ ' use of the poor 80: 5:11 

Voted that the report of the Committee be accepted. 
Voted that the thanks of the Church be given to the Dea- 
■ :'; . cons and particularly to Deacon Hill for his care & trouble 
; ;"" in negotiating the fund &; making provision for the Com- 
munion for which he Declines receiving any Compensation. 

report on the files 
vy ; , ':■ Attest James Munroe 

^ V :?? " Moderator. 

.'^^ ' At a church Meeting June y^ 6 1791. notified the Lord's 
day preceeding 

Voted 1. That Deacon Aaron Hill be moderator of this 


?■ r.. r 

Voted 2. That Mr. Caleb Gannett, James Winthrop Efq 

350 v;;;- Recoras of the First Church, Cambridge. [March 

& Timothy Tufts Efq^" be n, Committee to Examine tlie State 
of the Church fund and advise the Deacons in the managemen 
of 8^ fund. Aaron Hill, Moderator. 

(166) At a Church Meeting August y*^ 15. 1791. notified the 
Lord's day preceeding. 

Vote y^ 1. That Aaron Hill be moderator of this meeting. 

The committee appointed June y® 6. to Examine into the 
.. State of the Church fund and advise the Deacons in tlie 
■ management of said fund made report which was accepted 
by the Church. 

It appeared by Said report that the Deacons have in their 
Hands in Public & private Securities of the unappropriated 
: . fund 343.6.8 

Of the fund appropriated for the use of the poor 80.3.2| 

See report on file. 
Voted that the Deacons be a committee with Difcresonary power 
Either to Loan the Treasurer's Note in their hands or to Dif- 
pose of it for the benefit of the Church. 

. Attest. Aaron Hill Moderator. 

(167) At a meeting of the first Church of Christ in Cambridge 
October y*^ 19, 1791 to deliberate and act on the Subject 

' '• of Choosing a Paftor of this Church. 

Deacon Aaron Hill was Chosen Moderator. 

Voted That the members of this Church are now ready to proceed 
to the choice of a Paftor. 

Voted. That the Church proceed to the Choice of a Paftor by ballot 
or written votes. The votes being Collected it appeared that 
there were nineteen Votes Eighteen of which were for the Rev^ 

, ^ Abiel Holmes w^hereupon it was declared that the Rev^* Abiel 
Holmes was Elected. 

Voted That the Election of the Rev'^ Abiel Holmes to the Paftoral 
office of this Church be declared in writing to the Inhabitants 
of this Parish, that if it be agreable to them they Concur 

Voted That Mr. Caleb Gannett, Aaron Hill, & Gideon Froft be a 
Committee to Communicate to the Rev'^ Abiel Holmes the pro- 
ceedings of the Church. Attest Aaron Hill moderator. 
On December 1791 The following Letter from the Rev*^ 
Abiel Holmes containing his Answer to the foreraentioned in- 
vitation was communicated after divine Service. 

s ■■■■■■ ■■ 

1 1906] ^ Records of the First Church, Camhridge. 351 • 

I .:.■.. . 

I - ' '(^^^ New Haven Dec'' 5, 1791. 

[ ^':-''y':\>y:/'"^ Gentlemen 

\ / ■ /' The invitation and call to become your settled Pastor, 

\ ^ ',,/■:. ['■^^:::'\, 2iB exprefsed in the respective votes of the first Church and 
\ : : . Parish in Cambridofe of the 19"^ and 2 P^ of October, which 

[ ' ■, . you were pleased to present me before I left Cambridge, have 

I been ever since, under my most serious consideration. The sud- 

I (168) dennefs of the application, together with the peculiar difficulty 

and importance of the Station to which you invited me, called 
" for a very deliberate attention to the Subject. Your benev. 

■ olence will, I doubt not, excufe the length of time which I 
have taken for a final decision. In respect to the office, 
G-entlemen, of which you have asked my acceptance, I can 
truly say, I consider it as above my years and my improve- 
ments. But the singular candor with which you received me 
and my ministrations, while I was with you, and the remark- 
able unanimity with which the transactions relative to my pro- 
posed settlement among you were conducted, silence my 
objections on this head. 

Upon the whole after weighing this matter with serious de- 
liberation and with prayers to the Father of Lights for guidan^te 
and direction, I have judged it my duty to accept this invita- 
tion and to give up myself to the pastoral service among you 
and accordingly, I do hereby signify my acceptance of this 
- - . call of the Church and Society to settle in the work of the 

ministry among them. This you will be pleased to communicate 
to them as my answer. I ask a remembrance in your praj^ers ; 
'" and intend by the permifsion of divine Providence, to be with 
you in the course of the next week. 
In the mean time I remain 

Gentlemen ' 

with much respect & esteem 

Your obedient and very humble Servant 

Abiel Holmes. 
Deacon Aaron Hill, 

and the other Gentlemen of the Committee. 

To be communicated to the first 

Church and Society at Cambridge. 

(169) At a meeting of the first Church of Christ in Cambridge 
December 26^'' 1791, notified the Lord's day preceeding 

Deacon Aaron Hill Moderator. 

352 ' Records oj the First Church, Cambridge. [March 

-Vote 1. That the following Clrarches with their Pastors be requested 
to afsist in the installation of the Rev^ Abiel Holmes, viz. 
The Church in Waltham, the Chnrch in Brookline, the Church 
in Lexington, the second and third Churches in Cambridge, 
the Clnirch in Federal Street, Boston and the Rev^^ President 
- of the University in Cambridge. 
Vote 2. That the following Brethi'en, Thomas Lee, Caleb Gannett. 
and James Winthrop be a Committee to confer with the Rev** 
Abiel Holmes respecting the time of his installation and 
whether he desire any addition to the aforementioned Churches. 
The afores*^ Committee having executed the bufinefs af- 
signed them, reported. That the Pastor elect nominated the 
following Churches with their Pastors viz. The Church in 
Yale College, The first Church in New Haven, The Church in 
Charlestown. the Churches under the pastoral care of the Rev-^ 
Simeon Howard 13D. & the Rev*^^ John LathropDD. in Boston 
and the Rev^ President of Yale College. That he proposed 
Wednesday the twenty fifth of January as the da}^ of Instal- 
Vote 3. That the aforesaid Report be accepted, and that the Church 

concur with the proposals of the Pastor elect. 
Vote 4. That the Moderator, Thomas Lee. Caleb Gannett, James 
Winthrop and Gideon Frost be a Committee to write Letters 
mifsive to the Pastors & Churches aforesaid requesting their 
presence and afsistance. - - 

Vote 5. That Caleb Gannett, Thomas Lee, Aaron Hill. James 
Winthrop, Gideon Frost, Timothy Tufts and James Munro 
-:■:-;:■''■■':': be a Committee to communicate to the Installation Council 
(170) the proceedings of the Church 

Vote 6. That the foregoing proceedings be communicated to the 
' ' Inhabitants of the Parish, at their next meeting. 
' ' The following is a copy of the Letter sent to the Beverul 
Churches &c. requested to afsist at the Installation of the 
• Rev^ Abiel Holmes. 

" The first Church of Christ in Cambridge to the Church of 

Christ in. Greeting : 

*' Directed as we hope by an all wise Providence, we have 
** agreed with -the Rev^^ Abiel Holmes to become our Pastor. 
*' AVednesday the 25th Instant is appointed for his Installa- 
tion. We request your afsistance by your Pastor and 


1906] ^ Records of the First Church, Cambridge . " 353 

" delegates on that solemn occasion. Wc solicit your 
" prayers, and wewisb you grace, mercy and peace from 
*' our common Lord. 

" Cambridge Jatf" 2, 1792. Aaron Hill -| committee 

" To the Rev" Thomas Lee I ;„ ^^i^.jf 

'^ To be communicated. Caleb Gannett [ ^ .1 

JamesWinthropj church." 
Gideon Frost. 

" Mera^ The Council are desired to meet at 
"at the Parsonage house precisely at 
*' lOo'clock A. M." 

On the 25^1^ of January 1792 at 10 o'clock the Several 
Churches b}^ their Representatives convened at the Parsonage 

The Rev^ Joseph Willard, DD. President of the University 
was chosen Moderator of the Ecclesiastical Council then 

After a prayer by the Moderator, the proceedings of the 
Church and Parish were delivered to him by the Committees 
appointed for that purpose, as were M^ Holmes' Letter of ac- 
ceptance, together with papers relative to his difmifsion from 
Midway in Georgia. 

No objections being made the Council agreed that they were 

They then adjourned to dine at M^ Owen Warlands. 

After dinner, the Pastor elect was voted a Member of this 
Church by the Brethren then convened. 

The Council with the Pastor Elect preceded by the Church 

and as many of tlie Inhabitants of the Parish as were present 

(171) proceeded to the meeting house, where the Rev^^Abiel Hohnes 

was solemnly installed Pastor of this Church and Society in 

the following manner. 

The Rev^ M"^ Jackson of Brookline began with prayer. 

The Rev<^ James Dana DD. of New Haven preached a sermon 
from John 7.16. My doctrine is not mine hut his that sent me. 

The Rev*^ M*" Clark of Lexington prayed after Sermon. 

The Rev^^ M^ Cushing of Waltham gave the Charge. The 
Rev^ M*" Porter of Little Cambridge gave the right hand of 
fellowship and the Rev^ Simeon Howard, DD. of Boston made 


354 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [March 

the Concluding: prayer. The fifth hymn in D"^ Watts' collection 
of hymns was then sung. The Solemnity was then concluded 
by a solemn benediction pronounced by the Rev'* M^ Holmes. 
Throughout the whole procefs the greatest order decency 
and harmony were obsevable. 

Soli Deo Gloiia. 
' ': ^ • [Page 172 Blank,] 

(173) Memorandum. [By A. Holmes] 

Mefs""^ Hooker & Stone, Copaftors, first settled at Cam- 
bridge, then removed with the whole Church to Hartford. Sold 
houfes to new Church which M'^ Shepard brought out of Eng. 
laud 1635. M^ S. was properly the first minister of the first 
church now in Cambridge. He died 1649 ^t 44. was suc- 
ceeded by M^' Jonathan Mitchel who was ordained by neigh- 
boring pastors A. D. 1650. the Rev^ John Cotton gave the 
Right Hand of fellowship. He died A. D. 1668 JEt. 43. M'^ 
Urian Oakes who had been minister at Titchfield in England, 
and was ejected in 1662, was applied to by the Church and So- 
ciety to succeed him. the^^ sent over two invitations, and on the 
second he came, and took charge of the Church in 1671. He was 
for some j^ears president of Harvard College as well as pastor 
of the Church in Camb. He died 1681 JEt, 50. and was suc- 
: ' Vf ceeded by M'' Nathaniel Gookin who was in the ministry 

about 8 years and died 1692. JEt. S4,. He was for a time a 
afsistant - . 

Colleague with Presid* Oakes. M'' William Brattle, his sue- 

cefsor, was ordained Nov. 25. 1696. The Rev^ Mefs"^- Increase 

\'5 i Mather, Charles Morton of Charlestown, M*' Allen of Boston 

old Chh. Samuel Willard of Boston 3^*^ Chh, laid on hands, 

M^ Williard gave the right hand of fellowship. M"" Brattle died 

A. D. 17|f Aet. 55. Rev Nathaniel Appleton Succeeded, or- 

i-'r;,] dained Oct. 9. 1717. He was born at Ipswitch 1693, son of 

;>■ ' Hon.- John Appleton. his mother the eldest daughter of Presi- 

■; ■ dent Rogers. D"^ Increase Mather preached his ordination 

sermon & gave the charge. Dr. Cotton Matlier gave the right 

hand of fellowship. Rev. M"" Angier of Watertown & M 

Rogers of Jpswitch afsisted in the ordination, all laying on 

hands. They had Mefsengers of the churches. 

D"" Stiles " from ]\F Appleton's Chh Records & ex ore ejus." 
;;;;.,■:; "All the Records preced- settlement of M'" Brattle, lost" Id. 


1906] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 




1704/5 Mar. 22 

1705 JuuG 7. 

1717/18 Jan. 22. 
1724 Aug. 5. 












Jan. 7. 17 










1 734. 





4 April 





(p. 135) 1774 
(p. 136) 1777 

Deacons Chosen.* 

Mr. Samuel Cooper 
Nathaniel Hancock 

oseph Coolidge 

amuel Kidiler 
Nathaniel Sparhawk 
Samuel Bowman 
Samuel Sparhawk 
John Bradish 
Henry Prentice 
Samuel Whittemore 

Three now living viz. Mefs'* Sparliawk, Prenticcj 
and Whittemore. There was a Deacon Hastings 
. 1696. 1)'- Stiles fr. Mr. Appletons Records & 
ex ore ejus. credo A. D. 1708 A. Holmes. 

Sept. 8. Aaron Hill ob. Oct. 24 1792 

May 18. Stephen Sewall 

Prof, of Hebrew &c. Ob July 1804 JFA. 71. 
(p. 141) 1783 June 30. r Gideon Frost Ob. July 1. 1803 Aet 80. 

( James Munro ob. Sept 15. 1804 JEt. 
(B.It.p. 7) 1792 Nov. 19. John Walton ob Nov. 1823 Aet. 80. 
''■'.::,^:0-p/:-::\ 1804 Apr. 5. William Hilliard 
- :■ I 1805 Jan. 4. Josiah Moore ob. May 1. 1814^t 67 

•f;;^v^' ■•;■■'" 1818 Aug. 2. James Munro 

■ :: ;^^^'^ ;.^^ [pages 174 to 178 Blank] 

(179) LAW. 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 
In the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and two. 

^.:-p-t-' ■■■■^■'- /-^ ■ AN ACT. 

To set off Nathaniel Prentifs and others, from the town of Char- 
leftown, in the County of Middlefex, and annex them to the town of 
Cambridge, in the same County. 

Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and Houfe of Reprefenta- 
tives in General Court affembled, and by the authority of the same* 

That Nathaniel Prentifs, Jofiah Willington, Stephen Goddard, 
Benjamin Goddard, and Nathaniel Goddard, together with the lands 

* For Ruling Elders and early deacons see preface. 

356 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [I\ia 


fituated within the following lines, viz — Beginning at the fouth 
eafterly fide of the honfe lot of Stephen Goddard, at the point where 
the boundai^ line between faid hoiife lot and the lands of Walter 
Froft interfects the north-eafterly line of Cambridge : thence running 
north eafterly by said boundary line, to the road leading by the houfo 
of Timothy Tufts ; thence north- wefterly by faid road, to the line 
which divides the lands of Nathaniel Goddard from the lands of 
Nathan Watfon ; thence fouth-westerly by the line laft mentioned 
to Cambridge line ; thence fouth-eafterly by Cambridge line, to the 
point of begiuing, be and hereby are set off from the town of Charlef- 
town and annexed to the town of Cambridge. 

Sect. 2. Be it further enacted that the faid Nathaniel Prentifs, 
Jofiah AVillington, Stephen Goddard, Benjamin Goddard, and 
Nathaniel Goddard, with fuch parts of their eftates as are fet off by 
this act, shall be held to the payment of all taxes already affeffed upon 
them by the town of Charleftown, and alfo be held to the payment of 
their refpecLive proportions of the debts due from the town of Charlef- 
town. (after deducting therefrom the School funds,) as follows viz. — 
Nathaniel Prentifs, fourteen dollars; Jofiah Willington, fourteen 
dollars; Stephen Goddard, twelve dollars; Benjamin Goddard, 
eleven dollars ; Nathaniel Goddard, nine dollars ; and the town of 
Charlefton fhall have a right to affefs the feveral fums aforefaid on the 
Polls and Eftates fo fet off, at any time within one year from the 
paffing of this act. if the fame fhall not be paid to the treaf urer of 
faid town prior to fuch affeffment. 

In the Houfe of Eeprefentatives March 5, 1802. 

This Bill having had three feveral readings, paffed to be enacted 
::\,.:,.,^. ■:;,:--.^.-,, ..,:,,.■-■.:.:,, :.; Edw. H. Robbius, Spcakcr. 

In Senate, March 6, 1802. 

This Bill having had two feveral readings, paffed to be enacted. 

David Cobb, Prefident. 
March 6, 1802. By]the Governor Approved 

,;^n:::v-:/- ^,..-:..-;.^\;.:v^^. -^ CALEB STRONG. / 

A true Copy 

: ; Atteft John Avery, Secretary. 

(181) [Page 180 Blank] ^ 

1824 July 2. Exchange of a small part of the Parsonage land for 

land adjoining 

1906] Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 357 

■ -'_...., At a meeting of the Cougregational Church in the First Pa- 
;-■;:;. rish in Caiiibriclge, on the second day of July A. D. 1824. 
■ Whereas William Hilliard and James Munroe, the Deacons 

; of the Congregational Church in the First Parish in Cambridge 
are seized, as such Deacons of the Parsonage, consisting <»f 
about four acres of land and a dwelling house and other cut 
: buildings thereon situated in said Parish in said Cambridue, 
and have agreed with Doct, Thomas Foster of said Cambridge 
to convey to him in fee, a small part of said Parsonage land 
on the easterly side thereof in exchange for a parcel of said 
Foster's land on the easterly side thereof, to be conveyed by 
said Foster in fee, to said Deacons, to hold in succession, for 
' the use and benefit of said Church, which part of said parson- 
n2:e is on tlio eastc^lv side and said parcel of said Foster's 
" land is on the westerlj^ side of the line herein after described, 
to wit a line begining at a point in the southern boundary of 
said parsonage 123 feet 8 J inches west from the easterly end 
of said Foster's stone wall which extends westerly to said 
line; and then said line runs northerly, tlie whole length of 
said parsonage as the new fence now stands to a point which 
is 101 feet 8|- inches from the southeasterly end of the divisional 
line between said parsonage laud and that of Abraham Biglow 
Esquire, which first mentioned line is understood and intended 
to be same with the line described in the vote of said Parish, 
passed on the 9^'^ art in the warrant for the meeting of the in- 
habitants of said Parish on the 8*^ day March 182-i, relating 
to said exchange and containing the agreement of said parish 
to make the same. 


Voted, that the above mentioned exchange be made and that 
brothers Abel Whitney and Jonas Wyeth be a committee of 
said church to express the consent of said Church to said con- 
veyance, to be made by said Deacons to said Thomas Foster 
of the above described part of said Parsonage land, and to 
make and execute in behalf of said Church a suitable writing 
to express such consent to said conveyance, when made, but 
subject to the condition, that said Foster shall pay all the ex- 
penses attending said exchange and of removing the old and 
building the new divisional fence. 

358 Records of the First Chiirchj Cambridge. . [March 

At the annnnl meeting of the Ch'.irch on the diiy above meu. 
tioued the Vote recorded above was passed. 
, , ' ' . Attest Abiel Holmes Pastor. 

[The following notes are in the hand writing of the Rev. 

William Brattle and are on pages at the back of the book.] 

Anno 1699. 

Apr. 1. 10 trees of M*". Lev^^ fet. die 3^°. 10 more bought of 

Ellis 3^ p tree, T^'"" 6 more of G. Frost root trees. 

17. Dug up y^ knot & made an end of gardning 19'': 

Began y^ first p* & fet y^ Goofeberry bufhes 

March 31. 

Apr: 19. Then planted y^ (squashes and) cucumers [Sume 

squashes] Apr. 1. 
21. Then plowed y^ field & planted y^ corn y^ outside 
row is red ears and beans. 


1700 Apr. 22. Grafted 7 trees w Harveys & Permains P i\P Bright. 

Planted y^ Orch'd May 1. 1698. 


April 8. 1701, Grafted 4 trees y^ outer row 2 lowest w Gillyflowers, 


y^ other w M^ Goffe's permains, p M'^ Saltonft. 
;. X .; ;'"" Anno 1700 
Apr. 30. Set up y^ boord Fence beyond y^ Orc*^ 

abt 1200 boords at 36 p 1000 • 

Nails ab^ 400J 4.6^ Pofts 26 Labour 12.6 

' ' ' ' Folded y^ sheep 6 nights from May 8 to 
^ , May 14. 

Anno 1700 '^ ' '" ' "/M 

July 17. Set up the Garden back fence 

Anno 1701 
Aug. 23. Set up the boored fenc e ab^ the Orchards 


1000 boords cost w brought up 1.17. 

'-v.. ^-'^ 'V-r. g d ■■ ■ , 

Nails 400 — 4.0 Labour y« 2 Hicks & 

s d ■'■.-■ 

John Lacore 7.0. Posts. 

2. 2. 

2. 3 


0. 6. 


V. 1906] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 359 

March 21, 170C G raffed 5 apple trees in y^ garden w^^' russettiugs & 

permain &■ fiqni pulling &c. the pound pair by y*^ Coop & 

2 pound p'"* in y^ garden y^ warden by y° South gate being 

grafted y*^ Saturday before I brought it from M^ Bradstreet's 

Anno 1697. 

The winter this year (1G97) was a very fevere winter for 

Cold & Snow: Tlie ground was covered w Snow from y*^ 
beginning of December to y^' middle of March: Many fuows, 
one upon another, in Febiiiar}^ it was Judg'd to be 3 foot & an 
half deep on a levell. Feb. 21 a pleasant afternoon, spring 

weather for 4 or 5 dayes w fettled y** fnow. March 14 fell a 
fno^Y 3 or 4 inches deep on y^ old fnow : it turned into a driz- 

• zliug rain w continued all y^ next day, & at night iib' 8'" It 
tljundered & Liohtened & rain'd hard in fhowers. Tiie next 
day was wind}^ & fair y*^ snow much wafted, M^" Cook's Hill in 
y^ neck bnre of fnow &, many fpots of ground now appeared: 
Charlestown Ferry was frozen up (b that y^ Boat did not go 
over once from January 17 to Feb. 28. 6 weeks Compleat: 


In w time I rode over upon y^' Ice from y^ Ferry place to M'" 
Broughtons warehoufe 3 times, & twice back again : y*" Kiver 
was frozen up 2 weeks before y*^ ferry boates ceafed going fo 
that people went over on foot, only in that fortnight's time for 
three days y'^ Ice was fo broke that people did nut venture to 
walk over. 
3 Mar. 24. In y^ moin a storm of snow 8 or 4 inches deep. I^ 


turn'd into rain w carried away all y*^ fnow. People much 
ftrait'ned for want of Hay ys Spring March 17, 97.8 a publick 

98 Apr. 4 & 5 Our garden was digg'd, Bufhes fet& feeds fown Apr- 
5. y*^ great peafe & Bofton poafe were planted alfo y^" carr*^ 
feed & Parfn &c. fownf. Oats fown Apr 2 : Goofe berry bufhes 
planted & y^ firft beans March 28. 

Apr. 15 1798 Before ys we fet out Turnips, cut a mess apr. 15. 

Apr. 10. 98. A Summers da}' & fo was all ys week exceeding warm 


& dry only 12 day on w had a S. E. rain. 

The Summer following y^ hard Winter was a very fruitful. 
Summer, only for apples, much rain, no blaft, bug or j'e like at- 
tending Wheat Bye or peafe. No froft to damnifye y^ Indian 

360 . , ,; Records o] the First Church, Camhridge, [March 

corn. The winter after (viz: 1798) moderate little suow. 
only Feb. 14. a violent Searching ftorm of fnow. 
A dry Spring .99. 
Anno 1699 Nov. 28. Trees laden & many broke down by y*' Ice &c* 
M^ Eliottcame to board with us Dec. 21. 97. Tuesday went 
away die ven. 


M^" P. paid me 7 from J. Cheny bee. he was not rated &c. 

Mar. 27. 1700. 

pd. Sarah Feb. 24. 96. to that day 1.10.0 

7.5 Ova (March 30 99/1700) [in] Salt. 

Pd. Sarah Bradifh 3 pds in Full to Feb. 24. 99/700 

Set out turnips and Cab. Stumps Feb. 24. 99/700 planted 

E. beans. 11 1™ & 15 furnifhed getting up y^ parfnips. 

I was taken fick of a Feaver Sabbath day Feb. 11. 15'^ 

very ill near to death I was opprefs'd and pent up in my 

Spirits. I too vomit of y*^ wine physic after it had done 

working my Ilnefs wrought gently downwards, it gave me 

cafe, that night and y^ next day no fleep but drowfy and ftill 

took w" y^ illness wrought downward nothing but hot bear & 

water porrage & feaver balfam (fennel) in warm water for 30 


Feb. 22. Went down. 24 to Coz Olivers. 

■ " Deo fit gloria Amen. 

Feb. 27. Gave Sar^' 10 &c. 

ISIarch 21. 99/700 Sowed Parfnips, Onyons, Some Carretts & 

Parfley. Sow Onyons &c. a dny or two before y^ full in 

March 22. Set out y^ Goofeberry bufhes from M^ Cooper's 

& D^- Clarks. 
March 23 Sow'd y^ Turnips feed & fet more Indian beans. 
March 21. We planted y^ Currant hedges. 
' ' March 25. Planted y*^ 2 little Mulberry trees : alfo My Sistei* 
' Eyre's Peach trees, plum tree & Cherry tree: 
May 27. Sowed y^ laft bed of Carrels. 
13. 1700 Planted 3 peach ftones, 2 fmaller ftones & 6 cherry 

ftones [rec'd from] Couf. 01. That came from Eng'^' : 

[planted] ag^ south fence y'^ bord IMark'd. The 2 fmlr 

ftones by one another & y^ 6 cherry st. thus : : : 4 inches 


1096] Records of the First Church, Camhridge. 361 

26 1700/1 I put 7 great pease [into the ground.] 
1700/1 Mar. 6. I planted Eug' beans. 

March 7. I plauted y^ great peafe & Turnip feed fown. 
March 12. Digg'd up y^ parfnips fitted y^ fqnare fowed fome 
parfnips, Onyons & Garrets, alfo remove y*^ Rofe bufhes to 
y^ South Fence & y^ sprouts fjom y^ Quince trees. 
April 19. 1701. planted y*^ Ind. beans. 
May 24. 1701. p'^ Sarah 3p'Mn full to faid day. ^ - 
: • Sarah Bradish 3.0.0. to Aug. 24. 1700. 
I \r',':ri^^^^^^^^^^^^ Paid Sarah, Oct. 1700 to 24 Nov. 1700. 
\ Mem'^"^ (By. Rev^ N. Appletou) The winter in y« year 

[ 1740 is agreed by those y^ are in years a"^ us was Con- 

\ siderably a more Severe Winter then that of 1697. there 

w^ere as large quantities of Snow^ & y^ Ferry was froze over 
for a longer Space. People thro' y*^ Country put to Extreme 
difliculty to get wood. Hay Extremely Scarce in y^ Spring 
& multitudes of Cattle dyed. 

It was a backward Spring, y^ Englifh grass pretty good, 
y^ Englifh corn IndilTorent, y^ Indian Harveft plenty, but by 
reafon of y*^ Scarcity y^ foregoing Summer y^' price was 
very high. 

The ferry was frozen So as y*^ pple travelled over from 
Christmas to ye tenth of March, more than ten Weeks. 


Mem^™ The Winter 1747 was very Severe, not so much for y^ 

Extremity of ye cold as for y^ great quantity of Snow. We 

:' had about 30 Snows and lefs of thawing Weather than ufual 

So y* y^ Snows lay upon y^ ground till it came to be 4 or 5 feet 

Q-"v deep. So y^ it was Exceeding diflicult pafsing from place 

IPT to place. Ye 25"^ of March 1748 y^ was 2 or 3 feet of Solid 

:'%^ Snow on a level att y^ day y^ Snow was on y^ Back Side of 

■ "3^^^^^ my house about 4J feet high, was up to y^ middle of y*^ 

'^;:4'k' window. - . ..-'■■.■■■ 

l:^-n:-:Ci:::-\-'' But God so order y^ Seafons y* in a few days of South 

;fei wind without any rain it went off, so y* on y^ first day of 

# april I had my Garden Sowed & planted with Onions, 

Carrots, Parsnips, Pease, l^eans &:c. 

. . GAZETTE, 1765-1800. ■ 

Collected and arranged by Otis G. IIammond. 

{Continued from Vol. 1, page 333.) ;. / 

1786, Jan. 13. 

• James Puff was found dead in Sutton, Mass., Jan. 3, 1786. 

Capt. Isaac Gleason of Waltham, Mass., committed suicide, Jan- 

4, 1786. 
Mary, wife of William Stoodley, in her 26th year, died in New- 
ington, N. H. She was the oldest daughter of Rev. Mr. 

1786, Jan. 20. 

IMrs. Emerson was killed by accident in Reading, Mass., 

Jan. 13, 1786. 

Capt. Morton and Capt. Hector McNeil of Boston, Mass., were 
shipwrecked and drowned at Broad Bay ''on the eastern 
shore,'' Dec. 25, 1785. ; ; " V 

1786, Feb. 3. ' 'S-^^<''-^ 

John Moffat, aged 92, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Samuel Beck, aged 78, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
- Sarah, daughter of Capt. Titus Salter, aged 27, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. ' ■ 
A child of Samuel Drowne died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Mehitable, wife of Hon. James Sullivan, aged 37, died in Boston, 

Mass., Jan. 26, 1786. 
Meshech Weare, in his 73d year, died in Hampton Falls, N. H., 
Jan. 15, 1786. ,, . : , ,.' .;.:.• O:^':; ■■ . . /;.: 
1786, March 18. "-'■ ••' ■■-;..^-;--- ■■..:■ ■. ■-■^,^-y-,::--,^-..:::>, 

Deborah, widow of Capt. Luke Mills, aged 76, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. / 
1786, Aprils. - ■''^ -■•'■' -'-^ '/■-■\:<C\-yr-^r--':\-:r\- 

Joseph Gerrish was drowned at Portsmouth, N. H., April 1, 1786. 

He left a widow. 
Capt. William AVhite of Portsmouth, N. H., died at Demarara. 

1786, April 13. 

Schooner William of Plymouth, Mass., bound to St. Eustatia, 
(302) . . 



" From the Miv IlamjjsJnre Gazette, 1 765-1 SOO. 3G3 

was wrecked on the Bermuda reef, Feb. 22, 1786, and Nathan- 
iel Brown died on the 3d day, and Capt. Charles Dyer, Reuben 
Totman, and Waterman Thomas on the 4th day after. 

1786, April 27. 
Mrs. Ohve Green, aged 22, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1786, May 11. 
Capt. John Dennett, aged 70, died in Portsmouth, N. H. He 
left a widow and 8 children. 

1786, May 18. 4 

Supply, son of Col. George Boyd, aged 14, died in Portsmouth, 

N. ii. 

1786, June 1. ' 

A child of Thomas Neal died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1786, June 15. 
A son of Daniel Gookin died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A child of Jolui Plam died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1786, June 22. ; ; 

Samuel Card, aged 19, died in Portsmouth, N. H. " 
A son of Samuel Beck, aged 5, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1786, June 29. Jl. 13. "' 

1786, July 20. .^. :vV^v^v^^;;.. ,,,.;::::. /^ 

Maj.Gen. Nathaniel Greene, died at his home near Savannah, Ga., 
June 19, 1786. He left a widow and 5 children, the oldest 
aged about 11. 

Nathaniel Burnham was killed by accident in Danbury, Conn., 

■ June 16 or 17, 1786. 
1786, Aug. 10. '"4'":/'- '^--' : .^.- ■■■-:■--:•:'-;•:-.:;- ^■ 

A daughter of James Bolles, aged 7, was murdered in New Lon- 
■' don, Conn., July 21, 1786. 

George McDonald, aged 110, died in Liberty co., Ga. He came 
from England with Gen. Oglethorpe. 

Thomas, son of Capt. George Hart, aged 22, died in Porisni- 'U'h, 

_. N. H. -; 

1786, Aug. 24. 

Mrs. Hatch was killed by lightning in Duxbury, Mass., 

Aug. 19, 1786. 

364 From the Neiv Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. [March 

1786, Sept. 14.'-' '^- -" "■' --■-'■'"■:-"''■; ''^■'-/■■: 

The only daughter of Jonathan Brooks, aged 15, was killed by 
Hghtning in New London, Conn., Aug. 23, 1786. 

1786, Oct. 19. 

Capt. James Moore and his whole family were killed by Indians 
at Abb 's Valley, near Bluestone Creek, Virginia, Sept. 14, 1786. 
A child of Benjamin Drown, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A child of Robert Neal died in Portsmouth, N. H. . 
A child of John Goodwin died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1786, Oct. 26. ^ 

Nathaniel Lloyd died in New York, N. Y., Sept. 30, 1786. He 

left a wife and children. 
William Brooks of Exeter, N. H,, and the second daughter of 
Hon. John Glover of Marblehead, Mass., were married Oct. 
' 12, 1786. 

Abigail, wife of Israel True, aged 67, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Margery, wife of Joseph Clarke, aged 39, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Daniel Grant died in Portsmouth, N. H. " 

Jerusha Jackson, aged 16, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A child of Daniel Pierce died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1786, Nov. 2. ^ :---■;: „.■■: ■•-■■:-•■ :-^■■v-■■■- ■ ''''■'■''' '^ 

1786,.Nov. 18. ' • ■•- ■ -:.,/■;■■■ 

A child of John Abbott died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1786, Nov. 25. 

Peter Barter, aged 59, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

Mrs. Dorothy Beck, aged 70, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

A child of Thomas Priest died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1786, Dec. 16. • 

A child of Woodbury Langdon, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

A child of Geori2;e Ham, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
„^ A child of William ]\Ioses died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

John llindge, in his 60th year, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

Thomas Pickering, in his 83d year, died in Nemngton, N. H. 

Mrs. Walton, formerly of Portsmouth, N. H., in her 93d 

year, died in Kittery, Me. , >s 

1786, Dec. 23. 
The wife of Benjamin Robinson died in Marblehead, Mass., 
Nov. 28, 1786. 

1906] From the JVew Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 365 

Olive, Avife of Hon. Daniel Rindge, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A daughter of ^laj. William Gardner, aged 5, died in Portsmouth, 

N. H. .. * . . . -: 

A child of Samuel Knox died in Portsmouth, N. II. 
A child of Sarah Abbott died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1786, Dec. 30. 

Stephen, son of Samuel Salisbury of Boston, Mass., and nephew 
of Stephen Salisbury of Worcester, Mass., aged 9, was killed 
by accident in Worcester, Dec. 16, 1786. 

A child of Capt. Nathaniel Sherburne died in Portsmouth, N. II. 

A child of Capt. John Mendum died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1787, Jan. 6. ' ^'"" ^ 

The wife of Elisha Birge died in Litchfield, Conn., Dec. 9, 1786. 
Hon. James Sullivan of Boston, Mass., and Martha, widow of 

Capt. Thomas Simpson, of Portsmouth, N. IL, were married 

in Portsmouth, Dec. 30, 1786. 
Charles 'JYeadwell, aged 82, and Mrs. Phoebe Dennett, aged 67, 

both of Portsmouth, N. H., were married there, Jan. 2, 1787. 
A child of Nathaniel Sherburne died at the Plains, Portsmouth, 

N. H. 
A child of Mrs. Eunice Whipple died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

1787, Jan. 13. 
A child of Nathaniel Sherburne died at the Plains, Portsmouth, 

N. H. 
A son of Samuel Penhallow died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
A child of William Meserve died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Mark Nelson, in his 53d 3'ear, died in Portsmouth, N. H., Jan. 8, 
' 1787. ^ ... : 

1787, Jan. 20. " '' ^ 

Mr. Turner, first mate of the ship Maurice, was found dead 

' in New York, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1786. 

1787, Feb. 17. ^ ''-'-'"' 

Rev. Sylvanus Ripley was killed by accident in Newburyport, 

Mass., Feb. 4, 1787. 
Rev. Charles Chauncy, D. D., in his 82d year, died in Boston 

Mass., Feb. 10, 1787. 
Thomas Laughlin, aged 55, died in Portsmouth, N. H. . 

(To be continued) 

: ::: : muster roll of lt.-col. edmund goffe's go. 

K; ;; IN the expedition against port royal in 1710. 

c ; _ ; By J. Gardner Bartlett. . 

The following list of names is from a copy of a muster roll in 

" ; the files of the Cburt of Sessions of ^liddlesex Count}^ for the 

~ March term, 1710-11, and is the only known record preserved of 

the names of the men of this company in that expedition, as 

,". the original roll is not to be found in the State archives. 

An unsuccessful case of attempted '^ graft" in the public service 

:; ; was the cause of the preservation of this roll. At that time the 

'■laws provided that if the commanding officer of a company 

claimed and collected pay for service which really was not per- 

; fomied he should be fined £50 for each case, one half to go to the 

;- , government and the other half to the informer. Probably ac- 

> 'f'; ■; tuated by the reward, Joshua Parker, the clerk of the company, 

p::> A complained to the Court of Sessions that Richard Blacklidge, 

s|;->^ servant to Col. Goffe, whose name was given on the roll and 

tS:.-v-v. whose wages were collected by his master, never served in the 

::/|i;i';I^ expedition at all; and Col. Goffe was tried and convicted of the 

^vF^^ ■ charge, the roll being presented as evidence. The copy of the roll 

v:- ■. is complete, giving the usual details of wages due each soldier 

\'C:i^^l^ and length of service, etc., most of the men being in service from 

Aug. 8 to Oct. 29, 1710. 

Edmund Goffe, Lt. Col. William Webster, Centinel. 

Rowland Wybenberry, Lt. John Sweetland, M'head, 

• f v;;;:- Charles Little, Marshfield, Ens. Daniel Severie, 
■|iJv'F John Green, Camb., Sergt. Moses Hart, Salem, 

v;:--;.^ Gookin, '' " Samuel Trask, 

;;^:-' Aaron Bordman, " " William Trask, '' '' 

^. Jona. Page, Lynn, Corp. Theophil us Carter, *' '' 

M 3 •> John Sterns, Camb., " Mark Graves, a- ^' ~| 

;!g: Samuel Cole, " :, Richard Fauster, 

Caleb Hovey, Camb., " John Grose, '" 

■■-■''"" (366) ,, ,;, ^ , ■••■"^:f:\'' ,:;;■;. 




Muster Moll of Lt.-Col. Edmund Goffe's Co. 367 

Joshua Parker, Camb., Clerk. Joshua Rowland, Salem, Centinel. 
Clemens Chamberlin, Woburn, 

-' Drum. Benj. Clemens, Woburn, '' 
John Daniel, Camb., '' John Grover, ' ' ** 

Jabez Baker, Centinel. Nicholas Lucus?, M'head, 

John Rile?, Camb., '' John Bradford, 

Benj. Webster, " Daniel Owin, Taunton, 

Samuel Graves, Salem, '' George Peirce, M'head, '' 

Wilham Brown, M'head, '' Jeremiah With erill,Taunton,'' 
Joseph Putnam, Salem, " John Witherill, 
Ebenezer Hacker, '' i '\J' Henry Sweet, died, 
Humphrey Pierce, ^' " Timothy Sweet, Swansey, 

James Stone, ^* '^ Ebenezer Harvey, Brigw't, '' 

Joseph Marshall, '^ Thcophilus Luther, 

Daniel Nuill?, Taunton, '' John Luther, 
Jona. Fauster, Salem, '' W"^ Quarles, Ipswich, 

Philip Brimblecomb, '' Thos. Reonales?, Camb., 

Thos. Ocanticol,(LKL),Braintree, 

Centinel. James Bringo, 
Samuel West, Salem, '^ Richard Blacklidge, 

Edward Williams, " serv't to Goff. 

Of the soldiers whose residences are not given, Rowland Wyben_ 
berry, the Lieutenant, was probably from England, as the orders 
for the expedition provided that one commissioned officer for 
each company should be detached from the regular English army 
and sent to New England ; Jabez Baker w^as probably of Bev- 
erly; Philip Brimblecombe was of Marblehead; William and 
Benjamin Webster were brothers, sons of Benjamin Webster Sr. 
of Beverly ; Daniel Severie and John Grose were probably of Mar- 
blehead; and Henry Sweet was probably of Swansey. 


i I (I 

( ( (I 

c ( a 


Cambridge CnrLTTi Records. The first book of these records 
is completed in this number of the Magazine. These records to- 
gether with the' second volume of Church Records will be pub- 
lished in book form in the near future as the entire record is now 
in print. This book will have a very full index of the names 
contained on the record and also a subject index. 

The second volume of the Records is in the hand writing of the 
Reverend Dr. Abiel Holmes who was pastor of the Church for 
nearly foi'ty years. This volume is particularly valuable as it con- 
tains the records of many marriages, baptisms and deaths, of 
many of these there was no record on the town books, until the 
late Lucius Paige copied them for the city. This book also con- 
tains Dr. Holmes version of the separation of the two branches 
of the Church. The Parish and part of the Church retained the 
Church building and became afhhated with the Unitarians. They 
then requested the resignation of Dr. Holmes. Tlie branch led 
hy the Deacons associated themselves with the Shepard Congrega- 
tional Society, which was formed at this time. They invited Dr. 
Holmes to act as their pastor, but he did not feel free to do so, 
and the}^ therefore called the Rev. Nehemiah Adams as his asso- 
ciate. . he remained but a short time and was succeeded by The 
Reverend Dr. Albro, who was succeeded b}^ the Reverend Alex- 
ander McKenzie the present pastor. The Unitarians first called 
the Reverend William Newell who was succeeded by the Rev. 
Francis G. Peabody, who was succeeded by the Rev. Edward 
Hall who in turn was succeeded b}'^ the Rev. Samuel M. Crotliers. 
It is a remarkable fact that no minister of the Church from its 
foundation has ever resigned to accept an other position. The 
only apparent exception being the Rev. Nehemiah Adams, but 
he was only an associate. And every minister has held a degree 
from Harvard College except the first, Thomas Shepard, and he 
was one of the founders of the college. All of the pastors excel )t 
four were graduates of the College. During the time from 1638 
to 1830, nearly 200 years the church had but eight Pastors. 

If any person has a portrait of any of these pastors, we shall 
be very glad to hear of it, as we would like to have it copied to 
put in the book. We know of but one picture of the old church 
buildings, that of the Church that was torn down in 1834. There 
is however a picture of the first church of Hartford which some 
suppose to have been built on the same plans. There is also a 
picture of the old parsonage. This church is remarkable for the 
number of pastors that it has supplied for other Churches. Tliis 
was a natural result of its connection with Harvard College. It 
was the College Church from the foundation of the College until 
1814 a period of 175 years. Many of the young men who were 
preparing for the ministry were admitted to the Church. 

The price of the book after publication will be SO. Only a 
limited edition has been published. 
... (308) 

»» ^ 












^ By Sidney Perley 

The small roniainder of iliis interesting collection of 
contemporaneous and descriptive stories of the natural 
convulsions, tempests, and other natural phenomena 
which have affected New lEngland from the earliest times, 
including Earthquakes, is offered at the pi"ice above 

The sub- title of the book is sufficient to show the 
great extent of the information collected b}^ the author, 
and is as follows: 

Gales, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Shoivers with Thun- 
der and Lightening, Great Snoiv Stonns, Rains, 
Freshets, Floods, Droughts, Cold Winters, Hot Sum- 
mers, Avalanches, Earthqualces, Dark Days, Comets, 
Aurora-boreal is. Phenomena of the Heavens, Wrecks 
along the Coast, ivith incidents and Anecdotes, amusing 
and pathetic. - • 


jijf y i^Ji J. joi^y i.r. 


A Chart and Record, a 
new and unique form. This Chart 
and the method of using it is for the 
systematic recording of sucli informa- 
tion as vou liave or may hereafter ob- 
tain of your ancestors, a brief of their 
liistory as well as a chart. It will help 
you to trace them all. Experts say 
''It allows for indefinite extention 
without the least confusion in detail" 
— ''It not only giyes place to early 
ancestry but also affords what others 
do not. ample room for succeeding 
generations.^^ "It is compact, ac- 
cessible and easy of reference." "It 
is clear and simple in form." It 
gives rooiu f(tr 150 jcDnihj lineR. and 
miikes a volume of 230 pages, 9 x 12 in 
size of best ledger paper substantially 
bound in full canvas, price S3. 00. 
Book stores or James v^-haw, East 
Manning St., Providence, R. I. 

F. Til 


1 ; Record Agent, 

50, Beecroft Road, Brockley, London, S. E. 

In daily nttendnnce at the Ixecord Office 
aixi the Department for Literary En- 
quiry, Sonierset House, London. 


By Sylvester Judd, 

To be repiiiitfd with ni! in>t()iic;il J iitrofluclion 

bj' Geor^t' Slu-lilon, autlun- of History 

or l>L'iM llfld. With a new index. 

Write lor a circular. 

The price will he advanced .-1. (to after i)ublication. 

H. R. HUNTTING & CO., Springfield, Mass. 

Town Histories, Genealogies, riistr)iical Books, 
and I'anipiilet-, l)i)iiirlit, sold, and exciianj^^ed. 
Coi'respondence solicited. 

History of the Kimball Family. 


This work wliich was published in 
1S97 was the result of nLuuy years 
research in the Ivimball and allied 
families. Nearly every Kimball in 
America can trace his origin to Rich- 
ard or Henry Kemball the immigrants. 

The book is almost out of print but 
a few copies can still be furnished. 

Price, $7. Express prepaid. 

20 Broad St., Boston, ^lass. 

Tucker's Quince Cream. 

A lotion for face and hands. 
Soothing, cooling, healing, 
emollient. Unsurpassed for 
the toilet. Made from the 
fruit of the Quince, carefully 
compounded with antiseptic 
ancl. healing ingredients. 
Renders the roughest skin 
soft as velvet. 


;.-/;^;.::;;yv.,,/ ■ Addrcss ■ . 


1148 Columbus Ave., R(>xbur3'^ 





t'*4 /T^ <0 



Mr. Ebeii Piilnain has resumed genealogical work and 
has excellent facilities for conducting genealogical i-esearches 
not only in Xew England bnt in Penns}dvania, especinlly tliose 
pai'ts in which Xew Englanders and the Scotch-Irish settled, 
and in Connecticut. 

His correspondents in Great Britain are especially qunlilied 
to conduct investigations I'cgarding the origin of American 
families. . • ^^'^ . ' ^^ ■■ ... 0^ 

'^''' '■■■''■:■':' J y,:;-^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 26 Broad Street, Boston. : 



M AV^C-4.^X J. X Ji, Ateasj kJ' 



Jiiii, ^M 



In order that our subscribers may obtain a complete set of Mr. ITenry F. Vfaters' 
glean iii.u'.'^, the louudatlon of New EnulaLid and Virginian genealogy, 'sve make the fol- 
lowing otler subject to withdrawal without notice : 

.Tilmmerton and "Waters Gleanings from English Records about New 
England Families, and Waters' Abstracts from Marriage Licenses issued 
by tl>e Bishop of London, 151)8-K')o9, published by tlie Pissex Institute, 1:>S0, 
1892. 8vo, pp. 147, 107, fully indexed, paper. Two volumes in one. ' . , 

Waters' Gleanings, published by the New Eng. Hist. Gen. Soc. 1901. 2 

vols. 8vo, pp. 104o, cloth. ^ .;: .V 

The Genealogical Quarterly Magazine for 1903 and 1904, contain- - .; 
ing further instaUnients of Waters' Gleanings. ' .; ■; 

'•'■ •". ■_ ' FOR $17-00 ■ ., ■'■;.'•;;>:■:-:/ -.t^':-^ 

:* fPutnam^s Records and Record Searching in England, i)eing Vol. 1, No. 4. 
J Genealoiilcal Quarterly Magazine, Dec, 1900, pp. 168-22;5, 7") cents. 

J Philliinore\s Supplement to How to Write the History of a Family. Second 
( . Edition, 1900, pp. 210. §1.50. 

These latter enable the student not only to understand the dilRculties under whicli 
genealogical researches are carried on in England, I)Ut how^ to go to work to follo\v up 
the clew s and information supplied by :\Ir. Waters' researches. 

Also Vols. 1, 2, o, of The Genealogical Qmirterly Magazine, 1900-1902, 3 vols, in 
numbers, $G.OO. Vols. 4 and 5, §3.00 each. 

EBEN PUTNAM, 26 Broad St. 





■i \ 

' \